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...Chapter 1: The Wish...

Kagome smiled in pure happiness before picking up the complete Shikon no Tama from the ground with her bloodied hands. She and her friends had just defeated Naraku. But it was her who had dealt the final blow.

She had let her friends distract Naraku so that she could get in close to use her miko powers to obliterate him. Because Sesshomaru had been training her in the art of the sword, she had learned to channel her miko energy over the length of her blade, causing her to be much more deadly.

The plan had been to fully distract Naraku so that Kagome could get in close and kill him, since her miko energy would be able to leave not one piece of that bastard behind.

Kikyo had joined the group and the Final Battle had approached. She may be a skilled archer, but she didn't have near the amount of miko powers that Kagome had. She had finally come to terms that InuYasha did not kill her, and they were now together. Kikyo taught Kagome how to better control her powers and helped her to master the bow.

Shippo on the other hand, had become quite skilled in his control of fire and illusions. Sesshomaru training him and Kagome together had given him the confidence that he had needed. His hair and tail had grown to a darker red, he was 2 inches taller, and his tail was several inches longer. Soon though, she would officially adopt him as her son through youkai standards.

Back to the matter at hand, Kagome's smile brightened as the Shikon was purified just by her simple touch. Turning back to her comrades and friends, Kagome watched as Sango walked up to her and hugged her in relief.

"We did it," she whispered happily.

Kagome nodded, smiling and hugging her back.

"Yes we did, didn't we?" Kagome whispered back in relief.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 Day Later...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kagome waved to Koga and Ayame as they took off for the Eastern Lands with their pack. Koga had finally come to accept Ayame as his promised mate and swore that he would follow through with his promise. Though, he neglected to mention that he really cared for Ayame now.

It had been decided; Kagome was to make the wish. Kagome wanted to make sure that she made the wish properly, so she had stayed up all night to think about it. She finally came to a decision just as the sun began to rise.

Turning back to the group, Kagome prepared herself. There was no guarantee that the Shikon would disappear, but it was worth a try. Taking a deep breath, Kagome spoke.

"You guys ready?" she asked nervously. There was no telling what the Shikon would do once the wish was made. Everyone nodded as they prepared themselves.

Kagome nodded back, took a deep breath, then spoke.

"Shikon no Tama, Jewel of the Four Souls, please grant my pure wish. I wish that everyone who had been hurt by the Shikon to once again regain their happiness," she said.

Just then, a bright pink light shot out of the Shikon and it enveloped Kagome. The light was so bright that everyone had to cover their eyes.

Kagome opened her eyes to find herself in a large field full of wildflowers and a bright pink sky. Kagome was not alarmed though, since there was a calming aura to the place. Suddenly, a woman with long jet black wavy hair and brown eyes materialized out of thin air. She had what looked like four shards on her forehead, one for North, South, East and West. She wore traditional miko robes, and over that she wore traditional armor. A sword in its sheathe was placed though her sash. She walked up to Kagome and gazed at her with a kind look in her eyes. Kagome was stunned, to say the least.

"Hello Kagome. It's a pleasure to finally meet you," she said, in a soft sweet voice.

Kagome was amazed. She had no idea what to say, or even who this woman was.

"Um, who are you?" Kagome asked in awe.

The woman let out a tinkling laugh and sat next to Kagome.

"I am Midoriko, and I am here to explain the happenings of your wish. It is a little bit more complicated than you would think," she said gently.

Kagome nodded, her thoughts swimming with questions. But she had one in particular.

"What happenings are you talking about? Surely everyone was hurt by the Shikon will be happy again? Like Kikyo and InuYasha for example. Wouldn't it make them happy somehow?" she asked curiously, slightly confused.

Midoriko smiled.

"Ah, but then you would be killed, since Kikyo would need your soul to be alive again. That's why I'm here. To work out the finer details. For that one for example, Kikyo will be given a completely new soul, and you'll get the rest of yours back. She will still be herself, but with a soul that is all her own. You see what I mean?" she asked.

Kagome nodded, smiling. She was going to feel whole again!

"Now, as for your friend Sango, there is nothing we can do for the Demon Slayer Village. They have been dead for too long. As for Kohaku, he will have his life and his memories back. That will bring them all the happiness of the world. Shippo, since his parents weren't involved with the Shikon at all, there is no way to bring them back. But, since he is involved with the Shikon through you, and his ultimate happiness would be to have you for his mother, there is only one way to do that. And that would be to make you a youkai," she said seriously.

