Note: Wrote this very quick, apologies for any grammar errors. Haven't written in such a long time, hope that it isn't too obvious!



Sam doesn't move when his brother leaves the room. He stares mutely at the trashcan, and wonders what he's supposed to do now. He jerks involuntarily when he hears the roar of the Impala starting, swallowing past the lump that is rapidly forming in his throat.

He gets it, he really does. Dean is pissed, has lost his way - is empty inside.

Feels betrayed all over again. By Sam.

Sam lets out a shaky breath and swipes at his eyes, he wishes that he could get Dean to see.

Normalcy was something that he had craved for a very long time. Every second at Stanford with Jess, feeding cold pizza to a dog named Bones, sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner with a real turkey and fixings.

Sam had wanted it all - his own Heaven.

And yet, Sam sniffles and ambles forward, scooping a decade old gift out of a nearly empty trashcan. He rolls the amulet against his palm before putting it in his pocket.


Because there are some things that Sam wants more. More than the turkey, more than the white picket fence with a friendly golden retriever named Bones.

It was the same reason why Sam cried into the fur of a dog less than a week into his escape from his father - the reason why he allowed himself to be found. It was the reason why he had left Jess in search of the very man who had told him to never come back.

The reason why Sam was so destroyed after New Hope, why he drank demon blood at the start and tried to kill Lilith at the end.

Sam closes the door to motel room five and slips into the passengers side of the Impala, silently taking his place beside his brother.

Because really, at the end of it all, there is nowhere else that Sam would rather be.