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Marking Bella

Edward POV

It wasn't often that Bella and I argued about anything. As a matter of fact, there were only two major things that we did argue about. One was my being cautious about making love to her and the other was her incessant need to be friends with that damned mutt, Jacob Black.

"Bella, you know I can read minds, and you know I know what he is thinking. His feelings toward you are not those of platonic friendship. I don't see why you have to be so adamant about seeing him. Especially, by going to La Push where Alice can't see you, and I couldn't get to you if I needed to," I told her.

Rolling her eyes for the hundredth time and sighing heavily, she spoke: "Okay, fine Edward, if it will make you feel any better, I will call Jake and have him come to Charlie's. I just want you to know that you are being ridiculous."

I went to her and wrapped my arms around her and held her to me. I never wanted to let her out of my sight. I was always afraid I was going to lose her and that would kill me.

"Thank you, my love. Yes, I will feel much better. I can go along with that in order for both of us to be at least somewhat happy," I said.

Bella smiled and kissed me then. I saw the love spilling out of her for me. I still couldn't believe that I got so lucky as to have her for my own. She made the phone call to Jake and arranged for him to come to Charlie's, which Jacob was not entirely pleased with. But if it meant he could see Bella, he would go along with it. Charlie was going to be out all evening and night, due to the station being a couple of men short. Bella and I would have the house to ourselves until Jacob arrived, then I would leave while Jacob was here. Jacob wasn't coming over for another couple of hours, and so I had decided I would make sure Jacob was reminded throughout his visit that Bella was indeed mine.

After Bella got off the phone, I suggested she go upstairs and get a shower and get relaxed. After a few chaste kisses, she went. I sat down on the couch to think about the best way to go about things. I didn't want Bella to get suspicious; she was incredibly perceptive for a human. While I was thinking, my phone buzzed in my pocket; I already knew without looking that it was my pixie, future seeing sister, Alice.

"Hello, Alice," I greeted her.

"Hello, yourself, you evil genius, your plan will work perfectly. I must tell you how happy I am that you are going to finally trust yourself enough to do this. Bella is going to be over the moon, and she won't suspect anything," Alice said.

"Before you even ask, the answer is no; Bella will not be hurt at all," she added and then hung up.

I made up my mind that I was about to make Bella mine and show that dog where his proper place was.

When Bella came back downstairs, she was dressed in a cami and boy shorts. The cami was white with lace edging and the boy shorts were hunter green and see through lace. Damn it, this woman was seriously trying to kill me; I was instantly hard. I knew I could no longer resist even if I wanted to, which I didn't. I was more than ready to take our physical relationship to the max level.

I was sitting on the couch when Bella came and sat down in my lap straddling me. I knew by the look in her eyes that she was thinking about how she could seduce me into giving in completely. Little did she know; I was a couple of steps ahead of her.

"You look so sexy, love. Are you trying to kill me or seduce me?" I asked teasingly.

Bella smiled and brought her lips to my ear and whispered: "What do you want me to do, Edward?"

Her words caused me to shudder. I grew so hard; I thought my cock was going to poke a hole right through my pants. I growled low and was on her in an instant.

"You are playing with fire, love. You should be careful before you get burned," I said playfully.

She took the bait and ran with it. She wrapped her whole body around mine and pushed herself as close to me as possible. I could feel the damp heat coming from between her legs. I let a little of my weight rest on top of her pressing her into the couch. I let her feel what she was doing to me by grinding my steeled erection against her core.

" Mmmm. Edward, I want you so bad. Please make love to me. Take me upstairs and make me yours," Bella moaned and pleaded.

I didn't need any further encouragement. I wrapped my arms around her; and in a flash, we were upstairs in her bed and both of us naked and panting.

Bella POV

I could scarcely believe this was finally happening. Edward was finally giving in and going to make love to me. My body was on fire with need and want. It seemed like he had made me wait an eternity for this moment. I couldn't think about anything else except for how his cool body felt laying between my spread legs and pressed against my hot, dripping wet sex. I wanted to feel his mouth, fingers as well as every other part of him, on me, in me, and against me. I had no words to describe how good it felt to have his hard shaft pressing into my stomach as he lay on top of me. He kissed me passionately before moving down my jaw line to the soft spot under my ear. There he gently sucked and licked, causing me to moan and beg for more.

