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+…..Chapter 2: Reunited At Last…..+

Sheena walked into the kitchen and grabbed the phone off the wall to make the phone call to Kagome's father. She dialed the number and waited. A man with a deep voice answered the phone, and Sheena asked for Kagome's father by name and told the man on the other line her name. The man when to get Kagome's father and when she heard his voice, she felt relieved. She told him of Kagome's visit and how she was going to be arriving sometime in the afternoon along with her friends. She also listed off how many people were with Kagome, and the recommended sleeping arrangements. As soon as she listed those off, she heard him calling to someone in the background to prepare said rooms. Once he returned to the phone, she told him what time to pick Kagome up from the train station. She also told him of her uncle and cousins being there as well. He thanked her for everything she told him and what she was doing, then they said their goodbyes before hanging up.

Then Sheena dialed another number, this time her brother and Kagome's uncle. She quickly informed him of Kagome's surprise visit and her many friends who were tagging along. She also told him what time to be at the train station. He told her how ecstatic he was about the whole thing before quickly hanging up and obviously going to prepare for the day. Sheena smiled down at the phone in her hand, before setting it back in its cradle. She really was glad that she had such a wonderful family. She quickly made her way into the kitchen and got started on the big and early breakfast for the whole house.

+….With Kagome….+

Kagome's eyes blinked sleepily as she squinted against the bright light of the early morning. Rolling over and off of her bed, she sleepily untangled herself from her sheets and stumbled over to her dresser on the other side of the room and pulled the alarm clock off the dresser and right up to her face. She squinted at it through her sleep-induced eyes and groaned. It was 6 o'clock already? She really didn't want to get up, but they all had to take showers, pack, and eat breakfast before catching the noon train, so it was unanimously decided to wake up at the break of dawn (Sesshomaru & InuYasha's own words) which just so happened to be 6 am. Kagome may be a morning person now (what with all the 'waking up at the break of dawn and traveling' in the Feudal Era) but she really wasn't looking forward to seeing her father today. Kagome fingered the silver crescent moon pendant around her neck. It was a necklace made especially for her from Totosai. It has the special properties to hide her most demonic traits, namely her fangs, claws, ears, and tails. Her hair and eyes stayed the same though, with the exception of her red and blue streaks; which disappeared also, which was a downside to the necklace. Her hair was plain silver-white in her human form. Sesshomaru had it made for her while she had been knocked out, and had asked her if he could adopt her to be his little sister. She had immediately said yes, because he was already so much like a brother to her. They had decided to wait with the adoption ceremony, since it was much more intricate and complicated, due to him being a DaiYoukai.

So, Kagome dug through her dresser and pulled out what she thought would be pretty comfortable, which turned out to be a black tank top with a pair of cargo jeans. After grabbing her underclothes, she headed to the bathroom and was relieved when she found that she was the first one there. She quickly took her shower, knowing that there were many people after her who needed the shower as well. As she walked out of the bathroom fully dressed with a towel wrapped around her damp hair, she saw Sesshomaru heading in. He nodded to her as he passed her and she nodded back. She smiled as she saw him close the bathroom door behind him, towel in hand. She was glad that she had taught all of her Feudal Era friends the night before how to use the bathtub, shower, and the toilet. It was actually quite funny to see Sesshomaru get spooked from her flushing the toilet. He looked like he was going to attack it until she had told him how it worked and what it was used for. InuYasha acted all smug, like this was something he saw all the time, but Kagome remembered when he had acted just like that in the very beginning. Kagome painfully went through all of the stuff they would see on their trip to her father's, and she warned them to act like they normally do when relaxed, or else people will think that they are crazy or weird. She even gave them modern clothes to blend in more. All the demons or half-demons in InuYasha's case were wearing some type of amulet that Totosai made to hide their demonic features.

After her musing, Kagome headed downstairs where everyone was seated for breakfast. Sango was wearing a dark pink tube top and tight black pants and she had her hair done in her 'relaxed' style, though tied back with a matching dark pink ribbon. Miroku wore a form-fitting dark purple tee-shirt and black slacks. He kept his earrings and his usual hairstyle. Sesshomaru wore a white muscle shirt with loose dark blue jeans. His hair was pulled neatly back into a low pony-tail and his ears looked like normal human ears, courteous of his pendant, and identical one to hers and InuYasha's. Kikyo wore a red tight tee-shirt and a white free flowing skirt white a small white over coat. Shippo wore a green tee-shirt decorated with oranges on the front and matching green shorts. InuYasha wore a red tee-shirt and black jeans. His hair was combed (for once) and pulled back into a high ponytail. His hair was the same white, but he had his human ears and no fangs or claws. All in all, everyone looked like they had always lived in the modern era all of their lives.

Quickly though, everyone settled down and ate their breakfast before quickly packing their things. As soon as they finished, it was time to head to the train station and they quickly left with all their belongings and made it just in time to catch the noon train. They had another 4 hours before they reached their destination. So Kagome decided to catch up on her beauty sleep that she had missed out on by waking up early.

