Legends of the Fox-wife
Tale 29: A Shoe to the Ass


AN: Prompt: cinderella

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Warnings: none

Naruto wakes up finding himself ridiculously, indolently, well-fucked. His eyes had snapped open and then he'd immediately mashed his face back into his pillow because, *ow* sunlight, and hangover, and fucking*hell* was he achy.


He'd clenched his ass and kinda almost not quite shrieked into his pillow; not because his ass hurt, 'cause it was kinda sore but not enough to make him like, cry, or anything, but because it kinda. Kinda.

Assaulted his mind with the memory of a cock stretching him open and moving inside him and his just wanting it harder.

Naruto smooshes his burning red face even more into the pillows. Then peers over the top of it sneakily, to the left and to the right.

There's no one in the room.

He strains his hearing, and there's no sounds from his bathroom, or the rest of his apartment, and, raising his head to examine the rest of the room...

Nothing looks disturbed.


Naruto cranes his head up higher to peer at that misplaced bit of orange, and then tries to slip out of bed though it turns into a stumble, and fuckinggod can his ass just, like, stopthrumming and twinging and reminding him of—

Naruto nearly faceplanted into the scrap of orange he found, what with his body giving all sorts of mixed signals, but he caught himself with a hand on the table and then reached down to pick up... a pair of tiny briefs.

Orange, kinda stretchy, expensive-looking fabric.


Naruto lifts a hand to his chin.


Yeah he has no clue whose these are.

You really should hunt the guy down, his ass sings at him, helpfully.

You shut up, Naruto hisses back.

He entirely plans to ignore the whole thing, yup. Nothing happened, moving along! (And hey, if he shoves the underwear into a drawer... he's just being frugal! Yeah!)


AN: ::gigglefit:: idefk. Inspired by that one picture of Kakashi at the beach with Icha Icha over his face and a teeeeeeny pair of orange speedos. Eventually when I want miscellaneous hijinks I might end up writing more but, eh, it's not in the cards atm.

Just imagine at your own leisure Naruto chasing down random Konoha guys and forcing orange briefs on them, and occasional one night stands.

AN2: wait I lie, have this:



"JUST," Naruto rips off the Inuzuka's pants, "I NEED TO CHECK SOMETHING."