Legends of the Fox-wife
Tale 30: Like A Rock


Summary: Got prompted at the kakanaru meme by bloody_american.

Prompt: I WOULD LIKE... hm. SEX POLLEN. YES, SEX POLLEN-er, sex jutsu? Whatever. Sex Pollen + Fuck or Die where Naruto is all OH NOES D: because he thinks he's still straight. But then Kakashi sets him, cough, straight (Kakashi's reaction was secretly probs: \o/) andNaruto whines a lot but they have of the charts hot sex and so they live happily ever after. :D

Warnings: explicit sex. alot of it.

"Nnnngh," Naruto pants, and doesn't, he doesn't, couldn't.

Really hated, hates, had hated, will hate, really really.

That statue.

Had been, haaaa, visiting Kumo, and Bee, and Naruto had wanted to see the ruins again, or at least show Kakashi who'd never gotten to see it, and the girls had wanted to shop, and Bee had to attend to some clan business, and it'd, it'd.

Just been the two of them. Just is the two of them, now, after Naruto had slapped that pervy looking column and the column shot upright and glowed full of seals and something in Naruto zinged in response, and ogod he's so hard it hurt, and it's just Kakashi here and he just.

Smells. Delicious.

No. What are you. What. What are. (Delicious want to fuck something, nearest something, nearest warm something, which was Kakashi, please, please, and just imagining him around his cock—)

Girls. "Girls," Naruto mutters desperately, "We should get back. To Kumo, and not, here and fucking hell youhavelongfingers."

He wanted to lick those fingers so bad, take them in his mouth and tongue them up and down and then put them—

whatthefuck these are Kakashi-sensei's fingers, and Naruto drops the digits and backs away. back, back, back, stumbles, sprawling and Kakashi catches him, oh god why, stop touching me, and Naruto hurts. wanting to... something, anything, make his cock ache less, pressing a hand against the tent in his pants and moans, because it's not enough and fucking hell Kakashi shouldn't have to deal with this, it makes Naruto writhe on the inside that Kakashi's watching him, wanting to just die of embarrassment, because fuck, it's his sensei. his sensei. His, and Naruto twists around in Kakashi's hold on him and hisses in his face, "You need to leave," possessiveness a roar in his mind.


And Naruto can't be hearing this right, he can't, low growl like a scriiiiitch straight down to his cock, dark and savory and warm like the best of soups, like the sound of the taste of home. Naruto throws himself off of Kakashi when he finds himself drifting closer, crabbing away, but that just pulled the fabric tight against his groin and he drops like a stone, curls around himself and moaning from it, the pain, the horniness, the helplessness. He feels so goddamned overheated that he thinks he might fry his own brains with it, and there's no way around this: he's gonna die.

Aaannnngh, and he arches into the touch at his hair, the small sensation electric. Long fingered. Scent like a physical cockring, making him just want to. Want to. Want— "Kakashi," Naruto grits out. "Go away. You don't...you..."

He can barely see anything, Naruto's so sightless from lust. Finds himself grabbed, and he's almost going to yell at Kakashi again, 'Let me go!', when Naruto finds himself draped against skin, pale and endless and scarred but, but, perfect, oh god skin. Nnnnfuckfuckfuck, Naruto finds himself shredding his own clothes mindlessly, and maybe hands help him but he doesn't even know, 'cause then the expanse of their skin just touches, and a bit of the pain and urgency fades. He's gasping in relief at the little bit of leeway, and is starting to burn with the embarrassment of it when—

"Here," a murmur into his ear, and Naruto finds himself rearranged a bit, and his dick grabbed— fuck, just short of perfect— and it slides between... Naruto darts his gaze down... between Kakashi's firmly closed thighs?

"No lube," an apologetic sigh, "Just thrust? It may be enough."

Arms around him, Kakashi's whisper in his ear, and Naruto clutches back and just gives a thrust, once, and god, it's awesome, the bizarre softness of the older man's inner thighs, and the slight slickness of sweat and this beautiful friction and heat and pressure and Naruto's sliding his dick past Kakashi's balls. Between his sensei's legs, the thought ricochets in Naruto's head and he starts thrusting harder, then faster, because of it and the glorious sensation of just fucking; Kakashi's soft murmurs filtering in, 'Naruto', his sighs and the smallest gasps.

