Forks, I Love You

Chapter 1


Tick, tock, tick, tock …

I kept watching the clock tick away to the final minutes of the day. Raindrops pounding against the classroom window seemed to get louder. A stupid asshat in the back of the room wouldn't quit coughing. Lauren Mallory's acrylic nails kept scratching at her desk. Mrs. Greene's voice was incrementing to a screech. My head was about to explode just when the final bell ring. Fuck, finally!

People's faces blurred as I walked through the hallways. Nobody's face was good enough for me too look at. I heard Mike Newton scream out my name as I passed by, but again, Mike Newton doesn't fall into a meaningful people category to me. I walked swiftly to my car, hauling my backpack into the backseat. As I sat down, I roared the engine as loud as I could, set my beautiful BMW in reverse and sent my worst regards to everyone in Forks High School as I drove away.

Next day at school was the same monotony. Nothing ever changes in fucking Forks. Lauren Mallory was wearing her slutty attire, (nothing new there); Jessica Stanley coughing her fucking brains out on her desk from smoking too many cigarettes, Ben Cheney writing down every single god blessed word Mrs. Greene squawked.

I glanced around the room, trying to understand how people could function in this god forsaken piece of shit bubble that we were all stuck in. I was so deep in my thoughts I hadn't heard the bell until I saw everyone stand up. Following everyone out of the classroom I ran towards the bathroom. As I walked in I thought about walking out. There stood Bella Swan staring at her reflection in the mirror.

"Rose…" she said turning towards me, and turned away immediately. "I… I…" she stopped talking and practically chewed her lips off from nerves. "I know w-we haven't t-talked in a long ti-time but I wanted to t-talk with y-you if you w-wanted?" She finally glanced up at me with a scared look on her face. This was a big step for Bella, that I had to admit, but I still wasn't ready to even have a conversation with her.

"No, I don't want to know, hear or even see you for the rest of my existence, ok? Thank you." I looked back in the mirror fighting back tears as hard as I could. Insulting Bella still hurt as fuck, beyond all that she did. I heard her whisper a sob. She didn't even hide her tears this time.

"I haven't even talked to him since it happened, Rose, really…"

I picked up my backpack and swung it on my shoulder. Just as I was walking out I turned around and said, "by the way, Isabella, just so you know in the future, so you don't fuck up other friendships, friends don't share each other's boyfriends to fuck, ok?"

I let the bathroom door slam and saw Alice leaning against the lockers with a disappointed expression plastered on her tiny face. "That was too harsh, Rose. Everyone in the hallway heard."

"Still choosing sides Alice? That's nice. Maybe I was wrong about Forks, maybe some things DO change." I brushed past her not wanting to look back at how my former best friend wasn't standing by my side anymore.

I almost stumbled over my own feet when I saw whose car was parked alongside mine. I swallowed deeply and started walking as if nothing was wrong. I could see his frame sitting behind the wheel. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I kept taking steps towards my car. I was close enough to see that his eyes kept glancing at the rearview mirror.

I hastily unlocked the car and jumped in. The instant I heard a car door close my heart started beating through my ribcage. I finally got the engine running and backed up. As I drove away I could feel his eyes following me out of the parking lot.

I only had two more weeks until I wouldn't see any faces of the disgusting people of Forks for two months of sweet summer.

8 Months Later

"Rose? Did you even listen to anything I just said?" Jasper pulled me out of my daydream. My next door neighbor and best friend was annoying as shit.


"Fuck you." Jasper said. I glanced at him and he smirked. "So what's on for today, Hale?"

"Probably going to Alice's house and getting fucked up. What's always on for Fridays," I said, smiling at the idea of alcohol.

"Hmmm, booze, boring. I think we should go down to La Push and party it up there." Jasper said, lighting his cigarette. "I heard Sam's been giving out new shit." He grinned at the idea of tripping.

I wasn't as opposed to the idea as I was before. "Maybe…" I leaned back on the hood of my car. "I really don't want to go to school today."

