Hey, everyone. Let me introduce myself to you guys. I'm Anomynous Nin. And I am here with a Bleach lemon fic involving Ichigo and a number of women in his possession. Why? Because I want to get it out of my mind and it's driving me nuts. So here it is.

This chapter will start out slowly, beginning with IchiHime for the time being. If I start off with IchiHarem already, it would ruin the mood of the beginning. So, IchiHime is first. Then... I guess I can add one or two girls in each chapter... Depending what I think is right.

Anyways, here it is! The first chapter of this exciting lemon fic... And I hope I don't screw it up!




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Chapter 1:

A Blooming Love

Once upon a time, in a quiet world where there is peace, in this quiet and calm night, there existed a young girl who is sleeping soundly in her home, dreaming a good dream, a dream where all that she can think of is peace...

... Actually, this isn't some kind of a fairy tale story. What I am really saying is, somewhere in Japan, in the quiet town known as Karakura, in the middle of this fine night, we came across a certain pad where a certain auburn-haired girl was sleeping soundly on her bed, dreaming of anything that she found normal and peaceful. But in everyone else's case, that would be weird and kinda embarrassing. Yes, we are talking about Inoue Orihime, a young girl with a special power that she received from her involvement with a certain Substitute Shinigami.

She was laying on her bed, sleeping soundly under the covers that warmed up her body from the cold temperature of the silent night. She was simply wearing her red pajamas, nothing special about it. If anyone has the ability to get inside someone's dream, then I assure you, you don't want to get inside of Orihime's, since it involves... Uh... Big... Orihime... robots? Well, anyways, you can't get inside of her dream. It's weird.

Everything is very peaceful during her slumber. Everything is alright. And nothing was going to bother her in her sleep... That is, until she felt a presence that made her wake up from it, as she slowly opened her eyes just a little. "Mm...? Who...?" she murmured, still feeling sleepy after being woke up from her sleep. As her eyes were opened a little more, she saw a black figure appearing in front of her. It was too blurry for her to see who it was, so she blinked a few times to get a clear view on the figure.

To her surprise and shocked, as she widened her eyes upon remembering that figure, she saw a certain orange-haired boy, who appeared on top of her and surprising her from his appearance. "Kuro... saki-kun?" she whispered, still surprised to see a familiar friend on top of her. And because of that, it kind of made her nervous and embarrassed at the same time. Looking down at him, she was once again surprised to see him topless, only wearing his blue jeans. She could easily see his toned muscles, bare chest and six pack abs, which made her blush at the sight of them.

But why is Ichigo there? And topless even? She was about to ask him that, but she soon trailed off when she looked at his brown eyes, which showed a desire of love. What does it mean? What was Ichigo trying to do? Before she was about to make sense of it, Ichigo did the unexpected on her.

He slowly leaned his face down to hers, as the gape between them were slowly closing in. With her eyes still widened in surprise, she was about to ask what he was trying to do, but then, no words were out, as his lips were setting onto hers. That wasn't like Ichigo to did something that she couldn't expect it to happen, since she knew him a lot, and that action was something that Ichigo had not revealed any intention on it to her before.

After a few seconds have passed, he slowly pulled his face away from their kiss, adding a small gape between their faces. Orihime still had her eyes widened in shock, not like she had gave herself in to the kiss unexpectedly. Ichigo was still looking at her with love in his eyes. There was no doubt about it. What he was showing to her... is true love.

"K-Kurosaki-kun..." She could only speak out his name, as she was unable to speak out more words from her mouth because of the sudden kiss. And before she knew, the young orange-haired boy was slowly moving his right hand, as it left its post of standing next to her head. It was moving towards the chest area, before it started to undo the buttons of the top clothing of her pajamas. She gasped in surprise, as her blush slowly deepened in color. "K-Kurosaki-kun...! What are you...!" She couldn't finish it up, as he was done undoing most of the buttons, before he pulled each of the opened sides up, exposing her large bosoms from their cover.

Her face was almost completely red, when her large breasts were out of their cover, and in front of Ichigo no less. She was so shocked that she couldn't speak out to him of what he was going to do. Without her knowing, he immediately leaned his face in again to kiss her on the lips once more. He didn't wasted any more time for her to give in to the kiss, as he slowly trailed his kisses down to her neck, making her moan just a little. After a few more kisses, he trailed them down once more, and this time, right towards her large breasts.

Orihime let out a small gasp, when she felt him kissing her down there. It was a little too much. And it's not like him to be doing that so quickly without her knowing. Before she could speak out to him, the only thing that she could let out was a soft moan, as he was already taking care of her breasts, grabbing her left, pink nipples into his mouth and suckling on it slowly, delivering a soft pleasure into her. "Kurosaki-kun...!" she moaned. She didn't know how many times that she called his name, and still, she couldn't get the words out, as the pleasure that he was giving to her prevented her from speaking out further.

The orange-haired Shinigami continued to play around with her nipple slowly, using his tongue and teeth to his advantage. She could only let out a few moans from her lips, continuing to feel the pleasure from her nipple. Then, as he pulled it with his lips, before letting it go, making her right breast bounce a little, he looked up to her eyes again, with his love-filled eyes once more. The young healer stared at his eyes for the moment, unsure of what she was feeling right now. One part said that she wanted to make him stop, because it was happening too quickly and too unexpected, while the other part said that she would continue it, as she wanted him from the very start. She didn't know whose side that she would be on.

Ichigo continued to stare at her with his loving brown eyes, before he whispered out three simple words, words that can describe his reason for doing that. "I want you..."

Her heart skipped a beat. Did he really meant that? Did that mean... that he also loved her, from the bottom of his heart? Hearing those words, Orihime felt warm inside of her heart. There is no doubt about it... She wanted him as much as he did for her. "Kurosaki-kun..." she whispered, before she leaned in to kiss him on the lips, in her own accord this time. She had her eyes closed by the moment where she laid her lips on his, and she could feel that he was doing the same thing too. It started off with a simple kiss, but later one, Orihime gently licked his bottom lip, needing some entrance into his mouth. He complied, as he slowly opened it for her tongue to get inside. She did just that, and before long, their tongues began to fight each other around.