Kakashi is hard, some part of his mind finally registers, hard because... because Naruto's fucking him between his thighs.

And Naruto comes with the thought, with arms clenched around the man who used to be his teacher, around the man whom he still looked up to as a master of Naruto's trade, between the legs of Sharingan no Kakashi.

Too bad orgasm only settles his heart rate a little; it didn't settle his erection any.

Naruto closes his eyes against it, red-faced, dick-aching, and pretty much wants to cry, but a hand cups his face, and turns him back towards the older man and Kakashi whispers, "It's okay, just use me until this has run it's course."



ogod, Naruto had thought that they were trying to get him less hard, not more; he pants a little with it, gaze still down and turned away and oh god *Kakashi* why did you say something so—, he shifts again restlessly, skin seeking more sensation again to mute the roar of want in his blood. Why is Kakashi even, why did. why.

did Kakashi roll up like that, against him, scattershotting all the thoughts in Naruto's mind, sliding Naruto's cock the the niche of clenched thighs and the creases of groin, his dick all poking up into Kakashi's secret places, wet with the splash of Naruto's come. He just presses his face against Kakashi's collarbone and let the sounds escape from his throat, their movements together somehow better than his alone, Kakashi's hard-on rubbing wet lines into his stomach.

God, Naruto thinks, He's hard because of this. Maybe he'd been affected too? Maybe Naruto wouldn't have to bury himself in shame after this, but that meant.

That meant Kakashi must hurt as well. "S-sorry," Naruto licks the word into that collarbone at his face, and then kind of couldn't stop running his mouth against it, just, something about the feel of it, and something like saltymuskywant rising from the skin that made him just want to lick it all up into his mouth and maybe bite a little. So he did, biting, then soft nibbles, rumbling, "Y-you must... Probably not just me, na?"

"Na— nnnng—naruto?"

Slides his dick away from the wet gap of Kakashi's thighs to press himself full length against the older man's belly and cock, hand rising to clasp them both and give them both some relief. Eeeeh, it's weird touching a dick and not getting the feedback saying he's grabbing his own... but it kinda. It's kinda.

Naruto sorta holds Kakashi's dick in place while he humps his own up against it, cross-eyed and moaning, it's all soft skin and hardness, and okay, he's missing the pressure he'd had before, just a bit, but this. ogod. 'cause Kakashi's throat rumbles with a quiet desperate sound and Naruto feels it beneath his mouth like a living thing, and his dick plays against the furious heat of Kakashi's cock, which is so goddamned hard, from whatever it was. That statue, Naruto thinks to himself, as he lets Kakashi move again.

"I—" a slow, decadent frot against the silver-haired man, "I came already," can't help his mouth all, dammit, molesting Kakashi's neck along the way. "You should—" Wait, Kakashi's skin on his *neck*. "—whoa."

Naruto's just realized that there's no mask blocking his path to Kakashi's chin, and just opened his eyes, his grip suddenly tighter around their dicks as his toes curl, as he lifts his face away a bit, because his mouth against Kakashi's skin felt amazing but.

In theory it's only a chin and cheekbones and a nose, that he'd seen the outlines of before, behind Kakashi's mask. But. together, together, with that lust-shot gaze and mouth dropped open, hair already sweat-droopy, and face just.

open. in a way that Naruto had never expected. His hips jerk. A well-muscled arm pulls them together tighter, a long-fingered hand joins his at their cocks, and a thumb rubs circles over his cockhead as Naruto gapes at Kakashi's face as electric sensation shoots up his spine and he comes, again, long messry ropes of it, eyes slit open meeting Kakashi's eyes, black and red, as Kakashi's mouth pants open a bit wider and his face tenses, and Naruto thinks in awe that, wow, I'm so fucked.

Because he's never again going to be able to get that sight out of his mind.

