This will more than likely be the last oneshot chapter of this ongoing collection, and it will now be listed as Complete. It wasn't as "rough" as it could have gotten, but i'll possibly give it another try in the future. I may or may not be writing more chapters in the future, but if I do, it will be a very, very long time from now. I'm expecting a baby in June and am trying to complete a lot of old fics that I have been working on over the past year. Thank you for continuing to read this collection after all this time!

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full?"

Cloud looked up sheepishly from between Sephiroth's legs, the silver-haired General's thick cock in his mouth. Had he angered Sephiroth? He couldn't really tell by the tone in the man's voice. Sephiroth, after all, was his master, the controlling figure over what went on between the two of them during their trysts. What Sephiroth wanted, Sephiroth got. Cloud had made the mistake of verbally answering Sephiroth's question, "You like sucking my cock, don't you, little cadet?"

He couldn't help but to be verbal about it. Sephiroth's cock was just that damned good - and he wanted the General to know it.

"Don't look at me like that, Strife. Keep sucking," Sephiroth ordered, reaching down and pushing Cloud's head further down onto his aching cock. "Next time, mind your manners." Cloud moaned as the thick member was pushed down his throat. He felt his own flesh beginning to harden even more and couldn't wait until Sephiroth gave him permission to undress. His pants felt like a tourniquet. All he wanted to do was rip them off and let Sephiroth fuck him senseless. Until then, he tried to discreetly grind against Sephiroth's leg to relieve some of the pressure and to give himself a taste of sweet agony.

With an audible pop, he released Sephiroth's cock from his mouth and gently grazed his teeth against the head, sending a shiver through the man. Sephiroth gripped his long, silver hair in one hand while his other hand still played on the top of Cloud's head. He groaned and scooted further onto the edge of the chair he was sitting in.

Cloud gripped Sephiroth's thick shaft and twisted his palm around it slightly, then lowered his mouth once more. He could feel his pants becoming wet with pre-cum as he sucked, and suddenly Sephiroth felt it, too. The General yanked gently yet firmly on Cloud's blond hair and pulled his head up to meet his eyes.

"Are you... humping my leg, cadet?"

Cloud locked eyes with Sephiroth, turned a deep shade of red and slowly nodded. Ashamed, he looked down and swallowed hard. How dare he hump the General's leg! Sephiroth moved his hand down to Cloud's chin, gripping it tightly between his fingers and delving a thumb into his mouth. Cloud licked and nibbled on it gently, trying his best to distract Sephiroth from the matter at hand.

"You want to get fucked, don't you?" Sephiroth chided, his gaze never leaving Cloud's eyes as he smirked. Cloud nodded his response and Sephiroth laughed at him, although not entirely cruelly. "You may take your clothes off now, Cloud. Your master wishes it," he finally said after giving it some consideration.

"T-Thank you, Sir," Cloud answered shyly, hoping the verbal answer would not upset Sephiroth again. This time, Sephiroth paid no mind, though, only watched with lust as Cloud began to undress himself. Once his clothes were stripped of his body, he knelt back down to continue with his ministrations. Sephiroth held him back gently, and smiled.

"That will not be necessary any longer," Sephiroth remarked, pulling Cloud up to straddle his lap. He cupped Cloud's ass with his wide hands and pulled him forward, grinding the blond against his slick cock. He leaned forward and bit into Cloud's neck. Though the action was not drawing blood, it certainly felt that way to Cloud, and he cried out. Oh, how he loved it, though, and made no move to stop his master from doing so.

Sephiroth stood up suddenly, Cloud's legs wrapped tightly around his waist to hold on, and he slammed Cloud against the wall. It knocked the breath out of the cadet, rendering him speechless. He gasped and bared his neck once more, his eyes focused toward the ceiling. Sephiroth bit him again, this time thrusting his cock into Cloud without warning. The pain from the stretching of his unprepared entrance caused Cloud to cry out, but it was soon forgotten as the General began to ram against his sweet spot. Thrust after thrust, Cloud's head banged against the wall. He kept crying out from all of the sensations being thrown at him at once. Then, ending as soon as it had began, Sephiroth pulled out and dropped him to his feet.

