Terminator: Quest for Humanity Prologue

The year is 2020, it's fall time, but the weather is much colder than normal.

Things haven't been normal since the world changed forever nine years ago, on that fateful day, April 21st, 2011, known to survivors as Judgment Day. That is the day Skynet decided to wage war against humanity.

Many people died on that fateful day, but many more perished shortly after that day, most succumbing to radiation poisoning. Skynet had used mankind's multitudes of weapons to wipe out the same people it was designed to protect, not only military targets, but major cities of no military importance were vaporized. Being in control of key military computers, Skynet had been able to cut off any attempts by the world's governments to stop the attacks.

Countries were unable to get warnings out in time to other countries. Thinking they were under attack, and not knowing what was really happening, other countries fought back with lethal force. More nuclear, bio, and chemical weapons rained down on the earths surface. Billions of people perished in the first few hours, most never knowing what had happened, they were the lucky ones. The rest were left to fight to survive on a planet reduced to ash, rubble and dust with little chance of survival.

For the first few months, the sun remained hidden by massive clouds of grey black death, the remnants of having over ten thousand nuclear missiles strike the earths surface. Radioactive waste from the dirty bombs swept over much of the populated areas, weeks later more people died as a result of being exposed to massive amounts of radiation and having no access to any sort of medical help. With the collapse of governments, no one would be there to help the sick and dying, soon starvation and disease would decimate the remaining survivors.

Skynet had counted on the nuclear, bio, and chemical weapons, to wipe out most of the worlds population. Skynet also knew more people would die without safe water, food and proper medical aid. The plan now was to terminate the remaining survivors, before they had a chance to recover from the devastation. Skynet had a vast array of unmanned aircraft, vehicles, machines, and weapons at its disposal, all Skynet need to do was hunt down the survivors and terminate them.

What Skynet didn't know was, people had a strong will to survive and mankind was not ready to give up and give in to annihilation.

Small groups of survivors formed some becoming gangs of killers and thieves that preyed on the weak, others formed into family groups made up from close friends and family that managed to survive. From the remnants of the military still left alive, and civilians willing to fight, the Resistance was born, a group of people united in their determination to defeat Skynet and save mankind.

Skynet did not terminate all humans, as it still needed humans to help keep the massive computers going, as well as aid in new research and development to create new ways of terminating humans. These people working for Skynet, were known to the survivors as "Grays" and they were hated just as much as Skynet. Their reward for serving Skynet was life, with a few creature comforts to ensure their survival. Some Grays served Skynet because of having no other real choice in the matter, while others chose Skynet because they believed in Skynet and worshipped it like a God.

It was from this time on, most people realized the world had changed forever, and nothing was going to be the same as it was, ever again. The few, too young to remember life before Judgment Day, would never know what life was really like , to be able to live without the fear of death waiting for them around every corner, to think of machines as being built to serve them , instead of machines built to kill them.

Then there was the handful of people that had known Judgment Day would come to be. These had been the ones, told by visitors from the future, all about what was to become of their species. One of these persons had been told he was born to become a leader, someone that would become the savoir of mankind, a great General in the Resistance army, the chosen one. It had been drilled into his head, from his childhood, right up until Judgment Day. He had never wanted to be this great leader of mankind, all he ever wanted was a normal life, to live, to love, to be like any other person. He never wanted to be the chosen one, the one prophesized to win the war against Skynet, but with Judgment Days arrival, he knew it had now become his destiny.

His name was John …….John Connor.

John thought he had destroyed Skynet when he blew up Skynet Central in 2018, but Skynet still lurks in the shadows, waiting for its moment to strike at mankind and wipe humans off the face of the earth once and for all.

Now John has greater threats to deal with, raiders and a fragmented resistance.

Raiders are bands of evil marauders bent on taking whatever they want and killing those that stand in their way. These are the people that are slowly destroying what little humanity is left in and around LA.

The resistance never recovered from the losses it incurred when Skynet destroyed the resistance headquarters on the USS Wilmington, a Los Angeles class military sub. John and a few others have desperately tried to hold remnants of the resistance together, but with humans now fighting each other, they are faced with a grim future.

It will be nothing short of a miracle if John Connor can manage to unite the resistance forces and defeat Skynet once and for all.