And not want to see it again.

And not want to feel it again, the helpless little jerks of Kakashi orgasming against him, mouth trembling but saying nothing, and Naruto had to. had to, He.

Curls down-in-against, presses his mouth to the corner of Kakashi's mouth, to feel at its movement. Tell me, Naruto's finds himself silently whispering, and he isn't even sure what he's asking Kakashi to say, still shocky from the combination of afterglow, and persistent lust. Because even though he just came, and the haze retreats a little, and the pain too, Naruto's not even surprised that he's still, for all that, still hard. And Naruto whimpers with it, a desperate squirm, trying to find some friction again, or some pressure, or some.


"Maa, sorry," and Kakashi's fingers returns to playing at Naruto's cock, firm strokes, and thumbing a little at the tip, and he aches a little at how good it is, at how it chases the fire away from his brain, like Kakashi's touch chases the incoherence off and folds him back into his skin, even as it seems the silver-haired man's own skin gets filthier by the moment, streaks of both of their come smearing as Naruto writhes against him, rubbing himself against any bit of Kakashi he could reach, shocky pleasure that had him dripping wet, from sweat and precome both.

Naruto comes, again, into Kakashi's hand; practically sobs with how much it didn't help, still wanting, and wanting to scream with it, because wasn't this enough yet?

"I think it worked better the first time," Kakashi murmurs, and Naruto barely could work out what he meant when he's pushed back a little and his dick's led between the copy-nin's thighs again, and he. gets to.

move. Oh god. yes. Thrusting into that tightness, yes, but this, better this time, both of them moving and, watching, him watching Kakashi watching Naruto's cock working between his sensei's legs, Kakashi's face, vaguely surprised, lust-glazed, gaping, (beautiful), the gaze flickers up.

Meets his eyes.

Darts away. And Naruto fucks into that tight space, and Kakashi closes his eye, and that.

He growls. Grabs at the older man's upper thigh, that'd slowed it's thrusting, and hauls him back up against Naruto, fingers gripping the bottom curve of that ass. And Kakashi's gaze flashes back to him. In Naruto's palm, the man's thigh trembles, and against his fingers the man's ass clenches, and when he shifts his grip to grab that pert curve more thoroughly, Kakashi's breath rises fast and light.

The implication of what that meant slams into Naruto's brain, and when he comes once again he isn't even surprised, dick rubbing up in the dark space between Kakashi's thighs, reaching towards that dip that Naruto hadn't even dared to really think about. Before now. Doesn't even have time to be dismayed that fucking hell how is he still *hard* because his breaths trembles higher too, watching watching watching Kakashi as Naruto? Well, he skirts his other hand to brace Kakashi's hip as he changes the grope into a caress, his hand full of the copy nin's ass.

At first... at first when it yanks itself away from his touch Naruto thinks for a terrified moment that perhaps he'd suggested something unforgivable, but. The dark grey of Kakashi's iris seems shoved aside by lust-blown pupil, and Kakashi's movement turns into insistent jerks that only seems to suggest want, because it slides Naruto in and out between Kakashi's legs like it was saying, I could be tighter.

Naruto pants with the thought, with how Kakahi's movement only seems to smear the wet of Naruto's orgasms around more, and Naruto...

he edges.

his fingers, closer. Returns to that delicious curve of ass, and. and. how is he even thinking this, how is he even doing this, how is he even going to look Kakashi in the eye after this and.

slips his fingers down into the crack. Kakashi's breath freezes, and Naruto almost freezes too except the heat in his blood whispers want, and he wants to feel more of this delicate skin here, and his fingers creep down without him, gathering strings of come along the way, and then finding. Finding a dip. A furl.

An amazing sound squeezes out of Kakashi's throat, then, and it's as desperate as Naruto feels even though on it's heels is, "Naruto, we have no lube." Even as the jounin pushed himself against his fingers, and as his fingers pushed in, both of them groaning. Fuck, it *is* tight. He is.

