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Author's Note: Spoiler for Dark Side Of The Moon. I am not sure if they said how old Sam was when he ran away from Dean and John and if they heard it then I didn't hear it.

I tried to look for you and when Dad came home.


Thirteen-year-old Dean Winchester tried to find his little brother everywhere. He went outside and checked everywhere around the hotel they were currently taking residence in, but he couldn't find him anywhere. Their father was going to kill him for losing his little brother. How could he lose his nine-year-old brother? Not only was his brother missing, but also so was his dog.

He waited for his Dad to make it back home, but was dreading it because Sam still hadn't yet appeared back home. He had just finished breakfast and had just put the bowl away when the door was unlocked and their father came inside.

John looked at his oldest son and then looked around for his youngest. "Where's Sammie?"

"I don't know. He's been missing and I can't find him."

"I gave you one job to do and lose your brother?"

"I'm sorry, Dad."

"Oh, you're going to be sorry, son." John said as he advanced on his young son.

He grabbed Dean's arm and then took off his belt. He started hitting Dean on the back ten times and then threw the boy towards the bed. "Maybe this will teach you to watch your little brother a little bit better." He said as he put his belt back on and stormed out the door.

Dean curled up on the bed and started crying. His back hurt even if he had kept his shirt on. It wasn't his fault that Sam was gone. He had left the hotel room to find something to eat and when he came back Sam was gone.

His father came back two hours later with no Sam and he wondered what had happened to Sammie. Was he all right? Did he leave by himself, or did someone kidnap him? He had told Sammie to never open the door to strangers.

Their Dad was cooking their dinner Sam and the dog came back. John hugged the boy and Sam sat down at the table.

"Where were you?" Replied John

"I wanted to be by myself, so I took off. I am okay. I had plenty to eat."

"You shouldn't go off by yourself, Sammie. Something could happen to you. Don't do this again."

"I'm sorry, Dad. I won't do it again."

"Make sure that you don't." Replied John as he went back to cooking.

The End