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12:30 am - W.O.O.H.P. Headquarters, Outside

The sounds of thunder and lightening were forgotten behind the rapid footsteps racing into the night. The run was exhausting and difficult as their boots dragged into the mud and wet grass outside. Yet they would not give up. Two spies kept their eyes focused on the man clad in a black trench coat, swiftly running in front of them. He was too far to catch yet close enough to recognize. Then again they would know him anywhere.

Clover grit her teeth in frustration as she felt water and mud slosh onto her once neat and clean, red spy uniform. Her target was making this one heck of a chase and she could easily say she didn't enjoy it one bit. Then again right from the moment they had learned it was Tim Scam they had to stop she knew it wasn't going to be easy. It was like it was that man's life-long goal to make their lives miserable.

"He's getting away!" Alex screamed from right behind her making Clover growl in anger as she saw him enter into a black car after unlocking it without a key. When they heard the ignition roaring they knew it wouldn't be long before he was gone. Alex and Clover stopped for a moment, panting as they took rapid breaths to bring down their adrenaline level. "What do we do now?" hissed Clover as she saw the car with their target in it speeding away.

The third spy finally caught up with them and sighed. "Where did he go?" Sam asked as she flipped her red hair over her shoulder and wiped the sweat off her brow, there from the effort that it had taken her to break out of Scam's complicated trap she had been stuck in for the last five minutes as her friends ran after Scam by themselves.

"He's gone.." The blonde said with a sigh. "And he took a car.." she glared. "Well STOLE a car" Clover finished with frustration mixed into her tired tone. As if running after him on foot wasn't bad enough now she suspected a car chase was going to follow. She would much rather just let him get away and run after him when she wasn't so tired but somehow she knew Sam would not allow that. Sam paused for a moment thinking of what to do before she sighed. "We can't let him get away, we need to catch up." The three of them quickly raced into the W.O.O.H.P. parking lot where the vehicles were parked. Splitting up, they each entered a car and started following the car Scam had stolen in an effort to get away.

Sitting in a green car Sam bit her lip in pent up anticipation as she watched the other cars that were racing in front of her. The rain made it even harder to see as it slapped onto the windshield and Sam cursed under her breath before she let the vipers move up and wipe the rain away. It didn't help that it was pitch black right now. Scanning the area in front of her, and squinting in the dark she tried to spot the black car she knew he was in only to find no trace of it anywhere nearby.

They kept going for what felt like hours with the rain showing no sign of slowing down just like the man they were following. After a half hour or so of continual driving Alex sighed as she saw a black car speeding away in front of them and she realized that they had finally caught up with him. It was easy to tell Scam was driving it because of the staggering speed at which it was travelling, clearly past the speed limit but it wasn't like Scam cared about highway regulations anyway.

Touching her ear ring communicator Alex spoke. "He's close" she said to Clover and Sam through the device as she kept her eyes on the car. Stepping on the accelerator Alex tried to catch up with the car in front of her only to groan in frustration when Scam speeded away somehow having seen her through the car's side mirrors despite the darkness surrounding them. She figured he was used to driving in the dark making it easier for him to get away than it was for them to even follow after him. She tried again managing to get her car to pair up beside his black one before he suddenly sped up and skidded out of reach before she could even move to speed up herself. Cursing his skill she sighed chewing on her lip as she saw him easily getting away once again. When a sudden burst of raindrops splashed onto her windshield Alex sighed in frustration as even the vipers weren't doing their part to make the chase any easier. To put it simply it was like nothing was on their side tonight.

From close behind Alex's yellow car, Clover followed in a red vehicle. She glared at the black car and the enemy within it, her eyes in narrow slits as she kept her gaze locked onto the accursed vehicle. She didn't want to be running after Tim Scam. She had more important things to do. So much of her life was wasted this way, after chasing that man that was so conveniently getting away from them, slipping out from their grasp. She was beyond tired and hungry and part of her just wished this would somehow just end. Not just this one chase, all of it. She was sick and tired of having to chase after Scam and attempt to capture him because it was a useless effort and he always got away.

Speeding up, she thought she had gotten to him only to have the car he was in swerve out of her reach. She took a deep breath and tried to calm her racing nerves, the urge to hurt the man she was being forced to chase at almost one in the morning growing with each passing second.

In the green car close by Sam shook her head as she watched the black car battling against the rain and thunder continuously racing away from them. She knew that Scam would never go down without a fight but she was still tired and annoyed that he was putting up such a good fight. Some part of her admired his efforts even if he was her enemy, it had to take a lot of will to keep doing this over and over again. Why he never seemed to tire out of escaping and coming back to hurt them, she'd never know but she knew she still had to keep up the fight if she wanted to live because Scam would never get tired of trying to hurt them. That was something that would never change.