Orihime slowly slipped her arms off of the sleeves of her top pajama, leaving her topless, with the top laying under her back. The orange-haired Shinigami did the same to her, but with the bottom part of her pajamas this time, as he pulled it down slightly until it reached the height of her knees. The two of them slowly pulled away from the kiss, with their saliva connecting with one another from their tongue war. And then, the young healer lifted her legs up in the air, so that Ichigo could easily pull it off without making himself move to pull it off on the ground. As he pulled the bottom pajama off of her legs, she slowly settled them down, and she was already spreading her legs wide enough for him to see her bottom lips.

They were wet, showing Orihime's needs for the Shinigami. She needed him... She wanted him... And she loved him. And she wouldn't let it slide from her until their love are connected with each other. "Kurosaki-kun... I want you..." she moaned. "Please. I want this..."

"Orihime-chan..." That was the first time that she heard him calling her "Orihime-chan", instead of "Inoue", which was usually the polite way to call her that, as with everyone else. But this time, calling her by her name meant that he loved her, as much as she loved him. And hearing it made her smile lovingly at him. Ichigo then began to undo his jeans, pulling them off of him slowly, before throwing them aside around the room. He was now completely naked, just like Orihime. He had a view on her nude form, she had a view of his. It was easily fair...

However, something didn't feel right when she saw him naked.

Looking at his crotch, she didn't really see his harden member there. Instead, it was blurry, like... a mosaic is covering his member. Why? She had no time to question that fact, as Ichigo was leaning in onto her, setting his... mosaic member onto her mound. "Are you ready, Orihime-chan...?" he asked slowly.

She looked up to him with loving eyes, before she slowly nodded to him. "Yes, please..." she whispered, moaning for him to do what is right. However, even though that they were having sex, his mosaic member seemed to be bothering her. Why is his member like that? It felt too much like a hentai movie where most of the people's private areas were covered by mosaic. But she didn't have one on her mound. So why only him?

Just as he was about to insert it inside of her mound, Orihime found a logical explanation.

There could only mean one thing.


Orihime quickly sat up from her bed, yelping out at the sound of the alarm ringing into her ears. "Wha! Who! Where!" she constantly yelled out questionable words from her mouth, as she looked around side to side from each words being spoken out. Then, she calmed down a little, as she adjusted herself to everything around her.

She was still in her pad, and she founded herself sitting up on the bed, after being awoken from the ringing alarm. As she turned to it, which was standing on a wooden pedestal, she moved her hand towards it and shut it off, before it could make any more sound. As she looked around herself once more, she could tell one simple fact: Ichigo wasn't there anymore.

"A dream..." she whispered. Now she understood why Ichigo was acting like that, and why his member was a mosaic. It was all in her dream. All of it. And if she could tell, she was sweating from it, sweats being dripping down from her face at the heat that she was experiencing from the dream. And also, the crotch area of her bottom pajama was now wet from her mound, which licked out juices from the dream as well.

But why is she dreaming about that? Why? Is it because she really wanted him? Is it because she couldn't keep her love in any longer? The young princess was confused. "Kurosaki-kun..." she whispered.

She would take some time to think about it, but right now, it is another school day, meaning that she had to get ready for it without wasting any more time into thinking about it. But still, that dream was bothering her. And it would make her feel uneasy for the rest of the school day. What can she do to get over with that fact?

Maybe it's time to talk to Tatsuki about that. Surely she can give her advices about that subject.


School started it out like normal. Nothing weird or dangerous happening, like a sudden Hollow attack or even a paranormal activity that gave everyone a weird chilly feeling on their backs. Aside from that, everything went normal, just like before. Even though Chizuru ran up to the young princess to grope her and whatnot, until she was stopped by Tatsuki's fist, and that Keigo was running to the orange-haired boy, greeting him with a loud and obnoxious voice as usual. And also, of course, Ichigo stopped in dead in his tracks.

Actually, it seemed like a long time ago since their invasion in the Soul Society. Rukia was saved, the others were sent back to the human world, everything went out like normal. Well, except for the fact that Ichigo was still a Shinigami and that there are still Hollows attacking the city at any time. But all and all, it's still normal.

It is time for lunch. Meaning all of the students in the school are free to roam around and eat where ever they want, as long as they are still in the school grounds. And at that time, it was a good time for Orihime to talk to Tatsuki about... what she was dreaming before. And hopefully, she would give out some good advice. She hoped so. Right now, they were sitting under a tree, outside of the school building, eating their lunch together. They would usually eat lunch with the other girls, but Orihime said that she wanted to speak with Tatsuki alone. And there they are, alone under the blooming tree. Even though Chizuru wanted to join them so that she could grope Orihime's breasts, but thanks to Tatsuki's punch, she was sent flying.

The young black-haired female had finish her small sandwich, while Orihime was only half way there to finish her cake sandwich... in which under the bread has some weird and inappropriate things that are suitable for a normal sandwich. Raw fish, red chili pepper, a slice of banana, chili sauce, as well as some weird sauce that we can't exactly describe it. And one more left... Garlic. And the sight of it is really enough for anyone who are seeing it to lose their appetite. But in Orihime's case, it's perfectly normal.

"So, Orihime, what do you wanna talk about? And why with me alone? Something wrong in the past?" asked Tatsuki, as she slowly pulled out her juice box, but with her eyes still fixing on the auburn-haired princess.

"Oh, not really." Orihime said. "It's just, I need some advice from you because, I've been having that weird dream last night and, It's starting to bother me a little..."

"Don't tell me that you were dreaming that you're a giant robot who bents to take over the world by destroying cities and stuff?" Tatsuki usually knew the weirdness of her dreams, as Orihime always told her and the other girls about them, no matter how weird they are.

"No, no! This time, it's something a little more serious. It's not something that I usually dreamt about every night. That dream that I had last night... is more serious than the others."

