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Chapter 19:

The Sun and the Moon

The night has arrived to Karakura Town, enveloping the entire city with its dark, but peaceful aura. Those who came across this time of the day would feel complete peace and harmony over it. It is a time where the moon shines bright towards the land, accompanied by small starts that serve to illuminate the sky from complete darkness. The town could only know complete tranquility over the gentle night.

Unbeknownst to the ordinary humans, the black aura was suddenly illuminated by the presence of an orange light. The cool and soothing atmosphere became more hot and agitated. The black, yet illuminated sky became shrouded by pure flames that danced around the air. The peaceful night has changed its nature. Peace became war. The ordinary humans did most suspect that a heated battle was taking place in their time of peace.

The flames of the crimson sword continued to dance around Aki, showcasing its devastating might and nature to the chief of Onmitsukido, who stares at it in amaze. Aki continued to grin, enlightened by Soi Fon's expression on her face. "Now then!" he exclaimed. "It's show time!"

With that, he swung the sword downward, his opponent far out of his reach. However, he did not attack her with his blade. Instead, it was the flames of his sword that did it for him. As the fires of purity surged down towards the captain, she immediately sprinted to the side, still in the air. Fortunately, the fires missed her, but as she looked back towards them, she watched as the flames instead struck the streets below her, setting the ground ablaze and putting the nearby trees on fire. Luckily, there were no bystanders in sight, but it was clear to her that his attacks were dangerous not only to her, but to the other unsuspecting people as well.

"Damn it!" she said. "This guy is carelessly attacking Karakura! If he continues to attack like this, he'll end up harming the living!" Just as she said it, she quickly noticed that the flames were coming towards her in a horizontal formation. She managed to dodge it in time by jumping higher to the air, as her gaze went back to Aki, who looked as if he was already preparing another attack.

The mod soul spins his blade around itself before holding it straight and pulls it back a little behind his right hip. Then, he thrusts it forward, as the flames responded by enveloping themselves around the sword, then surging forward to the motion, as they charged towards Soi Fon. In response, she dodged yet another attack by sprinting to the side. However, Aki motions his blade to the direction where Soi Fon was going, and the flames halted from their straight charge before moving towards the fleeing captain. As she looked back to see the flames following her, she attempted to evade them by switching directions in hopes that they would stop following her, but to no avail.

"Ngh…! How annoying!" she exclaimed, seeing that the flames were not going to lose her. Deciding that she had enough, she stopped sprinting and turned towards the incoming surge of fire, before sprinting towards it, knowing the risk.

It looked as if she was attempting to go through the flames at the risk of injuring herself, from a normal view, when he flames end up moving straight to the empty sky. But Aki knew that the captain still evaded his attack, using Shunpo. "Impressive." he said. "Now where could she be?" Almost immediately afterwards, Soi Fon suddenly appears right in front of him, charging him with a swift dive kick at his face. In a split second, Aki managed to escape the attack by moving his head to side, her foot just barely hitting his face. After the attack failed, she stops just within an arm's length of him, she delivered a back spin kick at him, in which he quickly blocked it with his free hand, before turning to face her. By then, she was already throwing swift punches and kicks at him, some going at his head, chest, stomach and legs. Aki managed to dodge most of them, but could not evade her last kick, which struck his stomach, making him push out the air in his lungs.

As Aki moved back from her and slightly holding his stomach with one hand, Soi Fon saw the opportunity to strike and thrusted her Zanpakuto at his face. "Take this!"

The spiky-haired mod soul recovered and quickly noticed her attack, arching his back wide before her Zanpakuto could even touch his face. As the attack missed, using his left hand, he grabbed hold of her extended arm and spins the captain around himself. After a few seconds, he throws her off far away from him, followed by swinging his sword down again, letting the pure fires surging down towards her. Soi Fon recovered from the throw and, noticing the flames attempting to strike her again, dodged out of the way, as the flames end up striking a large, nearby building instead. Engulfed by them, the building's windows shattered from the fires' pressure, one by one, as it was being set ablaze from the inside in the process.

Seeing the building burning in her sights, she turned towards Aki. "You fool!" she yelled. "If you keep doing this, the people of Karakura will suffer from this!"

"I don't see how that's my problem!" he retorted, as he swung his blade yet again, with the flames emerged again to strike down towards the captain. She dodged the attack yet again, and this time, the flames hit another street. This time around, there were bystanders who were very much close to the street before it was set ablaze, causing them to jump back from it and end up getting themselves burn in the process, though only at a minor level.

"Bastard!" Soi Fon exclaimed, now that she saw the living beings getting hurt this time. As she turned back towards Aki, she saw that Aki was already swinging his sword at a horizontal motion, as the fire emerged from the swing, and three streams of fire purges out from it.

