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Only Mine

I had a different name once, different from the inane one I currently hold now, but for some reason I find it hard to recall my former designation. It had only been a year since my ill-fated meeting with the bola and my rather innocuous meeting with my human; but it felt like all memories before him were faded leaves scattering across my mind. The memories of my human and I together, however, were as vivid as the sunsets we would soar across, each smile and laugh a splash of color across my mind.

I scented the air and curled my tail about me as I slept in front of my human's home. I could smell them everywhere. Them being the other dragons and humans that milled about. The lot of them all stopping to gape at me with their fleshy pink faces, their mouths wide open to display their rather unimpressive teeth. I could hear them and I was most certainly beginning to understand them with or without their hideous language, filled with too many syllables and noises strung together. How could the humans even understand each other? All their incessant babbling, their sheer loudness. I would always tolerate my human's voice though, he was special. Yes, the villagers stood in awe and wonder of me, and how could they not? I am a powerful dragon; my fire-breath could burn anything and my speed in the air unmatched. I could easily-

And then I smelled him my head snapping up from its resting place upon my forearms, his scent had grown on me like a man's taste to alcohol (nasty stuff, I lapped some up once) but I was addicted to my human certainly not nasty at all. He had the typical underlying human scent which was swimming with pheromones and whatever they had ate for the day, but his humans scent was unique, perfectly suited to him. While the other male humans walked around smelling like the dung piles from a Nightmare, he smelled clean with a hint of sea breeze. I did love the ocean so. I immediately began to call to him, my voice reverberating with growls and low frequency moans. He looked up at my voice and with a smile limped faster.

I studied him as he neared me, as I had studied him so many times before. I was certainly no judge of human aesthetics, but he was pleasing at least to my own slit-pupil eyes; but I could quite possibly be biased… no, no I don't think so.

He was slender like the whip of a cattle herder (I had been other places besides this island), much more thin and coltish than the other human males that walked about. His hair was a russet brown in the dark but sparkled red in the dying light of the day. Another feature not uncommon among my human's tribe, many of them sported the same colored red. He was common place, so completely ordinary and underdeveloped, and that was the reason I had dedicated my life to him.

For unlike his brethren he was the kindest, most soft hearted and gentle soul I had ever seen in human or dragons alike. And I a fierce dragon, a loner even amongst my own elusive and paranoid breed who could kill so easily without much thought and have killed so easily; to have had my fire quelled so easily by the touch of his humanly frail hand. I should have killed him when he naively released me from the bola, but I found myself unable to kill the human. A first for me, which would be followed by many "firsts", and now I pay the price of sparing by being completely and utterly devoted to him.

I have not become a simpering little Terror, who would roll over for anyone that gave them the smallest tid-bit of food, but I could not deny the entrancing power that my human seemed to hold over me. Before I had realized what was happening to me, it was already too late to extricate from the incredibly tight web of love and adoration. This insignificant slip of human meat had saddled me, had straddled me, had ridden me, had controlled me and I was powerless to stop him. This human who had been spurned, ridiculed, and utterly browbeat by his tribe had the power in one of his long digits to entrap my mind; to lull me into wanting nothing other than what he wanted.

I can still remember the painful feeling of fear when I had heard his terrified screams; when he was in the metal macabre trap the idiot humans he surrounded himself with called an "arena". I did not even feel my paws as they were pounding up the side of the bluff of my valley. I did not feel the gashes from the stones long after my scales had torn away, nor did I feel the warmth of the blood as it dribbled freely. I did not think as I dashed through the forest, thin branches lashing at my face. I could think of nothing… nothing except him.

Nothing except for the all-consuming thought that I would be too late, that I would arrive to find the Nightmare ( I had deduced from its shrieking cry) tearing at the innards of my human, drinking his delicious blood and gorging on his scorched carcass.

I was not a stupid dragon. There was a reason no pathetic human had gazed upon me or my kind before my little human. We were crafty unlike the more common breeds, intelligent, and we aimed with deadly accuracy. Charging headlong into a metal encased arena, surrounded by the very beings that had forced many species of dragons into near extinction was incredulously reckless. And yet, dashing in without any thought as to who would see me and what would happen to me later did not even encroach the corners of my mind. None of it mattered. Nothing mattered more than two see with my own two eyes his safe fleshy body. Nothing could ever matter more than to wrap myself like a serpent around a beautiful scented tree and protect him with my own life, because without him not only would my body be permanently grounded, so would my spirit.

I broke the ridicules metal mesh that hung like a gleaming spider web with little effort. Cages that could house normal dragons stood no threat to me. Perhaps if I had been in a more grounded state of mind, and I.E not in a rabid and blood-thirsty rampage, I would have taken more notice of my opponent.

