Alpha and the Orangina

"So you call me using a girl's name, then it sounds like a guy….." said Lain

"About to drink the orange koolaid?Afraid of the naked truth?" whispered the Alpha.

A rap on her knuckles, attention returning to her surroundings.

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else…..afraid of you, for different reasons maybe." said Lain looking a bit more aware.

"You don't scare easy." said the Alpha

"You share information well…" said Lain

"You look decent in velvet as always." said the Alpha

"With some nice encouragement, I just get that much further." said Lain a slight impish smile went over her features.

A look at a sky that seemed to be slightly bluer then it should be, clouds that looked like they stretched to an insane distance.

"Inside a star?" said Lain

"Something like that." said Alpha

"Not much of master of illusions, I do master my environment well enough." said Lain looking tantalizing around at the architecture that was a lot more open towards the top then would be normal on earth. Figured if there was salt water at the ground level, they wouldn't place the doors out there.

"When did the Universe became self-aware?" said Lain

"Aeons ago…." said Alpha

"So the connections you weave? The number of connections at all times…..for always?" whispered Lain, at the end of the day Lain had been impressed by Alpha's grasping of deeper issues because that is what you expect of well God.

"You had fun slumming?" said the Alpha

"Yeah but the street life, the lives of people who actually live beats the lives of failed Doctors and failed academics and yeah shrinks." said Lain

"That damn shrinking ray…" said Alpha

"No more." replied Lain looking askance over at Yahweh.

"Little ruby slippers on your feet?" said Yah( Alpha)

"Wrong crossover…." said Lain looking at her sandals.

"Or some Nike's?" said the Alpha

"And remember…thank you for the help with the NAVI, friend." said Lain looking over at her wrist mounted NAVI.

"Tres future chic, About these oranges?" said Alpha

"Why forgo this? " replied Lain a quiet look at the girl of her dreams.

A look at the streets, at the clouds above."It is your perspective, the way you act that convinced me there were other worlds …." said Lain a quirk of her lips.

"That doesn't make you any less significant." said Alpha.

"I'd rather not know how a world without me would be like. " continued Alpha

"That is not a crime, friend, that just answered my riddle….." said Lain