"Then don't go. Keep life simple, Hale." Jasper jumped off the hood of my car. Stomping on the cigarette he had just finished. "I'll get detention again for skipping because my mother, also known as Satan incarnated and school psychologist will know I didn't attend. And then that means ISS, but I'm up to my limit in ISS, so I will have to be suspended and if I ever want to get out of Forks I need to graduate. So yes, I don't have the option of skipping school."

"Great attitude change, Jazz." I scoffed and winked at him. "When Alice starts bitching about who will take her home, tell her I will pick her up."

"I'll tell her." Jasper said simply, not showing any emotion at the sound of Alice's name. He was quiet for a few seconds. A quiet Jasper is not ok at all.

"Gives you an excuse to talk to her, Jazz. Just tell the woman you are in love with her. There's inside information here. Fucking tell her already!" I practically yelled shoving my arms up. "Jesus you're acting like a little bitch about it! Man up already, show her you really do have a dick and a set of balls!"

"Jesus Rose, Grandma Hale is still sleeping. Hope you didn't wake her up from her fucking hibernation," Jasper laughed and I punched him in the arm.

I watched Jasper walk down the road towards the school. Forks High School was only about five blocks away from my house and I could walk, but I preferred to drive my BMW instead of walking in mud. I am Rosalie and I am ostentatious.

Jazz's figure kept getting smaller as he turned the corner towards the school. I sighed as he disappeared. Jazzy was practically my only true friend in Forks. After all the drama with Bella happened and Alice taking her side, Jasper sacrificed his humongous crush on her and stood by me. Even though I was on good terms with Bella and Alice, I didn't consider them friends, not after everything that happened.

I slid down the car hood. Jingling the keys in my hand I decided to go to First Beach. Everyone knew when I wasn't at school; I didn't want to be bothered. There was only one person I really wanted to talk to in La Push; Leah Clearwater.

"Thank God I'm not in high school anymore so I don't have to deal with teenage drama shit," Leah said, taking one good look at me as I walked up the steps of her house. "Not really wanting to see Bella today?"

I laughed even though her comment wasn't really funny, that topic was never supposed to be mentioned. "No, I don't want to see anybody today."

"Welcome to the club!" Leah answered me grinning and I just shook my head. "Rose come on in, it's freezing and I can see your nipple hard-ons!"

I had to laugh at that. There was no one else like Leah Clearwater.

I followed her inside and sat down on the old hard couch. Leah walked over to get a bottle of water out of the fridge. I looked at her carefully this time. Her shoulders were tense, her left hand gripped the bottle with too much force, and her lips were tightened into a straight line. Leah was upset about something and I knew the answer to that something. I knew if I wanted to get her talking I couldn't jump into the discussion, I had to let her want to talk about it.

"Have you hung out with Embry and Quil lately?" I asked trying to ask casually.

Leah turned around and leaned against the kitchen bar. "No, I haven't seen them in about two weeks. Why?" She looked me up and down suspiciously.

"I've been wondering about them. It's been a while since I've hung out with all of them. Jasper wanted to trip out with them tonight," I answered looking down at my nails. I looked up to see Leah staring at me straight in the eye.

"I'm fine Rose," Leah sighed. She plopped down on the couch next to me, stretching out her long lean tan legs across the carpet.

I didn't answer, there was nothing much else to say. Leah remained quiet, zoning away with her thoughts. Her lips began to curl down and she sighed again. I looked down at her hands; in fists bunched at her sides. I took her right hand in mine and stroked with my thumb.

"Sam's a fucking dick and deserves nothing from you, Leah. Not a single tear."

"Emmett is fucking pussy and I wish him genital warts," she snorted. I grinned at her and tightened my grasp on her hand.

Leah turned her head and looked at me. "What does Emily have that I don't?"

"Absolutely nothing. Well, maybe just a reputation of being a slut," I winked. Leah snorted again, letting a tear drop from the corner of her eye. It slowly ran down her cheek and curved its way to her lips.

"Bella fucked up big time by losing you as a friend," Leah said, looking down at our intertwined hands. "If I were you I wouldn't have forgiven her."

