Okay, last A/N ever from me... oh the depression. *Sighs*

Let's see here...

"Hypnotizing Helga" will be left to NintendoGal55, since I know how much she loved that fic. Also, she commented once that if I didn't ever finish it, then she'd be forced to do it for me. XD

"Match Maker" will be left to... Geez, I don't know. How about to Helgafromtoe2bow. She loves that fic, I know. So there, it's all hers.

"She Saved my Life" will go to NintendoGal55 ALSO, since it is a companion/sequel to her own fic.

"Arnold Loves Helga" was a collaboration, so I'll just leave that to my partner in crime, Nintendo.

"Behind the Act" goes out to Azure, because I know that she'll do it justice.

...And I think that's pretty much it. OH! And "Arnold's Journal" will go to... Geez, I have no clue. Um, anyone who thinks they can finish it, I guess. :)

Now before I leave, there's one last thing I want to say.

*Takes a deep breath*

This whole experience has been great for me, really, and I loved all of this. It was so fun, and I always loved writing for you guys. I'm so sorry that it's come to this, but I've really just got to-April fools!!!


Did I getcha?! XD Like I'd ever really stop writing fan fics. *Rolls eyes*

Well, that's it for me! :D I'm gonna go work on some more fan fics to try and make up for scaring you guys like this. XD

Please tell me if I fooled ya, okay? *Winks*

Happy April Fools, my beloved readers! XD