Legends of the Fox-wife
Tale 27: Nine Months


AN: repost of a challenge made way back when at the kakanaru comm... prompt: "mpreg, crack - what it says on the tin, as cracky and lulzy as you can make it pls"

"I don't believe this," Naruto bitched.

Kakashi hummed and just rubbed the blond's feet more.

"No I mean I really don't believe this! How could this have happened?"

The silver-haired man just gave his lover an exceptionally tired look.

"Okay okay! I know! I was there too! But!" And the blond flailed and flopped backwards on the couch, his belly a distended round in front of him.

"I can't believe I'm telling myself this, but," And Naruto-clone padded out of the kitchen and twapped the original upside the head, "Quit your bitching. At least you have him rubbing your feet." There was a distinct pout, as the also heavily pregnant blond settled next to the original.

"Maa, if I rub your feet too hard, you might dispel," Kakashi murmured, hauling himself up and plopping onto the couch as well, snuggling into the pile of blond.

"Yeah! No dispelling!" Naruto chastised himself.

"Says you, Mr. I-need-a-footrub-at-every-meal and ohhh Kakashi can you rub my ba~ack? Oi! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE THE RAMEN NOT EAT IT ALL!"

"Too slow!" The third Naruto clone scoffed, and continued stuffing his face.

Kakashi sighed as his snuggly pile disintegrated from underneath him to attack the food. Honestly, sometimes he could only tell the Naruto's apart because the real one kept sticking his feet into his lap, and the last clone was the only one of them all who wasn't pregnant.

The Copy Nin hauled himself up and slipped over to the table. He was so utterly sick of eating ramen... except apparently his body can't get enough of the starch. Nine months ago Kakashi wouldn't have thought he'd be so very much looking forward to labor.

the end.

AN: ...never challenge me to write crack for my brain just challenges itself into new and more preposterous heights...

...this is perhaps, maybe, a followup to Inappropriate Gifts. ::shiftyeyed::