Summary: The Gate doesn't want your life, Edward Elric. It wants you to fulfill your destiny in another world…perhaps. Equivalent exchange is so subjective. Ha. There are so many worlds out there, though. The one that needs you now… is the world where Devil Fruits and pirates dominate. Will you accomplish what this world needs you to do? Or will you die before you can return to your own world?

During the huge battle in Central, Hohenheim sacrificed his life to defeat the one the homunculi called Father. Making use of the fact that the Gate manifested itself physically in underground Central, Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, used his own life force to negotiate with the Gate to try and return Alphonse his body. However, negotiations don't always go well, especially if the one you're trying to negotiate with has the name of Truth/the Gate. Equivalent exchange can be subjective, eh? The Gate fulfills his wish, but at a different price.

Author's Note: I haven't been writing fiction for 7-8 years already. Please bear with me for funny phrases and quirky ideas. I hope to create a non-typical One Piece – FMA crossover that my readers will enjoy. Read and review! Thank you

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist belongs to Arakawa Hiromu. One Piece belongs to Oda Eiichiro.

Chapter 1: Prologue

A young golden-eyed boy lay against a wooden surface, unmoving. He could see nothing. Surrounding him was only the darkness.

Eehhh… a strained voice seemed to echo throughout the cave of his mind.

Why can't I see anything? His thoughts rang loudly in the deafening silence.

Crap. My body, it won't move. What the heck? Oh crap!!

With a jolt of realization, one Edward Elric suddenly remembered the situation.


During the battle with the one they called Father and his homunculus, Hohenheim had sacrificed his life to save them all. Being a living Philosopher's Stone, he was the only one who had enough energy to counter the activation of the transmutation circle that spanned the country. When the country-wide transmutation failed, it backfired and caused Father's body, or rather container, to break down. Unable to regenerate like it always did, the souls contained within it quickly escaped and returned to the Gate where they should have been since the lives of the Xerxians were extinguished.

The cycle of life and death was so. When humans die, their material bodies return to the Earth. Their souls return to the Gate, where they form a stream of life force, or life energy. This was the same energy that Xing's alkahestry made use of. This energy then gave life to new beings, newborn humans, animals and plants alike.

Ed never had much contact with his father and always claimed to have hated him for leaving their mother. Yet, when he was all alone at night, thinking, he had no choice but to admit to himself that Hohenheim might really have been a significant part of his life. Learning alchemy, transmutation… the old man was good at everything he was not. Maybe that was why he always tried to deny his sentiments for him. He had always been in awe of his father, but he would die rather than admit that to anybody, including his dear brother Al. Although, Al probably knew what he was thinking all along anyways.

All the homunculus had been annihilated together with Father. While they mourned the loss of Hohenheim, there were still things to be done. The Gate, which had opened up in the middle of Underground Central, was highly unstable. If left alone, it could possibly start to drain the life force of Amestrian creatures, in an attempt to stay open. Hohenheim had warned them of the possible scenarios they might face even after Father was defeated. Hence, they were prepared.

Al's blood seal had already started to weaken prior to the battle. They all knew that the only way to solve the problem for real was to allow his soul to return to his original body, but that was still trapped within the Gate. With his years of experience and knowledge, Hohenheim had once spoken to Edward alone regarding that matter, without letting Alphonse know.

Hohenheim had said, "There will only be one chance to negotiate with the Gate, that is, when it has clearly manifested itself physically in this world. But then again, the Gate hasn't been known to be cool with negotiations. Worst case scenario, the negotiator could lose his life. That's you, Ed. You have to be prepared." The words were objective, but from the tone of his voice, you could hear the worry and care that Hohenheim rarely showed. His voice had already cracked on saying the word 'life'. At the time, Edward only nodded with a steely gaze.

That day, he was prepared for the worst case scenario. He knew what he had to do, and he was going to do it.

He knew it might just consume his life doing whatever he was about to do, but he wasn't about to falter because he was scared of death. If anything, he felt relief that he was finally able to do what he'd been trying to achieve even before joining the military as a dog. He would finally be able to help Al get his body back. Previously it had literally cost him an arm and a leg in negotiating with the Gate. This time, it could cost his life.

He looked to the side, where Mustang was. It was taking all the black-haired man's effort just to stand at the side. Edward had, for the first and only time ever, begged him not to interfere when the time came. He gritted his teeth and made himself look. This could be the last time I see this puny subordinate of mine. Heh. This had better go well, Fullmetal.

Their eyes met and thoughts were exchanged silently. Heh. Of course, you flame maniac. You had better become a damn good Fuhrer. Then he finally clapped his gloved hands together and slapped them down, one on himself and one on the blood seal. A bright white light slowly began to engulf him and the Gate.

End flashback

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!! Okay wait. I gotta stay calm. Why can't I see or feel anything? He paused in his thoughts.

I'm not breathing. He realized.

I. Have. To. Breathe!! Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…

The youth's lungs began to fill up with oxygen and the scent of salt, wait no, sea water. With a snap, his eyelids opened. Wow, what a blue sky… He thought in awe. Yeah right…

Why the heck am I in a barrel that's floating on the sea!? No way in the world that I'm still in underground Central. I…I still have my automail limbs. They weren't taken by the Gate. I'm breathing and I'm thinking. This has to mean that I'm alive, right? Does that mean that Al is..? No. No. No. Think positive. Al's obviously not here. Where is he then? Has he gotten his body back? Or..?

His thoughts were interrupted by a wave of seawater which rocked the barrel sideways, almost overturning it. He gingerly stuck his head out to reconfirm his surroundings.

What the… His golden eyes only grew larger and larger as he began to realize his very peculiar situation.

The Fullmetal Alchemist was now floating alone in a wooden barrel in the middle of the sea. And in this sea there were clouds. Not small fluffy clouds, but huge tumbling clouds which made up the bulk of the sea.

In the distance there was an island. It looked like there were many windmills on the ground and wind vanes sticking to the top of houses. The shapes of the houses were even stranger still.

But the strangest thing had nothing to do with the physical landscape of the island. It was the silhouette of a woman who was spinning a blue pole of sorts. Was she was creating lightening and clouds out of nowhere?!

The orange-haired lady spun on her heel to peer into the direction of the sea, as though she felt somebody watching her. Her facial features rearranged themselves into a look of surprise as she saw the figure of a head sticking out of a floating barrel.

"Gramps!! WE HAVE A SITUATION HERE!" her voice carried all the way out to sea and inland as people started shuffling out of their houses to the beach where she was.

"Uh.......?" was all Edward Elric could think of as he watched the commotion build up on the distant island.