The Titanic: A Voyage to remember

Characters: Elizabeth Harrington

Josephine Harrington (mom)

Charles Bradley

Jeffery Graford

Francine (the maid)

Josephine: Oh isn't it beautiful Elizabeth

Elizabeth: I guess so mother if you like being on board with snobs

Josephine: Elizabeth Anastasia Harrington you stop this instant with your babbling

Francine: Miss, Where a steward has ask us to get on board.

Josephine: thank you Franny please get some of the "personal" baggage out of the car.

Francine: Personal? (Francine has a puzzle look on her face)

Elizabeth: The jewlarey and billfold

Francine: Oh, yes miss right away, please do forgive me.

In the stateroom

Charles: this ship looks like my yacht compared how small it is

Elizabeth: Oh mother its Charles, I don't see why he doesn't drop cold dead

Charles: I still see the same old ignorant girl who does not think money gets you everything

Elizabeth: Charles please don't make me seasick already ready we just got on board and your face look like a rat's a..

Josephine: Now just wait a minuite you two! You will no embarrass me, Charles I told your mother I will look after you, now don't make me regret it.

Francine: Miss some of your belongings are here.

Josephine: Now Elizabeth and Charles can you two please pick a room.

Charles: Mrs. Harrington I would never touch your daughter she is the monster I was scared of when I was a baby.

Elizabeth: Your such a –eyes water up- a…..little creep –she runs into a bedroom and slams the door-

Charles: looks like I get the bigger bedroom.