Kakashi, is. His fingers are. in. his sensei, holy fuck, pulsing around them like Kakashi can't get enough, and Kakashi hisses and it might partially be from pain, but—

"Cum is— haaaa— is not a good substitute, but," and that sound, again, and a clench around his fingers, "Maybe... mou, well, there's a lot of it." A flush on both their faces, and Kakashi drops his gaze to his abs and Naruto takes the hint and scoops up the wicked mess that's there, shinobi-trained muscles quivering under the trail of his touch, and brings his fingers back to.

god, the silk and the heat of Kakashi inside, Naruto can't take it anymore, can't take the offer in Kakashi's words or the sensation around his fingers or the call of his mindshattering want, smears the rest of the slickness down his erection (that's stupidly wet already from spilling out precome, must be the statue, fucking hell, that's *ridiculous*), and shoves open Kakashi's thighs.

A hand slams tight against his upper arm.

"Go slow." A chilling mix of both command and begging, that humbles Naruto. He nods, forcing himself to look Kakashi in the eye and Kakashi stares back, sliding his legs open with almost-reluctance and pressing them against the stone beneath them, lifting up his hips alittle so that he's taking half the weight, and Naruto the rest. And then a warm line of heat folds around him as Kakashi slings an arm around Naruto's shoulders and for some reason that action closes up Naruto's throat in a way that nothing else had. He closes his eyes.

In that false-darkness Naruto concentrates, shaking with his need, and leads his sopping wet dick towards the heated space his fingers had been at, finding that slick give, and rubs his precome across it. A quick swipe only, not being able to take much of it, both of them groaning at the sensations, and then Naruto pushes in. Slowly. The slick slick skin, by bits, giving way.

Kakashi's ass, he thinks, gibbering, letting him in.

"Nnngh, keep, Naruto, keep—" a wrecked stammer and Naruto can only curl Kakashi up tighter and shove their mouths together, because the unholy squeeze around his cockhead's glorious and he thinks he's going to—


"Fuck," Naruto yells ripping his mouth away, and Kakashi gives a slightly hysterical giggle, that catches on itself into a whine hidden in his throat as Naruto pushes his still-fuckinghellwhy-there erection against the new wetness, and works his way in a bit deeper.

"That's— That's one way, I suppose— ah!" and there's tears at the corner's of Kakashi's eyes and Naruto doesn't know if it's from laughter or pain or lust, but now that his eyes are open he sees that, hell, Kakashi had been holding, opposite of Naruto's grip on his hip, holding himself open for Naruto with one hand, to help guide him in. Still is.

If that isn't encouragement, he doesn't know what might be, and Naruto presses and presses himself into this awesome pressureheatslick, as Naruto watches the strain on Kakashi's face and is just amazed that Kakashi's letting Naruto do this to him.

(And letting Naruto watch. Watch Kakashi's face and his body, unravelling.)

It's with a slow, slow little struggle that his cockhead finally pops in, Kakashi's ass stretched jittery around it, Kakashi's breaths stilted in his chest, sweat, just beading out across the man's forehead. God, the *sounds* Kakashi's making, as he pushed in.

"You, um, you ok...?" Naruto pants, flushed and sweating with not moving, but forcing himself to past the screams of that stupid unceasing want because he doesn't want Kakashi to scream. (er, in a bad way. wow, can he get Kakashi to. scream, because of him?)

Kakashi breathes for a moment, gulping down a breath, ass a tight hold on him, and nods, once. And while Naruto doesn't quite believe him, he knows how determination can push past discomfort and it thrills him to know that Kakashi wants this that much too. Just the thought of it eases him, even if the want is statue-induced.

He thrusts in. a steady pressure only encouraged by the pull of Kakashi's arm around his shoulders, by the spread of his legs, and the arch of his spine, and the low, wanton sound that rips out from Kakashi's throat in a way that makes Naruto lose his breath.

(Kakashi's body, ass, face, opening, to him. It's rocks his mind, never having before seen Kakashi this uncollected and incoherent.)

He doesn't know how he made it, keeping himself slow, one torturously blissful moment to the next, the amazing decadence of all that sensation, of Kakashi laid out like a feast below him, of fucking Kakashi, only he isn't yet because he's supposed to be moving slow. except.

