"That's what it sounds like!" Hari yelled once more.

"Alright Hari, hand me the phone before you crush it." Korronie said and Hari threw the phone at Korronie.

"Damn, I think at times it's good that's there are only one of you on this Earth, I don't think it could handle two" Korronie said towards Hari's anger and knowing Crystal temper.

Hari glared at Korronie with death in mind.

"Alright, Deidara, try and finish up your mission and come and find us and help find your sister" Korronie said as she was backing up from Hari's glare.

"And stopping your other sister from killing me" Korronie added.

"Okay, I'll finish up here report back and find you guys" Deidara said.

"Okay, talk to you later… maybe" Korronie said.

"Okay, bye" Deidara laughed, knowing what Korronie meant.

"I wonder if anyone has started looking for me yet." Crystal said thinking out loud.

Crystal was sitting on a cliff she would always go to as a kid when she was distressed or angry and wanted to cool down, she was shocked that Deidara didn't remember that if he was looking for her.

"Is there any place that you remember where Crystal would go to calm down" Korronie asked Hari.

"Umm, Deidara would know that better then me, remember we were young when I died" Hari said.

"Sorry" Hari said sad that she couldn't help with finding her own twin sister.

"It's okay, we will just keep looking until Deidara get's here, and maybe he know a place" Korronie said reassuring Hari.

"Would it be near here or the village you guys grew up in?" Itachi asked curious.

"It would be near our old village, that's a good point" Hari said.

"What, did she find a 'calm down place' around here in the time that we've been at the Akatsuki" Korronie asked.

"No, Cryst would only have one place that she found or picked as a child and that's where she would always go no matter how far the distance she would have to travel" Hari said.

"Okay so that narrows it down to your old village, so that's where we go" Korronie said.

With that said, they start on their way towards Deidara, Hari, and Crystal's old childhood village.

Crystal stood up from where she was sitting; she stood on the edge of the cliff. She thought about jumping, just ending it all and joining her sister but them someone popped into her mind: Itachi.

Tears started to run down Crystal's face, "I don't know what to do, I can't go on because I don't have my sister here with me but I can't just end it because the one person I love is there telling me it's going to be okay but then there's your older brother who doesn't like the person you love, I just don't know!"

Korronie, Hari and Itachi finally made to their old village. Hari shushed everybody.

"Do you hear that?" Hari asked.

Everyone got quiet and listened closely.

"It sounds like sobbing and crying" Korronie said.

"It's Crystal" Hari said.

"You can tell by sobbing and crying?" Korronie asked.

"Yes I recognize it from when we were little when she was sad" Hari said.

"Oh, well then she's right up there on that cliff" Korronie said.

"How do we get up there?" Itachi asked.

"We'll have to go up the sides" Hari replied.

"Okay then, let's get going" Itachi stated.

They head up the side of the cliff to get to the top where Crystal is.

I was sitting at the edge of the cliff with my knees to my chest and my arms wrapped around my legs crying.

It's started to rain down hard and cold. I wasn't supposed to be in cold rain but at the moment I ready didn't care.

"Were at the top, now we have to hurry she can't be in this rain for long, not for how cold it is" Hari said.

"Who should go up to her first?" Korronie asked.

"I think you should, Itachi" Hari said looking at Itachi.

"Okay" Itachi replied as he started to walk up to Crystal.

"Crystal?" Itachi called out to her.

I widened my eyes when I heard who called out my name. I slowly turned around.

"Itachi?" I said.

Itachi walked over to me as I stood up.

"Come home" Itachi asked but his voice sounded more like he was begging me to.

"I don't know if I can, Itachi" I say.

"Cryst…" Itachi murmured.

"I don't know how to go on. Without Hari, but I can't just end it all because I love you. Then, Deidara hates you, it's… I don't know!" I say as I start to cry again and collapse to my knees.

Itachi knelt down next to me to wrapped his Akatsuki jacket around me, then wrapped his arms around me.

"No matter what happens, I will always be here for you. I know that your brother doesn't like me and his approval means a lot to you." Itachi whispered to me.

"Crystal" Hari says as she walked up.

My eyes widened as I heard her voice. I turned my head around to see for myself, it was her, Hari she's actually here.

"Hari?" I questioned.

"Yeah, it's me" Hari replies.

"….How long are you going to be here?" I asked.

"I'm here to help find you" Hair replied.

"Oh" I said.

Hari knelt down in front of me to make sure I heard what she had to say.

"Cryst, even though I'm not physically here anymore I'm always here with you. No matter what, you need me; I'll be here, always. And as for Deidara and his little attitude, nobody has ever made you happy like Itachi does, so screw what Deidara thinks, eventually he's going to have to accept Itachi, he's not going to cut you out of his life so he will learn to accept him. Okay? You hear me?" Hari says/asked.

"Yeah, I here you" I reply.

"I will personally, before I leave, tell Deidara all of this so he knows, okay?" Hari says.

"Okay" I say.

"We got to go, this rain is getting worse" Itachi says.

"Yeah, let's go" Korronie says.

Itachi picked up me bridal style and all of us walked back home to the Akatsuki hideout.