The following story is brought to you by Jill's strange and slightly demented mind. The ideas within are all her own, though the characters are owned by Masashi Kishimoto.

I am still writing "Lee's Huglist", but this idea came to me, and I had to write it.

This story is a parody. As Howard worded it, it is a parody of time-travel stories using a time-travel story. That makes more sense if you say it aloud.

Time Reversal no Jutsu

"Look, I found a scroll thingy," the purple-haired kunoichi—shinobi—said.

The bunned brunette took the object from her hands. "Hmm, interesting." She opened it up to determine what type of scroll it was.

"It's a forbidden scroll," the first woman supplied helpfully.


"Are you sure we should use it?" a third, with platinum blonde hair, asked.

"Sure. Why not?" the first asked rhetorically.

"Where did you find it?" another blonde asked curiously.

"I don't know. It was in the box of junk I stole from Snakey-Snakey-Pedo-sama," the woman replied.

A girl with blue-black hair looked on with worried interest. "What does it do?"

The bunned girl read aloud from the scroll. "Time Reversal no Jutsu." She looked up. "I guess it's a time-travel technique," she said to the others.

"Will it work?" a girl with pink hair asked breathlessly. She had many uses for a technique like this…

"I don't know. We might as well try it out," the purple-haired woman reasoned. "But don't count on it working. If the Snake let me take it, he probably already tried it and found it no good."

The others nodded.

"What do we have to do to make it work, Tenten?" the platinum blonde girl asked.

"Um," the brunette responded. "We have to do the boar, rabbit, ox, lamb, ox, bird, horse, gorilla, and bear seals, hold hands, and then jump."

"Really?" Sakura asked, surprised and doubtful.

"Yeah. That's what it says here." She held the scroll out for the others to see.

"Wow…that seems…simple," the other blonde said.

"We also have to combine our chakra," Hinata said, pointing to that part on the scroll.

"Good." Temari sounded relieved. "I hate easy techniques. They make me worried that I'm missing something."

"I agree," Sakura nodded. "Also, the easier the technique is, the less effective it tends to be."

Anko stared at them in shock. "I have never found that!" she said.

"Well, no kidding. Your usual method of attacking people is charging at them with a battle cry and snake hands. Or a kunai," Ino said with a snort.

"Hey, I'm a jounin, aren't I?" Anko defended herself.

"True," the others agreed grudgingly.

"Right, well, let's get this show on the road!" Sakura shouted excitedly.

The others stared at her. "Are you sure? This is a forbidden technique, and we may not be able to undo it, if it does work," Hinata stated.

Sakura pumped her fists in the air. "Yeah, but we have to give it a try! Don't you have things you want to change?" she asked, thinking of all the things she would be able to stop from happening to her team.

"Hmm," was the general comment, with a few "True's" thrown in.

"I could date Chouji earlier! And get Shikamaru to actually train!" Ino yelled.

The others winced in sympathy for her teammates. If they thought she was troublesome before, they were in for a big surprise if this technique worked.

"I can save Gaara earlier!" Temari said with a smile. "And maybe I can do something for Kankurou as well," she added.

"What's wrong with Kankurou?" Tenten asked.

Temari stared at her. "Are you kidding? He wears makeup. And calls it 'facepaint'. And his normal mode of dress is to don a cat suit."

"Good point," Tenten agreed.

"I can confess to Naruto sooner!" Hinata said.

No one commented on that one.

"I can expand my weapon collection faster, and cut out the baby stuff. I'm going straight to nunchaku's!" Tenten yelled.

The others sweat-dropped, except Anko, who high-fived Tenten.

"And I can get Kakashi to date me sooner," the woman said, pulling out a kunai to lick it.

Temari, Sakura, Hinata, and Ino shuddered.

"Nice," Tenten said appreciatively. "But don't you want to stick around for your wedding first?"

"Nah. I'm pretty sure Kakashi isn't going to propose any time soon. Maybe if we go back in the past, I can date him sooner, and by time we catch up with this timeline, he will be ready to get hitched."

"Good idea," Temari agreed. "Maybe I should do the same with Shikamaru…"

"Now, can we do the technique?" Sakura demanded.

"All right!" five women screamed back at her.