"Bella did fuck up, but she was and is still sorry for everything," I choked at the end. "Bella in the end is a good person, and good people sometimes trip, Leah. She just tripped and fell down, but now she's climbing the right stairs."

"You hang out with her. You have slumber parties with her-"she sneered, "you act like her friend."

"I am a friend to her, but she is no friend to me. I have forgiven her, but I don't forgive and forget. It's not like I trust her. Bella is very aware of the ground she stands with me and knows when it's her place to step in at times. She absolutely knows that it's not like it was before and I don't think she expects it will ever be. She made a mistake and paid for it and deserved every bit of it. I don't regret any of the shit I made her go through. It may be a bit sick, but I'm proud of everything that I did to make her suffer, to make her suffer worse than what she put me through." I took a deep breath and looked at Leah square in the eye. "She never did have the importance that you have in my life, Clearwater. I don't want any more fucking conflicts in my life. That's why I finally forgave her. Maybe you need that, but you're too proud to accept her apology. You're too proud to have to finally accept that your ego was damaged, and that Emily has what you want and what was yours at a time."

I could see the veins on the temples of Leah's face pulsing bigger every second. She closed her eyes and tried to keep her breathing steady. I knew I hit the thorn stuck in her heart. I looked down at our intertwined hands; she hadn't let go of me.

"Sam is a fucking pussy-faced bitch and I hate myself for still loving him," she screamed, finally letting the river of tears run down her face. "I hate her, I hate him and most of all I hate me."

Instead of freaking out like anybody else, I sat next to Leah and let her cry bits of pain out on my new jeans; I'm Rosalie Hale and I don't abandon my best friend when she needs me.

After hours of crying, Leah finally gathered all her shit together and put the barrier against her tears up again. We hadn't talked since she had her meltdown. I watched her silently as she blankly watched TV. She was lost in thought; probably about Sam.

"Leah, can I use your computer for a bit?" I asked, pulling her out of her day dream.

"Sure," Leah answered, not moving an inch from her position on the couch. The lights of the TV reflected in her dark, empty eyes.

I didn't answer and sat down in front of her computer. I practically had to kick it for the fucking machine to turn on. Leah's slow ass internet was so unbearable I finally gave up. I looked over at Leah's slumped body and decided this was enough.

"Get off your fucking ass and put some clothes on. We're partying tonight with Jasper," I said from the computer desk. I pulled out my cell phone and texted the idiot to pick us up at five thirty.

Leah looked over, "I'm not in the mood, Rosalie." She stood up and walked over to the fridge. I watched her sad figure move without much energy. She kept dragging her feet as she walked.

"Fuck you and get dressed. Jasper is picking us up in about a half hour. We're going to the bonfire," I answered her, expecting the second I stopped talking I was going to get bitch slapped.

Leah just stared at me, "you are going to be fucking restless about going out aren't you?"


"What if Sam's there? Or Emily? I won't be able-"

"Since when are you weak, Lee, because the Leah Clearwater I know is a ruthless bitch that takes shit from no one. Now go on and put on some fucking clothes because I am getting tired of repeating myself." I smiled, knowing I hit a nerve. "They're not invited to the bonfire anyway."

"Fuck you." Leah turned around and showed me the bird as she disappeared into her room. "Why so eager to hang go out? Will a certain Embry be there perhaps?"

"Probably." I was a good liar; my voice sounded nonchalant.

Leah read completely through it, "Just fucking admit you have a crush on him." She walked out of her room in the skimpiest outfit she could possibly put together. Leah Clearwater is back ladies and gentlemen; maybe she'll stay this way for a little while. I like having my friend back.

The doorbell rang and saved me from answering the question. Leah muttered something under her breath as she opened the door to a very excited Jasper.

"Lee-lee, I see you're going to work tonight," Jasper said looking at Leah's shorts that weren't covering her ass. "Looking good, Clearwater." Leah looked over her shoulder at me and slammed the door in Jasper's face.

"I love you too, Leah," Jasper said, opening the door and letting himself in. "So, where are we off tonight? Leroy's Bar or First Beach?"

