Harry Potter:

Teddy Time Travel Fic: Theodore Lupin has spent the first eleven-years of his life wondering what his parents were like, if he was making them proud or if they were as amazing as everyone says they were. After spending a year at Hogwarts, Teddy, with his dads smarts, marauders cunning and his mums mischief decided to use a very old, almost forgotten spell, to send him back to a time when his parents were alive. Over the summer he said the spell in a room, which he thought to be empty. But when he wakes up in the Hogwarts Infirmary, someone familiar occupies the bed next to him.

The young metamorphmagus Theodore Lupin paced back and forth in his room frowning, his hair rapidly changing colour as he argued with himself. He knew what he was about to do would get him into a lot of trouble and could very likely screw up his timeline. But he had to go back. He had to know, to see what they were really like. It's not that his Godfather didn't tell him. Really Harry was great at making sure Teddy knew everything about his parents. The good and the not so good. But it wasn't the same as meeting them, talking to them and making the judgements for himself. That's why he had to go back.

With his hair settling on the colour brown Teddy made his way over to his trunk where he'd hidden the spell. Now all he needed to do was borrow his Godfathers timeturner. It was said to be one of the last ones left. His Aunt Hermione, who wasn't technically his Aunt but treated him a like a nephew, worked as a magical lawyer and a timeturner had been found on a wanted criminal a few months ago. The whole ministry had been stunned by the find. Something about them all being destroyed in some fight when Harry had been at school. He wasn't sure why his Godfather had it at the moment, he'd been at school when the exchange had happened, but he did know Harry had it somewhere in his room.

Feeling extremely guilty and struggling to keep his hair from turning bright yellow, which seemed to happen when he was up to something, he walked into the hallway. He could hear Harry working in his office a few doors down. Harry hadn't turned out to be an auror like everyone had thought he would. He'd claimed that he'd fought enough dark wizards to last a lifetime. So instead he had gone into the Quiddich business. He didn't play though to the upset of thousands of fans, he sold brooms and other quiddich related items. He had a shop in Hogsmead and Diagon Alley and they were extremely popular with both kids and adults.

Ginny, Harry's wife was downstairs in the kitchen cooking dinner. Young James and Albus were mucking around in the backyard and Lily was down for her nap. Harry's kids were Teddy's brothers and sister in everything but blood. He practically lived here, especially when his grandmother got a little overbearing. He wondered briefly if going to the past would change that. Would he still be a non-blood sibling of the Potters? Would Harry still even be his Godfather? Of course he would be, Teddy thought angrily to himself. It's not as if he was going to go and start sprouting off who's his parents were and what the future held. He was just going for a week, two tops. Just so he could see his parents.

Feeling another sharp pang of guilt that almost had him forgetting about the whole thing Teddy turned to the right and walked up to Harry's door. Pausing again he made sure Harry was still in his office before opening the door and slipping inside the room. Quickly scanning the room he tried to figure out where to start. He decided on the boxes atop the chest of draws. After twenty minutes of searching he was about ready to give up. Who knew breaking the rules would be so damn hard. Finally just as he had decided to give up he saw a sudden flash of gold out of the corner of his eye. Turning he saw a thin delicate chain hanging out of one of the draws next to Harry's bed.

Almost fearfully he reached for it, grasping the cool metal in his fist as he lifted it up. It was long and the metal was thin. A small hourglass hung off it, the white sand almost glittery behind the glass. Taking a deep breath he hurried back to his room, slamming the door shut behind him. With his breath coming in sallow gulps of excitement he grabbed up the sheet of paper he'd written the spell on and sat down on the edge of his bed. He still wasn't sure how he'd lucked onto this spell. He had always entertained the notion of going to past and meeting his parents. Especially after starting at Hogwarts and for a little while had seriously looked for a way. But after a couple of months of no results he had been resigned to the fact that Harry's stories would be the closest he could get.

That all changed when studying for a potions essay. Professor Malfoy, who was a right git, had asked for a two-foot essay on the properties of Welsh Green dragon skin. It was then he'd stumbled upon the spell. In a dusty old book whose spine practically disintegrated beneath his fingers. It had said the throwing powdered Welsh Green skin over a magic object could make it more specific in its job. And by throwing it over a timeturner while chanting a certain spell you could control just how far you wanted to go and even where you wanted to land.

