The day when I first met Arthur Pendragon, I was fifteen years old and was considered hopelessly stupid back then. I met him and physically became friends with him at Peterson High school; a small school for the children of 'less educated' families. Even though Arthur was not stupid, his education level still wasn't considered the highest, so the mayor of Camelot enrolled him into this run down high school. Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that Arthur's father is in fact the mayor, much to the mayor's dismay.

So here I am, ready to tell you my story. A story of love, betrayal and friendship...

CAMELOT, 6th March

Camelot. Located in the southern part of Wales. My mother, Hunith and I are both from Ireland, and how wonderful it was there; the large out spread, dark green forests and the jolly people who would entertain us with the clickaty sounds of the Irish dancing, and of course we joined in too! How I wished I wouldn't leave.

One night, under a full moon, my father was ill and his sickness was getting worse, so bad that he died several days before mother and I left Ireland. He told us that we were going to Wales that day, the first sound of it made me dread it and day and night I begged, pleaded to stay, but my efforts failed. So, here I am, standing on a dusty road that led to a large castle.

"So... Where are we going to live momma?" I asked, coughing violently as a dark, chocolate brown Honda car drove by, skidding dust at us.

"We're going to live with an old friend of your father's, Merlin," Hunith replied happily as she picked up her luggage and walked past me,"Fortunately, he is the mayor here, so no need to worry about running out of things. He also has a son, about your age, I'm sure you'll get along!"

I rolled my eyes, I knew my mother, she's the type of woman who seems to be able to peer into the future, kind of like the fortune teller I met yesterday, but that's another story. Thinking deeply I remember the time when my teacher 'accidently' told me about teenagers, the word is refered to children my age and it's been a popular word lately. Apparently, being at this age means really dramatic changes, and of course my mother knew that, but one thing she didn't know was probably my sexuality. Recently, I found out I was unnaturally very, veryattracted to my best friend, William, and I didn't like it, one bit! It was becoming a harassment whenever Will came over at my place, because I kept drooling and imaging utterly disturbing things about him! I guess that might be something I'm glad about leaving Ireland for!

Clang! We made it to Mr Pendragon's home as mother -this time- gently closed the gate shut, I was standing in the middle of the pebble pathway staring at the scene in front of me. It was amazing! His house was huge! There were lush, green grass that surrounded the small pebble pathway leading to the white door, which had the name 'PENDRAGON' engraved on it. Two moderate sized, cleanly cut, round trees planted inside a large red-brown clay pot stood parallel from the path, crimson roses flourished in low rectangular pots that were painted white underneath the clear glass window. Inside the house, I noticed a boy staring at me like I was some kind of alien; he had baby-blue eyes, shiny golden blond hair and white creamy looking skin. The boy reminded me of an English boy rather than a Welsh one, but then again, I have never seen a English boy before.

One blink and the boy was gone. I wasn't sure if he was just from my imagination , but since my mother said Mr Pendragon had a son, I was completely convinced that the blond boy was real.

"Now Merlin, you must be polite OK?" Hunith told me in the most serious voice she could conjure, as we strolled towards the front door.

Dragging my luggage along the rough, bumpy pebble path I managed to mutter, "Yes momma..."

My mother knocked on the door and waited, until an short old man with white hair reaching his shoulders opened the door, politely ushering us inside. As we enter the house, we were immediately sent to the lounge room; and must I say how grand the lounge room was? Walls painted crimson red like the roses out in the front garden, leaning against the crimson walls was a large old bookshelf, full of ancient thick books, lots of glass cupboards filled with antiques such as china cups and plates, on top of the cupboards were photos and paintings hanging underneath shell-like lamps nailed against the walls. Going lower I noticed a woolly rug dyed in red, blue and dark green lay under a well polished oak coffee table, the carpet was cream and was a little prickly but nether the less, well made.

Dropping my heavy suitcase beside the white sofas that were half surrounding the coffee table and sat onto the floor, not wishing to dirty the clean white sofas.

