Iron city

Lain woke up in a daze, the sleep fell from her eyes as she rose. There was no monitor in the room, no connection to the wired.

I was a god

not in this place

She got up, stretched and stared at the ceiling for about an hour.

If nothing is real then what I am doing in this place

do you wish to see arisu again?

arisu doesn't want to see me anymore

A quick snap of her head, tears filled her eyes for a second. She snapped the clothes up on the floor and put them on. The scabbared Tengu on her side, the only tool she needed for this place.

still driven

do you miss your father?

oni-chan doesn't miss me

who taught you everything?

doesn't matter

A move out of the room out to stairs, made of rope, to the bottom of the hmmm "house". Reality stretched out in the room below.

A Table and some pans, a broken pot lay on the floor. She'd dropped it and had yet to clean it up.

another city to conquer

not true

another shade of reality

not this time

The walls looked like wood dipped in what would have been called Mayan blue…..a long long time ago. There was a grandeur to this place, everything felt light and everything felt hard.

"I miss Arisu. " she said aloud as she looked at a ceiling that had about several different light fixtures. The lights could be kept at a minimum for ambient lighting or they would like the entire living room.

There were slanted windows across the top of the wall. A door with a screen tied to it.

I forgot how I got here

does it matter?

I am always here

then why leave?

A move across floor that seemed to be oak along with the occasional square of limestone. A bit of water and some rice into a rice cooker that would have looked more ornamental if it was in a different setting. As is square with a pattern of feathers across the front and the back.

I need my connection to the wired

not now

I am Lain I am always Lain I am the Wired

not anymore