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7:32 pm - Abandoned Factory, Roof of Building

A strangled cry left Sam's lips as she watched him, wide-eyed and afraid then looked down at her legs where they hung dangling above the city's nightscape in panic while her body began to feel heavier and heavier whilst his grip on her hand grew more and more faint.

And just when she felt like it was all over, that he was about to let her fall to her death right then and there, suddenly his hold become strong again. Strong enough to stop her downward descent right away.

Shuddering in confusion she looked back up at him, wondering what he was up to now and thinking if by some miracle his memories of her being his hated enemy, one he had so long waited to eliminate were fading away…only to feel nothing but nervousness course through her when she saw the way he was looking at her.

He was still smirking at her and the smirk…was still an evil one.

Waiting for a moment, then another, not wanting to set him off Sam hesitated before calling out to him shakily. "T-Tim?" she whispered, her eyes peeled wide and locked on him as she waited for him to either pull her up or let her plummet to her death. A moment later he finally spoke though the smirk still remained glued to his lips.

"So…yes or no?"

"Wha-what?" Sam whispered, staring up at him with completely blank eyes. What on earth was he talking about? Was he asking her whether or not he should pull her up? Was he taunting her with the fact that he literally had her life in his hands? But her state of total bewilderment only lasted a second longer as he spelled out exactly what he had in mind.

"Will you go with me to the masquerade…or not?"


Sam's mouth dropping open, she went speechless on the spot. THAT was what THIS was about? That was why he wasn't pulling her up? Why she had been scared for her life? Because he wanted to blackmail her into accompanying him to the dance she had constantly be saying no to go to with him?

"That…that…" Sam fumbled in her thoughts, not even able to come up with a word to summarize just what she thought about him right now. She couldn't say she was shocked, this was Tim Scam after all, the same man that would do anything to win but what shocked her was how deeply within his personality this need to win, this need to succeed ran. So much so that even though he wasn't "evil" anymore, he still hadn't thought twice about using her life-threatening situation to meet his own gains.

And she caught herself wondering if he would actually go through with it. What if she said no still? Would he release her hand? Let her fall to her untimely demise? Just because he didn't get what he wanted out of her?

Staring at him uncomfortably Sam found two answers to her question turning over in her mind. For some reason part of her actually didn't think he'd do it, that he'd let her die and she knew this part of her was the same that was in danger of trusting him, of liking him of…of

Sighing she shooed that part of her silent and focused on what her mind was telling her. This was the same man that had done so many evil things in the past to her…why would this be any different? If she did say no then yes, no doubt he would kill her.

The moment that thought settled in, coupled with the challenging smirk still aimed in her direction that reminded her so much of the "Tim Scam" she had known since forever, the one from before his accident, the same that had put Jerry in outer space, hypnotized her mother, and nearly killed her too many times to count and that too with ease; she found herself reluctantly giving in.


"What was that?" he said, daring to give her an innocent look as he let out a small sigh. "I didn't quite hear you Samantha."

Sam shot him a resentful glare knowing he had heard her full and well and was just rubbing her defeat in her face. Just like the total, complete jerk he was and always would be no matter what. Nostrils flaring, Sam repeated herself in a barely contained growl.

"I. SAID. YES. NOW. PULL. ME. U-" She didn't even have to finish saying it before he had moved his arm. And in one swift arc-of-motion and less than a moment after, her feet were back on solid ground. Once her legs stopped shaking and the impact of fear of almost dying died down, Sam immediately yanked her hand out of his.

After that she threw him one more vehement glare before turning her head away so she wouldn't have to look at him and muttering in a clearly angry, clearly pissed off tone that revealed just how unhappy she was right now. "I'm ignoring you."

Hearing her, despite all the venom in her voice that he suspected could it be turned into a real poison would possibly kill him on the spot, Scam just smiled. Sure she was mad right now but he'd make it up to her, that much he was certain of for sure.

By the end of the masquerade things would be different between them…he could feel it. "And my feelings never lie," he thought before ignoring Sam just for a moment and calling Jerry to report to him that the mission had been a success and they had caught their offender.

Soon after the buzz of rapidly approaching helicopters could be heard in the sky and moments after that Jerry had landed in front of them with a proud smile on his lips. "Excellent work Tim, Sam," he said beaming as the thief was roughly loaded into the jet in the background and the bag of diamonds safely stashed to return to its rightful owner.

"Seeing that it's gotten so late…" Jerry said, glancing at his watch before looking back at them. "We'll just drop you two home instead of take you back to WOOHP." He shrugged his shoulders, smiling harder. "It's just a standard theft so there are no issues we still need to tie up."

With that he turned back to the jet and got in, never noticing the acidic eyes Sam was looking at Tim with nor the sheepish look that was plastered on his face.

9:45 pm - Streets of Beverly Hills, Outside Sam's House

Stepping onto the pavement Sam turned around to thank Jerry for the ride home only to have her eyes narrow when she noticed Scam getting off the jet as well. "What is he up to now?" Sam thought bitterly, watching him with careful eyes, as if to guard herself from his intentions.

But he only walked over to her calmly, hands tucked into the pockets of his coat while his broad shoulders rolled themselves back in an effort to soothe them from his tiring day. Stopping when he was right before her, Scam looked at her with thoughtful eyes. "Goodnight Sam, sweet dreams," he said with a charming smile on his lips that would make anyone melt on the spot.

