The Stinger: Choice 2

"Sarah, your rides' here!"

"Coming Mom!" Sarah smiled at her reflection in the mirror surrounded by pictures of her and her friends. A copy of the picture that had started her last adventure sat in an honored place, framed beside it. She couldn't believe it had only been two months since that business with Jareth had ended. Forever. Since then she'd enrolled in college after passing her entrance exams. She just loved college. She was majoring in English with a hope to publish her adventures in the Underground. Kenneth was very supportive of that. Her reflection blushed. Kenneth was the first real boyfriend she'd had in years. He was a theater major at her college, he had an amazing, deep, voice and a flair for the dramatic. He was a bit on the eccentric side, Sarah first bumped into him while registering for classes. He had been trying to sign up for Advanced Quantum Mechanics but the advisor was, rightly, concerned that he couldn't handle it. He didn't seem to understand the concept of prerequisites and building up to the hard classes. He demanded that he be allowed to take the hardest classes offered. Sarah had been disgusted at him, acting like a spoiled child. But what caught her attention was when he took a deep breath, counted to ten and asked the advisor what he needed to do. Then he apologized to not only the advisor but everyone in line for holding them up. Sarah had been impressed by the humility he showed after that outburst. Sure, he struggled with his temper but he was actively trying to stop outbursts like that. It helped that he wasn't half bad looking either. Not that that was a major factor in their relationship or anything. He was actually kind of sweet once she got past her automatic assumptions of jerkiness that comes with good looking people. He was always asking her questions about herself, he really seemed to want to get to know her. That and he had the cutest way of talking, using slang from thirty years ago and then laughing when Sarah looked confused.

"Sarah, he's waiting!"

"Sorry!" Sarah pushed a brush through her hair one last time and turned to her friends, "Look good?"

Hoggle looked up from his sandwich, "No."

"Thanks Hoggle," Sarah said dryly. "Well I'm gone for the evening, please remind the others when they get back. I don't want they trying to 'rescue' me again. Poor Kenneth still has a headache." The rest of her friends from the Labyrinth were out trying to find homes for the twenty or so displaced goblins or goblin-like folks Sarah had brought back with them. It wasn't easy since most of them didn't want to be lawn gnomes.

Hoggle waved at her, "Yeah, yeah. I can't promise anything. You know how Ludo and the dog gets when you leave."

"Oh let her go," Grimples muttered from the corner where he was reading, "I'll make sure the kids play nice."

Sarah smiled at him, "I knew we brought you back for some reason. See Hoggle, this is how a guest should behave."

Grimples flashed Hoggle a smug grin. Hoggle stuck his tongue out at him. Sarah laughed at the barely hidden animosity between the two, "Well, good night guys."

"Have a good evening Sarah," Toby called as she sprinted down the stairs and out the door.


She leapt into Kenneth's silver convertible with a grin, "Ready Kenny?"

The handsome blond smiled warmly, bright eyes sparkling, "Always, Sarah."

As they sped off into the night, a pair of white feathers flew off the back of the car and drifted away on the breeze. But no one saw them and so the adventure continued.


Yeah, he got the girl in the end. And notice, if you'll remember Terms(Chapter 2), he never did get around to promising to leave her alone. Tricky Goblin King, tricky.

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