"Follow me," Sephiroth murmured, looking darkly at him through half-lidded eyes. He led Cloud to the back room where he kept all of his bondage playthings, eager to have the blond at his mercy once more. He heard Cloud whimper - either out of distress or excitement; he couldn't tell - and smiled to himself. Pulling down a box from the top shelf against the wall, he hummed and smiled directly at Cloud this time. "I'll give you three guesses as to what is in this box," he challenged. He sat it down on top of a table and drummed his fingers while waiting for a reply.

"I don't know. Is it… a toy?" Cloud asked curiously.

Sephiroth shrugged. "Possibly," he said shortly.

"Hmm." Cloud cocked his head this way and that, gingerly touching the box and biting his lip while deep in thought. "I give up," he said.

"So easily?" Sephiroth remarked. He brushed his hair away from his face and bent down slightly to open the box. When he did so, Cloud gasped. Sephiroth merely grinned. "I would very much enjoy seeing you use this, my love," the silver-haired man said. Gently, he brushed his fingers across Cloud's cheek. "We both trust each other, do we not?"

"Yes, but…"

"I won't accept a half-assed answer, Cloud. It's either a straight yes or a no. It's your call."

Cloud looked at the item in the box once more, then nodded. "A definite yes, then," he replied. Sephiroth gathered him into his arms and ran his fingers through spiked blond hair, groaning as Cloud leaned his head slightly down to nibbled on a pert nipple. He clamped his teeth down hard in a show of strength, determination and finality, to prove once more to the General that he could put out just as much as he took. What Sephiroth had given him had sealed the deal. Cloud would be on his knees for the rest of his life, thankful for the opportunity to serve and to please his beautiful master.

Suddenly, Cloud was yanked harshly over to the swing that hung on chains from the ceiling. He remembered the day of Sephiroth's birthday quite well; it had only been a few months ago. Hoisting himself up onto the swing, he gladly allowed himself to be strapped down, his ankles and wrists restrained.

Sephiroth teased him with the end of a riding crop first, dragging it along Cloud's cock and balls, slowly circling his way back around with it and delighting in the various facial expression that the blond wore. Spitting on the handle of the crop, he gave Cloud no warning as he moved it downward and quickly thrust it up his ass. Cloud cried out, his face turning red as he squirmed and panted, the whip moving deeply within him.

"Do you wish for me to move it faster?" Sephiroth asked, licking his lips and stroking himself slowly as he concentrated, watching the black leather move in and out of the lithe cadet.

"Yes, please, Sir!" Cloud begged.

Sephiroth chuckled. "And what if I denied this of you?" he asked.

Cloud groaned and jerked his wrists in the restraints, balling up his fists. "Please, Sir! Please don't deny me!" he shouted hoarsely. Sephiroth moved his hand away from his cock and smacked Cloud hard on the thigh, causing him to whimper.

"If you're a good little pet, you'd keep your mouth shut and stop begging me like a ten-gil whore," Sephiroth said, smacking him again, this time on the balls. Cloud's legs reflexively tried to curl up, but with his ankles held steadfast by the restraints, he could offer himself no help whatsoever.

"My pretty… Did you know, Cloud, that you almost look like a puppet with those restraints on?" Sephiroth remarked, his expression turning thoughtful, as if he were looking at a piece of fine art in a museum. He pulled the riding crop from Cloud's ass and dropped it to the floor, moving forward between his legs and softly caressing his smooth thighs. As his cock barely brushed against Cloud's slightly-gaping hole, he paused and moved a hand up to touch Cloud's face lovingly. In his eyes, Cloud could see love reflected, and not just lust.