Tatsuki simply shrugged, as she believed that the dream that Orihime had was not a big deal, and that she didn't have to worry about that. "Ah, who cares about that dream? So it's something serious, I understand. But it's not gonna haunt you forever, Orihime. But if you want my advice, I say don't push yourself too hard that will make you dream about it again." she said, sure of herself, as she sipped her straw into the plastic hole and took a drink from her juice box.

"Tatsuki-chan. I had a dream, that I had sex with Kurosaki-kun."

That fact was more than enough for Tatsuki to spit out all of the juice that she was sipping in, her eyes widened in shock after hearing what her friend said. She then coughed up, the pressure inside of her throat making her suffocate. Seeing the state that she was in, Orihime panicked. "Tatsuki-chan!" she shouted out, as she began to pat Tatsuki's back with some strength into it, helping her clear her throat from the sudden pressure.

The black-haired female continued to cough out, almost enough to make her lose the air that she had in her lungs. Then, after a few coughs, she finally took a deep breath of air, until she coughed out some more, of course. And then finally, she was able to stop herself from coughing any longer, retaining her breath, luckily. After she gasped out for air, she slowly looked at the auburn-haired girl with shocked in her eyes. "I'm sorry, but, can you say it again?"

Orihime blushed, when Tatsuki asked her to repeat what she said. She thought that one time is enough, but if she wanted Tatsuki to understand, I guess a second time is also enough. "I... I had a dream that I had sex with Kurosaki-kun..."

"Sorry, but, I'm not sure if I hear it right."

"I had sex with Kurosaki-kun."

"Can you say it again? I'm having a little trouble understanding it."

"I had sex with Kurosaki-kun!"

"What was that? Am I hearing it right?!"

"I said I HAD SEX WITH KUROSAKI-KUN!!!" Orihime literally screamed at her black-haired friend, loud enough for her to hear it right, and to understand what she was talking about.

However, the tone of her voice also attracted everyone else's view. The two friends felt that the people around them were staring at them, as they both looked in the same direction to find some male students in their view, some who are sitting to eat, and some who are walking around, until they all stopped to look at her. They could see that the guys all had their eyes widened in shock, just like Tatsuki. "She, She... She WHAT?!?!" one of the guys who is standing up yelled out, before he suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

"My precious Orihime-chan with another MAN?!?!" said another one who is sitting on the ground, before he passed out from the shock of realization.

"And at that age as well?! With ANOTHER MAN?!?!?!" said another one, who followed the two others. And before the two girls knew, everyone else passed out, one by one, with the same shocking expression on their faces.

The two of them could only stared at the fallen boys with their eyes showing signs of confusion. "O... k...?" Tatsuki slowly said, before she shrugged it off. "Well, at least those guys won't even remembering what you said, Orihime." She began to chuckle a little, since the boys would think that they were having a bad dream, by the time they wake up. As she turned to look at her friend, she could see that Orihime was still blushing, but a little more redder than before, and a little ashamed of what she had just said. Or maybe, she was ashamed of what she had dreamed of. "So, wait. You had a dream that you were having sex with Ichigo?"

Orihime nodded slowly, while she continued to look down. "Yes..." she said. "Is it wrong for me to think about him that way?"

"Wait, what do you mean it's wrong? You had a crush on him ever since you met him, even when he's a little intimidating to look at. And dreaming about having sex with him, well, it usually means that your hormones are starting to act up, and that you can't hold it in for much longer. But it doesn't mean that it's wrong to dream about that! That's what teenagers usually have around that age!"

"Yes, I know. But..." Orihime knew that it was normal for teenagers of her age to have that kind of needs. But just thinking about it made her feel sad and scared for the orange-haired Shinigami. "But what if I let my hormones get the best of me? And that I end up hurting Kurosaki-kun by forcing him to listen to my every needs? I can't help but think that I'll be a freak to him. If I did just that..."

"Orihime..." Tatsuki understood what Orihime was feeling. She was a great friend to him, and she didn't want to be a burden to him because of everything she had done. And she didn't want to do anything bad to him with the fear of making him turn away from her.

"But now, I really am some kind of freak, am I? If I mess up just one time, then Kurosaki-kun won't look at me in the same way anymore..." Thinking about the future that was about to come, Orihime's eyesight were beginning to get blurry. Watery blur, to be exact. And before she knew, she was already letting out a few drops of tears from her eyes and down on her face. Ichigo was her friend, and her crush for a long time. And if that would happen, then Ichigo won't treat her as a friend anymore. And having to lose him was more than enough to make her incredibly sad and break her apart.

Orihime truly loved Ichigo. And with one single mistake, such as that, would take everything she had lived about. And Tatsuki didn't want that to happen to Orihime. She was still an innocent girl, with the thought of making love with that one boy who she trusted and befriended with for a long time. But Tatsuki was sure that kind of mistake won't happen. And even if it did happen, nothing will change. And hopefully, it would change for the better. "Ah, don't worry about that. Ichigo isn't the kind of guy who would just turn down his friend just because she wanted him so much. I'm sure that no matter what happens, it won't change the fact that he thinks of you as a dear friend, Orihime."

Through her teary eyes, Orihime looked up to her friend for a moment. "Do you... Do you really think so?"

"Of course! I know him. And he's not going to look at you differently just because of your hormones. And I'm sure that everything will work out soon enough. And that you two will be together soon. I'm sure that everything will work out for the better, Orihime. Just you wait."

Hearing her words made Orihime feel a little better about herself. If what she said was true, then she wouldn't worry about that. And that Ichigo will still like him no matter what. And she wasn't sure if the both of them will be together. But the only thing that was counting on was keeping her friendship with Ichigo safe. Smiling, she slowly wiped away the tears from her eyes, and some of them that fell of them with her hands. "Thank you, Tatsuki-chan..." she said, smiling at her friend with great gratitude. She knew that she will count on her whenever she was feeling down about something.

Tatsuki smiled back, and nodded to her in response. She was happy to see the bloomy princess getting over of her worries. However, to take a full stop of them, she had an idea that might work for Orihime and a certain someone. "Hey, tell you what. I'll help you out with it with an idea that I got in mind. And I'm sure that it will make your relationship with Ichigo even stronger."