" Ohhhh, Edward that feels so good. I can't even describe how good it feels, baby," I told him while he was kissing down my throat to my breasts.

Once he reached my breast, he tweaked the nipple with his thumb and finger making the little nub come to attention. I gasped loudly when he closed his mouth over it and sucked hard. I also felt a gush of liquid pour from my body. Edward moaned and growled.

Edward POV

I could tell how turned on Bella was. I almost came myself when I felt her come for me. She smelled even better when she was aroused than she did normally; but I had no urge to drink from her, not her blood anyway. I could spend hours drinking from the well between her creamy thighs though. I couldn't wait to taste her there. I would just have to be really careful while I did it. She was driving me insane as she alternately pulled my hair and massaged my scalp. When I could stand it no longer, I kissed down her body until my head rested between her thighs. I took a deep breath and my eyes rolled back in my head at the euphoric feeling I got. It was the best drug known to man, especially a certain vampire man, me. I placed chaste kisses up and down her slit before taking a long lick from bottom to top and coming to rest on her clit. I let my tongue swirl and whip around the little bud. Bella's hips shot up off the bed; I had to wrap my arms around her legs and hold her down.

"Ugh! Edward, oh yeah! More baby, I need more. I need to feel your mouth on me. I want to feel your tongue inside me," Bella said.

I gladly obliged her and plunged my tongue deep inside her while I used my fingers to work her clit.

"Oh! Ah! Yes, oh yes, Edward. I'm so close! Don't stop, ever!" Bella screamed.

Every reaction was making me harder, and I was to the point that I was in pain.

"I need you Bella. I can't wait any longer, love. I need to be inside of you. I want to mark you as mine! I want everyone to know you belong to me and only me," I told her.

Bella's body automatically responded to my words of its on accord. I knew she was as ready as I was for this to happen. I continued to lick and suck on her clit and make her cum again while I pushed two of my fingers inside her and pumped them in and out.

Bella POV

I didn't know anything could feel this good. Edward was making my body do things I had no idea it was capable of doing. All I knew was I never wanted him to stop. I was so ready to have him inside me, filling me with his essence.

"Edward, I need you now pleeeaasse!" I pleaded.

His fingers were inside me pumping in and out of me, but I needed to feel all of him. I wanted to feel his full length inside me. I couldn't wait anymore and apparently neither could he because he kissed his way up my body, stopping to give my breasts and nipples more attention. I felt him lining the tip of his hard cock up with my entrance while he kissed me passionately. I moaned as I felt him massaging my very sensitive clit with the head of his dick. He made me cum again; and while I was coming down from that, he pushed inside me. I felt a sharp sting as he pushed through my barrier, but I couldn't pay attention to that. I was too caught up in the feeling of having Edward, my Edward, buried deep inside my body at long last. Once inside me, he remained still a few moments letting me adjust to his more than adequate size. While he was waiting, he took this time to kiss me and tell me how much he loved and adored me and how that he always would.

"Bella, my one and only love, you make me feel so complete," Edward said as he began to move and thrust into me.

I moaned and hissed through my teeth at the sensations running through me with every move he made.

"Edward, oh yeah, it feels so good, baby. Don't stop. I don't ever want to stop," I told him as I wrapped my legs around him and locked my ankles together.

The movement allowed him to go deeper and the angle caused him to hit just the right spot. I screamed in pleasure as he hit it over and over again. I could feel my stomach muscles tightening up. I knew I was going to orgasm again soon.

"Bella, oh my beautiful Bella, you feel so good. You're so tight and wet; and I never want to leave your body, but I need to cum so bad. I'm so hard it hurts, love," Edward whispered.

I squeezed his length with my inner muscles, and then released him as I came screaming his name, "Edwarrrrrrrrrrd!"

Edward POV

I was barely holding on when I felt Bella squeeze me with her inner muscles; and when she released, I couldn't hold back any longer. I pumped furiously into her; and then the last time I buried myself to the hilt in her wet, tight, heated core, I released all I had. I counted eight long spurts before I was spent. I was tired even though I was a vampire. I let my body relax on top of her while I remained inside Bella for a few minutes. She whimpered when I gently pulled out and rolled us onto our sides facing each other. I kissed her sweetly, and we both wore happy satisfied smiles.

