Fini. Voila. (:

When a hot day comes along in summer, you go to the beach. It's a no-brainer right? But this time, I was a bit nervous. Go to the beach, with my best friend – slash crush. Shirtless, wet and hot. And by hot, I don't just mean the weather. So, you can realize why I was nervous, can't you? This was going to be one hell of a day.

He pulled up in front of my house and I walked out of the front door in my white bikini, with a blue wrap around my waist, swinging as I walked. I smiled at him and got into the passenger seat smiling.

"Ah the beach," he said.

I laughed, nodding.

We got to the beach and got out of the car, racing each other across the hot sand and collapsing near the pier, spreading out our towels, the sun block coming out. Uh, oh.

I grabbed it, put some on my hand, and the smothered it over his face, jumping up and running away. I looked back and I heard his yelp as he jumped up and began to chase me, my feet thumping against the wooden boards of the pier.

I got to the end and I noticed that it was a bit of a mistake going on the pier, because I didn't really want to jump in the water. He came closer and laughed at my panicked face.

I dodged left and then sprinted to the right, but his strong arms came around my waist and he lifted me over his shoulder, my head hanging down by his bum. I pounded my hands on his back with no affect, and the he began to move towards the each.

I screamed and yelled, "Draco don't!"

He just laughed and I heard him suck in a breath, his feet leaving the pier. The water hit us and then he lifted us to the surface, his arms still around me; my heart beating fast.

"Draco!" I yelled again, but he put his hand over my mouth.

And then time seemed to slow down. His eyelashes were wet and his face was so close that our noses were touching. I breathed in slowly and he took his hand away from my face, his breathing fanning across my lips. I leant forward and our lips met my stomach wrenching. But in the good way, of course.

And that was it. A kiss, in the water in summer. Maybe it worked out, maybe it didn't. But we'd just have to work out our feelings, and keep moving forward.

So, there you go. Each season brings different feelings; different people and places. It brings happiness and sorrow, seasons bring change. Sometimes I wish that things would never change, but without it I wouldn't change and grow, so that wouldn't be good. After all, change is good. Change is a new day, different opportunities and new things in life. Change is the seasons that move and change is the constant in life.

Change is life.