"You really think so?" Orihime asked, her eyes showing a sign of wonder.

"Yep! And don't worry! It's fool proof! Now, here's what you're gonna do..."


Four hours has passed, and to everyone's relief, the school day is over. And everyone is exiting the school building to go back home, through the town of Karakura. To most of them, it was a great time of the day, as they were able to freely do what they pleased, as long it wasn't something that will get them punished by law. Later on, Kurosaki Ichigo, the orange-haired and brown eyes male student and a Substitute Shinigami, was walking down from through the halls until he eventually reached the shoe lockers.

Before he went there to his shoe locker, he let out a small sigh, as well as rubbing the back of his neck. "Man, what a pain in the ass. And mid-terms are starting next week. I sure hope that my long absent isn't going to screw me up big time..." he said.

As he went over to his shoe locker and opened it up, revealing his normal pair of shoes, and pulling them out of their shelf, he soon heard a certain female voice calling out to him. "Um... Kurosaki-kun?" Ichigo turned his head to see Orihime standing there in front of the few rows of shoe lockers.

"Oh, Inoue. Hey there. How's today?" he asked her, just as usual as before, whenever he had the time to ask her how the day of school or the day-off was going for her.

Orihime let out her usual happy smile, showing him that it was going great. "Just like last time! And I'm ready for the worst that is about to come tomorrow! And I won't let that take advantage of me, not even once!"

The orange-haired Shinigami let out a soft chuckle, as he was glad that she was as enthusiastic as ever, just like back in the old days. "That's great to hear. And I hope that it doesn't go away later on." he said, as he began to change shoes, from his school ones to his normal ones.

"Um... Kurosaki-kun?" she called out to him once more, in which she received a small questioned grunt from him. "Well, you know that mid-terms are starting next week, right?" She received a simple nod from the Shinigami. "Well, I was wondering... Can we study together? You know, just to be ready for mid-terms."

Ichigo looked up to her, after he was done switching shoes and placing his school ones into his locker, before locking it up. "Oh, yeah, sure. I don't mind, as long as it's not in my place, since my dad can be troublesome a lot of times. And he'll bother us with his nonsense."

The auburn-haired princess let out a small giggle, and then, she nodded. "Alright. We'll go study at my pad. And if you want to go home, you can ask me and I'll be sure to comply to your request."

"Thanks, Inoue." he said with a smile. "Alright! Let's get going. Whenever you're ready, Inoue."

She nodded and went over to her own shoe locker so that she was ready to set off with the Shinigami. So far, everything went well, and the plan wasn't a big failure, not that she was expecting it. Tatsuki was right about him. He could accept anything that is important in their life, that they had to accomplish it well. She remembered what her friend had said to her about the plan that she was going through.

"Alright, Orihime. Let's start off with a simple task. After school, go and ask Ichigo to go and study with you. And don't worry, he won't reject an offer that is important for what's coming, like mid-terms. And where you two will study is your choice or his. It can be at Ichigo's place or your place, but it will always be the same, if you play the cards right."

And she hoped that she was playing the cards exactly right. Or else, well, she wasn't sure what will happen, but as long as she followed Tatsuki's plan, everything will be alright.


At Orihime's place, the two of them were now sitting under the small table inside of the living room, with their notebooks on the small table. They were now studying for the mid-terms, which was important for them if they want to get a good grade for future projects. In which subjects that they are studying on? Well, of course, all of them, from what they learned after the last mid-terms. Some folks decided to skip the success in their school and go wild in their life, but they didn't know what they were expecting in the upcoming future. And I tell you, it's not something that is good.

As the two of them continued to study, Orihime decided that it was the time for her to ask him some question about one subject. "Kurosaki-kun, can I ask you a historical question?"

"Sure. Go ahead." he replied.

"Ok. Um, let's see... Oh! What happened in the event of the Incident at Honno-ji?"

"Oh that? Hm... Let's see..." Ichigo was thinking hard about that subject. He wasn't into history, and it was something that he couldn't count on to have good grades on. "Ok, I think it's where Oda Nobunaga falls to his death, after Akechi Mitsuhide ambushed him and some of his army in Honno-ji. I think he died after fighting against Mitsuhide, or maybe he committed suicide after knowing that he was losing..."

"Hm... You kinda got the answer right. But I'm not sure if it's going to get you any points."

"Well, History isn't my best subject, so I'm not expecting to have good grades on it."

"Good point." Orihime nodded. And the two of them went back to study some more. Looks like everything was going well with the two of them. But that was because they were studying, and not exactly talking to each other to get to know each other better. She remembered the other thing that Tatsuki told her about...

"Just find the perfect way to talk to him through something. It could be anything, as long as it got his attention. Chat with him a little, and maybe he'll start to take a liking on you pretty much soon. And if things aren't making any progress, then serve him some tea, and you might find what you want to talk about so that everything will progress smoothly."

And is now the time to talk to Ichigo? She wasn't sure if it was the right time, but if she wanted their friendship to be stronger, then she had to choose the time randomly. "Say, Kurosaki-kun, how are your sisters?"

"Oh, Karin and Yuzu? They're alright. They were just glad that I'm alright and well, after being gone for a few days. But man, I felt bad for leaving them hanging because of me gone missing so suddenly. It makes me feel like a bad brother to them. But all I wanted was to keep them safe from harm, and I don't want to get them involved into this..."

"I see..." Orihime slowly nodded, and smiled at him, knowing that Ichigo was a kind brother to his sisters. He made them worry after he was gone missing for a few days, but even so, he did that just so he could protect them, showing that he cared for them so much. It's just like...

"Hey, Inoue?" Ichigo said, as he remembered that Orihime still has a brother... Well, HAD a brother, since... "When we were back in the Soul Society, and that we were in the Rukon District, did you... Did you find your brother? Sora?"

