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Greg's Cabin

Greg was still in his cabin, thinking of what exactly to say once he went to talk to Elise. He knew that just saying sorry wouldn't do it and that he needed to say something sweet and romantic to woo her back. Zack had left about an hour ago and still, Greg came up with nothing to say to his probably soon-to-be ex girlfriend. As the frustration mounted for Greg, he finally felt as if he should just give up and go and talk it out with Elise and hope for the best. As he got up and opens his door, there stood Elise, just about to knock, looking as nervous as he probably looked and definitely felt. Wordlessly, Greg stepped aside and Elise walked into the room, with Greg closing the door. Elise turned around and looked at him, with nothing coming out of her mouth. Greg, sensing that he should be the first one to say something, blurted out the first thing in his mind.

"I'm sorry," Greg said abruptly.

Elise cocked her head to the side and looked at Greg, sensing his sincerity. Once she found it, she nodded and walked closer to him.

"I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have said those things about OSU. I know it's a great school and you've been dying to go back to Ohio since your family moved to Boston."

"I have, but in the all the excitement, I completely disregarded your feelings. Elise, there is no other girl I want besides you. You're smart, sarcastic, witty, beautiful, and the best prank partner a prankster like me could ask for."

"So you're not angry about me being such a brat?" Elise asked as she slightly hung her head in shame.

"As long as you aren't mad at me for being a jerk," Greg returned as he lifted Elise's face up with his fingers on her chin.

"I think I can live with that," Elise said as she tiptoed and pull him in for a deep kiss, which Greg gladly returned.


It was a couple of days after Elise and Greg made up that we find all the seniors in Social Studies, wondering what Miss Tut had in mind for a final project, which she had already announced she will be giving today.

"I wonder what kind of project she has in mind," Bailey asked Cody.

"If it's anything like our junior project, I think Zack may be in trouble."

"That's true. How pissed do you think London would be if we had to do something similar this year?"

"I think she do the one thing she never thought she would ever do, which is wanting to come back to school after she already graduated."

"Alright class," Tutweiller announced as she came into class carrying a big box, "everyone settled down. Now today, we'll begin our final project for Social Studies class. Now, like last year, you'll need a partner…"

"I PICK CODY!" both Woody and Zack exclaimed as they try to fight for position.

"Are either one of you sure about that? Remember what the project was last year."

"Oh yeah," Woody said as he loosen his grip. Zack however, was still holding onto his brother.

"Zack…" Miss Tutweiller warned.

"I don't care! If it's anything like last year, I'll be married to Cody if only to save myself from my girlfriend."

"Gee, thanks Zack. I so feel the love," Cody said sarcastically as he pulled his arm away from Zack's grip.

"Zack, go back to your seat," Miss Tutweiller ordered, which a grumbling Zack reluctantly did.

"Now, I know there may be some protests and fear of possible mutilation from this project," Tut began before hearing a chorus of grumbling from certain people who had significant others, "But I assure you that I have talked to all parties who may be offended by this and I've been given a seal of approval from each of them."

Before Zack could say anything else, Tutweiller looked at Zack and said, "Yes, even the assistant manager of the ship approves so no more excuses Zack."

Zack grumbled, "Easy for you to say. I have my life to worry about now."

"Now, for our senior project, we will continue the theme of being in a family by having each couple raise their own kids."

"DANGIT!" Woody shouted before earning a slap and a glare from Addison.

Ignoring Woody's shouts of protest, Ms Tutweiller cleared her throat and continued on her lecture.

"Now, each of you will be given one of these mechanical babies that will simulate what it's like to have a real life child. They will cry, fuss, need to be fed, changed, and everything else a normal baby would need. Also, there is a chip placed inside the baby that will record how well it's treated. By the end of the week, I want a report on how it felt to be parents and the lessons you have learned from this project. The health and condition of the baby along with the report will be the determining factors of your grades."

As Ms Tutweiller began to pair people off, most of the people were satisfied with the coupling. Cody and Bailey were paired off and not surprisingly; they had twins, a boy and a girl. Woody and Addison had a baby girl, which Addison quickly started to fuss over. Greg and Angie were paired off and they had a little boy to take care of. Jackie and Bob were also given a boy to take care of, which surprisingly red hair. Zack would have laughed at that if it weren't for the fact that he had absolutely no idea as to who his partner was until now.

"And Zack, you'll be paired off with the new girl, Maya Bennett. The two of you will have a baby girl to take care of."

Zack was aware of the new girl in class, but never really paid much attention to her. If he were the old Zack, he would have been on Maya quicker then bees were to honey, but he wasn't like that anymore. To Zack, he was a one-woman man now and London was all he cared about. As Zack took a look at Maya for the first time, he had to admit, she was definitely a 9 at the very least. With long, brown hair and a heart shaped face, the brunette was definitely a sight to behold. Yet, while Zack did appreciate her beauty, he did not feel anything in the way he felt every time he saw London. As Maya approached Zack, she held out her hand and smiled. Zack took it and shook it.

"I guess we'll be partners then," Maya said as she held the baby.

"I guess so. Sorry about the whole outburst earlier," Zack said with an embarrassing blush.

"Oh don't worry about it. I'm just glad to see that you care enough about London to risk pissing Tutweiller off."

"Huh?" Zack said in confusion.

