Title: It's a Standard Routine

Summary: It was no wonder she didn't have a boyfriend to begin with, "The simple fact that I fell asleep, resulting in my cranium using your shoulder as a rest was nothing. There was not a simple hint of frisson. At all." But maybe, just maybe, today might be different.


It's a Standard Routine


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They had a routine. Unofficial, unanticipated, but all the same, a simple routine.


(hot, cute, girls-love-him-no-matter-what)

would get up at four A.M, take a twenty-minute shower, throw on some clothe, comb his hair a little bit, and leave his apartment. From there, he'd grab a


coffee from the blushing cashier who works there, and head to the train station ready for his four o'clock train.

Though one might wonder why such a handsome young man would wake at such an ungodly hour. The answer: said handsome young man wanted to become a vet in New York

(of all American states!)

resulting in waking of ungodly hours, and taking the one subway train, and two buses to a school ridiculously far away, that sadly lacks apartments.

The thing is, when you ride the same subway, bus...etc. everyday at four A.M., you start to notice the same people. People whose schedules are apparently as screwed-up as yours.

Which brings the 'they' in 'his' routine


(hot, gorgeous, sexy,)

girl he became 'acquaintances' with after an incident involving 'troubled' youth and her undeniable wanting to try out her new….toy.

They're simple (yet beautiful) routine?

He gets on the train.

She nods (barely, but nods all the same) towards his direction.

He nods back.

He sits down next to her in silence for the rest of the ride.

(its one hour long)

It's amazing.

It's beautiful, even.

They repeat the process today; he stops mid-seating himself, noticing another of her…toys.

"Something new?" He says, smiling a little.

(This is the first time they've spoken to one another).

One of the regulars faint upon seeing his half-smiling.

"Good job, Nogi," She sighs, "You made poor Gloria faint, now where's her child, Todd, going to go?"

He stares at her, bewildered.

"Ah, new invention," she says, almost assuring, pulling out a Blackberry-like contraption, "Scan's your face and your basic information appears on the screen."

She looks at him,


"and no," she says, "I'm not a stalker."

"Oh," he says, happy to being in a conversation with her for the first time, "Then what do you do?"

Her expression is suddenly colder, if possible. "Business."


(she just killed the conversation…..)

So, for the next upcoming hour they sit in silence. Until, something amazing happens: She fell asleep.

Leaning on his shoulder.

Gently, her head drooped against his shoulder and he sits as still as can be for the next hour, contented smile playing on his face.

Then of course, she ruined the moment by waking up, tasering his cheek

(she has too much courtesy to slap)

and exiting the train with a, "The simple fact that I fell asleep, resulting in my cranium using your shoulder as a rest was nothing. There was not a simple hit of frisson. At all. And Gloria, no, that won't leave a mark so you can keep staring at his perfect face."

Ruka didn't know what was more shocking: the fact that Gloria (one wonders what kind of name that is anyway, but it IS New York) a forty-year old looking woman has a crush on him, that she,

(ms. sexy, gorgeous and hot)

tasered his face or the fact that she called his face perfect.

Today, his routine is changed a bit. Instead of a tired expression, he goes to school grinning like an idiot.

Ah, young love. :)

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