But she was still annoyed with him to say the least so she just let out a huff, shot him a glare, said nothing to him in response before she turned on her heel and quickly opened the door to her home, slipped inside and slammed it shut without throwing him so much as a second glance.

She heard him sigh heavily on the other end but then soon enough she heard him chuckle in amusement right before he walked away. And she didn't need to think twice to know why he was laughing, he had still gotten what he had wanted out of her even though she was mad at him. She was going to the masquerade with him…he had made her agree.

Sighing in exasperation, Sam raised her hands and held her face in them feeling like a complete and utter failure. It pained her to think about what Clover would say when she found out that despite making such a big deal about Scam and the masquerade just earlier today, she had now, just a few hours later, given in.

She could hear her right now asking her what was wrong with her and how accepting to go with him was any way to avoid him, any way to follow THAT plan and she found herself cringing knowing that was going to be a very hard conversation to have.

Another heavy sigh left her lips and she blinked slowly. "Stupid Tim, this is all his fault!" she muttered childishly, trying to make herself feel better by calling him names. But after five minutes went by of her just standing there in the dark doing that she realized it wasn't going anything to help the situation. In fact it was just making her angrier.

Dropping her head in a defeated way, Sam shook it from side to side before finally moving and mounting the stairs that led to her room. She might as well sleep and save up her energy for the colossal, dramatic, gigantic lecture she was going to get from her friend tomorrow. Grimacing at the thought she knew she wasn't looking forward to it…. Not one bit.

8:00 am - Sam's House, Sam's Bedroom

Blinking her eyes, Sam raised a hand and shielded her face from the light that was disrupting her slumber only to stop when she realized that it was sunlight and it was morning…already.

Sitting up in bed and rubbing her arms awkwardly, she let out a sigh as she stared at the clock in her room wondering if the sun had come out at the wrong time because the night seriously felt like it had flown by.

"And now I have to deal with the consequences of my actions," she thought, her face falling immediately. There was no avoiding it now, no night to get through, in just an hour she would see Clover in class and she would berate her about what she had gotten herself into yet AGAIN.

Sitting there in her bed with her lips pulled down in a permanent frown and with no drive to get up and begin her day, Sam found herself hoping like crazy for time to somehow stop so she didn't have to first, deal with Clover and second, be Tim Scam's date to the masquerade on Saturday, because unless time came to a halt she knew there was no other way she was going to get out of going with Scam now that she had said yes. Not on his watch.

Pulling her legs up to her chest and resting her chin on her knees, Sam sighed knowing she had had thoughts last night of calling Scam up and saying no to him for the masquerade now that she was safe and sound but had stopped herself knowing full well that if he had nearly let her fall to her death to get a yes out of her, then he could do a lot worse to make sure she attended.

She silenced the part of her that told her that he wasn't really going to let her die like that and told herself that she was stuck in this situation. The disappointing speech from Clover was imminent and she had to face it. There was no getting out.

Suddenly she felt a tremor roam across the surface of her mattress as the bed spun into motion. Instantly she realized she was being WOOHPed.

"Another mission? Now?" Sam thought, a little confused because she had just had the last one only a few hours ago. How come she had another mission within the span of less than a day, she wondered but found herself happy about it.

In the back of her mind she knew it meant seeing Tim again, seeing TIM, the man that who drove her absolutely up the wall but it also meant she could avoid Clover's rant for a little bit longer. And that was a delay, she thought smiling as she went down the WOOHP tunnel, that she wasn't unhappy about.

8:10 am - W.O.O.H.P. Headquarters, Jerry's Office

Letting out a small "oomph" of discomfort, Sam landed with a crash right on top of what she knew by now was Scam's chest. Blowing hair out of her face, she raised her head to find him smiling up at her with happy-looking eyes, the impact of her landing on him not seeming to bother him at all.

He was dressed in black sweatpants and darker black wife-beater shirt, his jaw was completely clean-shaven with no sign of stubble whatsoever which told her that he'd just finished shaving. She also noticed that his hair was damp indicating that he'd recently taken a shower, a fact that was further proved by the fact that she could smell the scent of Encounter by Calvin Klein body wash wafting off his body, a scent she recognized from a men's health and fashion magazine Clover had bought recently to shamelessly drool at photographs of male supermodels.

Looking down at him, Sam blinked her eyes almost in a dream-like state as she gazed into his sea foam eyes and found herself thinking absentmindedly that if Scam wasn't an evil criminal slash super spy, he'd actually make a great model. He did have a great physique, was tall and could give any man she had ever seen a run for his money when it came to embodying masculinity.

Unable to help but blush at her sudden distracted thoughts, Sam sent a mental thank you to Jerry for not WOOHPing him just a little while before when he may have still been in the shower before kicking herself internally for dare she admit it, oogling at Scam when he was still her enemy and because she should be pissed at him for what he'd done last night.

Irritated with herself, Sam moved to get off of him when his voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Morning Sam," he chuckled. "Sleep well, or were you up all night excited about the masquerade like me?"

Seeing the small grin on his face when he said that Sam's face formed a frown as she was easily now able to remember just why she didn't like this man, something which was harder to do when he wasn't opening his big mouth.

"Damn him, he's taunting me!" she thought angrily as she stared at his mouth which was fast shifting from a grin to a full-out smirk of triumph. Nostrils flaring, Sam gave him a heated glare as her hands formed fists in the material of his shirt in a frustrated way and she began screaming loudly, "You have got to be the most irritating, insensitive, unsympathetic jerk on the face of the entire pla-"

The sound of Jerry clearing his throat stopped her eruption on Scam short, and taking in a deep breath Sam shook her head to clear it before turning towards Jerry and choosing to just ignore Scam.

