Chapter 11: Wine (Part 1)




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In here, everything was an illusion. The atmosphere was light and cheery, deceptively so. Jokes were exchanged between demons of hideously high ranks as laughter rang across the room that had been tastefully furbished. Demons that had mated (or in earth's tongue, married) could be seen sliding across the dance floor, twisting and turning to the tunes of the royal band made of up the most talented poltergeists of the realm. Other demons had their contracted incubi by their sides, some occasionally giving a free show to the rest of the attendees. However, in the king's absence, all it would take to tilt the balance and unleash chaos was a single trigger. Civility was simply not their thing.

Dressed in a sexy one-piece that clung to her figure, Angela Blanc, a high-ranking female demon sashayed around the ballroom as she flirted with her fellow 'comrades'. In her hand sat a glass of bloody red wine, a drink that was almost exclusive to the top echelons of demon society. As she flitted around, the devil treated the castle like it was her own- a fact that could have been reality if the current demon king hadn't existed. She was the offspring of the last demon king, along with her twin brother, Ash. As she was older and far more powerful than her twin, she could have inherited the throne from her father. However, it seems that it wasn't meant to be as her father was slashed to pieces right before her eyes. She was just a toddler then. Regardless, it was a memory that she would never forget.

Then she sensed a familiar power, one that tempted her and irked her at the same time. She was somehow perturbed when she then sensed a second copy of the very same power, except that the source was somehow…smaller, if that made any sense. Excusing herself from a fellow Marchioness, she searched the floor for the infamous Archduke- one of the king's trusted generals and one who played an integral role in capturing her father. In fact, you could say Sebastian served the ex-demon king up on a platter for the new demon king. It wasn't long before her eyes landed on the handsome figure. And then, her eyes were drawn to the archduke's companion for the party. Ah…that's right. She had heard of Sebastian's recent acquisition of a royal incubus. How could she have forgotten?

"Good evening, your Grace." Angela crooned as she approached the man. A flicker of distaste flashed in those ruby orbs before a smile adorned the male devil's face.

"Angela. It's been a while. How are you?" Sebastian replied in a tone that she knew all too well. She was very aware that the man in front of her would prefer to tear her throat out if he had the chance. However, oddly enough, the demon king wanted the white-haired twins alive. When questioned on the subject, the king simply replied, "Why not? It'll be fun." Sometimes, the archduke wished his king wasn't all that wilful.

"I'm just fine, thank you for asking. I would ask the same of you but I guess the answer is already obvious." Angela's gaze travelled to the incubus that was latched onto Sebastian's side. She had to admit- he was truly a beauty. Dark blue hair, sapphire eyes and jet-black wings…he was truly a fetching sight. She might have attempted to fight for the incubus prince back then if she had known that he was this stunning.

The incubus stared back at Angela for a few seconds before turning his head away, a disinterested look on his face. Angela suppressed a chuckle. "I can see he has quite the attitude too."

At this, Ciel glared at the female devil, half-wishing he could jab Sebastian at his side when the man had chuckled at Angela's comment. And who did this woman think she was? Fortunately, the prince soon spotted his parents who were eagerly waving him over.

"Sebastian, my parents are here." Ciel informed his master who looked over in the direction that Ciel was looking at. "You may go." Sebastian acquiesced. His pet looked up questioningly and asked, "Aren't you coming?" Before Sebastian could respond, Angela cut in, slightly amused at how attached the two demons seemed to be. She didn't think either of them noticed it, but they were rather obvious from an outsider's point of view. "Don't worry your pretty little tail off. I'll keep your master company~"

Ciel glared at the female devil, rather reluctant to leave Sebastian with the whore of a she-devil…never mind the fact that he only just met her. Thinking quickly, he used both hands to tug Sebastian's neck down, resisting from laughing at the shocked expression that crossed his master's face at his pet's sudden movement. The next thing the archduke knew, Ciel had stuck his tongue down his throat.

Angela blinked at the scene, not expecting to be granted with the scene of the archduke making out with his incubus. (Was that a moan that she heard?) Unlike the rest of the devils, Sebastian didn't have an exhibitionist streak and such scenes that involved him were practically non-existent. It seems that, however, his pet did.

Releasing his master's lips with a loud smack and a lick of his lips, Ciel glared at Angela once more before turning on his heels, stalking towards his parents who were very much astonished at the scene that they had just witnessed. The signal was clear. Ciel had just laid his claim on the devil while telling Angela to 'back off or else!' On the other end, Sebastian wasn't sure how he should respond to this. He was somehow torn between dragging his pet into some secluded hallway and decapitating Angela who was laughing till tears leaked out from the sides of her eyes.

"How precious! Hahaha." Angela managed through her laughs. Sebastian's eyes narrowed- definitely the latter.

Vincent Phantomhive knew his son. This…vixen was not his son. What Ciel had done was, of course, normal for an incubus. However, the king did not expect his son to be this brazen after he had matured into his adult form. Rachel, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised and secretly proud. It seemed that Ciel was simply a late bloomer.

