Prologue: Cerise

Hell. It was a place where humans believed that the evil and dead reside; a place where fire never ceased to burn and cackle. Many stories and tales of this horrid place had been passed on from generation to generation in the mortal world. It was said that hell that could be found deep within the earth. It was also said that it was the destination for the dead.

Their feeble mortal minds were only minutely accurate of their perceptions of the devil's home. When humans died, they died. End of story. They did not transcend to hell (or heaven for that matter) and simply remained in their own realm. What was true, however, was that hell did exist.

Just like humans who called earth their home, the citizens of hell selfishly claimed the dark world as theirs. These citizens could be referred to as demons, in short. But unlike humans, demons had little respect for things such as morals, dignity and kindness. What did matter in this realm, however were power, pride and bloodlines.

Ciel Phantomhive was a resident of Hell himself. He was a young, inexperienced but mature male. He might not possess the strength of his older 'brothers', but he was more intelligent than the most of his kindred. Having just celebrated his coming of age, Ciel dreaded the tradition that would take place precisely a week after. Ciel wasn't a mere simple demon. Like humans, demons had races as well. There were several types and each was ranked based on their extent of knowledge, heritage and magical prowess.

Ciel was an incubus, the demon that feeds off sexual urges and desires. He was, without doubt, beautiful even among his own kind. The male was small in stature and had a thin waist that seemed almost breakable. He had dark blue eyes that shimmered in the glow of hellfire and silky midnight hair that felt smooth to the touch. The young male however... was still untrained in the ways of seduction and deception.

He knew the theory, but even he had to put what he had learned from his peers to practice. He was what they would call a 'fresh' one. He still had his growing horns that would provide him with the energy he needed until he had his first sexual encounter. They would drop off once his body had been able to fully recognize that he had 'matured'. Truth be told, Ciel wasn't looking forward to it. He was also the second prince of his species.

Incubuses were rather powerful in their own right. But even they needed to pay their form of taxes.

Devils were the so called nobles of the realm of fire. They held the most authority amongst the demons. Even a second prince like Ciel was no match (in status) to a devil who held the title of baron.

All incubi (and succubae) are obliged to have a devil 'sponsor' (aside from the crown heir). It was a contract as old as time. Incubi provide bodily services to remain on the devils' good side. Besides, devils have never ending life energy that incubi loved to feed on. It was a win-win deal. The only time this contract breaks momentarily was during the incubi's mating season (that occurs once every fifty years), where incubi choose their mates. Pairings amongst incubi weren't common though (given the tradition), with the exception of the royal couple. (Sucking energy off one another wasn't a part of incubi principles)

And the day Ciel was to meet his sponsor was just a mere twenty four hours away. The prince lounged near his window, staring at the blood red sky. The incubi prince cursed his luck of being borne second after his older brother.

"Hehehe. Excited about tomorrow little prince?" Grell taunted his master as he prepared the bedding made out of soft black feathers and sapphire covers. This was the last day he would be serving under Ciel. After this, he was going to be assigned to look after Ciel's other younger siblings. Said prince glared at his servant briefly, before flicking his tail in annoyance.

"I'm not going to let some bastard devil win me over that easily. If they want me, they would have to beat me first." Ciel replied haughtily. Ciel knew he was well sought after. Even before his ceremony had been publically announced, the boy had received countless of propositions from devil nobles. Devil nobles were allowed as many incubuses they want while incubuses could only have one sponsor.

Grell scoffed and flicked his red hair over his shoulders. "Yeah. Keep telling yourself that sweetie. You may be smart, but you're not unbeatable." With that, the poltergeist sashayed out of the room. Ciel had often wondered if his servant was part-incubi, despite the fact that it was impossible to cross breed among demon races.

Extending his bat wings just a smidgen, the incubi stretched his muscles, asleep from staying in that one position for far too long. Tomorrow, his entire life would change and he would be under the control of someone else. That thought left a bitter taste in his mouth.

He wasn't going down without a fight.

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