It was better that way. Had she finished screaming at him it wouldn't have done anything to him anyway. And any doubt she had over that was immediately confirmed when she heard him whisper teasingly in her ear just what she was going to say to him before she stopped and add in a comment of his own.

"Entire planet, I know. So glad you noticed," he finished smoothly, smirking against her earlobe and leaving her shivering slightly at the contact and at the sound of his voice so close to her.

Controlling herself, Sam shot him a sidelong glare before getting off of him and sitting on the very edge of the couch and focusing all her attention on Jerry while hoping he'd stop taunting her about how he'd cheated her into saying yes to go with him and just focus on the mission.

Becuase if he didn't do that soon she wasn't sure she'd be able to resist the temptation to tackle him to the ground and rip his hair out strand by strand until he finally stopped giving her that smug look.

Thankfully, he sat up too and stopped being a pain…well at least for now.

"So what's the early morning wake up call for, Jerry?" Tim said, straightening out his shirt over his abdomen to lessen some of the wrinkles that were now it thanks to Sam's fingers attacking it in an attempt to get to him. He let out a small chuckle looking at Jerry with a smile on his face. "You made us breakfast?"

Jerry couldn't help but smile despite the very serious assignment he had for them while Sam privately rolled her eyes to herself at how good of a mood Scam was in. "But of course he would be," she said to herself sourly. "He's alwayssssss in a good mood when he wins," something which much to her displeasure happened more often than not when it came to her.

"Sadly no," Jerry said before Sam could stick her tongue out at Tim the way she was just dying to. "Tim, Sam," Jerry said softly before raising a hand and directing their attention to the side of his office where two people, an elderly couple which was unnoticed up until now, were seated. "I'd like you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Williams."

Getting up off the couch Tim went over to Mr. Williams, shaking his hand and introducing himself while Sam did the same with Mrs. Williams only to stop when she smiled at her and shook her head as if to stop her.

"No courtesy needed," she said politely. "We're friends of Jerry's…well of his mother's."

Curious now, Sam and Tim looked to Jerry for some answers. Sighing, Jerry nodded his head. "The Williams are good friends of my mother's and they have come to us with a…rather pressing concern."

"We're not sure if we should be bothering you with such things…" Mrs. Williams said timidly bringing their attention back on her.

And when they did they found her looking completely distressed, the wrinkles of old age on her face even more obvious due to the stress that was rolling off her in waves.

Shrugging her shoulders she let out a defeated sigh. "…But we didn't know where else to turn." Frowning she continued. "It started about a few months ago and since then…it has yet to stop."

"…What has yet to stop?" Sam asked, lost so far as to what this was about.

"The separations…Our friends' marriages splitting apart," she said leaving Sam to give Tim a look of utter confusion, the same that was on his face right now and she could tell he too was wondering what this had to do with a mission.

"Allow me to explain," Jerry started. "Mr. and Mrs. Williams come from…shall we say a circle of affluence in London, England. They tend to stay close to others from this close-knit circle and lately a lot of their friends have experienced a…" he paused, biting his cheek and looking strained. "Rather strange hurdle in their marriage." He sighed heavily. "It seems that the husbands are leaving their wives behind and taking their affections elsewhere."

"Where?" Tim and Sam said in unison.

"To Avery DeFalcon," Jerry said and a moment later a photograph of a woman appearing to be in her late forties appeared on the screen behind him. She had dark-red, almost maroon looking hair with the beginnings of gray streaks that was wavy and went down past her shoulders and icy blue eyes along with a slender frame.

"So this one woman is responsible for all these marriages breaking up? " Sam asked, looking at the image of the woman in question sceptically. She guessed she was somewhat pretty, sure, but she was no beauty queen that so many men would go crazy for…unless of course she had some other reason she was drawing men to her like a moth to a flame.

"That's not all," Mr. Williams said looking pale. "Not only do these men walk out on their wives, they take their wealth with them…" His face grew paler as he continued. "Not too long ago one of my closest friends signed over his entire fortune to Avery."

"And his wife didn't do ANYTHING about it?" Sam asked, alarmed at what she'd just heard. How could he just do that to his wife? A wife that he was no doubt married to for many, long years.

"Didn't she talk to him? Try to stop him?" she asked, not understanding how her husband had simply gotten away with doing something like that and that too after having an affair. What century were they living in anyway? His wife had to know her rights!

Mrs. Williams slumped her shoulders in a defeated manner and spoke with clear fatigue in her voice. "She did try to talk to him, we all did but it was like…like he couldn't hear us," she said leaving Sam's eyes to widen in shock. "He left his wife nearly bankrupt and has been gone since." Mrs. Williams bit her lip before whispering quietly, "…Him and around fifty other men."

Now completely stunned by what she was hearing, Sam turned to look at Jerry with her mouth still open. "How on earth is she getting away with this?!" she asked, exasperation obvious in her question and that was because she really didn't know how it was possible. It seemed they already knew Avery was responsible for this mess and yet they weren't doing anything about it. Why?

Jerry put his hands in his pockets and let out a heavy sigh looking almost embarrassed. "Well to be honest…" he started slowly. "Despite the overwhelming circumstantial evidence, we don't have any real evidence to prove any foul play. How it appears is that these men have willingly handed their wealth over to Avery in an attempt to win her affections and she has accepted their gifts so to speak but hasn't been seen with any of them since."

