This was my first attempt at writing a PWP/one-shot in February 2010. Now it has turned into a collection of Sephiroth/Cloud one-shots.

I do not own the characters, nor do I plan to make money from these stories. It's purely for fun.

He handled the blond man so easily, so gently. It was as if Cloud could break.
But the strength Sephiroth possessed was immense.
He could break Cloud in half if he wanted to, but the thought had not crossed his mind.

Oh, Gods
. Sephiroth could feel the blood boiling in his veins, could feel sweat forming on his skin. It was dark in the room except for slivers of moonlight that filtered in through the curtains hanging on the window. Not a sound could be heard aside from the quiet sucking noises that Cloud made while on his knees in front of him.

Cloud was not holding anything back tonight. He had kept all of his secrets hidden inside, his secret desires, a secret lust, secret love. He trailed his hand down the chest of the silver-haired man, dragging his fingernails down along the way. He felt Sephiroth shiver. His other hand wrapped around the length of Sephiroth's cock, moving it in rhythm with his mouth. He was giving it his all tonight. Giving it all to this beautiful long-haired man and loving the slightly sweet taste of his flesh and pre-cum.

He would have gladly died here.

He felt a hand at the back of his head, Sephiroth's fingers threading themselves through his short blond hair. He felt a slight tug at his locks but ignored the pain. He concentrated on the way Sephiroth groaned when Cloud moved his tongue a certain way, and repeated the action. The man would not last for too much longer, and he had to be very, very careful not to push him over the edge.

"Stop," Sephiroth grunted in a low voice. Cloud took his cue and gave Sephiroth's cock a last lick. Getting up from the floor, he met Sephiroth eye to eye as he uttered the words that had been stuck in his throat for months now.

"I... I love you."

"I know."

Cloud was taken aback by Sephiroth's dull reply. He had hoped he would say it back, or allude to it in some small way, but the tall man just stood there, his glowing eyes hungry with lust.

Cloud had never done this before, never had been with anyone.

"You suck cock like a pro, Strife."

Cloud blushed, his pale skin feeling overheated and every inch of his body on fire. "Thanks," he said. Adding, "I learned by watching you do it to me."

Sephiroth chuckled softly and led Cloud to his bed. He had not been the first, nor would he be the last to be in his bed. He still had his eye on Zack Fair.

"Come." He motioned to Cloud with a finger, beckoning him to join. "I have something for you." He reached under the mattress and pulled out a black leather collar. "I want you to put it on." Cloud did so dutifully as Sephiroth pulled a chain leash from underneath the mattress as well. He hooked it to the collar that Cloud was wearing and gave it a slight but strong tug.

"I considered a horse bit and a saddle, but this suits you more."

He helped Cloud onto the bed and forced him into a kneeling position - ass in the air, hands in front of him. He yanked the leash and heard Cloud let out a small yelp in surprise. A tight blindfold was wrapped around Cloud's head, blocking out all light. In the darkness, he began to panic.

"I'm right here. I won't hurt you," he heard Sephiroth say.

He heard a small click and felt Sephiroth's cold fingers working their way into his tight ass. He flinched from the cold lubrication but moaned as Sephiroth's fingers worked magic on him. He felt the hand trail down to his cock and play with it teasingly. He gasped when he felt Sephiroth's hands placed on his hips and massaging his asscheeks.

A bright flash of pain shot through Cloud as Sephiroth pushed his massive cock into Cloud's tight ass. "Ohhh, nggghhh..."

Sephiroth said nothing. One hand still on Cloud's hip and the other hand wrapped tightly around the leash, he began his deliberately slow movements, drawing out each thrust to make it last.

"So good." It was all Cloud heard him say. He felt Sephiroth slowly start to pick up speed, felt fingernails digging into his asscheek. Faster and faster, the silver-haired man fucked Cloud within an inch of his life. Cloud moaned, a sound that was long and drawn out, when he came. Sephiroth grunted and cursed when he himself came. It was the best orgasm he had had in a very, very long time. Whether it was the sex or something else, Sephiroth felt different.

Removing the blindfold and collar from Cloud, he tossed them to the floor and scooped up Cloud in his arms. They lay in bed, their sweat mingling. "Sleep, now," Sephiroth told Cloud softly. When he was sure that Cloud had drifted off into a deep sleep, he shifted his weight and leaned over, placing a light kiss on Cloud's cheek. He rested his face close to the side of Cloud's head and closed his eyes.

"I... I do love you."

Cloud smiled inside while pretending he was asleep. He had known all along.