Change in Spring: The third in the Seasons Saga.
Thanks again to anyone who has read: An Autumn Leaf, or The Blizzard That Changed Everything.
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Spring. Spring is supposed to be all happy, with new flowers, green trees, the rivers bubbling and snow melting, the sun shining all of a sudden.

But sometimes, winter moulds over spring and there is constant rain, dark skies and the flowers that do grow are drowned in muddy pools. This is spring in my world, and I wish it wasn't that way. But I am not a spring person; well I'm not a happy person, period. So why should everyone expect me to be happy on Easter, or smiling at the prospect of sunshine and new life? I'm not going to be like that, so give up.

You see, I'm a boring person. I go to work, have the same lunch everyday, go home, cook dinner, read a book and go to bed early. I don't go out; I don't do anything out of the ordinary.

So this, dreary spring day with patchy sunshine surprised me. I did something out of the ordinary, something that I won't ever be inclined to forget. Instead of walking straight home, I decided to take a walk in the park. Change number one.

I picked a bunch of daisies, and suddenly smiling, I walked over and sat on one of the swings, moving my legs a little, then more and more. I was flying higher and higher, my laughter of delight echoing around the park. It was empty apart from a few birds and a homeless man who was crouched by the bench, a bottle in his hand.

The he walked through the gate and he looked up at me, his eyes narrowing and a playful smile quirking at his lips. He walked over steadily and sat on the swing next to me, beginning to swing his legs that were covered by black trousers and Italian leather shoes. He didn't see like the type of person who would usually be here, but I looked over at him, and I smiled. Change number two.

We swung for a little bit, and when we got tired we slowed down a little, not talking, but just knowing. Maybe there might have been a connection between us from the start. But maybe I was just imagining things. I stood up and smoothed down my skirt, laughing softly. I held out my hand and he kissed mine, making me blush.

I turned to walk away and he called out, "Will you be here tomorrow?"

I looked back, "Maybe I will."

That was only the beginning. At first we met and just swung on those swings, talking and laughter. By this time the winter had truly faded and we were greeted by the spring, something which actually fascinated me in the end. Then it was merely a date, and we just kept going. All my family was surprised when I turned up to our Easter celebration with a smile, but they were twice as surprised when I dragged him through the door with me; smiling as he protested.

So maybe spring isn't so bad. It makes me smile now, and then I look over at him and smile, both aware that this spring well, it changed everything.

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