At that point, Soi Fon was able to analyze the attack and uncover its disadvantage. She charged in towards the three fire streams without hesitation. With each stream that was about to hit her, using Shunpo, she evaded each one of them without diverting her path. As she was about to reach him, she threw out a side kick at him.

Just when Aki was prepared for it, attempting to throw her off yet again, she suddenly disappeared from his sight, throwing him off guard. Then, he felt a strong kick to his back, as Soi Fon reappeared behind him and attacked him where he was least expecting. The attack didn't stop there, as her kick traveled in a far distance, carrying Aki with it, as they flew away from Karakura Town and into a forest in the outskirt of it. Soi Fon continued to push her kick into him, as they dived straight down to an open plain within the forest and had Aki crashed into the ground. Just before the crash, she quickly jumped back and landed at a safe distance from the crashing point.

Dust enveloped the crash site, as Aki emerged from it, walking out of it while massaging the back of his neck with his hand and dusting off the dirt from his clothes. "Oww… That smarts… I didn't know that you can hit so hard. But maybe it's my fault for even underestimating the chief of Onmitsukido."

Soi Fon smirked. "I would thank you for that sort of compliment, but a fool like you is not worthy of any respect from me." she said, as she resumed her combat pose. "I thought that your Zanpakuto would be more threatening to fight against, but I realized that it is nothing more than an overly large, pathetic excuse of a display of power."

"Oh? What makes you think that?"

"Your flames are powerful, alright, but they are also very slow. Even if you try to be clever and maneuver the flames around to catch me, they stand no chance against Shunpo. Your Zanpakuto is not so special after all."

"Heh! You're right." Aki said, showing off his own smirk to his opponent. "That attack just now? It's only a show-off that serves to scare away my enemies upon seeing how large and powerful it looks before it strikes them. True, it is pretty strong, but in terms of speed, it's not very effective against fast opponents, like you."

"Hmph! Just as I thought. It is no use for you to bluff your way against me. You're lucky that I still let you live, even after all of this. But not anymore. I will end this fight in an instance, I assure you."

"I don't think so, chief." he said. "This isn't the only attack that I got. As I have told you before, that attack's purpose is to scare away my enemies. But when I put my all into it…" As he said it, he lifted his blade back up to the sky, as the flames emerged once again above him. However, they instead get absorbed into the blade, allowing the crimson sword to glow even brighter than before, with an aura of fire surrounding it. Aki descended his sword down afterwards, and, with his two hands on the hilt, moves it back behind and next to the left side of his head, as the blade was pointing at its opponent. "… This is when things get interesting."

For a while, the two fighters remained still, in their fighting position and with their eyes never even once looking away from each other's sights. It was as if they were waiting for the opportunity to strike against each other. Time had passed, and the two of them still did not make their move. However, when the sound of the wind was heard from their ears, that opportunity finally came.

Just before Soi Fon could make a move, Aki suddenly appeared right in front of her, attacking her with a swift vertical slash. She quickly dodged it by moving her body to the side. However, Aki quickly performed a horizontal slash shortly afterwards, forcing Soi Fon to duck down from the attack. He then attacked her again with another horizontal slash, aiming at her legs, this time. She jumped off from the attack range and responded by delivering a swift spin kick at him. Aki blocked the attack just in time and flipped her off, forcing her to recover and jump back in a distance, in which Aki quickly closed in on her and thrusted his blade straight at her.

Soi Fon pulled her body back just in time to dodge the thrust attack, and she moved herself further down on the ground in order to perform a back spin kick at his ankle. The attack connected, and Aki found himself tripping and falling forward. However, he easily recovered and, before he even hit the ground, plunged his sword to the ground, before spinning himself vertically, as the sword moved in sync with him and allowed itself to use a vertical slash at her. At this point, Soi Fon was already up from the ground, and as she saw the vertical slash coming at her, she blocked it by slapping her hands onto the blade before it could reach her.

However, because of the blade's nature, it was burning hot, and she felt that her hands were being burned from contact with the steel blade. "Ngh!" She winced. Deciding that it was too dangerous to take a hold of the blade, she diverted its trajectory, by moving it to the side with her burned hands, as it ended up slamming itself to the ground. She then came at him with an elbow strike to his face, in which he easily dodged by moving his head. Soi Fon, upon missing her strike, jumped over the mod soul afterwards and, upon landing behind him, attempted to strike his back by thrusting her Zanpakuto straight at him.

Before she could reach him, he suddenly disappeared from her sight. Caught off-guard by his disappearance, Soi Fon tried to find him with her sights. Then, she felt a sudden presence, as she turned her upper body around and, with a quick motion of her hand holding her Zanpakuto, blocked the incoming thrust of the crimson blade with it. The sharp edge of the blade slid against the yellow gauntlet. Soi Fon pushed the blade off of her, as she moved herself back in a distance from her opponent, using Shunpo.