+…4 Hours Later…+

Kagome was shaken awake by Shippo, who announced that they had arrived. Groaning, Kagome grabbed her duffel bag and led the others out of the train and into the lobby area of the station, where people held up signs as they waited for a particular someone to get off of the train. Kagome scanned the rows of signs and finally found one with her first and last name on it, located at the further end of the lobby. It was being enthusiastically waved about by her uncle, his short but clearly visible facial hair giving him away. Kagome motioned for the others to follow her and walked up to the (extremely tall, compared to her at least) man who held the sign. Two girls stood on either side of him, one with straight shoulder-length black hair and the other with slightly shorter light orange hair held back with two small red barrettes. The one with black hair was adamantly looking away, obviously not wanting to be anywhere in the vicinity. Kagome could instantly tell that they would get on great. The one with the light orange hair, on contrary, was smiling so happily that her eyes sparkled. There was also a teenage boy with bright orange hair standing next to them, looking like he'd rather be anywhere but there at the moment. Kagome chuckled, since she was absolutely sure he would remember her. Her cousins. Kagome sighed as she mentally prepared herself for what was to come next.

"Kurosaki Isshin?" Kagome asked with a sigh, already knowing the answer. He eyed her up and down and gave her a once over, before asking cautiously.

"And who might you be?" he asked suspiciously. Kagome sighed in irritation, but she should have expected this. It had been years since he had seen her last, and she had had black hair and brown eyes then, not silvery-white hair and deep blue eyes with a ring of red. Her new eyes were…as Sango had mentioned once…slightly unnerving to look at now, given how strange and other-worldly they seemed to look into your soul. She put her fingers to her temple and rubbed it, trying (and failing) to subdue the oncoming headache at the reminder of this revelation. It had made her irritated at the whole thing when she had tested it out herself and tried to talk (rather politely might I add) to some random passerby on the street. They took one look at her eyes before running in fear. It made her terribly angry and sad that she was obviously no longer accepted as one of them. A human. Well, it didn't matter now. She had more important things to take care of.

"I am Higurashi Kagome, and you may not recognize me, since I dyed my hair, and well—," Kagome began, only to be engulfed in an extremely tight hug and picked up off her feet by an ecstatic Kurosaki Isshin. Kagome sighed as the predicted waterworks began.

"KYA~! OH KAGOME-CHAN! I'M SO GLAD THAT YOU CAME TO VISIT YOUR UNCLE ISSHIN! UNCLE ISSHIN HAS MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH!" he blubbered, as he swung Kagome back and forth for good measure. The Inu-Tachi looked on in incredulity, and became even more incredulous as the black-haired girl (who was looking away before) suddenly landed a fierce kick to Isshin's cheek, sending him flying halfway across the station. Kagome smiled widely at the girl and she smiled back, before turning to where Isshin lay in a heap halfway across the station and began to yell at him.

"Stop acting embarrassing Goat-Beard! Or I'll hit you again!" she yelled at him, causing him to rise to his feet, his hand rubbing his cheek and tears pouring down his face.

"KYA~! MY SWEET KARIN-CHAN DOESN'T LOVE HER TOU-SAN!" he bawled, as he flipped open his wallet to reveal a picture of an orange-haired woman. "OH MASAKI! OUR DAUGHTER HATES HER TOU-SAN!" he blubbered. Kagome simply raised her eyebrow at his usual idiocy before ignoring him and turning towards the two girls and teenage boy.

"Hey! I'm your cousin, Kagome Higurashi, and you might not remember me, since the last time I saw you was when you were about four. You must be Ichigo, Karin, and Yuzu right? You guys sure have grown up!" Kagome smiled gently, causing them to smile back at her. Yuzu, the light orange haired girl, stepped forward and gave Kagome a tight hug.

"I remember you Nee-san," she whispered to Kagome softly. Kagome smiled in return, then closed her eyes and hugged Yuzu tighter. Once she let go of Yuzu and stood back from the hug, she was surprised when she was tackled into a hug by Karin, whose eyes were closed tightly as she hugged Kagome fiercely. Kagome's eyes softened and she returned the surprise hug and she heard Karin's soft whisper.

"I missed you so much Nee-san," she whispered fiercely, relief coloring her tone.

"I missed you too Karin-chan," Kagome whispered back, before letting her go and stepping back from her hug. She was then hugged fiercely by Ichigo. His little cousin was back, and he was happy. Kagome grinned and hugged him fiercely before letting him go and stepping back. Kagome fixed Ichigo and the twins with a serious gaze (since Isshin was still preoccupied with Masaki's photo), planted her fists on her hips, and got down to the ugly question she was ever so reluctant to ask.

"Okay guys, now where is my father? He should've been here by now," Kagome asked, as she eyed the girls apprehensively. Ichigo, Yuzu, and Karin exchanged nervous looks before Yuzu stepped forward and answered her.

"Well…You see Nee-san…We've never actually met him…so…" she trailed off, only to be interrupted by a deep man's voice from behind her.

"My my…If it isn't my Kagome-chan! You sure grew up fast!" said the man excitedly behind them. They jumped in surprise and quickly turned around to look at who had spoken. Kagome's eyes met with the man's and her eyes widened in recognition. She froze. This man…was her father. Suddenly, Ichigo recovered from his shock and managed to say one name from his shocked lips.

"Ura-Urahara-san?" Ichigo spluttered in surprise and shock

Said man grinned down at them before flipping open his hand fan and covering his face from the nose down.

"In the flesh!" he stated slyly, his eyes glinting in glee.

+…..End of Chapter 2: Reunited At Last…..+

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