"We used to think that maybe they came to their senses and were too ashamed to return to their wives after what they did…" Mrs. Wilson said. "But as the number of these instances grew…that explanation began to wane and we just don't think Avery is so innocent anymore," she said glancing at her husband who was nodding in agreement to everything she was saying.

"It just doesn't make sense for all these sensible men, friends of ours, that were in long-lasting happy marriages some of them married for over two decades to betray their wives all for ONE woman and then to give her everything they own and then disappear." She looked at them with her eyebrows furrowed together. "Something doesn't feel right."

While they were still processing all that new information, Mr. Wilson broke the silence with yet another sigh. "And now we're afraid she's set her gaze on us. We…were invited to one of her parties," Williams explained.

"At first we missed it because we were truly occupied but as more and more of these rumours flew about her, we declined every invite we got on purpose…But she's still sending us invites to her parties."

"Can't that count as harassment?" Sam asked knowing repeatedly sending someone messages when they had made it more than clear that they weren't interested was very much harassment and could be an issue that could be validly taken up with the police.

"Well we could certainly file a harassment complaint against her," Mr. Williams admitted knowing that was true. "But-"

"But you want to get to the bottom of this…" Tim said, speaking for him and understanding why they were here now asking for help. "And running away never solves anything, right?" he whispered, understandingly and Mr. Williams nodded his head.

Scam glanced at Sam, still not fully understanding what they could do to remedy this situation but wanting to help, he send the troubled couple before them a sympathetic smile. "So how can we help?"

At this point Jerry chipped in finally explaining the details of the mission they had been summoned to go on. "We'd like to send you two to Avery DeFalcon's party in Mr. and Mrs. Williams' place. She has never met them, in fact all she knows about them is that they are a long-time married, wealthy couple."

Turning to the screen behind him, Jerry pulled up an image of a map which was highlighting a location in London, England.

"Once you enter there you can gather information, talk to the other guests. Some of them are bound to know something about the men who were victims," he said helpfully. "See if you can find something to pin this on her and if possible also locate the missing men."

Jerry faced them with an encouraging smile. "But in any case, once we have any key evidence on her involvement, we can interrogate her and see how this plays out." Looking at them hopefully, Jerry smiled harder. "So…are you two up for it?"

Hearing his question Sam immediately bit her lip. He was asking her to pose as Mrs. Williams and go with Scam who would be posing as Mr. Williams. As her husband. Her HUSBAND.

Feeling her stomach twist around inside itself in panic at the nature of this mission and the nature of her torrid relationship with her spy partner…she really wasn't sure she wanted to-

"Of course Jerry," Scam answered for her right then effectively taking away any chance she had to decline.

"No!" Sam thought, her throat growing dry and panic showing in her eyes. She had to stop this! There was no way, NO WAY that she could go on this mission!

Tim could see Sam from the corner of his eye and he could tell she was about to protest just as he'd expected. And because he had expected it, he knew just what to say to stop her.

"After all…" he said calmly. "What kind of friends would we be of yours if we refused to help your friends?"

From his peripheral vision, Scam watched Sam clamp her mouth shut the moment she heard that and he smirked to himself, satisfied with his skills at manipulation which only seemed to get better and better each day.

"I had been hoping you'd say that," Jerry said, smiling brightly as pride shown in his eyes. "Alright then, let's get you your gadgets so you can be on your way."

Within moments G.L.A.D.I.S. had laid out for them: Earring Microphone Communicators, Hairpick Lock Pick, Drill Heel Boots, Heat Sensor Motion Detector Sunglasses, Hologram Projecting Mood Rings, Ice Queen Perfume and Jetpack Backpacks.

When they were done dividing the gadgets between them Jerry spoke again. "Once you get to London you'll be staying at the DeFalcon Coterie, Avery's exclusive club for the well-to-do."

Handing Scam a brown and cream coloured, ornate envelope that had a tiny, sculpted key tied around it with a blue, satin sash Mr. Williams smiled. "This invite will get you in."

"Our things are already in the room reserved for us, we'd love if you could make use of them." Mrs. Williams bit her lip in a guilty way. "It's the least we could do for the trouble we're causing you, and it would help the both of you fit into your roles better."

Jerry nodded rigorously. "Mrs. Williams is right. It is absolutely essential that Avery take you to be Mr. and Mrs. Williams or else this plan will not work." Smiling again, Jerry moved his hand to the button on his desktop console that would send them through the floor of his office straight into the WOOHP jet that was ready to depart to England.

"Best of luck," he whispered before hitting the button and sending them off. "I know you'll come back with successful results."

4:14 pm - De Falcon Coterie, Mr. and Mrs. Williams' Suite

"So that's what they meant by asking us to use their things to fit into our roles better…" Sam said not really talking to Scam because she was still not talking to him, but to herself as her eyes roamed over the room and noticed how the Williams had left them many of their belongings to use.

On a table by the lamp she could see an ornate, beaded hand fan and a few more of those in different colours were in chest sitting in a nearby corner, there was a glass case filled with brooches and silk handkerchiefs and the armoires' doors were wide open on both sides of the room revealing rows and rows of expensive and slightly old-fashioned dresses and suits.

Everything they would need to look like a wealthy, old-fashioned, English couple was present.