The sound of Alex's voice pulled Sam from her thoughts. "What was that Alex?" Sam said as she kept her gaze on the car a few feet away from her. Alex spoke again. "I said we're getting close to him, I think Clover is nearest to him." Sam smiled, glad that this chase was finally coming to a much needed end. She sighed, while rubbing her temple with one hand before answering Alex. "Look we'll never get him if we go after him alone, we've already tried that." She paused while thinking of a strategy. "We need to close in on him that's the only way this will work. Don't do anything just yet."

"No Sammie I got him!" Clover's voice came a second later cutting through Sam and Alex's short conversation. They could hear her excitement clearly showing her eagerness to put an end to Scam's tricks. "He's right in front of me and he won't get away this time!"

"Wait Clover?!" Sam said in panic wondering what exactly Clover's plan was to stop Scam only to hear the sudden loud and eerie screeching of tires a moment later, the menacing sound ripping through the silent night. Then a sudden, sickening, loud boom filled the air and Sam found herself screaming in panic, her scream echoing in her own ears. "Clover?!!" Sam heard Alex scream through the communicator a second after she had and she knew at the exact moment that something BAD had just happened. She could feel a knot growing in her stomach and her pulse almost stopped as she took a deep breath trying not to think of the worse case scenario.

But that sound.

The thud of metal clashing against metal... It could only be one thing. Sam bit her lip in worry hoping her friend was okay only to look up and gasp, her eyes widening as she saw the sight before her.

Even through the buckets pouring rain and the shadowy darkness all around, she could easily see what was going on and her mouth fell open, unable to bear the shock as she witnessed what was happening right in front of her own eyes.

She could spot Clover sitting safely in her red car off the side of the road not too far away. She was alright physically but there was shock in her blue eyes and Sam could see that she was gripping the steering wheel really tightly as a response to what she had just accidentally caused. Clover was deathly pale as she looked at the black car that was no longer speeding away as it had been for the last while. The car was still moving but it wasn't moving at the will of its driver anymore.

Inside the car Scam stared wide-eyed in front of him as he felt the car reel out of his control. Shock and disbelief was everywhere on his face, swimming in his sea-foam eyes as he took quick glances at the cars the spies where in, at the world that was fading before him, before trying to slam the brakes and gain control over the car.

But it was no use.

Even he couldn't stop the car from losing control from the force of the blow it had suffered when he had tried to swerve away from Clover's car while trying to escape. He had lost control of the wheel because of the rain momentarily blocking his vision and before he could move to re-gain control, another car travelling on the highway had hit his with a crushing force. From that moment on he was left with no control over the vehicle he was trapped in leaving his body to go tense as he uselessly struggled to try and outrun his fate.

A moment later they all watched in horror as the black car with Scam still in it involuntarily skidded down the street with a deafening screech. The tires scratched against the surface of the ground as thunder roared in the distance and the car slammed into the gray railing off the edge of the bridge on the highway, bending it and pulling it away, leaving it to tumble down the slope, the car following in its tracks. The car turned onto it's side unable to stand from the force of the crash.

Soon the beautiful black colour turned gray where scratches ripped into the metallic surface marring the car beyond recognition. Sounds of glass being shattered could be heard for miles and glass shards flew out of the car as they landed everywhere around the rapidly crushing vehicle. Scraps of metal cracked and separated from the body of the car and fumes filled the air, spreading blaring heat into a cold and chilly night. The car continued to fly down the highway, still on its side and sparks could be seen shooting out from where the metal dragged along the surface threatening to blow the car up into a thousand pieces of scrap metal. Within moments the car had travelled many feet away, then it's movement stopped altogether and all that was left was the resonating echo of the horrific accident that had just took place in front of them.

For a moment no one did anything as they simply sat there shaking from the impact of the event that had just occurred. Scam had had an accident. The fact registered quickly as they made their way out of their cars, running towards where the ruined vehicle lay in a wreck. When they got close enough Clover covered her nose and mouth with her hand, coughing as she felt the fumes entering her nasal passage. Alex and Sam coughed as well, easily absorbing the toxic fumes rising from the destroyed car.