Aki quickly moved in towards her, using his own Shunpo technique. When he was about to reach the fleeing captain, he went to encircle her with Shunpo, attempting to trap her until he strikes. Soi Fon stopped herself, when she found herself surrounded by the many vague images of Aki, as the result of using Shunpo. "Hmph… He's fast, alright…" she said, right before Aki appeared behind her and attempting to slash her diagonally. However, she disappeared before it could make contact. Looking up, Aki saw that Soi Fon had gone back in the air, smirking down at her grounded enemy. "But it is nothing compared to my agility."

She immediately dived straight down towards Aki, as the latter prepared himself for the upcoming attack from her. Just as she was about to reach him, she used the same method as him, by encircling him using Shunpo. Aki attempted to analyze her movement, and did not react when Soi Fon got close to him a few times, only to vanish from his sight constantly. Concentrated on where he should strike, just before Soi Fon reappeared in his sight, Aki turned to the left and immediately swung his sword down, as the charging black-haired Shinigami was found within the attack range.

However, to his surprise, Soi Fon vanished before his attack could even touch her. Startled by that, he tried to look around to see where she could be. Then, he suddenly felt a strong kick to his chin from down below, as he found himself being sent to the air by Soi Fon, who managed to evade his attack and proceed to attack him without changing her trajectory. As the silver-haired mod soul was sent to the air, Soi Fon reappeared just above him and delivered a kick that sent him flying forward. Then, she went behind him and threw him another kick to another direction. And then, she did the same thing and sent him flying in yet another direction. And she kept on going with it and further damaging him in the process.

As Aki was sent flying up to the sky again, Soi Fon reappeared above him, and this time, she was about to strike him with her Zanpakuto. After getting himself beaten, however, Aki recovered from the barrage of kicks and turned his body towards the attacking captain, as he barely blocked her attack in time with his blade. As he pushed the Zanpakuto off of him, Soi Fon proceeded to kick him in the chest, sending him straight down to the ground.

Aki recovered from the kick and managed to land safely on the ground. "Ngh…!" he groaned, as the beating he took from her was slowly taking its toll. When he looked up, he saw that Soi Fon was already at him, performing an axe kick at him.

"You're mine!" she yelled. Aki jumped back from the attack, as Soi Fon ended up slamming her heel to the ground, as dust was forming around the struck area. Aki jumped back a few distance away from her, and could already see that she was already charging at him head-on.

"Tch…! I won't go down that easily!" he exclaimed, as he moved his sword in front of him, position it in a horizontal manner. As he slid his index and middle finger along the steel blade, from the bottom to the tip, five individual Kanji appeared on the front of the blade. "Sun! Fire! Spirit! Soul! Union!" He moved his blade in a semi-circle motion, as the five Kanji were placed above him in a same short distance of each other. Flames began to form around the Kanji, becoming fireballs before transforming into five, red beads that spun around themselves.

"Huh? What is this?" Soi Fon said, as she saw the five beads that appeared above Aki, before realizing that he was performing an attack.

"Magatama no Junshin (Beads of Purity)!" Aki yelled out. "Split Formation! Shuriken no Taiyo (Sun Shuriken)!" The five spinning beads then maneuvered themselves towards the charging Shinigami.

Seeing the beads heading straight at her, Soi Fon halted her advance, and instead, she charged to the right to avoid the beads, but to no use, as they immediately followed her afterwards. She then jumped to the air, as it would become easier for her to evade the beads, at the very least. As the beads continued to follow her in the air and that they were just about to strike her, Soi Fon maneuvered herself out of the beads' attacks, avoiding each and every one of them constantly, without a good opportunity for her to lose them for good.

"Damn, they're annoying!" she said, as she looked back behind her to see the beads gaining on her. Suddenly, four of the beads went off to a different direction, leaving a single bead still trying to catch her. As she took notice of how strange it seemed to be, when she looked back in front of her, she realized that the four beads were coming at her in all direction. Stopping herself in midair, as she looked around her surroundings, seeing the five beads flying straight at her all at once, she had no choice but to fly further up in the air, where it was still safe to go.

As all five of the beads were gaining on her, Soi Fon decided that she had enough of them. She stopped her flight and turned towards the incoming beads, before diving straight down. While she was doing just that, she managed to go through the beads without any of them touching her. As she landed back on the ground, her eyes were set on Aki, who was still standing on the ground, before she immediately charged at him. "I will end this!"

"Sorry! It's not over yet!" Aki exclaimed, as he pulled his sword back, before thrusting it forward, sending a surge of fire straight at her.

"Damn!" she swore, as she was forced to jump back up to the sky to evade the surge of flames. As she did that, the beads appeared above her, as they flew straight down towards her. "Grr! Get off!" she yelled, as she went to kick off each individual bead from her, with her armed arm joining the fray. The beads kept going after her even after she pushed them off of her, but she kept on going regardless.