Walking over to the closet where the men's suits were hanging neatly, Tim took one off its wooden hanger and looked at it carefully. "Well this is…fancy," he remarked, noting the embroidered detailing on the grey and pale blue suit, around the collar and pockets of the tailcoat jacket, along with the cobalt blue brooch that was attached at the top of the white jabot at the neck.

Holding it up against his body, he looked at Sam and smiled. "I wonder if I could pull it off."

Sam just stared at him with a blank look on her face knowing what he was trying to do here. He was trying to get a conversation out of her because he had noticed how she had been ignoring him and only speaking to him when she absolutely had to.

Not taking the bait she turned away from him and spoke in an annoyed mutter, "Just pick one and change," she said shortly. "We need to be downstairs for the party in exactly forty minutes. We don't have a lot of time."

With that she stomped off to get ready leaving behind Scam who looked visibly jilted. It was an understatement to say that he could feel the awkwardness between them right now. Sam was doing an excellent job making it very difficult on him to get her to stop being mad at how he'd asked her to the dance.

"I'll just have to keep trying," he said to himself, determined as took the suit he was holding in his hands and went behind the screen to change.

Sam decided to start with jewellery, knowing from experience that if you were going for a specific look then accessories were the place to begin. While she really didn't know how to dress like a distinguished lady, she did remember what Mrs. Williams was wearing when she met her in Jerry's office.

"She had been wearing a brooch…it had pearls," Sam thought, recalling the details and easily remembering how she had been wearing pearl stud earrings and a slim, pearl bracelet on her wrist. Pearls were definitely her style.

Sam's eyes quickly roamed through the drawer filled with jewellery before her, and she quickly selected a pearl necklace and a pearl-studded, cuff bracelet. She was setting it aside carefully to wear downstairs when she heard footsteps behind her letting her know Scam was back.

"Hmm…just as I suspected," she heard him mumble, making her curious. She heard him sigh softly, "Jabots are not my style at all," he said and Sam rolled her eyes, finally getting what he was going on about.

Obviously, suit number one was rejected. Annoyed with how Scam was so concerned with what was his "style" of dress, Sam turned around to tell him to stop being so focused on personal taste only to gasp loudly when she saw him.

Scam was standing there shirtless, smiling at her.

She almost dropped the jewels in her hand out shock as her eyes remained wide and her jaw remained on its place on the floor.

Seeing her gaping at him, Scam shrugged his shoulders. "What?" he asked, sounding completely innocent. "Something wrong?" He said, raising an eyebrow in a questioning manner before turning around and letting her see his back as well, as if to actually have her tell him if there was something wrong with his torso.

Blushing extensively at how he was parading around in front of her half naked and making a show out of it while pretending to have harmless intentions, Sam tried but failed in controlling her blush before she muttered "shameless man" under her breath, making sure though that it was loud enough for him to hear before she grabbed a handful of dresses from the armoire, walked straight into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

When she was gone Scam chuckled to himself. Well this was a start…at least she was insulting him regularly again, once now and once in Jerry's office this morning.

And if she was speaking to him, even if in bits, even if it was just to say something mean, compared to the silent treatment she had given him on the plane last night on their way home and on the way here (not even to scream at him at the fact that them acting like a couple meant sharing a room which she always did in the past)…it wasn't a bad thing at all. He'd take it any day because… at least she was talking to him.

Looking down at his feet he just smiled to himself in a small, happy smile. Yes it was obvious to him…he had it bad.

Shaking his head at his own state, the one she had put him in he kept smiling. Some moments later the bathroom door opened and he looked up knowing Sam would be ready to go downstairs now only to have his eyes widen and his mouth part when he saw her.

Seeing his reaction Sam's mouth went dry and she began screaming at him impatiently. "What? What?!"

He kept staring at her speechlessly before he finally found his voice. "You look…" he struggled to come up with the right word to tell her how beautiful she looked right now, in a pure white, dress and her red hair clipped back elaborately with small pearl pins to match the pearl bracelet and necklace she wore. "You look-"

"Like a tramp," Sam said leaving his eyes to widen because that hadn't been what he was going to say at all.

Sighing, Sam shook her head and muttered to herself before speaking to him again. "I can't believe THIS is how Mrs. Williams used to dress when she was younger!"

When she said that, for the first time he noticed how the dress ended even before reaching mid-thigh and was cut low…really low. In fact he could easily see an ample amount of her cleavage peeking out from under her necklace.

His eyes slightly darkened as he felt his heart race in his chest but the moment he saw the pout on her lips and how she was tugging at the end of the dress in a desperate attempt to make it longer he stopped and shook his head to clear it.

Even though he liked the way she looked right now, more than liked it…he would have to be a blind idiot if he couldn't tell how Sam was very uncomfortable and had probably only worn the dress because it was the only one that fit her right and she didn't want to mess up the mission.

Shutting up his inner desires and the voice that was in the back of his telling him that she was trapped, that she had worn this dress all on her own, that if he let her go down like this then he'd get to stare at her in this condition all night long- he moved towards her slowly.

Seeing him coming closer and closer to where she stood with semi-darkened eyes, Sam's eyes went wide and her heart began to fly around inside her in sheer panic. "Wha-what are you doing?" she squeaked backing up from his advancing form as fast as she could and nearly tripping on her heels in the process.

But a moment later she felt one of his hands grab her upper arm and stop her from falling while his other hand reached up above her head, grabbing something from the closet before spreading a delicate material over her shoulders.

