Legends of the Fox-wife
Tale 28: It Helps When You Own The Roof


AN: Was prompted at the kakanaru meme by promistdreams: "Naruto is Hokage, Kakashi is ANBU, paranoia, roof, leather, schedule."

Kakashi had debriefed, battle-stained but still upright, a low vibration in his form that Naruto saw, and Naruto understood, and Naruto gave the orders to his men to follow up on the information his ANBU had retrieved and then the blond Hokage dismissed them all, Kakashi's team and one of his body guards to file the paperwork, and the rest of his bodyguards will just have to blush bright red because Naruto?

He curled one first into Kakashi's vest and threw him to the roof beneath their feet, slamming a hand down onto the tiles and throwing up a sight-sound seal barrier and pretty much diving against the silver-haired man, who'd already been working Naruto's pants open.

"How do you want..." Kakashi murmured.

"Just. Just this," Naruto replied, face pressed into Kakashi's neck, against the throb of his pulse, and just breathing: leather, blood, metal, ozone, and...Kakashi

And, slowing.


They're pressed against each other, mostly clothed, chests bumping against Kakashi's flak vest, and Hokage robes a fluttering shield for their legs (twined) and their hands working Naruto's pants open.


Blessedly familiar and hot and alive.

And mine, Naruto thought almost viciously, grabbing at Kakashi and pressing their cocks together, a heated, slipslide of hidden space in the nest of their bodies and their uniforms and their duties. Naruto mouthed at Kakashi's neck through his mask, and nosed it up from the bottom to reveal the chain of fading bruises he'd left there, and then started sucking a new one in, as he humped against Kakashi violently because at least this was their violence, and their time, and their sounds, quiet gasps really, but not the sounds that one might think:

"You were late, you were late, you were late." Didn't make the check-in, I didn't know what to feel.

"I know. Sorry, sorry." Didn't know if I would make it back, I couldn't let myself miss you.

Their voices hitch, just the slightest; it was only the sensations, they tell themselves, Naruto couldn't speak much past the impending orgasm and Kakashi didn't speak much anyways, and they came with small grunts, one, and then the other, and it wasn't that the sex was earthshakingly good this time, it wasn't the best they've ever had, it was just:

Kakashi's chest heaved under Naruto and Naruto panted against Kakashi's throat and shivers chased themselves back and forth like tension finally shaking itself free, two heartbeats finally, finally slowing themselves down after the tenseness of dual uncertainty, of schedules gone awry and of missions turning sour. And finally, finally—

Winding down.

Breaths slowing, and becoming even.

Naruto shifted his chin, and sort of hooked it onto Kakashi's shoulder. "We should, like. Get off this roof."

"Mmm," Kakashi hummed; a hand resting lightly, guarding the small of his Hokage's back.

The end.

AN: Maaaaan, I love writing Hokage/ANBU fic. ^_^