Hello! First story in this newly created fandom. I really can't believe how hard I've fallen for this movie, but there's a lot that's right about it, IMO.

Anyways, this is a story in which I create little one-shots based on each dragon species and its trainer (if it has one). Most of the information I get is either from the movie, from the book series, or from the official website (I'll point out anything that is made up either by me or someone not involved with the franchise). Hope you like these! Pairings will come up as they do; assume at least Astrid x Hiccup, and perhaps Ruffnut x Snotlout a bit later.

I don't own any of these characters, human, dragon or otherwise. Also, note that any of these chapters have the potential to contain [SPOILERS] for the movie. This is your only warning.


One of the toughest dragons in the world, Gronckles have large heads, short bodies, and round tails which can be expanded and used as a battering ram. They are not too fast, but they are extremely maneuverable. Gronckles are known to eat rocks and spit them out at their prey as molten projectiles. Extremely dangerous; kill on sight.


Fishlegs Ingerman sat at the desk in his room, wide-eyed and restless, pouring over the Dragon Manual for what had to be the thirty-second time, going over fact after fact and figure after figure of all the creatures contained within. He couldn't help it, really; deep down, he knew that the manual was close to useless now that dragons weren't the enemies. Still, perhaps due to force-of-habit, he was enthralled by all the statistics held within, reciting them each under his breath as the candle flickered softly from the nighttime breeze rolling in from the open window nearby.

"Terrible Terror: Attack = 8, Venom = 12; Night Fury: Stealth = 13, Speed = 16; Gronckle: Jaw strength = 8...."

A snort came from somewhere behind him; Fishlegs ignored it.

The others thought him a bit of a geek for it, but Fishlegs didn't mind at all. It was almost like a game to him, figuring out the best plan of action based on the statistics of each opponent. More than that, though, he knew it was necessary. Knowing the different strengths and attributes of each dragon was the only thing that gave him confidence enough to face one. Back in the days (last week) when young Vikings had to face these beasts as they came of age to prove their worth, Fishlegs found his strength in knowing exactly where each dragon excelled, and how each one preferred to attack. In fact, had it not been for that one comfort, it may very well have been Fishlegs, and not Hiccup, who the town ridiculed at every turn. He gathered that, even knowing everything one could probably know about them, he was just as scared as the pariah-turned-hero whilst facing the dragons--he just hid it better.

Luckily, those days were over, and his interactions with dragons have improved tenfold.

Though he wasn't quite sure why, Fishlegs LOVED flying on the back of the newly domesticated beasts. It offered danger and excitement just like fighting them, but there was a different thrill to be had on the back of a dragon, flying through the air above the clouds, looking down and seeing everything you've ever known about the world right below. He could never have imagined that he would be among the first to know that glory, nor could he contain his impatience for the next time up.

Focusing on the textbook once more, Fishlegs couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to fly some of the rarer dragons. He envisioned himself on the back of a Timberjack, slicing through the forest without regard for any obstacles may be in front of them. Or perhaps even a Night Fury—he envied Hiccup for being the sole rider of the fastest dragon known to Vikings. One day, Fishlegs told himself, he'd be able to fly some of those bigger, faster dragons. Someday. For now, however, he'd have to make do with what he had. And 'what he had' was currently nudging the back of his chair incessantly. Fishlegs sighed; the candlelight had probably woken the dragon currently taking up most of the floor space in his room. He turned to face him.

"Sorry, buddy. Didn't mean to wake you...come on, let's both go to bed."

Fishlegs made sure to scratch the neck of his Gronckle before he extinguished the candle. A Gronckle: the dullest and laziest of all the known dragons. Sure, it was tough in a fight, but when it wasn't firing off shots of molten rock or eating freshly caught ewes, it was undoubtedly sleeping. And it does a lot of sleeping...it's even been known to fall asleep while flying (and the saltwater-soaked tunic drying outside was a testament to that)! Not to mention that while it could turn on a dime, it was still rather slow in the air, and the ultra-fast beating of its wings was very uncomfortable to sit in front of. In spite of all this, though, Fishlegs felt a huge affection for the beast. It was the first dragon that Fishlegs had ever not been afraid of. And it was the first dragon that Fishlegs had ever touched. And it was the first dragon that Fishlegs had ever flown.

And, if Fishlegs was really and truly honest with himself, it was the first real, true friend he'd ever had. His Gronckle was always there to greet him at the door, and always put up with his eccentricities just as Fishlegs had put up with the ones it came with. And even though he dreamed of one day being able to fly all the other, faster dragons, he knew he would always come back to his Gronckle, dullness, slowness, laziness and all, and he'd be happiest when he did.

Fishlegs climbed into his bed, careful to avoid the sleeping reptile on the ground. Tomorrow, he would help teach other Vikings how to ride dragons (Hideous Zippleback: Speed = 9, Maneuverability = 7; Whispering Death: Stamina = 4, Speed x2 with mouth closed), so he had to get a good night's rest. Before succumbing to sleep, Fishlegs called out to his dragon, "Goodnight, Horrorcow."

He got a snore in return. Typical.

...And that's the first chapter! I made up the battle stats for the Night Fury, as well as the flying stats for all the dragon. Also, the name 'Horrorcow' is the actual name of Fishlegs' dragon from the book series (though that dragon was a female, and definitely not a Gronckle).

Next chapter up will be the Deadly Nadder. Reviews are appreciated; I accept all forms of compliments, criticisms and cruelty ;-).