"Oh, right. Nii-chan..." She still remembered her brother, about how he died, and that he was reincarnated as a Hollow back then... But then again, was he being sent into the Soul Society? She was trying to find her brother, but... "No, I don't, sadly..."

"Oh..." Ichigo was feeling sorry for Orihime. Sora was gone, and he was supposed to be in the Soul Society by now. But, he was a Hollow. And slaying a Hollow meant certain death. And if that was true, then does that mean that he was... "I'm sorry to hear that. I mean, it would be really nice to see him back there. But it's sad to know that you couldn't find him anywhere... I'm really sorry about that, Inoue..."

"No, it's alright. I'll get over it soon, so you don't have to worry about that." Orihime said, as she looked up to Ichigo and gave him her soothing smile. "And besides, I'm a strong girl right now. And it is thanks to Nii-chan that I am what I am now."

Ichigo continued to look at her with his eyes filled with concern for her. But she was right. She was becoming stronger than before. And he didn't have to worry about that. She could take care of herself. "Alright, Inoue. I trust that you can do just that."

She nodded to him. "It's not a problem, when you can become stronger to overcome anything. And that's what I am right now." she said. The discussion that they were having was a good idea. It made her feel safe and strong. Ichigo had his sisters to care for and to protect, while Orihime was becoming stronger because of her brother. The two of them really do have loving siblings to care for. And it was thanks to them that they were able to overcome the challenges that came to them.

Tatsuki said that when things weren't progressing as planned, Orihime would have to make some tea and thing about something that will help her out to grow the friendship with him. However, everything went along rather nicely. And even so, she was going to make a tea for the both of them. "I'll make some tea for the two of us. Do you mind, Kurosaki-kun?"

"Oh, not at all. I do need for some warm tea to fix me up."

She nodded, as she stood up from where she was sitting. "Alright. It won't be long for me to make them, so expect it to be ready in just a few minutes, ok?" she said with a smile, before she turned herself around and went into the kitchen, where she was going to prepare some tea for the both of them.

After bringing out a tea kettle, and filling it up with some water, she placed it on one of the iron spots on the stove and turned it on, lighting up the fire from under the spot. She still had an old kind of stove, since she didn't have any money to buy a new one. As she looked around the counter, she could see that the area next to the stove and the sink was kinda dirty. So, she grabbed a small towel and cleaned the dirt off the counter, as she wanted it to be as tidy as possible. Then, she set it down next to the stove, as the towel was opened up all the way close to the curtain which was in front of the sink.

She began to think about the situation that she was having with Ichigo. Everything seemed so well with him, and their friendship with each other was going well and well, and there was nothing that could mess it all up for them...

Nothing except for her hormones. She almost forgot about that. But she couldn't just leave it aside, as if it was old news. She still feared that her hormones would get in her way and that they will ruin her friendship with Ichigo. But Tatsuki said that no matter what, nothing will change Ichigo's way for Orihime, not even her hormones. So why would she still be worried about that?

'Kurosaki-kun...' she thought. 'I don't want ruin our friendship because of what I'm holding in right now. Even though Tatsuki-chan said that it won't change anything, I fear that it will... I'm trying my best to keep our friendship with each other safe from harm. And I don't want to let anything ruin it. Not even my hormones...' She was now deep in her thoughts, trying her best to keep her hormones contained from running free of herself. She was determined to not let it happen...

Back in the living room, while Ichigo was still studying into his notebooks, his nose then picked up a strange smell. "Hm? What the...?" The smell that he was smelling... Seemed kinda like a burnt cloth or something. Is it the tea kettle? No way. Tea kettles don't burn up. Unless...

Now he was getting a little more concern, as he decided to stand up from the ground and went to the kitchen to see what Orihime was doing. "Hey, Inoue? Do you need some help with..." Ichigo suddenly trailed off, as his eyes were fixed into something that made them go wide. "Ah! Inoue!" She snapped out of her thoughts, when she heard him calling out to her. She turned around to look at him, wanting to know what was wrong. "Inoue, the curtain! Behind you!"

"The curtain?" she asked, tilting her head, showing her confusion of what he was trying to say. However, as she turned back to the counter, now she finally realized what was going on. She screamed out of fear, as she saw the bottom of the left curtain catching fire. Why? Because of the small towel that she put down next to the stove, which the fire burned it up, and it eventually reached the curtain.

In instincts, Orihime grabbed the flaming towel and threw it to the ground, before she stomped on it to stop the fire from spreading out more. Thank lord that she was still wearing socks. Then, she looked at the curtain, which was about to be taken over by the fire. Grabbing another towel, which was more longer than the last one, she whipped it against the burning curtain. However, she instead spreading the fire quickly, as it engulfed the entire left curtain, and was about to make the other one to catch fire too. Realizing that her efforts were futile, she could only let out another scream of fright.

Luckily, Ichigo quickly went over to the burning curtain and, upon grabbing it, regardless of how large it is, he pulled it off of its hold and slammed it to the ground, before he stomped on it several times to extinguish the fire. After he was done doing that, he let out a large sigh of relief. "Oh, thank God that it's over..." he said. He then looked at Orihime, who seemed to be staring at him with fear in her eyes, as well as her body shaking for some reason. "Huh? Inoue, what's wrong?"

"K-K-Kurosaki-kun...!" she stuttered, before she shakily lifted her finger up to point at him... Or at least, to where she was looking at. "Y-y-your shoulder...!"

"My shoulder?" He wasn't sure what she meant about that. However, when he looked over to his right shoulder, he could see that it was catching fire! He let out a loud scream, before he quickly patted the fire from his shoulder as fast as possible. However, it only spread it even more, engulfing the back of his shirt like a ravaging monster. He let out another disastrous shirt, before he decided to screw it, as he grabbed his shirt and ripped it off of him as hard as possible, before he tossed it down to the floor, joining the other burnt objects. And just like them, he stomped it to cease the fire from continuing to ravage anymore. "Damn it! This is really troublesome!"