"Why in God's forsaken name would we go to Leroy's" I asked incredulously. "That place is filled with desperate pussy."

"No, Hale, they're called cougars, ok?" Jazz answered me, leaning against the door frame. "Cougars that always let me have some." I had to swallow the rising vomit at his words.

"You're gross, Whitlock." Leah rolled her eyes at Jasper. "Where has your skinny ass been hiding? Has another husband been looking for it too?"

"Clearwater, just admit you want my ass. You desire it every single night," Jasper smirked. "You are completely and outrageously jealous. But, you play hard to get and that's why I like you."

"Oh God, Whitlock, I desire your goods," Leah snorted as she walked past him. "Hurry up, Rosalie. This man needs to get a hormone release and only getting to the bonfire will help that." She turned to Jasper, "who did you invite, Jazz?" She gave him a conditioning look.

"New kid."

"Oh, yeah, my best friend!" I retorted as I put on my sweater and closed Leah's front door. "Jasper you're brilliant. Who's new kid?"

"I have no idea what's his name. All I know he's 'New Kid' and sits next to me in practically every bloody class. I like him, even though he's competition. The whole female population of Forks, including Berta the cafeteria lady, were checking him out. It was a hard and long day for us oldies."

I heard a snort coming from Jasper's car. Leah was leaning against the passenger door, arms crossed and a bored look on her face. "Jasper, you have fucked the entire female population of Forks High School, including half of the school board," she paused a second, "don't start complaining that your sex life began at the poor age of thirteen. Boo hoo!"

"And if 'New Kid' keeps it up, I won't be having a sex life at all," he turned to me, extending his hand, "c'mon, Rose, my brain needs a let off and the bonfire has it."

I smiled and took Jasper's hand. I stared at our intertwined hands and an unexpected feeling was brought out. Don't get me wrong, I've never had romantic feelings for Jasper. This feeling had nothing to do with that. Seeing our fingers touch was not something Jasper did with people at all. I felt love towards Jasper, something I hadn't felt in a long time.

Jasper isn't a sentimental person; he was actually really dry. He doesn't know how to express his feelings very well. I guess living in an orphanage does that to you. Jasper never met his parents and lived his childhood from orphanage to orphanage. When he turned six, Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock adopted him and brought him to Forks. He never really made any friends until he met me. Other kids made fun of him in primary school because he was different. Jazzy has always stood out, more pronounced than any of the mind-numbing fuckers in Forks. Jasper was different, he's meant to do something in this world. He deserves everything and more. Jasper Whitlock is an amazing person and no one will hold the place he has in my heart. He's the best friend anyone could have.

The drive to First Beach was quiet, there wasn't much to say. I could tell Jasper didn't have the best of days and Leah's was sickening, neither of them willing to talk about it. I watched the blur of green and brown brush the window it was reflecting on. Every single tree we passed was a different shade of green than the one before it. Nothing really was the same, everything mixed up.

I turned to look at Leah, who was leaning her head against the window. Taking a quick look at Jasper, I saw him slouched in the driver's seat. Both of my friends were drowning in depression, and either of them was willing to accept it. There wasn't much I could do; time was the only cure to all three of us.

Jasper parked the car and immediately changed his expression stretched on his face. Leah did as well, replacing the frown with a smile, both masters of disguising emotion.

I opened the car door and almost banged it against the car next to Jasper's. My breath hitched as I saw whose car it was.

Had Jasper noticed he had parked next to HIS car? I carefully checked the jeep. Deep olive green with huge ass tires; definitely his jeep. The huge white dice were dangling from the rearview mirror, just like they were before when times were different. I turned around to see if Jasper and Leah were looking. Leah had already disappeared into the mass of trees and Jasper was waiting a few steps away from the small path with his arms crossed. I guess he hadn't noticed who he parked next to.

"Hurry the fuck up, Hale," Jasper hollered, annoyed with me. Fuck, he was going to wait for me.

I turned to look at the jeep again, realizing that the time that had passed hadn't been a friend and cured me.