The Nightmare could hardly be called such to me. I understand how feeble little humans could find the other dragon terrifying; they had no thick scales to protect them from his scythe claws. (The scythe was a nasty weapon, it had been used against me once by a farmer who had charged me when I was gorging on one of his lost cows, I ate him too). I could also understand how the Nightmares huge jaws could certainly put them off any of their meals, but to me, the great Night Fury, all dragons bowed down before (except that terrible queen). I lunged at him with the energy of a predator that had been cooped up in a cage for weeks, which essentially I was. I ripped at him with my own claws, my serrated teeth short, but my bite was more powerful. We writhed like the snakes we were distantly related to, dust kicking up about us until the only way to attack the other was to hang on grimly and not let go.

We separated, and again had I taken the time I would have seen the dread and fear in his eyes. This Nightmare had been captive for too long, and though more than a match for humans he could not hope to best me, I who was in my prime. The red creature lunged once to my left; I agilely cut him off and slashed with my teeth, tearing more scales from him, drawing deep rivulets of blood. The sight of it, the taste of it threw me into a wide-eyed frenzy and the world tunneled at the edges of my vision.

My nose was alive with information, danger flashed through my mind from all around. Not danger to me, but to my human, my possession, and only mine! I was enraged -seeing red, tasting red- hearing the blood pump through my brain- everything, every thought was swept away like a shell at high-tide in a wave of fury. Logic was shoved aside and overpowered in my tremendous desire to keep my human safe.

Now that everything that had kept me safe for many years had been tossed aside as carelessly as stale bread I flew into action. My eyes did not see they didn't need to; I was unbeatable and unconquerable. I snapped blindly at a human and swung my powerful tail into the midsection of another, snorting as I heard the satisfying sound of the body slamming against the wall. I roared with adulation, I was in control! I leapt with more grace and power than any panther and felt the hard muscled flesh of another Viking beneath my grasping wicked claws. I opened my mouth quaking with the glee that rose up uninhibited in my body. I felt the familiar burn in my throat as I began to prepare the flame, I would finish this-

"Toothless no!" A shrill and desperate scream broke through the cloying frenzy and I stumbled as though struck, my head whipping back to see my human raising a sapling thin arm and near tears in his emerald eyes. I closed my mouth and moaned, unsure of why I was feeling such intense shame. I was protecting my human, I was neither a horse nor a dog, I was a dragon. Yet, even as I thought this I stopped my actions. Dread filled my stomach, as this was the first time I had really obeyed an order.

I startled at the gentle pat and turned slowly, an inquiring gurgle in my throat. My gaze swept over that face, my human's face. His eyes crinkled slightly as he grinned at me, his thin -so thin and so brittle- arms came to wrap around my neck. I could kill him in half a heartbeat. I could swat him like a little gnat, I could crush him with the swipe of my tail, but…

I could not even comprehend a world without my human, as said earlier every memory I had before him had paled to almost ghostly proportions. I felt my eyes slide close and I purred deeply my large head bending over his bony back, nuzzling with a possession that could never be fully explained.

Oh how I adored him, how I loved him, how I wished to only protect and keep him safe. How I wanted that green-eyed angel all to myself and only for myself, to forget that human girl and forget this village. To forget all of this as I had forgotten my own past and we could soar indefinitely for forever, traveling to the very edge of the world.

I felt him climb on and then we were soaring, two becoming one as he guided my new tail-fin and I carried him with the care one would give to a spun-glass figurine because compared to me he was ( spun glass is very pretty, saw it once when I was raiding a human cottage).

But my human was too kind. He loved each person in this village, and he was too sweet for his own good. Every tiny Terror that gave him a sad kicked-dragon look was petted and coddled; every Nightmare that thrashed in the night was soothed beneath his tender hands. Every Nadder that had a head-ache massaged with care, and every twisted up Zippleback was painstakingly untangled and righted without so much as a yelp between the two heads.

Too many of the Vikings of the village, my humans abilities to "tame" dragons were considered little parlor tricks such as knowing where to scratch just so and what type of grass was like an intense high for our kind, but more and more were realizing that my human -MINE- was truly special and seemed to have a natural bond with all dragon kind. Good for the other spineless little lizards, bad for me. He should never touch so gently another dragon when he could touch me. He should never caress an ear belonging to another dragon, nor pet so soothingly another period.

I allowed no other humans to ride me and I bore the few touches of those that got close under the pleading gaze of my human, dear little human -my little human- asking me to behave and to be patient. Why could he not show the same commitment? I knew why, he was a human; humans were tactile animals. Needing to feel everything, craving contact and without it would become insane and wither like a dying plant in a desert. I was here though, why could he not satisfy his urge to pet smooth scales with my own midnight black hide?