After a while, she managed to kick off all five of the beads. At that point, they stop going after her, and instead, they started spinning around each other. Soi Fon was quick to notice their change of pattern, as she watched as the five beads spun around each other, before connecting themselves together to form a star-like shape.

"Star Formation!" Aki exclaimed, as he had his arm extended to the connected beads. "Rei no Taiyo (Sun Ray)!" The spinning motion of the five beads became more faster, channeling enough energy for them to shoot out a very large beam of light towards Soi Fon.

Soi Fon widened her eyes in shock, as the beads were shooting out a large beam at her. However, just in the nick of time, she sprinted out of the beam's range, having it strike the ground instead. The beads, on the other hand, started to move the trajectory of the beam, as it was going in her way. Realizing that, she attempted to avoid the beam by sprinting away from it, as the beam sundered the earth in which the two people stood. Luckily for her, the beam's movement was very slow, and it allowed her for the opportunity to get herself far away from the beam as possible and going for Aki, as she charged at him straight ahead.

Before she could reach him, Aki yelled out the following words: "Split Formation!" The beads separated themselves from one another, as they then hovered and spun around him. "Rei no Taiyo! Small Version!" The beads then shot out individual beams on all side, while still spinning themselves around him. Soi Fon had anticipated him going into the defensive, so she jumped off before the beams could hit her, and proceeded to dive down towards her enemy, as he was still vulnerable from an attack to the air.

Aki looked up at her and, with a swift motion of his hand, moved the five beams' trajectory up at the diving captain. She was able to dodge all of the beams without changing her course, as she ended up throwing a dive kick at Aki, who quickly blocked it with his blade. It didn't stop there, as she proceeded to send out multiple kicks at him, all coming in every direction. As Aki managed to block most of them, he was caught off-guard when her kick quickly pushed the blade up from him, making him vulnerable for a clear kick to his chest.

As she did that and sent him sliding back in a distance, Aki stopped himself from going further back and thrust his hand once more. Soi Fon, after she landed on the spot where Aki used to be, noticed the motion of his hand, as she saw that the five beads that are around her were moving up, still keeping their spinning motion. As the beads were moved to the sky, they connected themselves once more.

"Star Formation!" Aki exclaimed. "Tatsumaki no Inferuno (Tornado of Inferno)!" The connected beads increased the speed of their spin at his call. From that speed, they created a small, red tornado at the centre, which gradually increased in size and strength. The black-haired Shinigami, upon realizing what they were trying to do, jumped out of the way before the large, fire tornado could swallow her whole. Just when she was sure that she was out of harm's way, she felt that she was slowly being pulled into the tornado. "What is this!" she said, as she kept her ground as to not allow herself to be pulled into the attack.

Not only do the beads create a large tornado of fire, but because of their movement, they acted as a sort of vacuum that was pulling everything within a wide radius. The trees around them were flailing towards the the tornado like crazy, as leaves were being pulled off and into the cyclone, accompanied by branches, bushes and tree trunks. The captain was trying hard not to get caught up in the flaming whirlwind, as she remained still on her ground despite the strong attack attempting to pull her in. "Kuh…! I have to stop this, somehow!"

"It's no use clinging to the ground!" Aki said, as he saw that Soi Fon was struggling to keep herself from being sucked in. "The only way to stop it is to destroy the beads that consist it! And unless you get yourself burned in the process, there's not much you can do about it!"

Soi Fon kept on remaining still on the ground, trying so hard not to get swallowed by the vacuum force of the flaming whirlwind. Even then, she saw that her feet were sliding and digging through the ground. Not even her agility could help her get out of harm's way. "Tch…! I am not going to fall like this! Not to you!" she yelled, as she still attempted to cling herself to the ground.

Just when things became worse and worse, something caught her attention. She moved her hand up to her right ear. That caught Aki's eye, as he began to wonder what she was trying to do. And to his surprise, he saw that her lips began to form a smirk. "Heh… Just in time. Thank you." she said, right before she suddenly disappeared from his sights.

"What the…! Is she…?" Aki was looking around him to see if she was anywhere insight. Instead, the fire tornado suddenly bursted apart, vanishing for unknown reason. As he looked up to where the tornado used to be, he found that the five beads that consisted it had been shattered. "The beads! How did she…!" Just before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. Groaning, he went down to the ground in one knee, as he had yet to know what exactly happened. When he looked down at his chest, he saw that a butterfly-shaped crest was imprinted on it. "This is…"

"Hmph. At last, I finally caught you." Soi Fon's voice was heard in his ears, as he looked back to see the captain standing behind him, her back facing him.

"How did you do it?" he asked. "How did you destroy the beads and managed to strike me with your Zanpakuto so quickly?"