He shoves in, helplessly, the last delicious inch, and the silver-haired man lets out a cry and for half a moment that seemed like a bad thing but then Kakashi grinds himself on Naruto's cock and then they really, are. fucking. Tearing into each other, fingers bruisingly hard, and Naruto folding Kakashi in half, shoving long legs higher, and Kakashi wrenching at Naruto's hips with iron-tense thighs and mouths working against whatever piece of skin they could reach, until they reached each other.

And with an electric intensity, they both come, hearts pounding, toes curling, screaming down each others throats.

A breath.



And then Naruto starts swearing and Kakashi just chuckles, tiredly, because Naruto's cock?

Is. still. hard.

"Aa, here, let me up for a second," Kakashi murmurs, with amusement in his voice and glancing at Naruto measuringly as the blond leans back, still swearing. A gasp cutting off his curse mid-word as they separate. The silver-haired man slips up from under him with a slight groan and Naruto watches him a bit worriedly as Kakashi wobbles around picking up their clothes... which might have come off as less worried and more of a leer as, er. it's kinda really hard not to. well.

Kakashi, Naruto thinks, has a really pert ass. (He already misses it.) And of course kind of wants to brain himself because, seriously, what, but also... hard not to notice now that Kakashi isn't. well.

Hard. Like he is.

"Kakashi?" Naruto asks, and his voice is sort of stupidly small, "You— You're not affected by the statue?"

The copy nin had ambled back over and is spreading their clothes on the ground, and turned to him, partway, "Aa... no." Those long fingered hands slowed a bit at what they were doing, but seems to finish up. Falls to the man's sides. "Would... that be a problem?"

Naruto just stares at those hands, a riot of unnameable feelings slamming it's way roughshod through his chest. He doesn't know if that meant anything, that Kakashi didn't mind, hadn't minded, doing all of, of that, with him. If it'd meant everything, or nothing at all, if Kakashi would have done this for anyone or everyone. He feels like snarling, and doesn't know why.

"Naruto?" And the voice's soft, kind, and when Naruto looks up he sees Kakashi's face and that one eye opened to him. It really is quite an expressive face, maybe, maybe that's why Kakashi covers it, but it's not like it helps Naruto any, because he doesn't know what to make of the expression on it.

"I— I still. I'm still—" and Naruto flushes, and beats his own thigh angrily, his hard-on still relentless and clouding his mind and his words, the more so with every moment that he isn't touching that markable pale skin, "Dammit."

"It's okay," he murmurs, and touches Naruto. (Yes, it's okay, now. You can breathe, now.) A grip that pulls Naruto down closer to the, he now realizes, the makeshift bed of their clothes. And Naruto starts losing his balance, one hand shooting down to press into the fabric, half-draping himself across the taller man's form, "I'd said you could use me until this passes." A sudden smile cracks brilliantly across that face and Naruto catches his breath, "Am I that much of a liar?"

"...no?" Naruto barely has a chance to say, as Kakashi thumbs at his mouth and he licks at it like the roar in his blood demands, then nearly chokes on the soldier pill it shoves in.

"Swallow." Kakashi says, and it becomes the dirtiest command ever, "We don't know how long this'll last." And Naruto obeys, dry mouthed, watching Kakashi's throat as he swallows two pills of his own and takes several long pulls of water from his canteen, which then gets pressed to Naruto's lips. Naruto swallows, and is about to reach for a second pill of his own when Kakashi just skims past his reach and fucking feeds him again.

"Did you forget where your fingers have been?" he whispers, almost singsong.

Naruto almost gags on the pill going down and burns bright red; because his cock certainly didn't forget, and (at the reminder) all of him starts humming with the words I miss it I miss it I miss it and heat flares within him like a brand. He stares at his teamleader and doesn't know how to ask if he could fuck himself back into his ass, but Kakashi simply smiles wryly, looking the blond over, then twists himself under Naruto's arms, belly down. And folds his arms under his head.