"If you are looking for my father, he's busy with paperwork," a young boy's voice appeared behind me, I had never heard a voice as smooth as his.

Turning around, I came face to face with the blond boy I encountered by the window. Smiling, I introduced my mother and myself politely while he introduced himself with twice the modesty.

"Arthur Pendragon, age 15 years, pleasure to meet you" he smiled warmly.

I felt warm blood gush into my cheeks as Arthur gave me a welcoming hug. It was so warm and comfortable, the smell of lemons blossomed around me until I felt the warmth start to fade as Arthur let go. My mother coughed at the scene and mumbled something about 'boys'.

"You two boys can go do your thing," Hunith shooed as she picked up a old newspaper and read through it slowly.

Arthur cheered and dragged me out into the back garden. Stumbling along, I realized I was standing in the centre of a field of flowers, all were primary colours. The flowers stretched across the back garden all the way to the end, where the giant oak trees stood high against tall white fences. I glanced at Arthur, he was staring at me fondly and it gave me shivers. He turned away afterwards, probably noticing my nervous shiver and spaced out.

"So, you from Ireland? Heard it's nice there," he began in a quiet voice, still staring into space.

"Yeah, nice and cold," I replied, smiling softly at the memory and began fidgeting a little with my thumbs, "Are you English? You don't look Welsh to me"

Arthur froze and didn't reply.

"Pendragon? Arthur Pendragon? Are you still here?"

"Just call me Arthur. You'll be staying with me and my father, so calling us by our surname is confusing and not to mention troublesome"

I relaxed when he began talking again, but what made him suddenly grow cold and distant? Pushing the question out of my head, we managed to create a conversation that wasn't awkward.

"What do you enjoy doing? Like a hobby?" Arthur asked out of curiosity.

"I like literature and painting backgrounds and people," I replied, "What about you?"

"I enjoy anything that requires my muscles. Sports and things like that"

"Sports... One of my worst subjects..."

"Hahaha, well, I can't say I'm the brightest student in the class!"

"Hah! The stereotypical sportsman is appearing!"


"They say sportsmen are not very brainy, but they are very strong"

"You calling me dumb?! I said I wasn't the brightest student of the class!"

"OK, OK, I'm sorry, I said too much"

Arthur puffed out his chest arrogantly, and then smiled sweetly at me while I tried my hardest to hide my blush. Why is this happening to me? I'm constantly blushing! This not good, especially if I'm going to live with him! Suddenly, heavy weight was forced onto me, and the scent of lemons embraced around me. Arthur was on top of me...

"Umm... Please get off me..."

"Oh, sorry I fell"

Getting off me, Arthur helped me up and put out his hand, "Here, make a wish" he whispered as I gently took the soft, hairy stem of the fluffy, white dandelion. With one breath, I blew the whole head off the dandelion, and watched the tiny white fluff float away, riding the chilly wind.

"What's your wish?" he asked in curiosity, staring at me intensely.

"Not telling" I teased and skipped away merrily, back towards the house. Arthur grumbled about something that sounded like 'Che, so childish,' as I skipped away.

Entering the house with Arthur tagging along, I caught sight of my mother and the old man who ushered us in having a jolly conversation. Not wanting to interrupt the warm atmosphere, I tip toed upstairs, where my suitcase was moved. Arthur quickly came to my aid and told me where I was going to sleep. Apparently, I was going to sleep next door to him.

"Hope your going to enjoy staying here"

"Oh, don't worry, I'll be fine... I hope..."

The door creaked as Arthur opened it slowly, waiting for my reaction. When the door was fully open I realized the room was grand, maybe a bit too grand for me! There was a large wooden bed lying in the middle of the room, a large, rectangular, clear glass window let the sun shine through onto the rich, apricot cream blankets that were neatly made, an empty study desk stood underneath the window and a large golden brown closet leaned against the white walls at the corner of the room, near the door, by the window.