"Oh that's right, she never told you about me before. I'm one of London's only true friends from the society pages. While others like Chelsea and Portia only cared about London because of her wealth, I did my best to be genuinely nice to her. Even though she began turning into a selfish brat later on, I always knew it was just a desperate cry for attention so I never let it bother me. We've continued to be friends for years and we just recently got reconnected after she contacted me about her new boyfriend. After hearing all of your adventures on board, I was convinced to come on board and finish my senior year on the SS Tipton."

"Wow…" Zack said as he was shocked, "I guess I don't have to worry about London castrating me or making you disappear then."

Maya laughed at the thought of London making such threats to him or her, "No, you don't. When Ms Tutweiller talked to London about this project, I was just coming on board, which made me the perfect solution to any dilemma London would have on the subject."

"Well in that case, it's very nice to meet you Maya," Zack said with a grin before adding, "So got any good stories about my girlfriend's youth I should know about?"

Maya just shook her head and laughed, "I'll only tell you if you promise to never repeat it to anyone else, not even London. She may forget I'm one of her close friends and really make me disappear."

"My lips are sealed," Zack said as they continued to talk and began to become friends as class went on.

SS Tipton Lobby

It was a couple of days since the project began and Zack was currently manning the front desk for Mr. Moseby as he did his round of the ship. Maya was taking care of little Zoey while Zack was working. Even though he would never admit it a couple of years ago, but Zack now really could see himself as a father now. Albeit he would rather have London as his wife, Maya did do a good job as a fill in. Maya became a quick friend with him and the rest of the gang and with the sassy attitude of hers, she did seem like a light version of the old London Tipton, which meant she fit right in with their group of hooligans as Moseby likes to call them. As Zack was working on some paper work, a teenage boy walked up to the desk and ringed the bell.

Zack looked up at a teenage boy who was black, stood about 3 inches taller then Zack, wore a regular t-shirt and jeans, with a Boston Red Sox cap on his head, and what seem like a grin on his face.

"How may I help you sir?" Zack asked politely.

"Yeah, my parents made a reservation for me to take the cruise around the country. The reservation is under the name Drew Jones."

Zack almost stopped cold as he typed on the computer to find the reservation, not believing the name that he not heard of since they first came to Boston. He quickly steadies himself, realizing that Drew had no idea who he really was and probably had not seen the name on his name tag yet to figure it out.

"Are you okay?" Drew asked as he sensed the pause of the person working behind the front desk, noting that there was something familiar about him.

"Nothing," Zack said as he frantically try to find a reason for his discomfort, "it's just that I'm surprised that a Sox fan would be coming on board in Yankee territory."

Drew grinned, "Yeah, I had to visit my aunt in New York before going on this cruise that my parents booked for me as a graduation gift. You a Yankees fan?"

"Nope, I'm part of the nation as well. I cannot stand those damn Yankees."

"Good to hear, sadly we aren't do so hot this year so far. Too many damn injuries."

"I know what you mean. At least the Celtics are in the playoffs this year."

"You give them any chance against the Cavs?"

"Hard to say, but the Cavs did lose to Orlando last year though."

"Yeah, but they don't have that big body like they do now with Shaq. I'm just hoping for the best."

"Me too," Zack said as he handed Drew his room key and paperwork, "Well enjoy the cruise on the SS Tipton."

"Thanks, the name is Drew by the way. What's yours?"


"Huh," Drew began to think as he looked at Zack, "It's funny, you look just this guy I knew way back in middle school named Zack as well. Same blonde hair and had a twin named Cody. Never knew what happened them after one year in high school."

"Probably moved some where else," Zack answered, not wanting Drew to realize he was talking about the same Zack.

"Probably," Drew said and then shook his head out of the thought, "Anyways, nice meeting you Zack."

"You too, Drew," Zack said as he waited until Drew was out of sight before calling his brother and telling him to come to the front desk immediately. Two minutes later, Cody ran towards the front desk at the same time as Mr. Moseby getting back as well.

"What's the emergency Zack?" Cody asked as he got there.

"DREW'S ON BOARD!" Zack shouted in a whisper before turning towards Mr. Moseby, "What is it with this ship and attracting people who don't want coming on board?"

"Maybe it's karma for all the years you tormented guests of the Tipton," Marion said with a roll of the eyes.

"I'll have you know that because of Cody's culinary skills and my work this year, we've gotten more passengers on board than any other year since the SS Tipton started becoming operational."

Marion shook his head, "I should have known better then to give you those statistics to review. In any case, Tipton Industries can't just say no to people who are not banned on any security list and are willing to pay money for a cruise."

"You could have still warned us about things!" Cody cut in.

"And what would be the fun of that?" Marion asked with a smirk, which earned him a glare from both Zack and Cody before he continued, "Plus, I know you two well enough to know that with the people you have by your side, you can handle anything thrown your way. I mean, Zack you took on Wilfred Tipton and won for crying out loud. I would think small fries like Agnes, Theo, and now Drew would be nothing compared to him."

"To be quite honest," Zack began, "I rather take on London's dad for another 10 more rounds before ever facing Agnes again."

Marion shook his head, but silently he was agreeing with Zack, "In any case, you never know. Drew was always just a bully with an attitude problem. People like that can change, so just give him a chance." With that little nugget of wisdom, Marion dismissed Zack from his duties and took over the front desk. As the twins walked towards the Sky Deck to meet up with their friends, Cody looked at Zack and wondered.

"Do you think Moseby is right?"

"I hope so broseph because I don't want to spend the last few weeks we have on board dealing with this kind of mess."