"Well?" Kakashi asks, over his shoulder, a playful, lazy glance, and spreads his legs.

Oh my god.

Naruto reaches shaking hands out, trying to restrain himself because he's seen how Kakashi had been unsteady, moving about, and how fatigue's starting to affect the smoothness of his motions, he doesn't want to hurt— 'cause they have no lube but—

But when he spreads Kakashi's asscheeks apart, he just sees this wet mess, smeared everywhere, most of it Naruto's, he knows, some still even dripping out of.

God, he's dripping out of Kakashi's—

Naruto grabs his dick and gives it a quick pull, and then aims his orgasm where it might do the most good. The pinked hole twitched under it, and Kakashi snickers into his arm, and Naruto just goes ahead and starts pressing his cock in, 'cause if his sensei's feeling okay enough to laugh that Naruto's just masturbated over his ass then clearly this is okay.


Kakashi's groan seems to agree, and the way he shifted his hips slightly, to accommodate Naruto's girth. Naruto almost feels like he's squeezing his way in, past the squish of his come, and once he's fully seated reaches down to stroke gently at where Kakashi's hole is quivering around his cock. You okay?

A high-pitched whine is muffled in Kakashi's throat.

"Sorry," Naruto whispers, flushing, must've been a bad idea, reaching down instead to sort all of Kakashi's balls into a palm so it wouldn't get accidentally smushed or something when he starts moving. They feel delicate in his hand and he protects them as he thrusts.

"Don't be s— aah!— sorry, it's—"

God, so *tight*.

"I-it's all right, Naru— fuck, Naruto."

He'd began grinding, circles, deeper and deeper, and its apparently making sweat break out all across Kakashi's back; Naruto sets himself to licking it up and feels assured by the growing hardness at the back of the hand cupping the silver-haired nin's balls.

They might be here awhile, so this is Naruto's attempt to pace himself.

(His sensei's breathing so hard it may as well be moans.)


And time... becomes hazy. Naruto doesn't even try to orgasm anymore because of how useless the other times were although it happened a couple times, here and there. Just made his movements more slick for awhile, is all. Movements that became increasingly slow, and careful, and delirious, and strained, because panic begins clawing up his throat, paired with the unnatural lust.

(Kakashi's charka wobbles, fatigued.)

Naruto, aa, I need— a tired tremble— a nap, but just go ahead and— a limp hand waves him on.

Naruto tries to be as slow as he can, and as gentle, and god, he hopes Kakashi wakes up. He hopes.

How long has it *been*?

He has a brief waking (is he still even awake?) nightmare about being found like this, weeks later, unable to stop, his sensei's dead body decomposing around him and his mind can't even wrap itself around the horror of it, that he'd cause Kakashi's death like this. And not being able to stop. (The ruins around them, quiet, empty of life and sound but for his own hysteric breathing and the buzz of the seals from that statue.)

Not even the Kyuubi's so hideous and terrifying, because at least with the demon Naruto could argue. There was no arguing this insanity his body's undergoing and it makes Naruto terrified.

Please, *please* wake up.

(The sensation of Kakashi's white chakra flickers, and his fear starts tasting of the blood that rises from where he bites his tongue.)

The sun creeps across the sky once more, having set at some point, and maybe risen again (he's lost track), when Kakashi snuffles himself awake and Naruto's relief shatters all the words sitting in his throat.

"Yo," with a yawn.


"...Naruto?" Kakashi peers backward with concern, and Naruto can't choke the wet away from voice enough to shout at him, Why are you being concerned for *me*?

His stupid dick wants him to move again, so he does so, achingly slowly, the fear still bracketing his restraint.

A small gasp, slightly pained.

"Sorry," Naruto presses wet eyes against Kakashi's shoulder, "I'm so sorry." They've curled up on their sides, to be easier on their knees once it became obvious Naruto's instincts kept trying to drag Kakashi's hips up into a better angle.

"It's oka—"

"Don't say that." He's too tired to shout, so he just hisses the words.

Kakashi reaches down to weave his fingers into Naruto's hand at his hip. "Would it help if I moved for you?"