Kagome's jaw dropped.

"A y-youkai? That's impossible! I am human!" she yelped.

Midoriko laughed again and smiled.

"Oh my dear Kagome, it is very possible. With me, any wish can be granted. And since yours covers a large spectrum of things, I'm here to work them out with you. Now I don't have much time. What type of demon do you wish to be?," she asked seriously.

Kagome gulped and scratched the back of her head nervously.

"Um, what kinds of kitsunes are there? I know there are fire kitsunes, like Shippo, but I also know there are more. Could you tell me?" she asked sweetly.

Midoriko nodded.

"Very well. There are ice kitsunes, silver kitsunes, shadow kitsunes, earth kitsunes, wind kitsunes, and lightening kitsunes. Which would you like to be?," she asked.

Kagome put her hand under her chin and propped it up on her knee.

"You know, it's very hard to choose, so could I have a mix of the ice, silver, and fire kitsunes? That would make this easier," she said.

Midoriko nodded.

"It shall be done. Now, as for Miroku, his Wind Tunnel is now gone, so he will be given another power for his defenses. His spiritual power will be increased so that he can form better and stronger attacks. Rin, since she was involved with the Shikon, though indirectly, will become an Inu Youkai once Sesshomaru adopts her so that he never has to worry about her dying," she said.

Kagome nodded.

"That's all fine and dandy, but what will happen to the Shikon no Tama now that a pure wish was made? Will it finally disappear?" she asked, tense.

Midoriko sighed, and looked up at Kagome.

"I was wondering when you would ask that. It is true that you made a pure wish, and in doing so you released the four souls from the Shikon, but it will never completely disappear. After this talk, the Shikon will merge with your soul, giving its power and immortality. The power is yours to use as you please, though I have absolutely no worries about what you will do with that power. You are basically going to BECOME the Shikon no Tama. It is safer that way," she said seriously.

Kagome nodded, her smile gone.

'I knew something like this was going to happen,'she thought glumly.

Midoriko nodded.

"So it is settled then. I shall leave now and the Shikon will merge with your soul. Afterwards, you will change into a youkai. I must warn you though; both are very painful processes that will most likely leave you unconscious. I suggest that you sleep for the next couple of days. Oh, and thank you for freeing me. I can now rest in peace," she said, then vanished like a ghost.

Kagome was startled when she saw the Shikon suddenly appear right in front of her, floating in midair. then, just as suddenly as it appeared, it shot right at her chest where her heart was and Kagome heard a sickening crack and then felt tremendous pain sweep through her chest as the Shikon sought her soul and melded with it. The next thing she knew, the pain was gone and all that was left was a dull ache. Gingerly, Kagome's fingers brushed her chest where she had felt the Shikon enter and when she pulled her fingers back, there was no blood to be seen.

Then a whole new pain took its place. The only way to describe it would be it felt like her whole body was on fire and freezing at the same time. Her dull human fingernails lengthened into sharp claws, her human canines lengthened into full-fledged fangs. Her hair changed from the blue-black color it was before to snowy silver-white, with light blue and dark red streaks all through it. Her eyes, a once muddy brown, changed to a cerulean blue, with a ring of red through the middle of the iris. Then her weak human ears sunk into her head and two silver-white tipped with blue and red fox ears appeared on her head. Two fox tails, silver-white in color with one tipped in light blue and the other tipped in dark red appeared. And finally, two jagged stripes appeared on each cheek, shoulder, wrist, hip, and ankle, the top one red and the bottom one blue. A blue crescent moon appeared on her forehead with a crimson teardrop in the middle. Her transformation was complete. Then Kagome fainted from the intense pain and all she saw was black.

******************************************With The Others***********************************************

It had been a good two hours since Kagome was enveloped by the light of the Shikon. No one could get near, since there was a barrier around it. So the only thing that they could do was wait.

Suddenly, the light disappeared in a giant blast that sent everyone on their backs. When the dust cleared, they saw a sleeping Kagome on the ground. However, Kagome was no longer human. She was a kitsune! And there was a little note next to her. It said:

Dear Kagome's Friends,

I'm so sorry I took so long talking to her, but there were many things that needed to be said. She will explain things further to you when she wakes up. Take care of her!