"Limit Release." she answered, as she turned her head back towards him, with a smirk. "I have been given permission from the Soul Society to release the limitations that were put on me when I entered the human world. Naturally, I had a feeling that this battle would be far more troublesome than I originally thought, so I had asked the Soul Society to lift the restrictions on me long before we met. Now, the battle has been shifted in my favour."

"Limitations… Of course." Aki said, as he fully understood what Soi Fon was saying. "In order to keep the living beings safe from harm, Soul Society has to put restrictions on the departed Shinigami just so their Reiatsu won't suffocate normal humans. When time becomes dire, however…"

"Now you understand." she said, as she turned herself around to face him. "Now that I finally struck you with Suzumebachi, you are now at a disadvantage. Since you know so much about me, I do not have to tell you what happens if I strike at the same spot for the second time."

"Heh…" Aki formed his own smirk at her. "You don't have to tell me. I know." he said, as he stood up from the ground and turned to fully face her. "Guess I should be more careful, then. I don't wanna get careless and lose my life in the process." As he said that, he looked down at his two still-sheathed swords, as he noticed that the light from the hilt of one of his blades started to glow.

As the hilt was blue, two small crescent-snapped lights had been glowing for a short while. One of them was located on an extremity of the hilt, while the other was located at the other extremity, The two lights were pointing at each other. And along the rest of the hilt, there are five black spots that were found in between the two lights.

"You can try." Soi Fon said. "But I'm afraid that this is where our battle ends."

"What makes you say that?" he replied, looking back at his opponent. "Surely, you're not saying that you can easily hit me at the same spot in an instant?"

"Of course. After all, I am now at my full strength, so I can easily defeat you in one strike." she said. "But that's not the only thing why I claimed this. In truth… I'm getting real tired of seeing your face."

"Oh? How so?"

"You are responsible for this entire mess. Infecting innocent women just so they become beasts in need for a man's disgusting tool, making them do all these repulsive acts without their clear acknowledgement. I have no need to hear your reason for all of this, since I know that this reason is completely foolish. And what's more…" She moved her right arm up to the side, as she began to glow white and that energy started to gather into her. Her expression became fierce, as she glared at her opponent with hatred. "… You are the one who dared to harm Yoruichi-sama!" With that, a large amount of energy had been burst out from her, creating gust of wind that covered the whole area.

Aki moved his left arm in front of him, guarding himself from the amount of pressure hitting against him. He could still hold his ground, but is nonetheless amazed by the sight.

"And that is UNFORGIVABLE!"

"Ngh! This Reiatsu…!" he said, as he still held his ground. "So this is it…! This technique is…!"

"Shunko!" Soi Fon exclaimed, as she smirked at Aki whom she believed was cowering in fear. "A combination of hand-to-hand combat and Kido! Those who allowed me to unleash this technique could not live to see the day! You're very lucky to have a first look at my technique! Because that will be last you'll ever see before you die!"

He admitted, seeing the technique at close range did frightened him, just a little bit. However, it did not force him to flee from battle. He looked back down at his sheathed sword and saw that all but one of the 7 lights had been lit up. Two of them were of a semi-circular shape, while the other two were of a gibbous shape. All of them were facing against their respective others. The only one that was yet to be light up was the one in the centre of everything.

"Any last words before I disintegrate you into nothing, you worm?!" she asked, as she prepared herself to launch a devastating attack on him.

"Yes, actually!" he replied, as he smirked that the last black spot had lit up, taking the shape of a full circle. He looked back at the empowered captain, his smirk never leaving his face. "Victory is mine!"

"What!" Soi Fon was stunned by his claims. "What did you just say!"

"Didn't you hear me? I've already won!"

"What are you talking about! Are you so afraid to die that you deny your own fate?"

"No, actually!" Aki said, as he put his crimson sword back into its sheath, further confusing his opponent. "Your Reiatsu! Thanks to that, it allowed me to make full use of my second blade! Just watch, as my sword's special ability will take you down in one stroke!"

"I have enough of this!" Soi Fon exclaimed, as she pulled her right hand back, with her index and middle fingers up as a concentrated point for her attack. "Try as you like, but it won't prevent you from dying at my hands!"

Aki continued to smirk at his opponent, as he had his hand on the hilt of his second sword and pulled it out of its sheath, showing a light-blue blade that gleamed into the light of the moon. As he placed the sword in front of him, with his free hand being placed behind the steel blade, he waited for the black-haired Shinigami to make her move.

"Take this!" she yelled out, as she thrusted her hand forward, channeling out a very large surge of white energy towards him, as she fully intended to blast him apart.

"Let the light of the moon create the illusion of the night! Tsukuyomi!" he yelled out an incantation, just before the blast went through him, swallowing him whole. The blast of energy went through the forest in a straight line, completely obliterating everything in its path before it dissipated afterwards.

As dust enveloped the entire area, Soi Fon could only smirk, as she believed that she had destroyed her enemy at last. "Hmph… This is the end." she said.

