Double Trouble

Author's note: I don't own anything Star Wars. And yeah, another story with clones. What can I say I like them. This will be an Obidala story and it will be my attempt at romantic situational comedy/drama. I hope it doesn't suck.

Chapter 1

"Master, what are we doing here?" complained Anakin to Obi-wan. Anakin removed his boot from a disgusting puddle of purple slim on the bar floor. The young Jedi had no idea why his Master would even think of setting foot in such an awful part of the galaxy. The walls were peeling and the tables were dirty and the company was questionable.

Anakin scrunched up his nose and frowned, "This place is disgusting."

Obi-wan sighed and placed his hand on his padawan's shoulder, "Anakin, we aren't here for the atmosphere. We're here to meet an old friend of mine. He said he wanted to give me some kind of present."

"Present?" asked the young man disbelievingly— "What does this friend of yours have in mind? Does he want to buy you a drink?"

Obi-wan smiled, "No, my friend. Captain Magpie is an eccentric. A drink is too ordinary for him. He's very unusual and he doesn't know the word moderate." The Jedi Master then turned about and scanned the room and saw his friend seated at the table closet to the back.

Captain Magpie was a handsome dark haired man in his mid-thirties. He was dress in a stunningly clean wine color military suit with tall black boots and a long inky cape that was casually draped over one shoulder. He looked brazenly confident and strangely out of place in the messy bar. He was way too clean and seemed like an upper class snub to Anakin, but as the young Jedi came to take his seat next to his mentor he saw the Captain was missing an eye. A black eye-patch covered his left eye and only leaving one solitary green orb to greet him with a smile.

The Captain rose from his chair and shook Obi-wan's hand enthusiastically with two of his own. He gave the Jedi Master a beaming grin and said, "Jedi Kenobi! I'm so glad you came. Oh, this must be your padawan. I don't believe we've met. I'm Vic Magpie, captain of the Fortune, private transport. Please, take your seats and I'll order up a round of drinks."

Obi-wan gave his friend a gentle nod of approval and neatly folded his hands onto the table. He leaned over a bit and said, "Magpie, its not that I don't appreciate your invitation, but what exactly did you plan on giving me?"

The Captain seemed to glow from the inside out with glee and closed the distance farther between them to speak, "Oh! You'll love it! I've gotten you a date with the former Naboo Queen. That little bell will charm you off your feet."

"WHAT!" shouted Anakin. "What do you mean you've gotten Obi-wan a date with Padme?" Anakin then grabbed the Captain by his collar and pulled him closer to his face. However, the odd captain was unfazed and slowly rolled his eye to the Jedi Master.

"Kenobi, could you please tell your attack dog to heel?"

In response, Anakin seethed, "Why you low down cyclops! I ought to—"

"Anakin. No." said Obi-wan in a calm voice and then he gently placed his hand over his padawan's wrist. Anakin huffed and let the Captain go and mumbled an apology. Anakin could not believe this slim bag had anything to do with Padme. He wasn't even worthy of saying her name let alone know her well enough to set up a date. And why a date with his Master of all people? Why couldn't he get a date with his angel? It had been almost 9 years since he'd last seen her and he couldn't get her out of his mind.

Captain Magpie blew a raspberry after he heard the sad attempt at an apology and took a long sip from his drink and put in down heavy onto the table. "Hmm…teenagers. Kenobi, you should work him over about that temper. Insubordination is unbecoming of any officer from any institution."

Obi-wan gave Magpie a glance before turning towards Anakin, "Yes, Captain. I agree. And I'll have Anakin make up for his temper with extra time in meditation."

Magpie snorted, "Please, Kenobi. That's not going to fix anything." The Captain then addressed the young Jedi, "You, boy, Anakin—why don't you want your Master to go on a date? Are you jealous or something? Do you have a problem? Well, tell me! You've got a mouth—use it. Don't use your fists. If you do, then I'll have to hit you back."

Anakin crossed his arms over his chest and sunk into his seat. "I don't have a problem. I said I was sorry, so forget it. Ok."

Magpie sighed, "Damn, kid. Must be hormones." The Captain then turned more chipper and said, "Well, anywho—like I was saying I've got you a date with Padme Amidala. But the thing is there was this freak accident with a regeneration machine and now there are two of them so you actually get to keep the extra one."

Obi-wan nearly choked on his drink and had to wipe his mouth with his sleeve. "What? What 'freak accident'? What do you mean 'the extra one'?"

"Well—you see, a while ago I was asked by the High Council to do a job and ferry a passenger on my private transport, but there was a problem with a meteor shower and the Senator got hurt. I had on board my ship a fancy healer machine I was delivering for another client. I thought it would help and it worked like magic. Senator Amidala was healed. She was as good as new. I got her where she needed to go, safe and sound, but a few hours later—pop and out of the machine is a copy of the Senator. And I mean exactly the same. She looks and thinks exactly the same. She didn't believe me at first when I told her what had happened and I don't know what to do with her. So, I give her to you."

Anakin was too shocked to speak and his Master was just as stunned. Obi-wan leaned towards Magpie and whispered in a low tone, "But, why giving her to me? Why not contact the Senator or your client?"

Magpie smiled and said, "But, the Senator would be furious with me if she knew I made a copy of her and what would she do with a spare? And as for my clients, I don't think they'd like it if they found out I touched their machine. And as to why I'm giving her to you its because I know you've got a crush on her."

Anakin fumed, "You can't treat Padme this way. You should be reported."

Magpie laughed at Anakin's tantrum and rested his chin on his open hand. He said, "Kid, you've got it bad. But, to be clear you can't get into trouble for making a clone. Only the Core outlaws the making of clones. Clones aren't legally considered people and haven't got any rights. A being can give another being a clone like they can give you a houseplant. Only some worlds recognize clones as legal beings. Thus, I can treat her this way since we are in the Outer Core and not subject to law."

Anakin asked, "But why pick Obi-wan?"

"I just said, Obi-wan told me he had a thing for Amidala from way back during that thing on Naboo. It must have been what? Almost 9 years ago and you still rave about her? And besides, the little queen is driving me insane."

Obi-wan blushed and laughed lightly into the table. "What has she done to you, Magpie?"

The Captain gave the Jedi Master a sour look and ran his hand frustratingly through his hair. "The little queen is trying to 'reform' me."

Obi-wan laughed, "So, she's trying to make you an honest man?"

Magpie pretended to be deeply hurt and placed his right hand mockingly over his heart. "Me? An honest man? Force! I'm as dishonest as they come Obi-wan, but I'm still a gentleman. That little queen might be no more than a houseplant, but she's still a lady and I can't live with her on my ship. She has to go and she has to go to a good home and I can't think of anyone better than you."

The Jedi Master paused in thought but sighed and shook his head. He knew he couldn't turn away from the problem now that he knew about it and the damn Captain was right that he did care about Padme. Ever since Naboo, he'd been wondering about how she'd been and even managed to write her a letter every now and then. And Obi-wan also knew what kind of person Magpie was too. The Captain may not be a bad man, but he wasn't a saint either. Obi-wan knew he worked outside of the law, but it was his ties with harden criminals that made him a good informant. And from what he could image, Padme's double must be working on his last nerve.

"All right, Captain. I'll take her off your hands."

The one-eyed man then jumped out from his seat and patted Kenobi appreciatively on his shoulders and beamed. "Bless you, Kenobi!"