"I should have listened to you a long time ago, love. That was so indescribable; it's not even funny. I'm sorry I tortured us both so long by insisting we wait. I simply wanted to make sure I wasn't going to hurt you and everything would be perfect for us," I told Bella.

She smiled and replied: "I know Edward. I love you for always wanting what's best for me. But as you can see, I also know what's best for both of us; but I will admit it was well worth the wait."

We lay for a little while longer holding each other and talking, and then we got up and put some clothes on. Jacob would soon be there. I put everything on but my shirt and my shoes. Bella put on some lounge pants and the t-shirt I had been previously wearing before we made love. I smiled inwardly as I thought of my scent being all over and in her when the dog arrived. I knew he would be able to smell our mixed scents, as well as the scent of our love making. I could only imagine his reaction to that, combined with coming in to find Bella and I cuddling on the couch and me being shirt and shoeless. I knew it was evil, but Jacob never hesitated to try to rub it in my face that Bella enjoyed spending time with him. He also knew it was torture to see him think about what he'd like to do with Bella himself. Now it was my turn for some payback, and I was going to enjoy it.

Jacob POV

I arrived at Bella's and was irritated to find the leech was still there. I hated him; he didn't deserve someone like Bella. God only knew why she would prefer him over me. I could give her all the things he couldn't, except for the money. Luckily Bella didn't care about money though. I walked up to the door and knocked. When I heard Bella call for me to come in, I entered the house. I was accosted by the sight of a shirtless leech sitting on the couch with Bella sitting between his legs and his arms wrapped around her. They were kissing and whispering. Whatever the leech was saying was causing Bella to giggle. As I stood there watching, I had to take a deep breath so I wouldn't explode; and that's when I smelled it, the scent of very recent sex. When I looked back at Bella and Edward all cuddled up together, I saw the radiant glow on her skin. I knew what had happened just a short while before my arrival.

Damn, that leech! He knew I was coming, and he planned that shit. I wasn't a mind reader like him, but I knew when I had been ambushed. I knew there was nothing I could do about it though. I knew I had lost her to him. He had finally given her one of the main things she wanted from him. I had to admit I was wrong about him hurting her while doing it. I could see Bella was more than fine. It still pissed me off though. I knew I could still torture him with my thoughts, so that's what I did. He looked up at me scowling and glaring. I could see the fury in his eyes. I was really hoping he would attack, so I would have a legitimate reason for ripping him apart. I continued to watch them; neither made any effort to move away from each other, so I just sat down in Charlie's recliner. Bella talked and acted like she always did while Edward and I tortured each other silently. Finally after about an hour, Edward got up and put his shirt and shoes on to leave. I couldn't have been happier.

"Bella, I'm going to run a few errands while you visit with Jacob. Is there anything you would like me to bring you when I come back, love?" Edward asked her.

She smiled and kissed him before replying: "I would like a cheese pizza with no sauce and your gorgeous self, and you need to bring some clean clothes too."

Edward chuckled. "Some clean clothes? I take it you have made plans for us tonight then," he said while wrapping his arms around her, letting his hands rest on her ass.

It was sickening and almost more than I could stomach when the leech kissed her neck and gave her butt cheek a light squeeze before lightly smacking it. Bella laughed and moaned before returning his kiss and replying.

"I have lots of plans for you tonight, Mr. Cullen; so go get the errands taken care of and get back here to me as soon as possible," she said.

Edward POV

I loved Bella's actions and replies and playful bantering. It seemed she didn't care one bit that the dog was suffering terribly while watching our display of love and affection. I kissed Bella once more before leaving to go take care of things. I was very anxious to get back to her and have a repeat of our time before Charlie arrived home the next morning.

I was now convinced that he knew Bella was lost to him forever. I could hear it in his mind when he admitted defeat. Was it evil of me to get a slight thrill out of watching him squirm? Probably so, but I was a selfish creature by nature, so I would just chalk it up to that and let it go. I left Bella's house with a smile on my face because I knew without doubt that she was all mine for now and all eternity.

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