However, she was quick to notice that something was wrong. Black crows had emerged from the smoke, as they all flew up in the sky. As her gaze was fixated on the crows, she realized something. "No… Impossible! He escaped?!" It was a shock for her to know that Aki somehow escaped from the blast, even though her technique prevented any of her enemies to make any movement whatsoever. She then started to look around her to find him. Unbeknownst to her, the black crows dived down behind her and started to merge themselves together. What emerged from it was Aki, who was ready to strike her with his sword pointing at her.

As she quickly noticed his present, she turned her head around just in time for the sword to barely miss her head, as it only nicked her face. She then grabbed hold of his extended arm and threw him off in some distance. Afterwards, she moved her hand up to where the sword had nicked her right cheek and silently cursed. "Tch…! I can't believe I was caught off-guard by that." she said, as she looked at her still-living opponent. "You were lucky to escape my attack, but not the second time! This time, I will-"

Suddenly, the sound of a single bell rang in her ears, startling her. For unknown reasons, Aki's image started to waver in her eyes, until he completely dissipated. Before she could make sense of what was going on, suddenly, everything changed around her, as the normal colours of the environment became negative.

"Wha… What is all of this?" she said, as she looked down at herself and saw that she too was in negative colour. The plain below her feet are negative, and so are the trees, leaves, bushes and grass. The sky above her became completely black, with no apparent star in place. The only thing that was in the sky, and the only thing that was not in negative colour, was the full moon. "What is going on? What did he do?"

"Quite a display, don't you think?" She heard Aki's voice coming in one direction. Her head turned to that direction and she saw the mod soul himself, laying down on a single branch of the tree, with his sword being carried on his right shoulder. And for some reason, he too was not of negative colour. "Does it feel a little bit more artistically beautiful, in your opinion, chief?"

"What did you do! What is happening around here!" She attempted to jump off and go straight at him, but for some reason, her feet couldn't move. When she looked down to her feet, there was nothing wrong with them. But even so, she couldn't move them.

"This is Tsukuyomi's special ability." he replied, as he jumped off from the branch and landed back down on the ground. "You are now trapped in the illusion of the moon."

"An illusion…? But how! How is it that I was being pulled into an illusion without me realizing it!"

"It didn't take much for me to pull you in. In order for Tsukuyomi's ability to take affect, one stroke of its blade on the flesh of its enemies is all it needs to do so."

"A single stroke…?" Soi Fon was wondering what he meant by that, until the cut of her cheek came to mind, as she moved her hand up to it. "Damn it…! To think that I let this happen to me…!"

"Well, no point in regretting the past now." Aki started to walk towards the immobile Shinigami, in a quite casual way, as he disregarded his opponent's fierce glare at him. "Now, you are at my mercy. So I can do anything I want with you… That doesn't involve rape, mind you."

"So I am at you mercy?" she said before letting out a sarcastic smirk. "You presume too much. If you think that this illusion of yours will keep me at bay, then you are sadly mistaken. Once I find a way to get out of this trickery, you will be the one who will cower in fear. It won't be long now…"

"I think you're the only one who presumes too much, Soi Fon-taichou." he replied, countering her smirk with his own, with a little more confidence. "If you think this is only a mere illusion, then answer me this." With his sword, he pointed down at her feet. "If this is an illusion, why is it that you can't move your legs?"

Soi Fon silently gasped. It was true what he said. Despite being an illusion, she found herself unable to move her legs at all, even though she strongly willed them to do so.

"Also," he continued. "If this is an illusion, then does that mean that the atmosphere around us doesn't change in the slightest?"

She couldn't answer that either, but she somehow knew what he was trying to say. It was true that ever since she entered this 'illusion', the atmosphere became more chilling, mysterious, and hostile.

"Last, but not least," Aki still continued to ask her questions, as he started to move his hand up to her. "If this is an illusion, does that mean I can't do something like this?" His opened hand became tightened fist, as if he was trying to activate something.

The cut on Soi Fon's cheek started to glow in a strange, distorted colour, giving her an indication of what was happening to it. As she looked at the cut, something suddenly spilled out of it, causing her to cry out from the sight of it. The liquid substance, although it is lest likely to be her own blood, spurted out of the cut like waterfall, before it was given a semi-solid form and entangled Soi Fon's body like tentacles trapping their prey. "Argh…! What the hell!" Soi Fon exclaimed, as she struggled to break herself free from the strange substance's hold, but to no use.

The substance wrapped itself around her entire body, suffocating her in the process. It continued to wrap itself endlessly around her already-covered body, until they become a large sphere of distorted colour. As Aki made a swift motion with his hand, the sphere bursted out and it became a large cross in which Soi Fon was bound to it.

