Zack was on pins and needles waiting for the night to arrive - and with it, Genesis fast on its heels. Pacing back and forth in his room, he kept checking the time on his phone. He had told Kunsel not to bother them this evening. Kunsel didn't mind obliging, since he already had an after-hours "meeting" with Director Lazard anyway. Zack wanted the evening to be perfect, and he wanted no interruptions to keep him from being in Genesis' safe arms.

He didn't have any pain this evening. Contrary to what was first thought, the mako in his veins had completely healed his wounds that he had received from the punishment doled out the day before by Sephiroth and Angeal in the General's office. Hopefully, he would not have to go through that again. He enjoyed the kink -- certainly didn't enjoy cleaning his boots after the fact, and definitely did not enjoy a sound beating.

A soft rapping at his door made him almost jump out of his skin, so lost in thought was he. Opening it just a crack, he gazed up at cold, mako-enhanced eyes shrouded by a few wisps of red hair. Ohhh, Gaia. It was Genesis. He had finally come for the night.

Zack opened the door and let Genesis in. Barely giving Zack the chance to close and lock the door, Genesis had Zack locked in an embrace, lips crushed against lips, in heated passion fueled by wanton abandonment.

Feeling satisfied for the moment, Genesis pulled away and walked over to the bed, shedding his long coat. He sat down on the bed and motioned for Zack to join him.

"How are your wounds?" Genesis asked. Zack nodded. "Pretty good. No pain," he said. Genesis gave him a half-cocked smile and said, "That's good. Really great."

Zack could have melted from the smile given only to him. Those lips... those lips....

Zack turned away quickly, turning his gaze to the carpeted floor. "Genesis, why didn't we.. you know.. last night?" he asked, his face turning red. He didn't like to say things of that nature aloud.

"You were tired, injured. You refused me," Genesis told him, glancing toward the floor as well.

"I am not injured or tired tonight," Zack offered.

"And you will not refuse me tonight, will you?"

Those words were all Zack needed to hear. He pounced on Genesis, his hormones raging like a schoolboy. Going for the straps on Genesis' uniform, Zack was stopped by a hand on his wrist.

"Wait. Stop."

"I'm sorry. Did I do something wrong?" Zack asked, his bright-blue mako eyes wide with fear of being rejected.

"No. There's just... something you need to know. Before you see me.. before you see all of me," Genesis said, his face sullen and serious. He stood up from the bed and undid the straps himself. As the last strap came loose, there was a whooshing noise. A dark black single wing burst forth from Genesis' shoulder blade, stretching out quite a few feet. If he had not been watching so intently, Zack would have missed the transformation; it had been that fast.

"What the....?" Zack said breathlessly. It was by far one of the most beautiful things that he had ever seen in his life. Black, shining and soft, the wing stood out majestically from Genesis' half-naked body. "Oh, Genesis... It's beautiful," he said.

"It's not. It's a burden. It manifests itself when my mood is high, like when i'm angry or excited. I can control it, but only so much. Last night... it came out but you didn't know it because you were asleep by then," Genesis said.

"So, the black feather I found was from... your wing?" Zack asked.

Genesis nodded and said, "I wrapped it around you last night while you slept."

Zack's body shuddered with the thought of sleeping under Genesis' wing. It made him feel comforted... safe. He stepped over to Genesis and ran a hand down the length of the wing. Genesis closed his eyes and tilted his head back a bit.

"No one has ever touched it before. It feels so... good," Genesis said, his eyes opening to meet Zack's.

The two SOLDIERs embraced tightly. They shed their clothes and Zack led Genesis to the bed. For what seemed like hours, they touched, explored, kissed, made love. Nothing was left untouched - everything was sacred under the others touch.

The wing wrapped tightly around Zack as he slept in the darkness. Genesis was awake for some time after Zack fell asleep, thinking about where all of this could lead to. He knew one thing: he was falling in love with Zack, and the news would not sit very well with Sephiroth. He wished to escape with Zack to someplace far away, where SOLDIER did not exist. Where they would not have to hide. Someplace... like heaven.

Genesis chuckled softly, careful not to wake his sleeping lover, and drifted off to sleep himself, knowing very well that heaven did not exist.