"You will forever be my pretty puppet, my little doll…"

Leaving Cloud speechless, Sephiroth slammed into him then, letting himself be clenched by the tight inner walls of heat that he had grown so used to. The chains rattled above them as he fucked Cloud almost soundlessly, mouthing, "Fuck yes. Oh, fuck yes…"

Cloud jerked his hips upward, needing to feel sensation against his weeping cock and getting nothing in return. He tried to beg Sephiroth for help with his eyes, but his gaze was no longer being met. Sephiroth, instead, was looking down at his own cock moving swiftly in and out of Cloud.


Sephiroth jerked out of his reverie and looked up at Cloud, then followed his gaze downward. "Ah, you need my assistance?" he asked, reaching down and stroking Cloud's cock lightly. He whispered only gently touches, not hard gropes, which had Cloud writhing in his restraints even more so than he had already been.

"You are not allowed to come yet, do you understand?" Sephiroth ordered. Cloud whimpered in protest and furrowed his brows, completely frustrated and needing to feel his release. Sephiroth ignored his complaints, though, also further denying him any touches whatsoever as punishment. Cloud could do nothing but lay there and take it, pleasing his master dutifully as he had always been expected to.

Grunting and jerking his hips forward once more, Sephiroth finally came, gasping from his orgasm. He slowly rode it out, letting himself fill Cloud as much as he could. Finally, he moved away from Cloud and helped him out of his restraints. Guiding him back into the front room, Sephiroth sat back down in the chair where they had first began their tryst that afternoon.

"Now," he told Cloud. "I want you to get back down on the floor and fuck me like you were doing earlier. This is the only release you shall get today."

His face red with embarrassment, Cloud almost began to sputter out his protest, but instead he did as he was told. He took a deep breath and leaned against Sephiroth's leg, then stopped.

"I'm not sure if I can do this now. I… kind of lost the mood from earlier," Cloud finally confessed. "I was only doing it because my pants were too tight and you had not allowed me to undress or touch myself at the moment."

Sephiroth gave him a look as if to wordlessly tell him that he did not give a shit. "Cloud, just do it," he ordered.

Cloud lowered his head and closed his eyes. It was too embarrassing to look his lover in the face while doing this. He pressed forward against Sephiroth's leg and began to grind. Working his hips, he slowly but surely found a rhythm that was certain to push him over the edge quickly. He panted quietly and leaned his head against Sephiroth's thigh, wishing he could suck that beautiful cock all over again to help ease his nerves.

He felt soft, long fingers beginning to caress his neck, ghosting over teeth-broken and bruised skin. Opening his eyes, he caught a sideways glance at Sephiroth looking down at him. The cat-like emerald eyes burned into his as he caught sight of Sephiroth's other hand moving down to his cock and stroking it back to slight hardness.

"Suck," Sephiroth demanded, and he didn't have to say it twice. Cloud eagerly took the soft length into his mouth and suckled, one hand wrapped around Sephiroth's leg and the other hand grazing Sephiroth's balls. He began to feverishly buck his hips against Sephiroth's leg, grinding his cock and quickly reaching his release. When Sephiroth grabbed his hair and pulled is roughly, Cloud's mouth slipped from Sephiroth's cock. He let out a cry and came almost immediately. His cock twitched, the cum leaking out and slowly running down Sephiroth's leg as he finally emptied himself. Spent and rather humiliated at being made to dirty his master's leg this way, he dared not look Sephiroth in the eye again.

Sephiroth nudged him. "You are going to clean that up, you know," he said. Cloud blushed again and nodded, still not looking at him. "Hey," Sephiroth whispered, reaching down to cup Cloud's chin in his palm. "You don't have to be ashamed. I liked it."

"You liked it?" Cloud replied with shock in his voice and in his face.

"I thought it was fucking hot," Sephiroth confirmed. He grinned. "However, next time you want to touch yourself while going down on me, just tell me so," he added.

"I thought that was against the rules."

"Not anymore. You hold the key, remember?"

Indeed, Cloud did hold the key now. In the box, a copy of Sephiroth's apartment key was awaiting Cloud's use. No longer would he have to wait on a phone call to please his master. It was just the tourniquet that the cadet needed to feel completely healed.