I dove from the air suddenly; my helpless anger and hurt bubbling up inside me like a boiling volcano about to erupt. My human was surprised; I heard his gasp and his hands tighten on his saddle. He could have checked it if he wanted, one little twitch of that metal foot and we would halt in midair, but he didn't. I closed my luminescent eyes in shame, my perfectly sweet human; sensitive to my moods was allowing me this pleasure. The pleasure to really choose where I wanted to go, with him unassumingly twitching away to allow me to glide and dive just the way I wanted, trusting me that I would not kill him. Oh it would be so very easy to, but I would never drop let him hit the surface of the water, just as I didn't let him burn up when facing the Queen.

I pulled up inches from the surface of the ocean, and I gazed forlornly down into the frothy sea; my image reflected back was not the mirror image I was hoping to see. It did not reflect the proud and defying Night Fury I was a year ago. It reflected back a yearning, possessive, and rather needy doppelganger that closely resembled me. I turned away hacking out a growl, my human continued to clutch to my back in silence, which in and of itself almost killed me.

He leaned down over my neck, I could feel his warmth through my scales and I couldn't suppress the shudder that ran like little spiders down to the base of my tail. I felt the arms slide around me and pair of soft human lips pressed close to my twitching ears. "Hey buddy, I know you're upset, its alright, it'll be okay." His voice was both a balm and a poison; healing my hurt but further destroying my draconic pride. I was not a dog to be coddled in such a manner! But… oh… it was kind of nice to hear his voice so close and feel his fingers ghost gently over face.

Over and over again my human repeated it like a chant. For a moment I thought I was dreaming, but the tone in his voice sounded almost… desperate? I felt myself stall in the air hovering as the words continued to run across my hearing like water through a brook. My human didn't even notice I was no longer upset, he clung more closely; "It'll be okay, it'll be ok-" the melodic voice broke into sobs.

I was beside myself with anger and fear. Had I been the one to reduce him to such tears? Had I caused my human such upset? I darted with lightning speed to the forest, through the gnarled trees and glided gracefully into the small valley that had been our retreat. Even now so lost to his despair his body instinctively continued to adjust my tail-fin.

I landed softly in the whispering grass and turned around; I growled quietly and snorted making motions with my head toward the ground. The red head slid from his perch upon my back, and his knees buckled as he hit the ground. I caught him gently with my tail, and then herded him close.

I purred and clicked to him, I tried to express my apologies that I had made him so upset, but he shook his head to me; leaving me more and more confused. Finally he stopped crying and sniffled a little, curling up closer in the nest that was my arms and tail. "I'm sorry Toothless, I'm being an idiot again." The self-loathing in his voice startled me. My little human had just started to be confident in his walks -albeit however short they were before he jumped up upon my back to fly away-.

I groaned at him and whiffed his hair with my lips. He smiled and laughed a little at that, "Quit that you overgrown lizard," he shooed away my face before slowly rubbing at it.

"Some of the villagers are still unhappy about dragons living in the same area as them," he began in a decidedly neutral voice.

"While I know they're frightened of you guys, I don't understand why they can't just URGH-" He threw his hands up in the air and huffed.

I purred to him softly and nudged his face with my own. His sparkling emerald eyes gazed up into my own toxic green.

"What- what if they decided to make all the dragons leave again?" He asked it so softly, that for a moment I thought it had been a very disturbing thought running through my head. I let out a shriek of fury at the thought and very deliberately dug my claws into the ground, my tail whipping up even closer. Let them try I declared silently.

The Viking boy smiled up then, a smile that left me warmer than my own fire pits ever could, "Even if they try to make you leave, I would never let them hurt you," he vowed to me. Then I say it, the possessiveness over me I had been waiting to see. Perhaps even my little human could experience such a consuming emotion. My disscontedness assuaged... for now. Next time though it would take more than a pat and a smile; or so I told myself.

I chuckled, the noise sounding oddly distorted from a dragon. I leaned my head down to the grass to turn one eye on my human who was staring back at me. My left cheek pressed to the cool grass, the right side of his face pressed on my scaled forearm. No my little human, if the Vikings you call family tried to separate you from me, there will be none left standing when I'm done. I would never let them hurt you my little human.

Hmmm, a little bit darker than I thought it would be. For people who might question such a level of possessiveness. Think back to where in the movie Toothless and Hiccup were eating fish and the little Terrible Terrors came. Look at how Toothless reacted over fish. I hope they remained in character. I know Hiccup was crying, but there were times in the movie where I thought he was going to and who else could he cry to without looking like a sissy in front of other Vikings? Yeah he's the savior, but to act in such a way in a Viking village… eesh. I do know that also Toothless is projected quite snobbish toward other dragons and I intended for it that way. He certainly is no social butterfly and he is possessive over food and such so he probably "doesn't play nice well with others".

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