HEYYYY I just wanted to let ya'll know i'm having a contest! For my new story "Ghost" Nick Jonas sees his whole family die in a horrible car crash and he is left to cope with the misery and pain of how he saw them after wards. A motorcycle loses it's grip on the rode and causes the car to go boom. He finds Joe still alive in the burning car. Joe is dating Demi and Demi thinks he's dead! And as always only a girl can help Nick out with the pain and Joe...well Joe cn't do much right now. Nick is sent into an emotional spiral of rage, sadness, depression and other things i don't have names for.

So anyway the contest is for who can come up with the best names for the girl that help Nick shes sort of emo ish but any name will do. You are allowed to enter 2 names but please note that I will only pick one. If you win the contest you get to be in my stories! I would just need to know your name or what you liked to be called and i'll figure something out. Describe what interest you would like to be (Like emo, popular, girly,etc.) and again i'll figure something out. Alright that's it. If you would like to enter just message me the names you wish to enter and I'll Pick one out of them all. Alright my fanfiction thirsty friends go read and just message me and or comment on my story "Ghost" My fave statement Read and Reveiw! Alrighty TTYL!

~Dokuohteia~ Peace. Love. Andy Sixx and Adam Lambert and Nick Jonas.

P.S. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 6 DAYS! Wish me a happy birthday on August 10th if you wish!