"We can't go any closer" Alex said through coughing. "It's way too dangerous!" Clover nodded as she kept her hand covering her nose and mouth. "Alex is right, let's just call W.O.O.H.P. Jerry can take care of this" she said impatiently. Sam stayed silent as she stared at the crumpled heap the car was in wondering just how badly Scam was hurt. Her friends were right though Jerry would know what to do. She began to nod only to stop, her nostrils flaring as she could smell a familiar scent spreading in the air. "What's wrong Sammie?" Alex asked, slightly shaking Sam's arm to get her attention but she stood rooted to the spot because she had recognized the smell.

The heavy scent of petrol was coming from the car and Sam realized that the car's tank must have split during the accident. Which meant that any moment the car could possibly burst into flames taking Scam to his burning death if he wasn't dead already. She gasped as she stood there not really ready to believe he was dead.

Was this really how HE was going to go down? Tim Scam? Dead in a measly car accident? Some part of her refused to believe that. Scam was just too...too strong to die like this. It she knew one thing from her past battles then it was that this man simply didn't know how to give up. How could his death be so...sudden?

She took a deep breath and rapidly began to move towards the fallen car. "Wait Sam! Where are you going?!" Clover screamed not knowing why Sam was going towards the car instead of just calling Jerry. Sam sighed as she turned her head over her shoulder and glanced at Clover. "I'm checking to see if Scam's okay." Seeing Clover about to protest Sam interrupted her by holding up her hand. "Look it's our job to capture him, not kill him. Let me at least check if he's even alive "

Clover bit her lip and looked down knowing that it was partially her fault this had happened in the first place and while she really didn't know what to feel because it was Scam who was hurt, she still knew she wouldn't be able to live with the burden of ending a human life on her shoulders.

Enemy or not.

Sam walked quickly ignoring the fumes rising in her throat, keeping her eyes on the pool of petrol that was threatening to engulf the car in fire. When she finally reached the car, the door was almost unrecognizable but she found the handle and tugged at it as hard as she could. Finding it was jammed, she panicked for a moment as she bent down and tried to see if she could see Scam through the smashed window.

Not being able to see much at all Sam took a shaky breath before quickly extracting her laser lip-gloss from her pocket. Her hands shook with nervousness because she knew any spark could burn the car, Scam's body, and her along with them in a split second, if it just so happened to reach the petrol pooling around her. Carefully using the laser she managed to open the door. Throwing her laser lipstick back in her pocket Sam lowered down and pulled the door open. Crawling in to the damaged car she gasped when she finally saw Tim Scam.

His head was pressed against the steering wheel and his eyes were closed. Scam's hands were clamped around the steering wheel as his chest sagged against the inside front of the car. Even in the dead darkness of the night she could smell the scent of blood escaping his body, she could even see the dark liquid flowing from his head where it had been injured during the crash. She could see a large gash running from the side of his head and blood steadily pouring out of it, yet he was still breathing but only barely because she could hear him taking slow, staggering breaths.

Sam stared at him in shock not believing that this was even happening. She had never once thought Scam of all men, of all people would disappear so easily from this world. Scam was a fighter and he had this aura that told anyone that met him that he could never get hurt. He was impenetrable and no one was supposed to be able to hurt him. Could this really be the end for him?

Seeing that Scam was in really bad shape Sam carefully crawled out of the car, walking around to the other side and opening that door knowing it would be easier to get him out from there. Sam carefully wrapped her right arm around his back and shook him. "Scam!" Sam gave him another push and let out a breath when she heard him groan in pain signalling that he was still conscious. "Scam?" Sam said again as she helped pull his hands away from the steering wheel, trying to straighten his posture.

She watched him turn his head towards her for a moment, looking at her through half-open eyes as blood ran down the side of his face, sliding down his tan skin. He took a shaky breath, blinking once before his eyes closed suddenly and he fell out of the open door of the car. "Scam!" Sam screamed in panic before she moved to catch him before his head hit the surface outside. Summoning all her strength Sam pulled at his frame, baring her teeth from the effort. She finally managed to pull him out of the car, half rolling and dragging his body from the destroyed vehicle. Her struggle finally ended with Scam's head cradled safely onto her lap as she sat up with her knees on the ground with Scam in her arms.

Bringing her hand to his face Sam bit her lip as she pressed her right palm against the gash on the side of his head. She gasped when it was instantly coated in blood, proving to her just how badly her worst enemy was hurt at this point. He needed help and fast if he was even going to survive. Taking out her X-powder Sam quickly contacted WOOHP and told Jerry exactly what had happened.

2:55 am - University Prime Hospital, Los Angeles

Clover sighed as she walked back and forth in the hospital corridor trying to stay awake. "Remind me again why WE have to be here while they make sure Scam's okay?!" She stopped in front of her two best friends. "I'm so tired" she whined making Sam and Alex roll their eyes.