They performed the required hand-seals, grabbed each other's hands, and jumped. There was a big puff of smoke, and then nothing.

Hinata sat up in her bed, looking around. She was in her own bedroom. Does that mean the technique didn't work? she wondered. Then she shrugged. Oh well. It was only an experiment, after all. She got out of bed and grabbed some clothes from her closet, and went to the bathroom.

She paused in front of the mirror. "What?" she said, staring at her reflection. She was back in her old body, age twelve years old.

She whooped with joy, in a manner she had picked up from Naruto. "It worked! It worked!" Hinata dropped the clothes she was carrying onto the bathroom floor, and ran out of her room, yelling and cheering as she ran through the Hyuuga Complex.

She wondered for a moment as she passed her shocked father, sister, and cousin, why the technique had only sent her mind back in the past, rather than her whole being, but she wasn't too worried about that.

It just meant she had more time to spend with Naruto.

Oh darn. As her thoughts drifted to the blonde she loved so much, she recalled her terrible academy/genin days where Naruto barely even knew she existed.

I'm going to have to confess again. She gulped. She could do this. She took a deep breath and tried to regain some of her usual confidence. It better not take him three months to respond like it did last time! she thought as she reentered her bedroom to finish dressing. At least this time, it didn't have to be when she was dying. This time, she had a plan.

Temari looked around her bedroom, thinking something was different. She stood up and went to her desk. Ah, that was why it felt so different. None of her pictures were present.

Did someone steal them?

She pushed that thought away. Why would anyone steal my pictures? It's not like they are particularly interesting. You can't tell who the heck Kankurou is and Gaara never smiles. And Shikamaru and I aren't into that weird stuff some people do so what the heck happened?

And then it hit her.

"Oh my god, I've gone back in time." With that sorted, Temari left her bedroom and went to get dressed for the day.

Ino was, for some reason, on the floor of her bedroom. "Man, my back hurts," she said aloud, as she sat up and began rubbing the offending body part.

"That's a shame," a voice answered.

"Aagh! What are you doing in my room?" Ino screamed, jumping up and assuming an attack position.

"What do you mean, dear? I'm giving you your laundry," her mother said.

"Oh. Right." Ino looked sheepish. "Hey, you changed your hair," she commented. "It looks nice."

"Thank you, dear, but it is the same as it was yesterday. Are you feeling all right?" her mother asked worriedly. "Oh, of course, stupid question. You must be worried about the academy exams. Don't worry, sweetheart, you'll do fine." Her mother smiled at her encouragingly, then left the room. "Hurry and come down for breakfast!"

Ino stared.

Oh. That means it worked? Yes!! Chouji, look out, cause here I come! Ino thought happily. She quickly shoved her clean laundry under her bed, figuring she would put the clothes away later, then went to get dressed.

Anko rolled out of her bed and onto the floor, then crawled her way to her kitchen, to get a glass of water.

She was halfway there when she realized she didn't actually have a headache, nor was she hung over.

"Oh." She sat up and looked around with interest. She was in her old apartment, which meant the technique had obviously been a success. "YES!" she cried. "Beat that, Snakey-Pedo!" She did a little victory dance for a few moments, then got bored and decided to get dressed.

Well, as dressed as Anko normally is.

Tenten bounded out of bed, rushed through her shower, dressed quickly in the clothing at the front of her closet, and ran out to the kitchen.

"Tenten, here's your breakfast," her mother said.

"Thanks, Kaachan!" she said. She ate the meal, kissed her mother's cheek, shouted goodbye to her father in the yard, and went to meet her team for morning training.

"Urgh," Sakura said as she sat up in bed. She looked around and noticed her old, girly bedroom. That funny white and red coat she had had when she was younger was out of her closet, hanging on the door. Which meant the technique had worked. She got rid of that thing ages ago.

"YEEEEEEESSS!" she shouted, waking up her parents.

"Sakura," her mother's voice called from the other room, over her father's tired grunts. "I know you have your academy test today, but could you be a little more quiet?"

"It's 'quieter,' but sure!" Sakura yelled back. She quickly grabbed her clothing and raced to take a shower. She had important things to do today.

And she knew nothing would be easy.