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Prompt- Animal

"Gods, Dray..." Harry moaned, writhing against the green silken sheets as his lover moved within him.

"Mmm, Harry. You're, oh, you're so fucking gorgeous." Draco huffed as he thrust in and out. In and out. In and out. In and—

"Fuck!" Harry arched his back off the bed as Draco hit that spot inside him. His hands tightened in the blonde's hair, causing Draco to moan and bury himself deep again. "So... good... Merlin, so damn good..." he muttered, panting and dropping his head back as Draco latched his mouth to the smooth skin of his neck.

Abruptly, and uncharacteristically, Draco stopped mid-thrust and raised his head. "Did you hear that?" he rasped.

"What, the world ending?" Harry lifted his head to look at the blonde disbelievingly.

"Ha, ha. Funny, Harry. I'm serious here. I heard something." He started to pull out, but was stopped when two muscled legs wrapped around his waist, urging him back in.

"Don't. Please. It was probably just an animal, if anything at all." He ground his hips against Draco's in a desperate attempt to get the boy moving again, eliciting a long, keening sound.

"Alright." Draco panted, resting his forehead against his lover's. "Alright." He pulled out slowly, and thrust quickly back in, watching with smug delight as Harry's head dropped back once more.

"Fuck, yes."

Picking up his rhythm once more, Draco licked and kissed along Harry's strong jaw line, fervently enjoying the moans and gasps he was causing.

"Gods, Draco, I'm... I'm close. Really, really, fucking close..." Harry moaned, trailing off in a high pitched groan.

"Come on, baby." Draco urged, thrusting faster, harder. "I want to see yo—" he was cut off as a large, furry body jumped on top of him, making him loose grip and fall onto Harry.

"What the..." The confused and frustrated couple looked up to see a white and gray wolf grinning down at them, large tongue hanging out.

"Blaise! What the bloody hell are you doing here?!"


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