With his heart beating rapidly in his chest he dropped to his knees next to his trunk and searched for the container where he'd stored the dragon skin. Professor Malfoy would have removed Teddy's insides if he'd known Teddy had stolen from his personal stores. But thanks to his friends he hadn't been caught and had been able to leave Hogwarts with all parts of his body intact. Finally finding the container he had been looking for Teddy stood back up. Placing the Timeturner gently onto his bed He carefully unscrewed the lid. Getting a fair sized pinch of the green tinged powder he sprinkled it over the top of the hourglass.

Holding the spell out in front of him he chanted softly, "cela atpakal vienu un trïsdesmit gadiem."

A bight light grew from where the hourglass lay. It rapidly spread out engulfing and blinding Teddy. He felt a strange sensation of pulling near his navel before the ground underneath his feet disappeared. Motion sickness had never affected Teddy but he felt sick as he was tossed around in a circle of bright light. The pain of hitting something solid was the last thing he felt before everything went dark.

Harry Potter rubbed at the lightning bolt scar on his forehead absentmindedly as he went through his shops invoices. He might just having taken up being an auror if he'd known how much paper work was involved in running a shop. Though according to Ron auror's had their fair share of paper work as well. Thinking of his best friend brought an amused smile to his face. A few months ago Ron's wife Hermione had given birth to their second child. A boy named Hugo. Ron had been ecstatic. No that he hadn't been at the birth of their first child a little girl called Rose. But he'd just been so nervous about Rose. Males were much more familiar to him after growing up with five older brothers. Though young Rosie was making it as easy as possible for her daddy. Her Granger genes seemed to be dominate at the moment.

Thinking about Ron's kids had Harry thinking about his own. James, Albus and little Lily. James looked very much like his namesake and was definitely a marauder; there was no doubt about that. He'd already giving his mother multiple heart attacks and Harry some serious headaches. Albus his second was much more reserved then his older brother. He seemed to take a bit more after Harry, especially in looks, having been the only child to inherit Harry's emerald eyes. He even had Harry's terrible eyesight and was already wearing glasses. Then finally there was little Lily who already had her mums and both her grandmothers flaming red hair. They also suspected she would also have the temper to match. At only a few months old she was already showing her stubborn streak.

With a sigh Harry turned back to the papers in his hands but the black print seemed to blur on the page. With a sigh he placed the papers back on his desk and stood up. He'd already been working for a good few hours it was time to go join his family. Maybe even get Teddy out of his room where he'd holed himself up since arriving home from Hogwarts yesterday. He was slightly worried about his Godson. Ever since he picked him up from the station the day before Teddy had been unusually quiet. He was normally a rather talkative child, thanks to his mum. Though he could very easily lose himself in a book, scarily so, thanks to his dad. Harry had thought of Teddy as his own since he'd become one of his guardians but always made sure to never replace Remus or Tonks in the young boys life.

Harry, having known what it was like to grow up knowing nothing except for lies about his own parents had always made sure to answer any of Teddy's questions truthfully. He loved how Teddy's eyes would light up when he heard about his parents. Turning his hair either sandy brown or bubblegum pink in their honour. With this in mind he exited his office to go talk to Teddy but was sidetracked by the door of his bedroom. He was sure he'd left it shut, he almost always did. It was where him and Ginny kept some of the more dangerous magical items they had away from the children. He was pretty sure he would have heard James or Albus coming up the stairs he still decided to have a quick check.

Harry had always been observant, quickly learning to pick up the signals his Aunt or Uncle sent out when they were getting annoyed and experiencing a war had only sharpened this skill. So he immediately took in that someone had been in his room after one sweep. A few of his and Ginny's draws weren't shut probably and a few of Ginny's jewellery boxes had their lids off. He grew slightly worried when he noticed the top draw of his bedside table open. Hurrying over he realised with a groan that the timeturner Hermione had intrusted him with was gone. He knew the only one who could have done this would have been Teddy.

So with quick strides he hurried over to the boy's room and opened the door. Half angry and half curious. Upon opening the door he was engulfed in a blinding white light and ripped off his feet.