Looking down at her chest Sam noticed that it was a shawl, a shawl that was netted with pearls dangling off the ends that easily matched her ensemble and did a great job at covering her up almost entirely.

"Uh…thanks," she said awkwardly, unable to keep the guilt out of her voice. For a moment she had thought he had been coming at her for an entirely different reason, clearly she had mistaken his motives completely and she couldn't help but feel a little bad.

But she was left gasping again when he suddenly grabbed her left hand and pulled her towards him. However before she could ask him just what he was doing this time, he had drawn out from his pocket what she recognized as a copy of Mrs. Williams' wedding ring and placed it on her ring finger.

"I found it in a drawer," he said, smiling at her. "With a note for you to wear it so that Avery would take you as her target."

Nodding her head slowly because that made sense, Sam sucked in a breath trying to fight the urge to blush profusely again at how close she was again to his shirtless abdomen. So close that she could see his entire six-pack in all its glorious detail.

"…I could have put it on myself you know?" she whispered trying to focus on something other than the warmth of his skin that she could feel spreading upon her own flesh.

"Yea, I know." Scam released her wrist and shrugged his shoulders. "I just didn't want you to forget that's all. Now come on," he said as he turned to leave the room to go down to the party that was about to start.

"Uh…Tim?" Sam said from behind him making him halt.

"Mmhmm?" he said, almost out the door by now.

"Your shirt," he heard her say and he stopped dead.

Glancing down he now noticed how he was still not wearing one and found himself blushing a little unable to help but feel embarrassed at the fact that he was about to go downstairs to a party filled with hundreds of people while being half-naked.

He could hardly believe he had almost done that but…he knew why. While Sam had been getting ready he had just been standing there thinking of her in his own little world and doing nothing else. Biting his cheek and letting out a deep breath he shook his head unsure of how much longer he could go on like this.

"Right, um…" he said, only turning around when his blush was gone and quickly grabbing a suit and disappearing behind the screen again.

Sam tapped her foot while she waited for him impatiently knowing they were getting closer and closer to being late. But only a few moments later he came out finally ready to go.

Seeing him, Sam couldn't help but feel her eyes widen a little in admiration and at good he'd made himself look yet again. It was incredible what he'd managed to do with such an old-fashioned suit.

He had chosen a black one to wear with silver accents. He had removed the jabot and brooch from this one entirely and instead was wearing a silver tie in its place. Over the vest and jacket he was wearing a heavy, suede long coat that he had left open to reveal the chain woven through a buttonhole that belonged to what she could tell was an intricate, silver pocket watch that he had placed in the left, front pocket of the suit's satin vest.

And lastly, around his neck he had on a black scarf that matched the satin fabric and shade of the underlying vest that was tucked under the coat's lapels and draped down past his waist finishing off the outfit he had pulled together.

Still staring, at this point Sam was beginning to think maybe he could have pulled off that jabot he had been talking about earlier on after all. Maybe he could even manage to pull off a monocle, a top hat…a torn, ragged potato sack…

And as he finished buttoning up his shirt and tying his tie, Sam found herself staring fixedly at what was still visible of his bare chest, the inches of his tanned skin, until they finally vanished beneath the cloth for good.

When he looked up she turned her head the other way pretending that she had been giving him his privacy and when he said "let's go" to her and left the room it was clear that he hadn't caught her gawking, which was good because she wasn't sure what she'd say if he had.

Somehow she knew saying he had a great sense of fashion and a nice physique would be taken the wrong way, even if there was no other way to take those reasons for her staring at him than the one he way he would have taken them as...

"You coming?" she heard him call out and she blushed deeply, dispelling her previous thoughts before running out to join him downstairs.

5: 00 pm - DeFalcon Coterie, Lounge

"Where are they?" a woman grumbled impatiently.


"Rolling her eyes, Avery DeFalcon looked at her manager with testy eyes. "Don't be daft Winston," she spit out. "The Williams!"

"Well according to the register they checked in early this morning." Winston smiled at his boss reassuringly. "They should be coming down soon."

Avery's ears perked up when she heard the name of the couple she had been waiting for being uttered by the staff member she had in charge of welcoming guests into the party. Turning her head in the direction of the entrance she saw them hand their invitation before walking in.

"I thought you said that the Williams were a mid-fifties couple…" Avery said with her eyes still on the red-headed woman and brown-haired man that had entered.

Looking back at her in confusion Winston blinked his eyes slowly. "…They are," he whispered only to have his eyes widen when he followed Avery's finger to where she was pointing at the Williams. And he was shocked to find a young couple before him.

"But…but…I don't understand," he breathed out, lost because even if he had only gotten one glance of the Williams when he had personally delivered Avery's invite to them this time, he had been certain they were an elderly pair. "When I saw them…I could swear they were-"

"Well clearly you weren't using your eyes properly to look at them," Avery snapped rudely before a grin spread across her red-glossed lips, a grin that could be described as nothing other than a perverted one.

"Especially at Mr. Williams…" she almost purred out.

"Avery?!" Winston croaked out in alarm but she only sighed keeping her eyes glued on Mr. Williams hungrily. And Winston could see how she was now licking her lips in a predatory way and roaming her eyes down his form.

"I'm growing bored and tired Winston," she whispered as if revealing a secret to him. "I'm getting tired of this and I need to settle down." Her eyes remained straight ahead on the young, handsome man before her as she said that and she didn't move them away, not for one moment.

