Cold, snowy, and dark most the time that's where I'm moving. From my warm, green grass, all ways sunny home. I'm riding a plane from Italy to Alaska. But still begging my black short haired dad to not take the job. But my blonde haired mom tells me that it is a great idea so I can make new friends. But my sister dose not really care as long as I stay out of her lushly brown short hair. Wait she is the only one who thinks her hair is lushly. Flying on that plane I seemed to have fallen asleep and in my dream if it was a dream. I saw very pale boy about my age that seemed to be just standing there I asked what his name was but he did not answer. Then I heard what sounded like my mom saying "Alex Alex wake up were here." My dream started to fade as I awoke. Not sure what I had just saw but it didn't matter I could think about it in the car with three hour drive I still had. While in the car I seemed to have fallen to sleep once again. Where I had almost the same dream but this time I caught his name. His name was Daniel he had short blonde hair and was a little taller than me but I'm about 4 feet 7 inches. So that's not much to be proud of. I was awoken by the sound of dog's feet pounding on the icy ground. When I was fully up try understand what it all meant. Was this boy just someone I had dreamed and I should ignore it. Maybe I will soon meet him but how would I have dreamed about him if I have never meet him. I decide to talk to my sister Ashley when I told her all I had dreamed. She said to me "You're a dork leave it to you to think of the impossible ideas." Well maybe a good night's sleep will sever me good. When I walked into my new house I think I about passed out. It was so cold I could not believe it. How could one place be so cold? Tomorrow me and my sister start school we are both are at the middle school. We now live in the city of Nome. "Alex time for dinner." Called my mother with cheer in her voice. After dinner I decide to explore to find my room. When I discovered that I got the biggest room. That room would be the attic. My mom said that I could paint it any color I'd like and I did. I painted that room bright pink that was one thing I liked about this place. I had my queen sized loft bed with pink sheets of course. A night side table with a lamp.