First, the towel, then the curtain, and now, his shirt. And now, he was topless, without any cover whatsoever, unless he could borrow one of Orihime's shirt, if possible. He looked at the auburn-haired girl, only to see her staring at him with her eyes widened, just like before. And this time, she wasn't shaking. It was then that he thought that there was something else that got on fire. "Oh, Inoue, don't tell me it's my...!"

Strangely, she shook her head in declination. Unbeknown to the Shinigami, she wasn't looking at his pants to see if it caught fire as well. What she was staring at was his topless body. All those toned muscles in his arms, his toned bare chest, and his six pack abs... They all looked magnificent. Just like what she was dreaming of before. And looking at them made her blush. It was then that she realized that Ichigo was still looking at her, and she quickly turned herself around so that he couldn't see the blush on her face. "Um... K-Kurosaki-kun..." she stuttered a little, unable to turn around to look at him again, when he was topless like that, and it made her blush even more.

"Inoue?" he began to call out to her. He wasn't sure why she was acting like that until he realized that he was topless, and seeing him like this made her embarrassed, from his view. "Oh, right. Now I get it..." he said, nodding in confirmation of what he was now. "Um... Do you mind if I borrow one of your shirt? So that you won't feel embarrassed anymore?"

She nodded, her back still facing at the orange-haired Shinigami. "O-of course... B-But let me get it for you. I'll see which one fits you." she said. Even with her back facing him, she could feel that he nodded in agreement. With another nod, she quickly walked away just straight to her bedroom, which was next the front door and the living room. And with that, she quickly closed the door behind her.

Upon doing so, she quickly slumped down against the door behind her back, sighing out of relief. If he ever saw her blush upon seeing him topless, then she didn't know what would exactly happen, if she hadn't did what was right for her to do. But she put that aside and went off to do what she was asked to do: finding a suitable shirt for Ichigo to wear, so that he wouldn't stay topless for the rest of the night. Even when he leaves to get back home. It was starting to get rather chilly out there.

As she went to the closet, and opening up to reveal a set of clothes being hanged onto a metal bar, she analyzed the clothing in order to see which shirt will fit Ichigo there. It couldn't be too tight, or even too large. She had to find a perfect one.

But then, she thought about back there. About what happened a few minutes ago. Ichigo was topless and she was blushing at the sight of it. Even though that she had the will to turn around to hide it, it felt like her hormones were starting to kick in once more. The sight of Ichigo's topless body reminded her of her dream. Where Ichigo was laying on top of her, completely topless with the same toned muscles just like before. And it almost felt like she was about to have sex with him again. But she had to keep it in check, or else...

She remembered the last thing that Tatsuki said to her before she quickly understood the whole plan. Something that is optional and that it would only happen if a specific condition was made.

"And one last thing. If Ichigo is starting to like you even more, at the level of more than friendship, then this is where that you two will start a relationship with each other. But keep it cool. No matter how handsome he is, you can't let your hormones run wild on you, until it is the time to start it all out. I'm not sure if it will happen, but just remember. Be determined no matter what. And everything will go along smoothly and steadily."

But now, Orihime felt that her hormones were taking a hold on her after seeing him topless. She couldn't take it anymore. She desired him. But she had to hold it in, or else, something bad will happen. She had to keep herself away from being taken by them before they would cause trouble for her. But still, she couldn't take it any longer. She had to let it out, or else...

Or maybe... Maybe she had to do it herself, to relieve herself from that.

'Wait... That's it!' Why wanting Ichigo and have sex with him, when she could just masturbate? It was the same as sex, only more privately. And with only one person. And once she was done with that, she wouldn't bother Ichigo some more because of her hormones. Yes! Everything will be ok, once she takes care of that.

Orihime looked at the door leading outside, hoping that Ichigo could wait a little while longer... Unless she does it quick enough to not make him waiting for her any longer. With a determined sigh, she had made up her mind. "Alright. Here goes..." she whispered, as she began to move her hands up to her chest, before she slowly started to undo the buttons of her top school uniform. After undoing the buttons, from top to bottom, she slowly pulled it off of her, revealing her pink, lace bra. In addition to that, she began to undo her skirt as well, undoing a few bottoms before pulling it down from her, revealing her panties of the same color as her bra.

She wanted to get it over with as quick as possible, so that she wouldn't bother Ichigo by making him wait, wondering what she was up to. With a sigh, she slumped down to her bed, laying there until she was at the perfect position to masturbate. 'If this will help me get over it, then everything will be alright, as soon as I'm done.' she thought, before she slowly moved her right hand down to her panties, before rubbing her mound through it. She started it off with a single finger, as she felt a small hint of pleasure down there. It wasn't too bad. At least it wasn't a large pleasure. But she knew that doing that wasn't going to make her climax. So she used both her index and middle fingers for the job, as well as rubbing against her mound through her panties a little more harder than before.

That was when she felt an increase of pleasure inside, as she moaned softly from it. It felt a little better than just rubbing it with only one finger, and not rubbing it hard enough. She continued to rub her mound through her panties a little more, as a few small moans escaped from her lips. It felt good. Really good, in fact. And because of the pleasure she was beginning to have, her mind began to wonder off into a fantasy.

She began to fantasize herself laying on the bed, a large bed that seemed unnatural from what a normal bed would look like. When she looked up, she found a certain orange-haired Shinigami appearing on top of her, staring at her with his eyes filled with love. It was just like in her dream, the very same dream. And then, as she was expecting him to do, he leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

Thinking about it, she began to moan for him, just in a small tone. She continued to rub herself again and again, until suddenly, without her knowing, her right hand slowly slipped itself into her panties, making its way to her lower lips. It then resumed its rubbing against it, only without the panties being in the way, this time. The sound of her moan increased a little more.

Inside of her mind, she imagined the both of them kissing each other with such passion, their lips connecting with each other, and their tongues playing around with each other in a fierce duel. It was then that Ichigo left her lips, as he trailed his own down to her neck, kissing it lightly, which made her moan a little at the small pleasure she received from her neck.

At the same time, in the reality, she continued to moan, by fantasizing about that. Her two fingers continued to rub against her raw lower lips, until finally, they inserted themselves inside. Her soft moans were becoming more louder, as the pleasure increased inside of her. "K-Kurosaki-kun..."

