Chapter 14


I jumped, not ready for anything or anyone for that matter. Standing here was Jared, Padme, Pops, Cam, Angela, Hodgins, Sweets, and Bones.

"Wow, Bones, did you plan this?"

She nodded her head and smiled. I wrapped my body around hers and hugged, tight. Bones and I got everyone settled at the restaurant, then we went upstairs so I could get changed. As soon as we got into the room and the door closed, she started pulling my clothes off.

I reached over to try and pull her dress off, but she just laughed. She lifted up her dress and sank down onto me. Tensions and emotions were running so high that we both climaxed quickly. I pulled on a fresh pair of clothes and she fixed her hair.

We rode back down on the elevator, stealing kisses as we walked into the hotel's restaurant. Everyone was having drinks and talking.

"Sweets, are you old enough to drink? Am I going to have to have the bartender card you?"

"Agent Booth, I am 24 years old. You do not need to check to see if I am of age."

We settled down and enjoyed a pleasant dinner of laughs, recounted memories, and hopes of the future. Jared and Padme announced that there were going to have a baby. Hodgins and Angle announced the same.

When I got up to hug Angela, she looked me in the eye and laid my hand over top of her abdomen.

"Say hi to your Uncle Seeley, baby. Tell him to come home safe because if he says yes, he's gonna spoil you like every little goddaughter should be spoiled."

I smiled widely, said yes, and hugged Angela tightly. I congratulated Jared and Padme, and had one last little talk with all my friends and told them that I'd see them in a year. Everyone went upstairs to sleep after the long 12 hour drive. Bones and I went up to the roof.

As we walked, we just leaned into each other enjoying the presence and feelings we had over each other. When we got ti the roof top, we settled down on a blanket I had grabbed to look at the stars.

"Bones, Pops told me to tell you Congratulations."

"For what?"

"He said you are having a baby, my baby."

"Booth, its impossible for him to know if I am pregnant. I wont even know until a month or so from now."

"He said he had a feeling. And Pops' feelings are usually always right."