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"Hey Tai-chan, who's the 'lucky guy' this night?" Seki, one of my teammate with a black hair and brown eyes asked. We, I and my soccer teammates were at the change room, we just finished training for the upcoming tournament. I started getting all fired up just thinking of that tournament.

Oh yeah, my name is Taichi Yagami. I'm 21 minus 1 week years old (That's a little odd right?). I was one of the star player in our team, so I can do whatever I like because the manager will do whatever to keep me in the team. Hahaha, just forget about that before I start to listed the things I have done.

Maybe I did sound like a bad guy, but believe or not I was never this way until that bastard betrayed me. You want to know who this bastard is? His name in Yamato Ishida, he was my ex-boyfriend. Nah, I don't want to talk about him, that'll just make me on the more bad side than I am now and I even don't know how more bad I can be.

"Haven't got one, but I think I got someone in mind."

"Really? Who?"

"Who do you think it is, vice-captain? Hmmm . . ." Ruki, our vice-captain, he has a spiky blonde hair, green eyes and lean body. He reminded me of certain someone that I wanted to forget forever. He's the most close friend I have, beside of being my 'play mate' I enjoyed his company very much. I approached him and touched the bulge in front of his pants.

"Eek" he made squeaking sound, I looked up to see his face. It's so red just like when you eat a ton of chili. "Tai!"

"Hahaha, that's 3 for today." I like teasing him that way, he got embarrassed so easily.

"Would you stop doing that?"

"But you enjoyed it, right?"

If possible his face turned redder, make it two tons now. "You!"

"Why do you have to get so embarrassed like that? We have done 'this' before. Am I right vice-captain?" I asked with a husky seductive voice, a little more and he'll fall for it.

"B-but, I-i-err." he looked down. Looking more than nervous about it. Okay, so I have to use the last weapon now. Chibi–irresistible-look, mode on.

"So you don't like me, Ru-chan?" I asked, with fake quivering voice, puppy-teary eyes, and pouting lips. Then he looked up at me and, strike!

"ehh sorry Tai-chan, I didn't mean to."

"B-but, you said that- Huft…huft…" This time I was whimpering. I never know how good of an act I was. And it's quite useful sometimes, maybe I should register myself to some artist management, and I'll be 'The Famous Actor' Taichi Yagami.

"Okay, okay, sorry Tai. I'll accompany you this night. How about that?" Finally, he gave in. Hahaha, mission accomplished.

"Really?" I asked, my eyes still teary from all of the acts. He nodded and gave me a smile.

"It's settled then, so we will go to my apartment after this. Okay, Ru-chan?"

"Okay, but first you have to get the shower, because you smells bad Tai-chan." Again, mode on. "Okay-okay, forget what I said Tai-chan, you smelled good, really good.." giving a smile of approval, I went in one of the shower stall.

Later that day, I went to my apartment with Ruki-chan. And of course I couldn't wait what we'll do there. It has been an usual occurrence that I would went with some guys and 'have fun' around. It's all started after that B-world. (Betraying-world I mean) I didn't want to repeat my mistake. I didn't want to feel all the pain I have once encountered. I wanted to forget all of those painful memories and I will never involve my feeling in any kind of relationship anymore. Though, I was sorry for that, because like the man beside me. He has confessed his undying love to me, and because of the coward I am, I rejected him because I was scared that he would betrayed me like that bastard do. But he kept being beside me and that's the thing I was grateful of having him.

Finally we arrived in my apartment, and I dragged him into my bedroom.

---The Sound In The Middle Of Night---

"Aaaah…Ru-chan" I moaned fighting the tears that threatened to spill out .

"Uhhhhnnnn, Tai-chan,you feel so good" he said, and thrusting inside of me.

"Ru-chaaaaa-aaaan" I could feel him inside me and he started on getting his pace up. He kept thrusting faster and harder. He groaned in pleasure.

"Arrrrgh, it's so tight Tai-chaaan"

"Ahhhh, faster, harder, aaahhh"

---The Next Morning---

I woke up to the blinding ray of the sunshine. I felt the sore spot on my back because of my 'activity' last night. I wake from my sleeping position and looked around the room and found an angel leaning against my window. Before thinking of anything, one name crossed my mind . . .



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