He takes a moment to imagine that, him staying still while the silver-haired jounin ground himself against him, and then shook his head as his cock jumped, "Nah, it'd make it harder." To keep it gentle. To keep himself restrained.

Kakashi peers over his shoulder, silently, then offers, "We just have to last long enough."

"What, you think this'll wear off somehow?" he asks with more hope than sarcasm.

"Or someone will go searching for us."

God, being found like this would be *humiliating*, Naruto can't help but think, wide-eyed and gaze darting up at Kakashi, carefully screwing himself back into his sensei's ass again, how could Kakashi even want to be found like this?

"Don't look like that," the Copy-Nin remarks lightly, "There's been worse situations I've been salvaged from."

"Worse?" Naruto had to squeak, though it reminds him that Kakashi had at some point been in ANBU before...

"Mmm, perhaps not in as, er, indiscreet a situation but," a somewhat strained smile, "Well, they're all classified."

Naruto headbutts the jounin's shoulder as much as he could from his position and a chuckle's given in response, which makes him smile a bit. But he thrusts in again, and Kakashi grunts, and I'm sorry hovers in his mouth once more.

"...Do you know how I got the sharingan?"


And then quietly Kakashi tells him a story of a rock; a story about a teammate and a gift given willingly. "...so there is never need to apologize, Naruto."

The sun works itself a little more across the sky before Naruto could unclench his teeth and outrage enough to grit out, "It's not the same."

"I'm living on borrowed time, anyways—"

"Shut the fuck up." And Naruto yanks himself out half-way, to the sound of Kakashi's gasp, and lunges up into the slightly-taller man's opened mouth, a hand in that wild silver hair yanking the stupid jounin's head backwards, insisting against those lips, "You're not allowed to say that, you're not allowed to di—gnk!"

The sun slips past the curve of the window and the faint buzz coming from the perverted statue cuts off as both it (and Naruto's erection) finally collapsed. It flops out of Kakashi's ass with little fanfare, except for Naruto's wheezed, Thank god.

The sudden lack of burning urge is dizzying but he manages to shove himself away from Kakashi, because certainly the man couldn't want his touch anymore. Kakashi only gazes at him neutrally and tries to push himself up...


Lets himself slowly down again.

"Mou, I think... Give me a moment."

And it makes Naruto scramble towards him in concern, hands hovering indecisively above his sensei's hips, but a long-fingered hand reached past his and pressed at the base of Kakashi's spine. He feels, indistinctly, the movement of chakra past the surface, not as clear as it would have been if he'd Sage Mode active, but Naruto's been more attuned to all chakra ever since that training. It feels like healing movement, and it makes his mouth achy and dry.

He swallows, unsteadily.

"Is there running water in here, maybe?"

"Y-yeah," they hadn't gotten far into the anteroom before Naruto stupidly stupidly hit that statue, but there's this fountain further in. "Yeah um, " he watches Kakashi grab a shirt from the pile beneath him and start to wipe himself off, "can I, do you want my, um, help?"

Naruto finds himself with a shirt in his hand before he even finishes stammering out his question, and Kakashi's not looking at him when he mutters, flushing, "Aa, get my legs? And maybe check..."

He almost asks, Check what, when he realizes what might need checking after fucking Kakashi for who knows how long, and then Naruto blushes too. Makes his hands shake, but he grabs his determination with both hands, because Kakashi asked him to do this, after Naruto had, after Naruto's practically— (his mind folds on itself, and tastes of blood) and scooted back a little. Kakashi's turned himself belly-down on their pile of clothes and Naruto kneels perpendicular, unwilling to let himself back between the spread of Kakashi's legs, and wipes some of the mess away from the curves of man's ass.

Damn, but there's come *everywhere*. Naruto burns even more with embarrassment and something unnameable at the sight, then spreads the pert globes gently with the tips of his fingers and cranes his head over. Kind of stops breathing.

"I-it's really really red," he reports, shakily. "Um, kinda swollen looking."

"Bleeding?" Kakashi asks calmly.

