Deva Path stood in front of our three heores. Five figures appeared in front of him.

"It's time to introduce the new six path's of pein. Android path." Deva path said.

Cell stepped forward.

"Frieza path."

Frieza stepped forward.

"Hueco path."

Ulquiorra stepped forward.

"Poke' path."

Mewtwo floated forward.

" Demon path."

Sesshomaru stepped forward.

"And I am Deva Path. But you already knew this."

Sakura was standing across the field glaring at the new arrivals.

"It doesn't matter how many people jump in, I will slaughter them all."

She balled up her fist.

"Really, then you won't mind if we all fight at the same time right?" Tendo asked.

Sakura balled up her fist.

"Bring it."

"Oh it's been brought." Deva said.

Demon path rushed forward at a breakneck pace. He pulled out the tensaiga and swiped at Sakura's face.

But Sakura leaned back and tried to kick Demon path in the stomach. Demonpath caught her kick, spun and flung her straight up in the air.

Hueco path appeared directly above Sakura and jammed his elbow in Sakura's back causing her to fly back down to the earth.

Poke'path appeared in mid-air next to the rapidly falling Sakura and tail-whiped her causing her to fly away from Mewtwo instead of down to the earth.

Android path and Frieza path appeared where Sakura was going to land. When she got close enough they both punched her in the back. The force behind both punches was enough for her to fly back across the field torwards Deva Path.

Deva Path smirked.

A chakra rod slid out of his hand.

When Sakura was close enough to him, he swung the rod in a downward motion connecting with Sakura crashing her to the ground right next to him.

"How does it feel Sakura? To know that you all powerless in the face of a God?"

"Sakura is getting man handled! Guys even she doesn't desrve this." Naruto said.

Sadly Sasuke and Itachi were not paying attention.

"Ok ok Itachi how about this. Ino or Hinata?"

"...Ino. She's way hotter and seems to be more into the freakiness."

"Well what about Hinata? You know what they say about the quiet ones. Plus she has great lips and knows how to use-"

"SASUKE!" Naruto screamed.

Sakura coughed up blood.

"Sh-shut up you peon."

Deva path glared.

"Mark my words Sakura Haruno. I will humble you."

Sakura laughed.

"You all still don't understand. I cannot be beaten." Sakura said as she began to stand up.

"And why is that?" Deva asked.

"As long as I have a goal or a purpose I will continue to exist."

"We shall see about that."

He used hravity to fling Sakura's body up straight in the air. He then kept her suspended 50 feet in the air by keeping his palm pointed at her.

Sakura grunted in frustration as she tried to move but could not.

Poke'path had a black ball of energy appear in his hands.

Hueco path charged a Cero blast

Demon path had white pulsating energy form around the Tensaiga.

Android path charged a Kamehameha wave.

Frieza path had a black ball of energy appeared above his fingertip.

"Attack." Deva said.

Pokepath fired the black energy ball at Sakura.

Hueco path unleashed his powerful green cero blast at Sakura

Demon path swung his sword and a white wave of energy rushed at the suspended Sakura.

Android path launched his Kamehameha wave at Sakura

amd Frieza path fired his death beam at Sakura.

Sakura closed her eyes and braced for impact.

The attacks hit and produced a devastating shockwave.

Deva path lowered his hand and smashed Sakura against the ground.

Smoke rose from her severely injured body.

"Are you humbled now?" Deva asked.


Deva path frowned. Why was she laughing? The last time he checked he didn't find pain funny.

"What the hell? Why is she laughing?"

"Maybe Pein hit her funny bone..."

"Shut up Naruto."

"Maybe She saw something funny while she was up in the air."

"You shut up too Itachi."

Sakura stood up fully.

"Now I think it's time that I went on the offensive." Sakura said cracking her knuckles.

30 minutes later...

"DAMN! She destroyed all of them!" Naruto said.

Sure enough the new six paths of pein lay scattered across the ground in bad shape. They were all half dead and bleeding and whatnot.

"How Sakura so powerful?" Itachi said.

"I wish she was this strong in the forest of death." Sasuke added.

Sakura walked over to where Deva path lay.

"How does it feel Deva? To know that you are powerless in the face of a Kunoichi?"

He was unconscious.

Sakura took out a kunai.

"Now to end it."

"Sakura Wait!" SAsuke said as he shushined right next to her.

"Sakura I'm sorry."

"FOr what?" She asked harshly.

"For not appreciating you. For not acknowledging you. I was stupid. I was blind and stupid. But no more. Will you forgive me Sakura?"

'She should fall for it. No woman can resist an apology.'

"I don't love you anymore Sasuke."




"So What I said means nothing?" Sasuke asked.

"It means nothing." Sakura confirmed.

"Good because I didn't mean any of that bull-"

Sakura punched him i the face.

"Sakura wait!"

Naruto appeared beside her aswell.

"Sakura I'm sorry. Sorry for not acknowledge-"

She punched him.


"Well can I atleast say I'm sorry for giving up?"

Saukra paused in thought.

"Sakura I am sorry. My nindo was to never give up and all threw out my life I thought I never did. But I guess it looks like I did huh."

Sakura blushed at the sincerity in his words.

"Well sakura I can assure you that from now I will not give up. Do you believe me?" Naruto asked.

Sakura began to tear up.

"Oh Naruto Yes! Yes I believe you!" She ran and hugged him closing her eyes in the process.

Naruto hugged her back.

Itachi appeared behind her.

Naruto mouthed the word 'now'.

Itachi activated his Mangekyo.

Suddenly Naruto erupted in a puff of smoke.

"What the?" Sakura said in shock.


That was the last conscious thought Sakura heard.


Our three main characters were walking down a street.

"That was so cool the way she burned Itachi."

"No what was cool was how you lied to her with that fake confession." Itachi said.

"Yeah and don't forget about me with my awesomeness." Sasuke said feeling left out.

"HEY!" All three heads turned to the direction of the voice.

Hinata was standing behind them.

Naruto almost pissed himself at the sight of her.

She was burning with rage.

"H-hey Hina-hime."

"You left me in the sack." She said activating her doujutsu.

"Sorry?" Sasuke said.

"Oh you will be."

She then dashed after them.