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It was good to see my whole family happy and content; we had been that way for many years now. It had been ten years to be exact since we moved to Virginia, and now it was time for us to move again. We would be moving to Maine this time around. Chris had stopped growing enough that it wouldn't be so noticeable; he would be able to go to school with children his own age.

It was hard to believe that he would be fully grown in a few more short years. Bella and I were very proud of him. He took after me with the love of music and was very talented. He took to the piano quickly and was a natural on the drums and guitar as well. The acoustic guitar was his favorite choice and had chosen the saxophone as his next choice. He looked more and more like me every day, but he took more after Bella in his actions and ways; he was a natural caregiver. I could only imagine how his mate would benefit from that. Don't tell Bella I said that; she was still not fond of thinking about another female taking him away from her.

As for the rest of the family, Charlie and Renee both earned their degrees and began jobs. Charlie opened his own law firm after working with a local firm for a while; Renee went to work for the state and had found the place where she belonged. She was quite talented at what she did. She said this time around she was going into private practice.

Charlie's vampiric talent had made itself known and was quite useful. Actually, he had two talents, and they worked well together. His years as a cop honed his instincts to know if someone was telling him the truth or not. That had been brought over into his vampire life; now, he could not only tell when someone was lying instantly, but his other talent was compelling them to tell nothing but the truth. He had said if he didn't like being a lawyer, he would go back into law enforcement. Renee had developed no talent so far at all, but she and Charlie were very happy. When we moved this time, they would have a house of their own and so would the rest of us; we were looking somewhat forward to that.


"Well, family, I think we've packed everything, and we're ready to go," I said.

We were packing and getting ready to head out to our new home in Maine. I had loved living in Virginia; and I hated to leave, but it was necessary. I liked the variety of living somewhere new too. I just always missed the friends we left behind, but at least we had ways to keep in touch if we wished to do so.

"Yes I agree, darling; the boys and I just put the last of our belongings in your car that you wanted to take with us," Carlisle said, walking into the house.

"So does that mean we are ready to get on the road now?" Edward asked.

"As far as I'm concerned it does, son," I replied.

"All right, let's load up and head out," I said.

"Dad, can I ride with Pawpaw Charlie and Nenee?" Chris asked.

"I don't mind, if they don't mind putting up with you, son," Edward replied with a smile.

He was such a wonderful father; I was so proud of him.

"Can I, Pawpaw Charlie? Pleeeeasse," Chris begged.

"Hmmm, what do you think, Nenee? Can we put up with him for a few miles?" Charlie asked with a grin on his face.

"Ohh, I think we can surely tolerate him for a little bit," Renee answered, ruffling Chris's hair.

"Yes! Can I control the radio?" Chris asked after fist pumping the air.

He had gotten that from Emmett; heaven help us.

"I will think about it and let you know," Charlie answered.

With that, Chris ran out and jumped in Charlie's truck; we all followed him out the door. Carlisle locked up the house for the last time, set the alarm, and then joined me in our car. We lead the way down the driveway, as we drove away into our future.


It had been an amazing ten years. Renee and I had been blissfully happy in our marriage this time around. It had been so wonderful living with the Cullens, but I was looking forward to living in our own place again though. Renee and I had found the perfect house for us. It was plenty big enough without being too big and was close to the water. Carlisle and the boys were all as avid about fishing now as I had always been. I still missed Billy sometimes, but I thought of Carlisle as a brother; and he couldn't have been a better one. I knew I had not been fond of Edward when he first came into Bella's life, but now I was so grateful for him. He was the best son-in-law a man could ask for. He had never failed to make sure Bella and Chris were happy, safe, and well cared for; he put them first always. I had begun to think of him as my own son, the way I used to feel about Jacob. I realized long ago that Edward was the better choice, but I also saw it every day over the last ten years; he was a great father to Chris. I had begun to love all of the kids as though they were my own, just as Carlisle had all along. They all readily accepted Renee and me into the fold; they loved and respected us, as they did Carlisle and Esme. It had been a good ten years, and I looked forward to the future that awaited us in Maine.


It was hard to grasp how time just flew by when you knew you would live for an eternity, but the years had passed very quickly; and we were on the road now headed into the next stage of our lives. I was excited and nervous because even with Alice's visions we still didn't know everything that awaited us around the next corner. I just had faith though that whatever awaited us we would get through together as a family.

I was so thrilled to see how well both of my parents adapted to being immortals; they had basically no trouble at all adjusting to the veggie lifestyle of our family. They took quickly to their new status and seemed blissfully happy with each other.

It was thrilling to be moving forward to a new place again, and I looked forward to new adventures there. I loved my life as an immortal, as a wife and a mother. I had the most incredible husband and son a woman could ever want. I had several bestselling books written and published, and I loved my life in Virginia; the next few years I was going to enjoy as a school teacher. I was looking forward to that. Charlie had made up his mind to open his own law firm there, while mom kept up with her profession as an art therapist. Jasper had decided to go into law enforcement; he would be taking over a local sheriff station. Alice was starting a new children's clothing line. Emmett and Rose were opening a boat repair shop.

No doubt we would all be busy and productive; I was sure we would all be happy and content with whatever the future had in store for us.

The End

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