She kept staring at him for a few more moments before she moved, leaving Winston behind her watching her with concerned eyes as she walked off to introduce herself to the Williams.

"Where is she?" Sam hissed under her breath trying to locate their culprit only to have her eyes nearly pop out her sockets when she saw that she was coming over to them all on her own. Jabbing Tim in the elbow so he'd notice that it was the person they were here to investigate, Sam put on a fake smile right before Avery DeFalcon came over to where they were standing.

"Welcome to my party Mr. and Mrs. Williams," she said smiling from ear to ear. "I cannot tell you how pleased I am that you finally decided to accept my invite, though…" suddenly she paused in her sentence and began looking at them with careful eyes leaving Sam to bite her cheek in worry. Had Avery already figured out that they were not really the Williams?

But not too long after Avery just let out a small laugh and turned her eyes to look at Tim's face. "I heard you were an elderly man," she finally said and Sam felt her face starting to fall as she thought to herself that this was just wonderful, the plan was already falling apart and they hadn't gotten anything incriminating on Avery yet.

Sensing Sam's panic, Scam kept his cool and simply let out a small chuckle to match Avery's little laugh. "Yes well we had heard that you were an elderly woman yourself but that turned out to be a complete and total lie," he said smiling charmingly in Avery's direction.

Sam watched Avery smile back at him and for some reason it looked like she was melting on the spot at his smile. And was it just her…or were Avery's eyes glued to Tim? It was like she wasn't enough noticing her even though she was right by his side…

"Well, enjoy the party. I'll be back to speak to you again later," Avery said before giving them a small wave and walking away though glancing back at Tim every few moments until she was finally out of range.

Once she was no longer around, Sam turned to Scam with a stern look on her features. "What was THAT?" she snarled, talking about the way he had smiled at and talked to Avery. What was he trying to do anyway?

"What?" he said sounding clueless as he rolled his shoulders back in his suit and looked at her calmly. "I just stopped her from catching on-"

"By flirting with her?!" Sam said a little too loudly making him raise an eyebrow towards her incredulously.

"What else was I supposed to do?" he asked and Sam resisted the urge to glare at the fact that he had just openly admitted to flirting with Avery, something she found to be very…unprofessional, before she turned away from him to just let it go and pick a guest to go talk to, to get more information on Avery DeFalcon.

But she froze in her spot when she felt Scam slowly slip his arm around her waist and hold her by it.

Turning her head back to him instantly Sam looked at him with wide, shocked eyes. "What are you doing?!" she half whispered, half growled as quietly as she could not to attract attention to them while she furiously tried to tug his hand off of her body.

Keeping his hand firmly where it was, Scam rolled his eyes. "I'm just playing my part," he mouthed to her but Sam kept trying to get his hand away from her.

"Stop touching me!" she groaned now working her fingers in between his and trying to pry them off one by one but he only tightened his grip and continued mouthing to her, "Can't, it's part of the mission."

Giving him a glare Sam shook her head "no" and kept her struggle with his hand up ceaselessly. "We can act like a couple without your hands all over me!" she whispered loudly in his ear having leaned on her tiptoes to reach it so he could hear loud and clear how serious she was about him knocking his nonsense off.

But he only used his hold on her waist to put her back down to her normal height which was no where near his ear before he looked at her with an amused smirk on his face.

"All over?" he said, quirking an eyebrow suggestively and Sam's face couldn't stop from turning all sorts of reds in response, something she could tell her was enjoying as the look on his face became more and more amused.

"You…you know what I mean!" she said now openly screaming and giving him a glare, not caring who saw anymore. "No touching!" she ordered demandingly before starting to claw and scratch at his fingers which still remained in a death grip on her waist.

But after fifteen minutes of trying to keep his arm around Sam he finally gave up. His hand hurt, it actually HURT from her pinching and slapping and yanking it off her.

"Fine!" he spat, looking the other way with a huff of annoyance.

Glad that she had finally gotten him to stop trying to take advantage of her, Sam told herself that now was the perfect time to move amongst the crowd and try talking to the guests for evidence against Avery.

Moving to do that, she stopped suddenly when she noticed how everyone was looking at her oddly. At her…and Tim.

In fact…they weren't just giving them doubtful glances, they were whispering too amongst themselves while keeping their eyes on Tim and her.

Taking a step back to where she'd left Scam, Sam whispered to him discreetly while leaving her eyes on the guests clearly gossiping amongst themselves about them. "Why…why are they looking at us like that?'

"Why do you think?" she heard him answer sounding nothing less than sour.

"…I dunno," Sam said slowly, sounding like she really didn't know the reason which left him rolling his eyes in disbelief. Was she honestly serious?

"Take a look around Sam," he muttered to her with aggravation blatant in his tone. "We're the only couple that isn't acting like a couple."

Blinking her eyes slowly Sam began looking around and it didn't take her long to see that he was unfortunately right. The others were looking into each other's eyes, holding hands, smiling at each other and sneaking kisses in between saying sweet nothings to each other.

"I guess…" she bit her lip in agony before continuing. "I guess we don't fit in as a married couple…"

"I wonder why," she heard Scam grumble sarcastically while he stretched his hand out in front of his face, examining his fingers where she'd attacked them and trying to get the feeling back into them fully.

Hearing all the accusation in his voice and realizing she was causing a hindrance in their mission as Jerry had strictly instructed them that they had to convince Avery that they were a couple, Sam sighed before relenting.