I inhaled deeply, trying to take in everything in front of me.

"You like what you see?" Arthur asked.

"Yes, did you prepare everything before me and my mother came?"

"Nah, Gaius did. He nagged me to hell until I started working"

I laughed at the statement, "I'm guessing Gaius is the man who's currently talking with my mother?"


Taking a step inside my new bedroom, my feet came in contact with the soft indigo blue carpet. I sensed Arthur rolling his eyes in annoyance as I was still standing in the doorway.

"You really need to stop admiring your surroundings and just focus on getting a move on!" Arthur scolded, gently pushing me inside and closing the door behind him, "You gonna start unpacking? Or do you want my help?"

"I've got quite a lot, can you help me?"


I clicked open my suitcase that was lying on the bed and began to unpack while Arthur just stared at all the things I brought.

"You couldn't have possibly brought all that!"

"Well, I did"

Picking up my undergarments and clothes, I shoved them into the closet, while returning to the bed and pulled out a pair of... High heels... Arthur gaped at me, I quickly threw my mum's pair of high heels into the corner of the room. Noticing Arthur's attention was on my A3 size sketchbook, I let out a sigh of relief and returned to unpacking my things.

"You drew these?" Arthur mumbled, flipping through the pages slowly, concentrating on every detail of my sketches.

I couldn't help myself but I blushed wildly again, this time over a picture I drew. A nude woman, lying on a velvet bed, surrounded by oranges, "Y-Yes, I drew them. Can you not stare at the nude sketch?!"

Arthur immediately flipped onto the next page and began admiring that one. Phew, this time a sketch of my hometown. There wasn't much to see but Arthur seemed so attracted to it, he stared at it like he was trying to figure out a hard equation. I packed up my pens and pencils into a small clay cup sitting on the desk, and stretched out my arms. I was done unpacking.

"You done?" Arthur asked, closing the sketchbook and got off the bed.

"Yeah," was my boring reply, following Arthur out into the lounge room.

Shutting the door, I heard my mum discussing something to Gaius about him, something about relationships... Oh no, she couldn't have figured it out already?! No, that couldn't be... I haven't told her anything about my relationships at school, and I was pretty sure I hid the fact that I was gay very well. Arthur looked at me funny, noticing my sudden panic and gave me a pat on the head.

"Something on your mind? Something disturbing your innocent thoughts?"

I shook my head and replied, "No, don't worry about it"

"Ah OK, but just in case you do, I'm always there to help you"

"Aww... Thank you!" I said in a girly voice, making Arthur crack up completely.

Taking a step down the stairs Arthur conjured a deep grown up voice, "Why, I'll do anything to flatter a sexy lady like you," he smirked at me as I stumbled on a step when he said 'sexy'.

"Please... Quit the dirty jokes," I chuckled as Arthur pouted and apologized.

"And I was having quite a lot of fun! By the way, if I was a girl, I would indeed consider you pretty good looking"

I sensed Arthur's eyes travel across my body, scanning it. Taking a small glance before taking the last step, to my horror he was staring at my lips, eye's nearly lusting. Needing a chance to run away, I ran into the lounge room with Arthur running after me, slowly it became a race. Laughing and panting, we entered the lounge room sweating like mad.

"Where have you been, Arthur?"

The voice of an angry older man boomed in the room. All went silent, my mother still sitting on the sofa, the newspaper she was reading lay on the coffee table untouched, the other old man -Gaius- gave us worried glances, especially to Arthur. Did something happen when we were away? Where did all the happy mood go? I took a peek at the old man; his hair was grey, eyes blue like Arthur's, skin was wrinkly like any old man and a good straight posture that made him look tall and powerful.

I took a step backwards, not sure what to do or say, until he suddenly smiled warmly and politely introduced and welcomed:

"My name is Uther Pendragon, welcome to Camelot, boy"

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