Soi Fon, upon being able to see and breathe through this madness, saw that her hands were bound to each arm of the cross, while her feet were bound to the bottom part of it. She tried to struggle through it, but to no avail. "What did you do!"

"Oh, nothing. Just trying to show you that this is no mere illusion." Aki replied, as he had gotten himself closer to the bound Shinigami. "It's no use to get yourself out of here. There's nothing you can do to stop it." He then lifted his sword up just so it was pointing at her. "Now then. Can you tell me what I'm going to do next, using this sword?"

"What? So you're going to plunge it through me?" Soi Fon smirked. "So this is what you're going to use as a method of torture? How naive of you…" Aki didn't respond to her remarks, and instead, he let out a smile. Pulling his sword back, he thrusted it straight at her, plunging it deep through the centre of her chest. Soi Fon let a slight, but sharp groan at the pain, as she went to close her eyes shut from the pain. Even then, she still smirked at this torture method. "How ridiculous…! You're actually resorting to this?"

"Say what you like, Soi Fon-taichou." he replied, his sword still going through her chest. "But soon enough, you'll come to understand why this form of torture is more suitable than you originally think."

"Hah…! As if I need to understand that! This method is not even enough to break me apart, you naive fool!" she said, as she opened her eyes to look at him.

But to her shock, Aki suddenly disappeared from where he stood. And not only that, but she realized that the pain in her chest was gone, as she looked down to see that the sword was no longer in her. What's more, if the sword was being pulled out of her, it should have left quite a significant wound in her chest. But there was no wound on her, not even a small one. "What the hell? How did it…?"

"Tsukuyomi…" Soi Fon heard Aki's voice, as she looked back at what was in front of her and found Aki standing there, with no indication of him coming there. "A powerful weapon whose ability allows the illusion of the moon to shroud the reality of one person's world. It is an illusion, yet at the same time, it is not an illusion. This is the terrifying nature of Tsukuyomi." As he said it, just like last time, he plunged his sword straight through the middle of her chest, as she let out yet another sharp groan. "You may feel that you are fatally injured by my blade. But in the end, you'll find that your body is still in perfect condition, and yet, the pain you felt from it is still here."

"So… This is how you use your Zanpakuto's ability…!" Soi Fon groaned. "If you're going to plunge your sword into me every single time, then I'm afraid that your way of doing it will eventually-" She was suddenly cut off, when she felt another sharp pain coming from her stomach. Looking down, she found another sword sticking itself into her stomach, with the sword being held by another person, another Aki. "What…! There are two of you?"

"With each passing time, the nature of this torture will slowly become more devastating." said the two Akis. "One sword isn't enough. Even two swords aren't enough. And until I find the exact amount of swords needed for this, the number of swords will keep on increasing, and you will feel yourself being broke apart from the pain of having so many swords through you."

Just as he said it, Soi Fon realized that her sight was changed again. Aki was nowhere near her anymore, and the wounds that were inflicted on her were not there. Even the fabric of her outfit, where it was being cut by the sword, was in perfect condition. The nature of the illusion still puzzled her. "An illusion that is not an illusion… To think that such an ability actually exists in this world…" she said, looking down at her still-healthy body.

When she looked back in the front, she was startled to see an abnormal sight in her eyes. What she saw was herself in the same state as her, being bound to a large cross. "What the hell is going on! What sort of sorcery is this!"

Aki then appeared in front of her again, but this time, there were four of him. Two were facing her, and the other two were facing the other version of her. "As I have told you before," the four Akis all stated. "With each passing time, the nature of this torture will slowly become more devastating." The two of them were walking forward towards her other self, and at the same time, they plunged their swords into her. Even if she was not over there, for unknown reasons, she could still feel the sharp pain in her body, as the result of the swords being plunged into her other self. Then, the two other Akis plunged their own swords into the real her, causing her to feel four times the pain.

"Argh…!" Soi Fon groaned in pain.

"Do not expect that the next thing will be less painful than the last. I assure you that this torture will go on until you lose consciousness."

And for the following minute or so, that was the following moments had become. For each passing time, Soi Fon received numerous wounds to her body which increased in numbers, and following that, the wounds were all gone. The number of Akis there were in one place multiplied, and so were the other versions of her. And each time, Aki plunged all of his swords into her, as the pain became more and more suffocating.

As time went by, Soi Fon once again found herself alone, still bound to the cross. She could be seeing panting for some relief from the pain that she had received. And yet again, Aki appeared before her, but this time, there was only one of him, and there was only one of her. "So," Aki spoke. "You had enough, Soi Fon-taichou? Can you not stand the immense pain being inflicted on you?"

