Chapter 1 - Dreams and Jewelery

Sayako Nightbringer

I couldn't quite recognize where I was. In fact, I was sure that I had never been here before. There were no forests around my home that I could get to. None of the parks got this dark either. There weren't any street lamps. Only trees, boulders, stumps, and...


I looked around me, surprised to see snow everywhere. One glance at my bare feet told me why my feet were numb. Staying put seemed like a bad idea, so I headed forward, ignoring the fact that I was just in jeans and a tee shirt.

At first it seemed like the snowy forest stretched on forever, but the moment that thought crossed my mind, the forest opened up to a large lake frozen in ice. It looked like nobody was there, which was strange to me. I should have at least seen some wild animals by now, shouldn't I?

My hand jumped up to my throat as a silent gasp escaped me. For some reason I'd lost my voice, meaning that all of the things I usually would have said out loud ended up in my head. I shook it off and walked to the edge of the lake. It looked harmless... So I stepped onto the very edge of the ice, nearly jumping at its freezing temperature.

The ice didn't crack, so I calmly walked to the center of the lake. There at my feet was a black strip of cloth that reminded me of a choker. I picked it up to get a closer look at the gem at the center of the necklace. It had been black at first, but the moment my thumb brushed against it, the gem flashed and faded to a dark bluish violet. I didn't really care at the moment why it had done that, so I put it on.

Electricity shocked my body for a moment before fading. But this time I sensed something and turned around to face it. Or them as I should have said. It was too dark for me to see what the person's face looked like, but it didn't seem like they could speak either. A thin hand reached up and pointed at their throat.

It took me a moment to realize they were asking if I could talk – thinking that the necklace was what they were asking about – and I shook my head.

'I can't speak, but I can think.' I thought to myself, surprised to hear the thought echo around us.

'Are you dreaming too?' The guy – I could identify this by his voice – asked. I raised an eyebrow.

'...Dreaming? What do you mean?'

'You seriously think this would happen in reality?' He sounded like he thought I was insane. Which was fine, because I thought I was too. So I shrugged.

'Right now I don't really remember much. My head is too fuzzy to classify this as a dream just yet.' I explained. I could slightly sense him glaring at me, but before I could ask, I was violently pulled back into reality.


I sat up in bed, whacking my forehead on the bars for the top bunk of my bunk-bed. Clutching my forehead in one hand, I got up and walked into the living room to sit on my mom's bed. She was still asleep, but that's not what I cared about. I just wanted to stop panicking. My heart felt like it was in my throat. I don't know who that guy had been, but I felt like I should know who that voice belonged to. Eventually I calmed down enough to get my school stuff together and get dressed. I buttoned up my new winter coat and left the moment my clock showed 7:30.

The walk to school was uneventful. Just the usual cold and wind. I ran a little bit to make sure I was out there less. When I got to my first classroom, the door was open so I just plopped down on my spot on one of the four couches my English teacher had. The student teacher smiled at me before going back to setting up the beginning work for the day. Other students filed in over the course of the next half hour, my best friend being one of them.

She sat down next to me then took one look at my dark look and sighed.

"You okay?" she asked. I shrugged a little.

"Kinda... just weird dream." In an attempt to lighten the mood she grinned.

"About him?" I laughed and poked her elbow.

"Nope." That ended our conversation as the student teacher began the class. I thought about my dream mostly, not sure if it really was about him or not. The necklace wasn't here so I assumed it was just a dream. I couldn't recognize the dream guy's voice either. But I wasn't sure if it didn't match or I just didn't remember.

When the bell rang, I jumped a bit, startled. I really needed to stop spacing out. Telling my friend I'd see her in a later class, I hurried out the door and down the hallway to my computer class. I slumped into my chair with a sigh and logged onto the computer. Thanks to my computer being slow, I spaced out, glad to have my mind blank this time. When it loaded, I got onto the Internet and just looked at random fan art of dragons. Hey, I had nothing else to do.

About halfway through class I thought I heard a faint chime. I looked up suddenly, confused. The girl sitting next to me, thankfully another friend of mine, looked up at me with a similar confused look.

"You okay?" she asked. I nodded and settled back down only to hear the chime again. Frustrated, I rubbed my forehead in an attempt to get rid of the phantom sound. Almost as if I had given this thing a hint, it left me alone for the rest of the day.


I sat outside in the only climb-able tree in the apartment complex. It was a small dogwood and had broken branches from other kids who used to live here. The sun had already gone down, so I only had darkness around me. The cold night air was soothing only for the first half hour. Then the chime sounded again, but louder this time. I looked up from my hands to stare at the grass closer to where the wire and wood fences met where someone in a dark purple cloak sat.

Come. The voice came in their direction, and I was happy for anything different than what we'd call reality so I got out of the tree and walked over. An old wrinkled hand motioned for me to sit down before them, so I crossed my ankles and sat down on my winter coat.

"Who are you?" I asked, feeling more calm than I probably should have been.

It is not yet time for you to know. However, you left something behind in the land of dreams. A connection that you must not lose sight of.

Now I was confused. "I left something behind...?" I started. Realization hit me and my hand flew to my throat. My necklace...

Yes. You must remember what you saw. It sits closely with something you know of, but have never really seen.

"What I saw? You know the person that was there?!" She – the voice in my head was an old woman – nodded at me. I bit my lip then sighed. "You probably aren't going to tell me are you?" She shook her head.

Because that would be telling the future. And you cannot know that. If you do, you won't come out of this safely.


I know you have questions, child. Understand that the more ignorant you are of your fate, the safer you and your companions are. Though not anything is as they seem. Take what you left behind in that dream and keep it safe, for it will soon be your only way home.

She held out the necklace I had found in my dream. I was a little disturbed by her speech, but took it anyway and fastening it around my neck then hiding it under the collar of my turtleneck sweater. I looked up to say thank you, but the woman was gone. Leaving the cold winter wind as my only companion.

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