AN: Ok, so some of you have been wondering how Zack and London got together in the first place. Well, here's the beginning of the tale. The story is set a couple of weeks after Marriage 101 and will also take on certain elements of Model Behavior, after that, I will probably be deviating away from the actual SLOD storyline. Please enjoy and remember, I don't own SLOD or any of its characters. Also, please review. Thank you

London/Bailey's Cabin

London's POV

It had been two weeks since we had done Ms. Tutweiller's little experiment on being married to one another. To say it was a success was an overstatement, even though each individual did learn something about how it's like to be married, even me. I was lying on my bed staring up at the ceiling and just thinking. Normally, one would look at me doing this and think that I was just spacing out and that's exactly what I wanted them to think. Unlike my behavior during class and around my friends in public, I wasn't as dim-witted and ditzy as everyone believes. In fact, I did have a brain and one that if focused, would be able to achieve anything I wanted. I just never felt I had to because people paid attention to me because I was a Tipton and that meant a lot of power.

Yet, lately I started to realize that the power had definitely gone to my head and that people who just kissed up to me, such as Porscha and Chelsea, weren't my true friends. In fact, if I was honest with myself and I was at the moment, true friends not only are nice to you because they want to, but will be truthful as well when they need to. My true friends, I really didn't have many, but I considered them my best friends in the world. Maddie was definitely my first true friend, Zack and Cody came at the same time, and even though I wouldn't admit it to the world, my roommate Bailey was definitely one. Speaking of which, I need to be nicer to her from now on. She deserved it, just like Maddie and the twins deserved it as well for sticking with all me through all my spoiled phases. In any case, back to what I was really thinking before being distracted by the thoughts of my friends.

I always thought that marriage was something you just throw around and do because it was fun and you get a party every time you get married. I mean, daddy had been married over 14 times and he's still looking for the next new one. However, being "married" to Zack those two weeks made me realized that marriage was meant to last, not to be thrown around like my old clothes. Granted Zack and I treated that assignment more as a business deal than an actual assignment, it wasn't like I didn't have fun with him, even before he changed to a clown. Even though he just used my money and liked being a trophy husband, I know deep down he loved spending time with me as much as I did with him. Neither one of us was geniuses like Cody and Bailey, but we both are ok with our level of intelligence, or in my case, my self-inflicted level of intelligence. I'm not as smart as those two nerds, but I can definitely be better than what I show in class. It's weird; my mind right now is not filled with thoughts of gold, diamond, or even money. It was all focused on one person, Zack. WAIT A MINUTE!! Am I crushing after Zack? I can't! He's my good friend; I can't be falling for him! O M G, now I'm beginning to understand how Cody felt about not telling Bailey his feelings.

As my mind kept going into a state of panic, Bailey just had to walk into our cabin at that point in time. Talk about lousy timing farm girl.

"Hey London, are you trying to take a nap?" Bailey asked as she sees me lying on my bed.

"I wish I could, but no, just thinking." I sighed in response.

"What are you thinking about? Diamonds?" Bailey asked with a hint of teasing.

"No! Something really serious!"

"Oh ok, then it must be where to store the clothes you bought yesterday when we were in Paris. You know Moseby and Tutweiller forbid you from ever using the lifeboats again after what happened last time and no, I will not throw out my clothes to give you space"

"BAILEY! I'm being serious here!" I exclaimed, giving her a serious look. I can't blame her for teasing me; I never did give her a reason to take me seriously.

"Okay, I'm sorry. So tell me what's wrong? What are you thinking about?"

"Well, remember Tut's little experiment for Social Studies class?"

"How can I forget? When Cody and I get married, he's doing his own laundry"

I chuckled at that remark, "Well, you wanted to date the twin that's OCD"

"True, but I rather have my feller able to clean himself instead of needing a woman to be a maid for him"

"You know I was only dreaming when he did that. Plus, it wasn't just Zack, Marcus and Woody were part of it, too."

"That is true, but we are moving away from the point. What's wrong London? You have this look on your face that says you really want to say something."

I sighed, "Well, would you believe it if I tell you that I'm falling for a certain blonde headed twin that you used to room with?"

"ZACK?! You're falling for Zack?? London, is your head on straight?"

"No, it's twisted and making my neck into a knot." I replied to her sarcastically. "Of course it's on straight. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be spending my afternoon in our cabin thinking of what to do."

"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know! I never felt this way about a guy before. Not even Luca or any of the other guys I've dated."

"Not even Lance?"

"Who told you that??"

"Cody may have mentioned it once or twice. He left you for a mermaid?"

"No, just a model dressed as one. In any case, I really don't know. I mean, how does he feel? You know Zack doesn't exactly have boyfriend material written all over him."

"That and plus he never entertain the idea of being a one-woman man."

"He would if it was Maddie though."

"True. Maybe I can talk to Cody about it and see if he has any suggestions for you. That is, if you want Cody to know."

"I don't know, Cody hasn't exactly been the nicest guy lately. Why haven't you broken up with him yet??"

"Again London, when are you going to stop asking that question? I love Cody and he loves me, you know that."

"I know and I'm sorry if I keep suggesting that, but you have to admit he has been a jerk lately. I was surprised you put up with him for that long without going to Ms. Tutweiller and asked for a divorce."

Bailey sighed and gave London a look of sadness, "Trust me, I was at my wits end. He realized his mistake, but a part of me feels that there's something else that is going on here."

"Cody used to be the sweetest guy ever. He wasn't a jerk like he is now. Bailey, I only ever suggest you break up with him because of what he's become. You know, you should really talk to him about everything and I do mean talk. You deserve so much better and he really needs to understand what he's doing."

"Thanks for the support London. You know, this is probably the longest we ever talked seriously."

"Yeah, I know. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. I realized how much you guys mean to me and I shouldn't be pushing you all away by being stuck up and mean. Plus, I think it's time for the world to meet the new London Tipton."

"The smarter, more honest with herself London Tipton?"

London gasped, "How did you know?"

"London, I always knew you had the smarts to be someone. You just needed focus like I was trying to teach you with all those placeboes. I mean, you got your first C+ and a B+ on the final. You can always do it, you just need to believe in yourself and stop trying to grab other people's attention."

"I always thought you guys wouldn't care about me unless I was doing something extreme or silly. Yet, after I thought about everything, I realized I already got your attention or else you wouldn't have been able to deal with my ditzy self."

"Well, now that we got that part taken care of, I'm going to help you with your Zack situation."

"How are you going to do that? Cody more than likely won't be able to help you."

"You never know until you try."

I sighed, "What did I just get myself into?" as we both walked out of the room to the Sky Deck.