So I know that this story already ended...but then last night my friends and I watched the BBC sherlock..and...well...this is what happened. If you haven't seen it, you should. IT'S AMAZING 3 it's like sherlock holmes but it's modern day and just sdfajslfkj. awesome. anywho. i wrote this and realized it was really to short to be its own fic, so just stuck it on the end..oh and holmes and watson in the BBC ver? SO. GAY. 3 i don't wanna ship them, cuz watson's married and whatnot, but they're sooo shippable! ;A; I wouldn't say it was "better" than the american movie, just different, you kno? they're both good interpretations, if you ask me. So that's my rant. Sorry. -3-

Alfred sighed, stretching as the credits rolled across the screen.


Arthur sat next to Alfred, smirking as he detangled himself from the younger nation's embrace.

"Not bad" Alfred shrugged, "Still think my version's better though."

Arthur scoffed, "As if. Cumberbatch made a much more believable Holmes than your Robert Downy Junior."

"No way!" Alfred vehemently shook his head, "RDJ's got Holmes down cold. That Holmes was too wimpy. He always got his ass kicked in all the fights! Plus, there's no fucking way Moriatry's gay!"

"He wasn't gay" Arthur replied, testily, "He was just pretending to be gay."

"Oh c'monnnn" Alfred whined, "He was so gay. I mean, did'ja hear him talk? He just needed to wear a little more pink and perhaps do that flippy thing with his hand, and he'd be a total Feliks. Also, Jude Law was a much more badass Watson than that other dude."

"Martin Freeman" said Arthur, "Who I believe mad a much more believable Watson than Law. And you didn't even have Moriatry in your movie!"

"That's cuz he's gonna be in the sequel! And Law totally kicked Freeman's ass. Your Watson was just too much of a pushover. Mine actually had balls. Remember that one scene where he punched Holmes in the face? Exactly!" Alfred retorted, "Plus, Rachel McAdams was in mine, and she's much hotter than any chick in your series."

"Your movie didn't even reference any of the actual Holmes cases! Mine had several! It's more accurate"

"Mine made Holmes awesome."

The two nations glared at each other for a few minutes before Alfred laughed, flopping back onto the sofa, "I don't think either of us could actually capture the real Holmes though…"

Arthur smiled, and shook his head, "Indeed not. We still owe him and unpaid debt."

"And that's why we're making all these awesome TV shows and movies about him!" Alfred said, grinning widely, "I think that's pretty good payment."

"Hm. Indeed…"

"Hey Artie?"


"Artie." Alfred said, ignoring the older nation, "Did Watson ever chronicle our case?"

"He chronicled all of Holmes' cases, Alfred."

"But I don't remember ever coming across it."

"I never said he published all of them" Arthur said, smiling, "He knew it was too big of a secret to reveal…and sent me the manuscript he had written before he died."

"Wait, you have it!" Alfred exclaimed, bolting up.

"Indeed I do."

"Let me see!" Alfred cried, "I wanna see it!"

"Wait here." Arthur stood, and after stretching a bit more, left the room. He returned a few minutes later with a worn, thick envelope. Sitting down on the couch next to Alfred, he pulled from the envelope a thick manuscript, also rather worn.

"Sir Arthur Kirkland" Arthur read aloud, picking up a small slip of paper that sat atop of the manuscript, "Though I doubt you remember me, I shall never forget that strange and mysterious case your young American friend, Mr. Alfred Jones, presented us that dreary evening so many years ago. As I write this, I am fading rapidly; my health has been deteriorating in the past few months, and even I know it is only a matter of time before I join my dear friend and wife on the other side. I am glad that I was at least able to see through the end of the Great War; there is talk of another one on the horizon, but I hope that this is just rumor and remains as such. In this package is the documentation of your strange case, one that I never published nor ever plan to. Keep it, as a recollection of one of the most brilliant minds ever gifted to our nation. Your humble servant, Dr. John H. Watson."

Alfred stared in wonderment at Arthur, "Wait. Watson sent this to you before he died?"


"His dear friend…is that…"

"Yes. Holmes passed away before Watson did…it was a peaceful death, at least, not expected by anyone who knew Holmes"

"Oh." Alfred frowned, "Did you ever see them again after that case?"

Arthur smiled, "They came out of retirement, briefly, to aid in the World War I effort…then Holmes retired to beekeeping, and Watson retired with his wife. Holmes published a book before he died, Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, with some Observations upon the Segregation of the Queen, in case you are interested in reading it."

"So did Holmes ever see you again, or believe you? I mean, that we're nations and whatnot?"

"Let's begin this story, shall we?" Arthur asked, flipping to the first page of the manuscript, "Upon my many years of chronicling the adventures of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, I have come across many strange and unusual cases. However, there is one case that stands out amongst all the others, one that I will never quite understand nor be able to comprehend…"

Alfred snuggled up against Arthur, his memory drifting back to the darkened streets of London so many years ago.

NOW i'm done. I hope. gahh. X3 and i'm sorry to all those who wanted to kno if holmes ever met arthur in the future, or ever believed that they were nations..that'll just have to remain unknown now, won't it?

thanks for reading!