Sango read the letter out loud for everyone to hear. InuYasha just 'feh'-ed, Sesshomaru grunted, Miroku sighed, Rin smiled, Shippo cheered, Kohaku gave a small smile, and Jaken 'humph'-ed. Sango sighed and asked Aisu, Kagome's kitsune partner almost exactly like Kirara, but he was a kitsune, was white with a light blue diamond marking on his head, light blue tipped tails(he had 3), and light blue around all of his paws, to carry Kagome back to Kaede's hut. He nodded and in a burst of blue fire, he changed into his larger form, which was slightly bigger than Kirara. He waited patiently as Sango put Kagome on his back and then climbed on herself behind Kagome. Suddenly, the rest of Kagome's soul shot out of Kikyo and entered Kagome, and then a soul came down from the sky and entered Kikyo, making her a human again.

"Kikyo, are you alright?" asked a worried InuYasha.

Kikyo nodded, smiling.

"I'm alive and whole again!" she said happily.

The rest of the group followed as Kagome, Sango, and Aisu took to the skies.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 Days Later...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kagome woke with a groan and rolled over on the futon that she was on. Suddenly, when she realized that what had happened was real and not a dream, she shot up.

"Whoa, Kagome! Take it easy. You've been asleep for 2 days! "said Sango, as she sat next to Kagome's futon.

Kagome smiled at the site of her best friend and sister. Then she was nearly bowled over when a red fur ball and a white and blue fur ball pounced on her. Laughing, Kagome hugged Shippo and Aisu, (whose name meant ice) , to her.

"Momma! You're a kitsune now! Now you can really be my Momma!" Shippo squealed happily.

Kagome smiled as she shifted Aisu to her shoulder and held Shippo in front of her.

"Hey Shippo, you want to become my son today? You and I have waited long enough," Kagome said smiling.

Shippo nodded his head vigorously.

Kagome smiled.

"Okay then! Let's find Sesshomaru to do the blood bond. He has to tell us what to do, "she said, standing up. Still with Shippo in her arms, Kagome exited the hut with Sango hot on her heels. They found Sesshomaru sparring with InuYasha in a nearby field.

'I so love the new senses,' Kagome thought happily.

"You asshole! What did you do that for! This is only a sparring match! "InuYasha yelled, causing Kagome's new fox ears to flatten to her head. God was he loud!

"I am merely taking this practice seriously. If you do not take a practice spar seriously, as if you were really fighting for your life, then you are learning nothing," Sesshomaru said calmly.

InuYasha fumed and was about to retort when Kagome marched into the clearing, Shippo in her arms, Aisu on her shoulder, and Sango hot on her heels.

"Sesshomaru-sensei, could you tell us how to perform the blood bond? I can make Shippo my son now," Kagome said, as she went to stand in front of Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru nodded.

"First, you must make a small cut on your forehead and then make a small cut on Shippo's head. Then you press the two cuts together, let the blood mix, and then the blood bond will be formed. From that moment on, you will protect the kit as fiercely as if he were your own," Sesshomaru said.

Kagome nodded, and did what Sesshomaru told them to. Shippo hissed when his cut was made with her claw, really it was a nick, but she shushed him and blew on it. Then she pressed their foreheads together, letting the blood from both cuts mix when a wonderful thing happened. In a flash of light, the cuts disappeared and on Shippo's forehead was the exact same mark that was on her head. Miraculously, they could hear each other's thoughts.

"Now you should be able to hear each other's thoughts and sense each other over any distance. The Blood Bond is complete," Sesshomaru said calmly.

Kagome and Shippo laughed in delight before hugging each other and spinning around.

They were finally Mother and Son.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 days Later...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It had been 2 days since the Blood Bond, and Sesshomaru was helping Kagome hone her youkai abilities. They had all decided to try to go and visit Kagome's Time for a break that was well earned. The idea was that everyone had to be touching Kagome in some way to be able to pass. That was the theory anyway. The only thing that Kagome was NOT looking forward to was all the horrible smells. InuYasha kept telling her of all the nasty smells and she would get sick just thinking about it. So anytime he even brought it up anymore she 'sat' him. He stopped shortly after that.