"Oh come on Clover" Alex said. "We're all tired, and besides can you really fall asleep thinking that maybe you killed someone?" Clover sighed shaking her head no in defeat. Sam smiled placing her hand on Clover's shoulder. "Alex is right Clover, even if Scam is our enemy he's still a human being."

Clover looked up at Sam and shook her head. "Yea just barely" she said in an irritated tone. "Clover!" Sam said in a shock. Clover sighed. "Okay, okay. You're just too nice of a person Sammie. I don't think I'd have risked my life to save Scam..." Clover smirked raising her fingers and making quotation marks in the air. "Even if he is a HUMAN BEING as you say."

Sam couldn't help but laugh at Clover's sarcasm but inside she knew she had done the right thing. What kind of person would just leave another person to helplessly die like that? She knew she couldn't live with that and that was the reason why she had helped Scam.

"Ugh! How much longer is it going to take?! We've been here for so long!" Clover whined as she crossed her arms over her chest. Alex smiled at Clover. "Not long at all, look here comes Jerry and the doctor" she said softly making Sam and Clover face Jerry and the doctor that was walking towards them. For some reason Jerry looked very pale and confused and they were all curious as to why he looked so worried but before they could ask Jerry anything the doctor spoke.

"Which one of you saved that man's life?" All three girls blinked at the unexpected question. Why did that matter anyway? Sam glanced at Jerry who said nothing, looking more pale than ever as the seconds passed by. Sam sighed. "I did.." she said slowly. "Why do you ask?"

The doctor smiled. "He wants to see you for a moment." Sam blinked in confusion and her mouth parted slightly in shock. Why in the world did Scam want to see her? Glancing at Jerry who still said nothing Sam sighed. "Why?" The doctor shrugged as he took off his mask and gloves. "He wouldn't say, but he wants to talk to you. Please go see him?"

Still confused beyond anything Sam glanced at Clover and Alex who were as confused as she was. Taking one last look at Jerry who was still saying nothing, Sam nodded and went inside to see Scam while wondering what this was about.

When she walked inside the room she could see Scam sitting up on the bed, bandages wrapped around his head, and his eyes closed as his back rested against the pillow. Sam felt awkward and did the only thing she could do to get his attention. Clearing her throat awkwardly she watched his eyes snap open. He sat up straighter before he let his eyes rest on her and he stared at her for a second before his lips formed a smile leaving Sam more confused than ever. Why was he smiling at her?

"You...you wanted to see me?" Sam asked oddly as she looked at him in curiosity still unable to keep herself from wondering what this was about. He nodded as he pulled the blanket up to cover his chest. "Yes I did" he gave her another smile as he gazed upon her face softly. "I wanted to say thank you."

She felt her eyebrows raise in confusion and she blinked in shock. "For...what?" She watched him give her yet another smile as he sat there watching her. His eyes never left her face as he studied it, remembering her crimson red hair and beautiful, emerald green eyes. She really was unforgettable. Scam sighed, knowing he should speak before he made her feel too awkward. Smiling again he spoke. "For saving my life."

"WHAT?!?!" Sam screamed, unable to control her shock and confusion when he said that. He only watched her in curiosity before Jerry came in and ushered her out of the hospital room quickly. "We should let him....rest" Jerry said awkwardly as he practically pulled Sam out of the room, making sure to close the door on the way out.

Sam turned to face Jerry when they were away from Scam. "What's going on Jer?!" She asked at his and Scam's odd behaviour. She needed an explanation right now. Clover and Alex came to stand next to Sam now more confused than ever. "Jerry?" Clover said. "What's going on here?!" Jerry still looked beyond pale as he looked at his favourite spies not knowing how to tell them this.

"Scam..." he started slowly only to pause and take a breath. He sighed. "Girls….Scam has amnesia." Clover, Alex, and Sam gasped as they heard what Jerry said. "What?!" They screamed all at once unable to believe what Jerry was saying to them.

Jerry sighed before he nodded. "It's true." They all stayed quiet for a second before tension and worry seized them. Alex bit her lip before talking. "What do we do now?" Clover nodded as she repeated Alex's question. "What are we going to do Jer?"

Jerry looked more pale as he took a deep breath as if there was worse news to follow. "Well..." He trailed off thinking of what to say. "He thinks he has work tomorrow morning."

The girls faces significantly paled as they heard Jerry's words. "Work?" Sam managed to squeak out, her voice almost gone from the shock she was suffering. What did Jerry mean? Jerry took a long breath and looked at them seriously, scaring them before he finally answered Sam.

"... He thinks he's still a spy."

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