Where to begin? The pleasure was making her dizzy, and she didn't know where to leave off. She was thinking about Ichigo kissing her down to her neck. But because of what she was feeling right now, she had the need to skip all of that and moved on to the most exciting part. The part where Ichigo entered himself inside of her.

The thought of that made her excited. And without any time to waste, she increased her pace with her fingers inside of her wet mound, and her left hand was slowly moving up towards her chest, slipping itself under the left part of her bra. It then began to fondle it nicely. Now, her moan was getting more louder and louder, as her fantasy was beginning to drive her nuts.

She had to admit it. She wanted Ichigo. She wanted him a lot. She loved him with all of her heart. And her heart was desiring him as much as her body desired him. She wanted him to be inside of her. She wanted him to please her with everything he had. She wanted everything from him. And with that, her fantasy became wild.

At the response of that, she continued to increase the pace of her fingers thrusting into her mound, as juice was leaking out of it and out of her panties. Her left hand was still fondling her left breast with more passion and love. "Kuro-Kurosaki-kun...!" she moaned out his name, as she continued to please herself with every way possible. It was then that she had no time to waste to go all out on herself.

Her right hand slipped out of her panties, and it began to pull them off of her, just as she pulled off her skirt. And with her left hand, she moved it behind her to undo the bind that made her bra clamping together with her breasts. And by pulling the both of them out of the way, she was left with nothing on her body, except for her socks. Now, it's on.

Her right hand moved back to her mound, as she reinserted her index and middle fingers into it, before thrusting it fast enough to make her moan loudly. Her left hand then went over to her right breast, fondling it with more rough action this time around. Fingering herself down there, and massaging her right breast, it was a pleasure that she wouldn't forget.

"Kurosaki-kun...! Kurosaki-kun...!" she moaned out his name a couple of times, as she continued to play with herself from down there and from up to her breasts. She was fingering fast and hard, while she massaged her right breast with the same nature as down there. She was arching her back from the pleasure that she received. It was so much pleasure. And she was happy to feel it.

Her constant moans were loud enough, that only her and her alone deem it to be a little more lower than normal. She pulled her head back, moaning out from the large pleasure inside. And before long, she was almost at the peak of her climax. The wave of pleasure was coming down from the crotch area, as she continued to finger her lower lips, to massage her right breast, and to arch her back a few more times from the pleasure that she was experiencing. "Kurosaki-kun...! Kurosaki-kuuuun...!" she continued to moan out his name. So much pleasure. So much love. And that pleasure and love... She wanted it to be from the one she loved the most. Ichigo.

And that was when the wave hit her. She arched her back wide enough, moaning out loudly, as her climax has been reached. "ICHIGO-KUN!!!"

She stayed like that for quite a while, continuing to moan out, as she still felt the climax down to her crotch area. And after that, she finally settled down,placing her back to where it was, as she fell to the bed, panting heavily from the climax she had. It was an amazing feeling, a feeling that she wanted to remember as something that she and only she knows. Her eyes were wandering around the ceiling, as her mind was back to its original state. One thought came to mind, and it was 'what happened?'. It took a while for her to understand that she climaxed, and that the hormones that kept ravaging her in the inside was gone, for a good while. She sighed contently, while still continuing to pant heavily.

She slowly turned her head to the side, so that she could relax some more. However, upon turning it to the side, her eyes intercepted something that made her widen them in shock.

Ichigo was standing inside of the room, who had just witnessed the scene in front of him, which made him widen his eyes in shock first.

"I-Ichi... Kurosaki-kun!" she quickly said, before she quickly moved herself to sit on the edge of the bed, and pulling the covers to cover her body, so that he wouldn't see her nude form. "K-Kurosaki-kun...! But... How long have you been here?!"

The Shinigami didn't know what to say about that. All that he knew was that he was waiting for Orihime to come out with a new shirt for him to wear. But there was two things that bothered him: One is that Orihime was still not back out yet, after quite a while. And two is that he heard moans coming from her room. Was she dreaming about something, and that it made her moan for some reason? When he checked out to see what she was up to, that was where he found out that she was masturbating. And moaning out his name, no less.

After receiving no answer from him, Orihime knew that he had been there enough to witness it. Fearing that it would make him change his mind about her, she tried to find a logical explanation for it. "Kuro-Kurosaki-kun! I can explain! I... I...!" There was a problem. There's no explanation that explains why she was masturbating and fantasizing about him.

It took him a while for the Shinigami to be able to find the words that he was looking for. And those words were asking for her to explain what was going on. "Inoue, were you... masturbating about me?" he slowly asked.

Orihime was speechless. He knew that she was masturbating about him, and that there was a reason why. She wanted to fake it out and tell him something that will eventually make him believe her. But what? There's nothing that could fool him. Nothing at all. And so, she had no other choice. She had to speak out the truth. "Yes, it's true, Kurosaki-kun..."

"But... But why?"

"I-I just..." Orihime took a deep breath, before she speak out the rest of the truth. "Kurosaki-kun, I... We've been friends with each other for some time now. And it's really nice to find someone to befriend with. I didn't have so many friends. And you are one of the few friends I have right now. But somewhere inside of my heart, there's something that I kept myself from you for quite some time. And that one thing... is my love for you..."

"Love for me...?"

She nodded. "Yes... Kurosaki-kun, I... I had a crush on you ever since I met you. I kept my love for you deep inside of me because I was afraid of what will happen if I let it loose from me. I wanted to know you more and more. But every time I tried to do just that... I felt nervous... Nervous of looking at you straight in the eyes. You looked so... scary. And I didn't have the courage to stand up for you..."


"But it all changed, when I got involved with what you're trying to do, Kurosaki-kun. And because of that, I followed you all the way until we're done with that we were doing. But still, even though I'm able to stand up for you, I still didn't have the courage to tell you about how I feel about you. And because I fell in love with you for a long time, I... I've been having a dream last night. A dream that is about you..."

