"I like sleeping with you, Aibou."

Yugi turned to his other, dropping the pajama top in his hand to his side. Yami's brash proclamation seemed serious. "Why would you blurt that out?" Yugi asked. Yami shrugged. "I don't know. Looking at your body made me think of that." he said. "Our relationship isn't just sex, mou hitori no boku." Yugi said sternly. "No! No! Not that kind of sleeping together, Aibou!" Yami cried. "I meant literal sleeping, not sex." Yugi rolled his eyes. "Still, why would you suddenly say that?" he asked. "Like I said. Looking at your body made me think of that." Yami said. Yugi shrugged and turned his back to him. Suddenly, Yami's arms wrapped around his waist. His other was pressed flush against his back.

"And this is my favorite position." Yami whispered huskily in Yugi's ear, his sexy baritone making Yugi turn to mush in his arms. "Why is this your favorite position to sleep with me?" Yugi asked. "It should be painfully obvious, Aibou." Yami said. Yugi remained silent. "When we sleep like this, Aibou," Yami said, pulling Yugi on the bed with him and laying beside him, "I can feel all of your beautiful curves beneath the soft contours of my fingertips." To further sink in the image, Yami walked his fingers up and down Yugi's waist.

"Is that so?" Yugi asked. "That's not all." Yami said. "What else then?" the hikari asked. "I love to feel the rise and fall of your chest as you sleep. And that face...believe me, Aibou, I've had many a wet dream over that face." Yami growled wantonly. The boy had no idea why, but he was becoming flattered by his lover's words. "You're too much, mou hitori no boku..."

"Not to mention, I know one way to make you squirm in glee." Yami said. "And what's that?" Yugi asked. He gasped when Yami's lips latched to his neck, kissing, sucking, and biting until there were lovely little love bites around his neck and shoulders. "That's enough. I have to help my Jii-san in the shop tomorrow." Yugi said, stopping the horny man behind him.

A moment of silence transpired until Yami spoke again.

"Say, Aibou? Have you ever slept naked?" Yami asked. "No. Why?" Yugi asked in response. "Wanna try it?" Yugi smiled. "Why not? You didn't let me finish putting my pajamas on." he said. Yami smirked. "Oh, for what we're about to do, you won't be needing any pajamas..."