"Mother, Father." Ciel greeted his parents, bowing just slightly. Vincent remained silent, his thought processes having grinded to a halt. Rachel nudged her husband in the ribs before going forward to hug her son who was now as tall as she was.

"It's nice to see you dear. You have grown up quite beautifully." Rachel remarked as she caressed her son's hair. Ciel's eyes softened, not realising that he had been missing his mother's hugs ever since he left home until then. Then, he felt another hand patting on his shoulder and Ciel looked up to see his father smiling at him.

"We missed you, Ciel."

As the prince looked up into his father's dark eyes, he slowly smiled, knowing that he was home.

The family talked for what seemed like hours. Their topics ranged from how he had changed since emerging from his cocoon and how strange Sebastian's servants were. At this, Rachel offered to post their top servant, William Spears at the Michaelis fortress. Thrilled at having some proper help around the place, Ciel eagerly accepted the offer.

"You'll have to ask permission from Lord Michaelis first though." Rachel reminded her son who scoffed at the mention of his master. He cast a glance in the direction where he had left Sebastian, a bit perturbed when he saw no sight of his contracted master or Angela. Where did he go? Annoyed, he turned back to his mother and grounded out. "There's no need to ask for his permission. He pretty much allows me to do whatever I want anyway." It was true. Ciel had tried to annoy his master countless times, even resorting to silly pranks like hiding his shoes (note: throwing into the bottomless abyss that surrounded the fortress). However, Sebastian was simply unperturbed by everything he did.

Vincent raised a brow at that. He had been incredibly worried for his son's wellbeing ever since he forged a contract with the archduke. Oddly enough, it seems his worries were unfounded, for now anyway.

"Are you sure that Lord Michaelis didn't do anything…suspicious when you were there?" Vincent couldn't help but ask. Something was telling him that there was more to the matter than it meets the eye. Ciel cocked his head to the side, contemplating his father's words. Now that his father had mentioned it, there seemed to be one incident where his master had acted strangely. He remembered accusing Sebastian of something on the very first night that he had arrived at Sebastian's fortress. However, he had quickly been distracted by the very same devil who seemed to believe that his new incubus was more delicious than his dinner.

Was it on purpose? As it had been quite some time since then, Ciel couldn't remember how the incident had really occurred. Furthermore, Ciel was interested in literature and novels while his master seemed to be more engrossed with the scientific side of demon magic. As their study interests didn't clash at all and their books were located in different areas, Ciel had no idea what Sebastian occupies himself with in his office. Also, they had been a tad too busy latelyfor Ciel to notice anything amiss too. But for now…

"There was nothing out of the ordinary, as far as I can tell." Ciel replied, knowing that his father was a worrywart. He didn't want to get the other needlessly paranoid.

"I see…" Vincent trailed off. "Well then, if anything happens, please send me a letter as soon as you can!"

"Honey…don't you think you're going overboard here…." Rachel started. She then quieted when she sensed a powerful devil approaching. "Lord Michaelis!" Ciel looked over his shoulder to find Sebastian walking towards them, holding two glasses of wine.

"For you." Sebastian smiled as he held a glass towards Ciel who blinked owlishly at the offered beverage. He accepted it gingerly and took a sip, the taste of alcohol slipping down his throat. "It's…nice."

"Isn't it? The king's special brew." Sebastian then turned towards the royal incubus couple. "Good evening. Pardon my sudden intrusion. However, I'm afraid I'll have to take your little one away for now. The king wishes for me to bring Ciel to meet him." Ciel nearly choked at that relevation as he stared eye-wide at Sebastian. He had almost forgotten.

"Now?" Ciel whispered harshly. Sebastian almost laughed out loud at the panicked expression. Sweet revenge…

"The night is almost over lovely." The devil reasoned as he wrapped an arm around his pet's waist. As Sebastian led his muttering pet away, he bowed slightly at Ciel's parents. Rachel returned the bow with one of her own, smiling good-naturedly. Vincent, conversely, simply stared at the archduke's retreating back. Sebastian knew that the incubus king wasn't an easy one to fool…but to think he was still suspicious despite the fact nothing had happened thus far…. Well, all in due time.

"Where were you?"

"Hmm?" Sebastian responded as he turned to look at his displeased pet. They made their way across the large room, stopping occasionally to acknowledge other demons with a nod of their heads.

"You weren't enjoying yourself with that she-devil, were you?" Ciel muttered, taking another sip from his wine glass. While Sebastian thought it was cute that his pet might actually be jealous, he was far more bothered by the accusation where Ciel thought that he had some devilish fling with that woman.

"That she-devil is Angela Blanc. She's the daughter of the last demon-king…which means that she's after my throat for destroying her chance to be queen."

Ciel blinked once, twice as his eyes widened in understanding. "Ohh…" He grew silent for a few seconds. "She has an ironic name for a devil."

Sebastian chuckled. "I suppose so."

Soon, they reached the other end of the room. Sebastian nodded to the poltergeists that were standing at attention. They quickly opened the door for the pair to walk through as they entered a dark hallway. It probably linked the ballroom to where the king was. Turning over his shoulder, Ciel watched as the doors closed behind them as the sounds of laughter and chatter soon became soft murmurs.

It was time.




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