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A repetitive beep sounded through the air of his apartment, Tony peeled his eyes open enough to read his alarm clock. Six in the morning was way too early to be awake, but still his alarm clock mocked him with its annoying reminder that he had to get ready for another day at work.

They had gotten home at nearly three last night and it just didn't seem right that Gibbs would still insist they be at work by seven AM sharp. Slapping the right button, Tony stopped the incessant beep and his eyes drooped shut. He would get up in ten minutes when his second alarm went off.


A loud buzz echoed off his night stand, Tony rolled over groaning. No way had it been ten minutes. He was right. His phone was vibrating toward the edge of the stand. Tony squinted at the name glowing on the screen, Ziva. Why would she be calling fifty seven minutes before they would be at work?

Deciding it could be important, Tony grabbed the phone before it fell and flipped it open. Yawning, he put the cell phone to his ear, "DiNozzo." His name came out garbled from the yawn and he let his eyes shutter closed as he answered.

The sound of a phone being shuffled to the opposite ear could be heard before Tony heard a response, "Tony, I need your help." Ziva's voice was a mere whisper, but held a slightly frantic note.

At the panic in her voice, Tony bolted out of bed and made his way to his closet in two steps, "Ziva, what's wrong? Where are you? I'll be there in five minutes." His alarm clock did nothing to motivate him, but for Ziva he would do anything for.

A smirk was evident in her voice since he did not even know where she was and he was already promising to be there in five minutes., Ziva couldn't help but let her spirit lift "Pick me up on the corner of N Street northwest and 14th Street. I must destroy this cell phone so do not try to call me back," she paused as a car honked, "I will explain everything when you get here I promise."

"I'll be there as fast as I can. Do I need to look for you when I get there?" Tony was dressed and grabbing his keys.

"I will find you."Ziva stopped by an outdoor café's trash, "And Tony?"

He turned in a circle scanning for his NCIS bag, "Yeah?" He grabbed it and slung it over his shoulder.

"Thank you." Ziva flipped her phone shut and tossed it in the garbage heading in the direction she had come to make it to the intersection she had just told Tony.

Tony locked his apartment and jogged down the stairs to his car. Before he got in, he attached his glock to his belt and threw his bag in the back.

Peeling out of the parking lot, Tony's heart thumped remembering Ziva's urgent call for help. Although she had tried to mask her fear, Tony had heard the slight tremor in her voice. Her heart was no longer hidden behind walls, but her Mossad days were behind her and she was shaken by something.

Tony could always see past her façade of being cold hearted and emotionless. Now she was done acting and had let her real caring, soft hearted self through.

Changing lanes at almost 90 miles per hour, Tony felt his heart beating against his ribs and his mind was racing with all the possibilities. He had to make it to Ziva before…He didn't even know who he was racing against and that scared him even more, he stepped on the accelerator for a little extra speed.

Tony prayed he would get to her in time so she could explain all of this.

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