Bleeding? But he looks and he thinks... he thinks maybe not? "No? But," ogod, "Some of the come coming out is kinda pink?" Oh god.

(Kakashi, unbreathing, body cooling and being broken apart under him. The image slams through his brain and he tries not to gag.)

"That's fine then, nothing to worry about."

"Nothing to—!" But Naruto doesn't really know anything about healing, that's Sakura's job, and so he pulls back his hands, carefully bows his head into the small of Kakashi's back. And holds back a sob.

Then firms up his mouth, and sets himself to carefully wiping up all the come that he could reach and off of his sensei's ridiculously long legs, then wiping himself down. Blinks at shirt a bit, and then offers, "Let me go wash these?"

Kakashi peers at him sideways, then nods, handing over a pair of boxers that he'd been wiping his chest and arms with, and then leans his head tiredly back onto folded arms.

Naruto hurries away, and he tells himself he's not running, going through the door and turning the small corner to face the fountain with the small basin set into the wall. He tosses the clothes in, clutches at his head, and screams, silently. Then slams his hands down to grip the basins edge and breathes harshly through his nose until he settles his heart by sheer force of will. Drops down into a cross-legged pose and pushes himself into Sage Mode, reaching his senses towards Kakashi.


Tired, but alive; there's not that screaming empty hole where Kakashi's signature was supposed to be, that Naruto had found coming back to Konoha and Pain. He still doesn't like to think of that time, and still hadn't processed the shock that day before Kakashi had appeared suddenly, bracing him up on the way back to the cratered village. (Still doesn't think he can process the thought, now.)

At the moment, the signature white chakra's only a little dimmed, but not anywhere near extinguished. The man isn't injured, like Naruto feared Kakashi had been lying about, but exhausted and strained; most of the strain concentrated...

Naruto snaps out of focus, embarrassed. And reenergized from the nature chakra, throwing himself into scrubbing the soiled clothes like focusing on them would make his face less hot. It only slightly works; and he wrings the cloth out the best he could and hangs the shirt (his shirt) on the basin's edge. Then taking a breath, he dunks his head into the freezing water, scrubbing at his hair with one hand, and then wiping his face off with—

These are Kakashi's boxers.

He drops them into the water like he'd been scalded, and groans, wondering how he'd ever look Kakashi in the face again at this point. Blinks a little, shuddering, as his sight kinda goes a bit hazy at the memory of that face; god, no wonder he hides that under the mask. (It's just a face but... he bets if Kakashi went around without the mask he'd keep getting randomly kissed and the poor guy would get nothing done all day.)

Shakes himself loose again, splashing himself all over with the water like a makeshift cold shower, sorta glad that he can't get it up for the life of him right now. He fishes out those damn boxers and wrings them out. Thinks about it, and then folds it in half, the best he could.

And, throwing his shoulders back, marches back out.

But he falters a little, under Kakashi's kinda intense gaze, peeking out from the crossed arms he'd been laying on.

"Your, er, boxers." Naruto squats down and hands them over, goosebumping alittle from the water cooling on his skin. He holds his gaze on that lone dark-grey eye with the same focus he uses clutching a maelstrom of chakra. He still thinks the Rasenshuriken's easier.

Kakashi nods absently and wipes at himself some more with the wet cloth, and continues staring at him. It's out of the corner of his eye, but Naruto could totally tell after all these years. Some of the water dripping into his eyes and he irritably swipes at it with the back of his hand.

"Uhh, what—" is wrong? (with me?) Naruto shifts uncomfortably, maybe he should move away?

"Keep watch while I sleep?" Sharingan no Kakashi interrupts, and he can only nod, watching as the silver-haired nin settles himself into the nest of their clothes. Naruto gapes a bit, then shrugs and shuffles a bit closer, near the man's head. He watches a bit, and bites down on the urge to run fingers through that silver hair. (his mouth tastes of blood)

Instead, Naruto goes cross-legged into a light meditation, senses watching their surroundings but mostly watching Kakashi, guarding his rest.

And this is how they were found by Kumo nin eight hours later.

end part 1 (of 2)

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