Justice League Nuptials Epilogue 129

Bruce was busy in his office at Wayne Enterprises. Alfred was on his way to pick Tim up from school. All he really had left to do was fit in a strangely urgent request for a meeting. Bruce really wanted to duck out before the person arrived and join Barbara. Maggie, his assistant, knocked on the door and then told him his appointment had arrived. Bruce asked her to show whomever it was in.

He rose and rounded his desk even as Clark entered in. Bruce grew intrigued, "This is a surprise."

"I know." Clark admitted, "It's just that I have no one else to turn to. You're the most trustworthy person I know."

"In other words I'm good at keeping secrets." Bruce sat down and motioned for Clark to do the same, "What else is there?"

"You have some experience with my so-called 'problem' and I really need your advice." Clark gushed.

"So this is about Diana." Bruce wore a satisfied smile.

Clark gaped. Bruce paged Maggie, "Having catering send up some sandwiches and coffee. I think we'll need them."

H…how?" Clark stammered.

"I push a button and my assistant hears my voice." Bruce grinned, "It's simple really."

Bruce could see frustration welling up in Clark's eyes, "I know Diana. She's been attracted to you since you two first met. However, you were involved with Lois at the time. Next, Bruce Wayne intrigued her. She couldn't cope with my particular psychosis so we went our separate ways."

Bruce pondered how to relay the next item of information, "Lois's death freed her to act. In fact, it's only respect for your pain and Lois's memory that's kept her from doing so already. Diana has a very forceful personality and she will prod a situation along until she reaches a satisfactory conclusion."

"What do I do?" Clark asked.

"What do you want to do?" Bruce wondered.

"I don't know." Clark said.

"I doubt that." Bruce replied, "You've made up your mind already. You're just looking for a way to justify your decision."

The intercom buzzed and Bruce answered, "Yes?"

"Catering is here." Maggie informed him, "Shall I show them in?"

"Please." Bruce requested.

A cart with sandwich corners and a carafe of coffee was left behind and the office was sealed in catering's wake. Maggie closed the doors herself.

"Help yourself." Bruce urged.

Clark placed a few corners onto a plate. He sat that on the coffee table located between the two "petitioners'" chairs laid out before Bruce's desk. He then discovered that besides a carafe they'd been given a full service coffee bar.

"This is all pretty fancy." Clark admitted, "There's nothing like this at the Planet. Does everyone get this service or is this for you alone?"

"Catering provides for everyone in the building. Our subsidiaries also follow this practice." Bruce revealed, "Hewlett Packard started it all when they started providing employees with fruit juices and an array of high carb selections in order to keep their employees' energy up. We've just taken it to a new extreme."

Bruce shifted the topic, "But we were discussing Diana."

"You say that she's attracted to me but how…" Clark began.

Bruce interrupted him, "You've already figured that out or you wouldn't have come to me. What's bothering you is that you're reciprocating her feelings and you're afraid that you're sullying Lois's memory."

"In so many words." Clark confessed.

"You've grieved." Bruce informed him, "You're still grieving. You're just mourning in subtle ways. You see it in the little things: her empty desk, places you used to go to, the sound of her laughter, and a hundred other pieces of minutia."

"Like I've said before, you know way too much about this." Clark ruefully opined.

"And as I've said before, I know grief. Listen to me." Bruce instructed him, "You've found hope again. There's a reason why the days seem bright and cheerful again. Even if neither of you were romantically inclined, her companionship fills your void with happiness."

Bruce's piercing eyes bored into Clark's, "Hold onto that. Fight for it. Cherish it and do whatever it takes to keep it going. Whether you want to admit it or not the two of you are already dating. All that needs to happen now is an exchange of promises of affection and fidelity."

Clark absorbed all of this while eating his sandwiches and drinking his coffee. Finally he sat everything down, "We have been dating, haven't we?"

"I wouldn't have said so otherwise." Bruce quipped.

"Touché." Clark acknowledged, "I guess Diana and I need to have a talk."

"She'll thank you for it." Bruce smirked, "In fact, if you don't have it soon she'll kill you."

Clark wondered how true that statement was. Diana was one of the few people on the planet with the power to do it too. Like Bruce had said, she'd been displaying her affections for some months now. She was being patient. It was time to reward that patience.

Bruce's intercom sounded. He turned it on, "Yes, Maggie?"

"Your wards are here." She informed him.

"Send them in." Bruce instructed.

Dick and Tim strolled in. Dick walked up to Clark and shook his hand, "Thanks for the help the other day."

"My pleasure." Clark admitted, "Kara and Mary said you and the GPD were tackling the problem head on and getting results."

Dick shrugged, "We try."

Clark turned to Bruce, "Thanks for the advice. I think I'll call on her today."

"Good man." Bruce replied.

"What's your evening going to consist of?" Clark wondered.

"I'm on my way to the manor to pick up Barbara. She came home from the hospital to get a decent meal and some sleep. After I get there we'll go back to the hospital and visit Jim some more."

"And you two?" Clark asked the younger pair.

"Homework." Tim grumped.

"I have a date with a Danish exchange student named Ulla Paske." Dick grinned, "So no one had better wait up for me."

Bruce and Clark exchanged a puzzled glance. The name Ulla Paske was known to both of them but they couldn't remember why. Truth be told, she was more commonly known as the Little Mermaid, a Global Guardian from Denmark. Like most of the Guardians she was now a member of the Legion of Doom.

Ulla had plans for Dick Grayson that he was entirely unaware of. For now she was playing the part of a student. She was actually enjoying her cover and dreaded having to give up classes. But the Legion had plans for Grayson and she'd carry out her orders.

Later in Kansas, Clark and Diana were wandering near the pond that inhabited part of the Kents' fields. Clark reflected on the fact that Kara used to enjoying sailing over the pond while watching her reflection. Diana brought him back to the present.

"Thank you for bringing me to meet your parents. It's been special." She confessed.

"It only seems fair since I've met your mother." He grinned.

"Somehow I sense an ulterior motive for bringing me here." She opined.

Clark was embarrassed, "Am I that obvious?"

Diana rewarded him with an affectionate smile, "You don't lie very well. It's rather cute." Her eyes widened, "I didn't mean…"

Clark softly laughed, "Diana, relax. It's okay. That's actually why we're here."

"What is?" she asked stalling for time. She was expecting bad news.

"I've been thinking about us." He admitted, "The possibility of 'us.' I'd like to see if there is a possibility of an 'us.'"

Diana merely gaped at him. Clark grew uncomfortable and he rubbed the back of his head, "I'm sorry if I've been presumptuous. I just thought that you…and I…and…mmm!"

Diana had grabbed him by his lapels, drew him in, and fiercely kissed him. She let go of him and he stepped back, his head swirling, "Wow!"

"What are you waiting for?" Diana asked, "Kiss me."

Clark grinned, "I think I will."