And today was the day that they were going to test the theory. Kagome and the whole gang were already by the Well, excluding Jaken, who didn't want to go. They were all waiting for her.

"Okay, everyone stand on the rim of the well. Yes, just like that. Now, everyone reach out and touch me. Good. Now, when I say jump, I want all of you to jump with me. Ready? 3-2-1-JUMP!" Kagome yelled, as she and the others all jumped at the same time. And Kagome was surprised when ALL of them were enveloped in the familiar blue light that took her home. The next thing she knew, they were all on the bottom of the well in her time. Standing up, she sprang up and into the well-house, then waited for everyone to come up. Aisu was already on her shoulder, and Shippo was in her arms. Sesshomaru and InuYasha sprang up like she did, and Kirara carried Miroku, Kohaku, Rin, and Sango up and into the well-house.

Once everyone was up, Kagome turned to the well-house doors and prepared her nose, then opened the doors. The horrible smells of the gas, carbon dioxide and other smells assaulted her nose. Covering her nose, she motioned for the others to follow her as she ran at practically youkai speed to the house, everyone following. Once she reached the front door, she motioned everyone in and shut the door behind them.

Kagome uncovered her nose in relief. In her house, ever since InuYasha visited, her mother had installed an air purifier to clean the air for InuYasha's comfort. Now, it would serve as her comfort as well. Kagome pushed ahead of the others and called for her Mom.

"Mom! Souta! Grandpa! I'm home and have a few guests!" Kagome shouted.

"Kagome! No need to shout!" her mother, Sheena, said. Then her eyes widened at her daughters appearance. "Kagome! What happened to you?"

Kagome laughed nervously and scratched the back of her head.

"Well it's a long story actually..." Kagome trailed off.

Sheena smiled warmly.

"Well, we have plenty of time. Father! Souta! Get down here this instant! Kagome has something very important to tell us!" Sheena called up the stairs. Foot-steps were heard as Souta and Grandpa scrambled down the stairs. They stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of Kagome. Grandpa rushed forward and slapped a sutra on Kagome's forehead.

"Demon be-gone!" he cried.

Kagome dead-panned and pulled the sutra off her head, her eye twitching.

"Grandpa, it's me, Kagome," she said.

Grandpa's eyes widened.

"B-but! How?" he screeched, and then fainted.

"Oh dear. Kagome, take everyone to the living-room so we can talk. I'll bring your Grandfather," Sheena said sadly.

Kagome did as was told and brought everyone to the living-room. She waited as her mother propped her Grandpa in the recliner.

Then Sheena sat on the couch across from Kagome and leaned back.

"Alright Kagome, what happened?" she asked calmly.

"Well, you see...," Kagome started.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 Hours Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"I see. So now you are all here for a vacation right?" Sheena asked.

Kagome nodded.

"Well, as you know, we don't have room for all of you here. How about you visit your father hm? You haven't seen him in what, 10 years? It would be a good thing for you. And your cousins and Uncle live in the same area. What do you say?" Sheena asked Kagome.

Kagome's eyes widened, then narrowed in anger at the mention of her father. He had abandoned them shortly after Souta was born, after all. She shook her head vigorously in anger.

"No! He left us! Why should I talk to him?" Kagome asked furiously.

Sheena sighed, already knowing that this reaction would come. But it was time Kagome knew the truth.

"Because dear, he had very valid reasons for leaving, I assure you. He will tell you them himself once you go see him. Believe me dear when I say that he loves you very much. You need this and I'm sure he needs it as well," she said whole-heartedly.

Kagome sighed as her anger left her. Maybe her mom was right. It was time to face it.

"You're SURE he had a valid reason?" Kagome asked hesitantly.

This was the opening Sheena had been looking for.

"I am absolutely sure. You'll feel better once you know the truth from him," she said sincerely.

Kagome sighed again and rubbed her temples.

"Fine," she said, "We'll go vacation at his place. Where did you say he and Uncle lived again?"

Sheena smiled.

"They live over in Karakura Town," she said.

"Wow, that's far. Oh well. You'll call him in the morning Mom? You know how he goes to bed early," Kagome said.

"Sure I will. Now off to bed you guys. We have lots to do tomorrow," Sheena said. Everyone nodded and went to their respective borrowed rooms.

...End of Chapter 1: The Wish...

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