"… Heh!" Soi Fon smirked, which somewhat surprised Aki. "You are a fool for thinking that this is enough to take me down. I had suffered a torture far worse than this, and even then, my spirit didn't fall apart. Your method of torturing me is nothing but child's play to me. In the end, you won't be able to keep up with this, and your Zanpakuto's power will run out before this pain will take its toll on me. Sorry to say this, but I will stand victorious in the end." In her eyes, they were filled with confidence. She was sure that she would survive all of that and still be able to defeat the bastard who caused all of that. She wasn't called the chief of Onmitsukido for nothing, and she will make sure that Aki will know the meaning of such title.

However, Aki, despite her resolve, only chuckled at her. "Sorry, but that's not gonna happen."


"You say that Tsukuyomi's power is limited, and that it will eventually run out and allow you to break yourself free from its hold. I'm sorry to say, but that's not how it works."

"What are you talking about! Are you saying that this power has no limits?"

"Not exactly." he said, as he had his sword pointed up to the sky, signalling her to follow the direction that it was pointing. "You see the moon's position?"

"What about it?" Soi Fon asked, not entirely sure what Aki was getting from that.

"The position of the moon represents how much Reiatsu is left in you. From the very start, you have a large amount of Reiatsu in you. But with each passing time, it starts to deplete as the result of the torture being inflicted on you. The point is, the purpose of Tsukuyomi's ability is to keep the illusion until your Reiatsu is completely drained out of you."

"So… That means…!" Soi Fon started to realize what it all meant for her, as a small hint of fear appeared in her soul. "So until my Reiatsu completely runs out… You won't stop torturing me?"

"That's right. And as a plus…" Aki looked up to the sky and took a small look at the position of the moon, which was located in the far east of the sky. "Looks like you still have a large Reiatsu in you." Soi Fon gasped, as she learned that, even after all that torture that she had to endure, her Reiatsu was still at its highest. "That means that we still have a lot of time on our hands."

Even when she was facing a frightening amount of torture, Soi Fon attempted to keep up with it, by strengthening her resolve. "S-so what! As long as it won't kill me, it's not going to decide your victory! You can try to torture me as long as you like, but I won't fall! So you better prepare yourself for your defeat!"

"Heh heh! Look at you, playing the tough girl act." Aki smiled, as he knew that Soi Fon was trying to hide her fear. "Well then, if that's what you think…"

In a short second, much to her shock, she saw that numerous of Akis appeared in front of her, counting at a thousand of him, all wielding their sword in hand to prepare to strike her. "N… No way…!"

"What do you say if we kick it up a notch." Aki said, before he, and all the rest of his clones, pulled his sword back and thrusted it towards her.

The last thing she saw was a thousand blades thrusting at her, before she cried out in pure agony in the illusion of the mysterious night.

As we returned to reality, we will see that from the very start, the two fighters did not move from their spot. And even then, it looked as if only a short second had passed. Soi Fon's eyes were wide open in deep shock, her body started to tremble from what she had to endure, and her Reiatsu had just ran out. Meanwhile, Aki still stood there, complete unharmed after all of that, as the light that was emitted from his hilt had vanished.

After a while, Soi Fon slowly fell to her knees, and finally, her body fell completely to the ground, as she lost consciousness.

The battle was over, and the only person who stood in victory was Aki. After his opponent finally fell, he suddenly fell on one knee, as he had become exhausted. "Hah…! Hah…! The downside of this ability… is that it uses up a significant amount of its wielder's Reiatsu…!" he panted.

He struggled to stand up from the ground, as he looked at his downed opponent. He managed to achieve his objective, and now, Soi Fon will eventually become another victim to the Love Potion. He walked towards the unconscious Shinigami and went down to his knees. "First, I need to remove the memory of our fight from her mind." he said, before performing a hand seal with his hand, and moving his other hand above her head. Energy has been channel from his open hand, as it hovered around the head of the black-haired captain. After a while, he clenched his hand, as he finished performing a Kido on her.

"One last thing…" he said, before slipping his hand into his leather jacket and pulling out a syringe. He stuck the syringe into Soi Fon's body and pushed in a small amount of the Love Potion into her, before pulling it out.

After his work was done, all he could do now was to observe the body of his fallen enemy. In pure honesty he kind of regretted putting her through such extreme torture, but he knew that it was for the sake of this mission, for the sake of his master. So even if he expressed regret, it would not last long, as casualties were expected to happen.

After a while, Aki suddenly winced, as he clutched his head with his hand. He felt a terrible ache in his head, and in his ears, he could hear an agonizing siren. "Ngh…!"

"Kill…" Aki widened his eyes, as he remembered where the voice was coming from. Afterwards, the pain suddenly went away, and he could no longer hear that siren. As he pulled his hand away from his head, he stared at it for quite some time.

"How long has it been since I fought like this…?" he asked to himself. Even though he knew what the answer was, he did not want to speak it out. "So… This is what will happen when the finale comes?"

He continued to stare down at his hand, knowing the danger that will eventually come, once this mission reaches its climax.

"Well… Time to move forward."

End of Chapter

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