"A dream about me...?"

"I know that you will think that it's creepy, but... I dreamed that I had sex with you. The two of us had sex with each other with so much love and passion for one another. But I only dreamed that. And I didn't want to creep you out because of it. But now... Now look at me! Look at what I'm becoming!" She was truly feeling ashamed of herself of what she had done. She was masturbating about Ichigo, and without knowing it, he was there watching it all. And she knew that when that happened... "I soiled our friendship! I soiled it because I masturbated about you! I couldn't hold it into me any longer! And now... Now...!" she couldn't say anything more, as she let out a soft sobbing from herself, as tears were beginning to fall from her eyes, expressing her sadness and shame.

Ichigo didn't know what to say. He learned that Orihime had love him from the very start. And that she had dreamed of having sex with him in that one time dream. And now, she was feeling ashamed of herself because of what happened. How would he feel about that? How would he?

As she continued to sob for a long while, she could know that she wasn't getting any answer from him. That was it. Ichigo was looking at her in a whole different way. And she ended that friendship just like that. "You can go now... I know that you want to stay away from me. And I'm fine with that. Just leave me be so you can never see me again. Never again..." she said through her teary eyes. She had to accept it. She had lost Ichigo. And she had lost everything she cared for.

Through her eyes filled with tears, she couldn't tell what she was seeing. It was too blurry for her to focus on. But through it, she saw something black and skin color moving closer to her. She would tell that Ichigo was about to walk away, but not before he went to find a shirt for him to get out in through the chilly temperature. But it was moving towards HER. And not the closet. Then, she felt a finger and thumb taking hold of her chin and move her head up. Now, what she was seeing is skin color. But is it Ichigo? If so, then why...?

Her thoughts were cut short, as she felt something warm pressing against her lips. She widened her eyes in surprise. And with her eyes being widened like that, she was able to see what was in front of her, at least in the center and upper view.

She saw Ichigo pressing his lips against hers.

'K... Kurosaki-kun?' she would say that, but her lips were trapped into his, as she was unable to speak for the moment. It can't be right. She confessed that she had a sexual dream about him, and yet, he was kissing her? But why?

Ichigo slowly pulled himself away from the kiss, leaving Orihime speechless and in shock. He let out a small smile to her. "Inoue... I'm not going to stay away from you. I won't leave you here."

"But... But I'm just a creep..." She managed to let out a few words, describing how she felt about that.

"You're not a creep. You loved me from the very beginning. And you had a dream about having sex with me. It's not creepy. It's normal. And besides, I... I..." He paused for the moment. She had just confessed herself to him that she loved him. And now, what was he supposed to do? That kiss that he gave to her left out a large hint of how he felt for her. So then, why couldn't he just say it to her? Without further ado, he was able to speak out. "I fell in love with you too. I love you from the very beginning..."

Orihime still had her eyes widened in shock. But it certainly showed that she was shocked to know about that too. She learned that Kurosaki Ichigo, the one man who she had a crush on ever since, had also love her from the very start. After all this time... After all this time, she found out about his love for her. Then, her tears began to fall once more. But this time, instead of tears of sadness and shame, they were tears of happiness. "Kuro... Kurosaki-kun...!" She couldn't hold out her happiness any longer. She suddenly jumped out from the bed and lunged herself to the orange-haired Shinigami, hugging him with all of her might. And she didn't care that her cover was sliding off of her body. "Ichigo-kun...!" she said, sobbing happily to him.

Ichigo gently smiled, as he returned the hug by wrapping his arms around her waist. He ignored the feeling of her breasts pressing against his chest, as he wanted her to feel happy. He had love Orihime after all this time. And finally, he was able to express that love to her. "Ino... Orihime-chan..." he said, calling her by her first name and with the suffix at the end.

The hug lasted for a few minutes, in which all of them were from the sobbing princess, who was crying tears of joy onto his bare shoulder. And with that, she was able to stop herself from crying any longer. She slowly pulled her head back to look at Ichigo deep into his eyes once more. Just like in her dreams, his eyes were filled with love. And she returned that love with the eyes of the same feeling. And the next thing they knew, just as they expected, they leaned themselves in towards each other to lay a loving kiss with each other, expressing their love for one another once more.

That kiss took only a minute longer than the kiss. And they soon parted away from it, looking at each other with the same love filled eyes.



They have finally found love with each other. And they hoped that it would last forever.

After a while, Ichigo began to look down at Orihime's body, but still knowing that she was still naked in his hold. "Um... What do you want to do about that?"


"Your body."

"Oh, that? Well..." She was already naked, to begin with, just because she wanted to let her hormones out and relieve herself from it. Although, she could just leave it like that, so that she could have a real life sex with the Shinigami. However, after putting much thought about it, she finally shook her head. "No... Not yet. I don't want to rush our relationship, just by beginning it with sex."

"I see." he said, respecting her wish, as he smiled at her. "Then we'll just have to go through our relationship the old fashion way, huh?"

She nodded, as she smiled back at him. "Yeah." she said. Then, she slowly laid her head onto his bare chest, resting it just so that she could hear his heart beating inside. She smiled at the sound of it, and she was resting peacefully into her lover's hold.

Ichigo let her rest her head on it. She looked so peaceful. Aside from her naked body. He was happy to have her by his side. And even though it started it out with a shock, the two of them were able to get together with the love their shared with one another.

Their love will last forever...


However, their love will last forever, but it will be mixed up with another one, with a plan that has been set up by a single person.

That person was standing outside on the rooftop of a random house, looking out at Orihime's pad with a keen eye. Even though that he couldn't see it, he knew what exactly was going on over there. "Hm... It seems that I had no need to take care of Inoue Orihime." he said. "There are others that will be taken care of soon enough. And the only ones left are Kuchiki Rukia, Shihoin Yoruichi, Arisawa Tatsuki, and many more..."

With a sly smile, he continued to look down at the pad for the rest of the night...

The time will come when there will be a big change around here.

"Why do I have to listen my master's nonsense order...?!"

End of chapter

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