"Okay…" she started, slowly holding out her hand towards him. "You…" she made up her mind that she had to do this before pushing her hand closer in his direction. "You can hold my hand if you want to."

Looking at her outstretched palm as if it was a foreign object, Scam didn't even bother hiding his frustration with her as he scoffed. "Gee thanks, I'm sure THAT will get them to believe we are happily married."

Hearing all the cynicism in his voice Sam bit her lip nervously before whispering, "Then what will?"

"A kiss," he announced confidently.

"Wha-No way!" Sam murmured crossly while looking at him with accusing eyes. "You're just taking advantage of the situation!"

"You really think I'd take a cheap shot like that?" Scam asked sounding insulted.

Sam only rolled her eyes in response to his reaction to what she'd said. "After how you got me to say yes to go to the masquerade with you…should you really be asking me that?" she snapped right on cue.

Scam's eyes widened for a moment before he let out a defeated sigh. Okay she had a point. That had been a cheap shot but he had asked nicely before hadn't he?

Focusing on the issue at hand Tim looked at her with the most sincere eyes he could muster and answered her. "I'm not taking advantage, honest."

Sam said nothing to him while silently reflecting on the fact that the word "honest" coming out of Tim Scam's mouth was a contradiction in itself.

After Sam had said nothing for several moments and just kept looking at him with doubt in her emerald eyes, Tim decided to use a different approach.

"Sam…" he whispered, looking at her with scrutiny. "Do you want this mission to fall apart? The Williams are Jerry's family friends…do you want to let him down?" he asked leaving her looking down at her feet, ashamed.

"…No," it didn't take her long to say because she didn't want to let Jerry down. That was the reason why she had agreed to go on this mission on the first place, despite not wanting to.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Sam reasoned with herself even though there wasn't much to come to terms with. She was, quite honestly stuck. If she didn't let Scam kiss her, by the way she had been making a scene of him just trying to hold her…no one would ever believe they the Williams, a known to be happily married, very much in love couple, least of all Avery and the mission would self-destruct.

She had no where to go and she had zero choice. She HAD to do this.

Opening her eyes she looked at Tim's face. She saw how genuine he looked about needing to kiss her "for the mission" but she knew he was taking advantage of the situation. There was no question about that.

But she had no choice.

"…Fine," she whispered softly, ready to do her duty and turning towards him.

Seeing that she'd given him, Scam's face tried to remain neutral and keep up his "I'm only asking to do this for the sake of the mission" act, but the corner of his lip couldn't stop from forming a smirk.

"At last…" he thought unable to help but feel anything less than victorious that this moment was finally here. That it was happening. That HE had made it happen.

He was going to enjoy this.

His smirk widening as he eyed her glossed lips greedily, Tim leaned in to kiss her, inching closer and closer to her waiting mouth only to find himself stopping short halfway when he noticed something.

Sam, while she had turned towards him and agreed to the kiss he could see how her lips were pulled down in a small frown and how her eyes were squeezed shut tightly, so tightly that he could see her eyelids twitching every few seconds as if…she was just waiting to get this over with so she could open her eyes again, like anticipating the end of a nightmare or a forced, painful punishment.

Blinking his eyes as he stared at her, Tim couldn't help but feel a stab of intense pain in his heart at how she looked right now. As if the thought of kissing him was so repulsive she couldn't bear it and that bothered him, it bothered him right down to his core and he found himself asking was he REALLY that unattractive to her?

She looked as if she was being forced to kiss a…dare he admit it at the cost of his ego…a toad. His face falling even more, he let out an inaudible sigh. Was that really how she saw him? So undesirable? So downright unappealing?

As much as it looked like it at the moment…it really wasn't plausible to him that that was true because of how much she blushed around him and how much she stared at him when she thought his attention was elsewhere. Heck, he was sure she had done that just earlier today. How could she not want him then?

Racking his brain for an answer, a short moment later he bit his cheek as understanding dawned him. No…that wasn't it. It wasn't that Sam wasn't attracted to him. That was not the issue, in fact he heavily doubted that that had never been an issue in the first place. This was something else

Sam was…she just wasn't ready yet. As much as he wanted her to be, as badly as he wanted her to be…she wasn't. She was being compelled, this was NOT her choice and that was why she was looking so unhappy at the thought of kissing him. And if he took advantage of her now….

Scam looked at her with longing eyes and felt the inner turmoil inside him raging so strongly that the effect was almost physical and he couldn't believe he was going to actually do this but…

He reached out and clutched her shoulders, turning her around so that she was completely hidden from the watching crowd by his body and they could only see him. Releasing her, he leaned in and carefully placed a kiss, not on her lips but against the very edge of her mouth. He stayed there for a moment before pulling away from her and stepping back.

A moment after she felt him step away Sam opened her eyes with nothing but confusion written all over her face at what had just happened here. Why hadn't…why hadn't Scam kissed her?

Her eyes looked to him for an answer and the moment they landed on his face, Sam was left stunned speechless. The look on his face…it was obvious. It was raw frustration mixed with…with…sympathy, with compassion, with…understanding.

He had wanted that kiss, she could see it in his eyes how badly he had, she could see it in the storm that was still raving within them but…he had let it go. And she didn't need to think twice to know he had done it…for her.

Taking in a shuddering breath she just stared back at him in awe. She couldn't help herself and instantly she recalled her own words from this morning.

"You have got to be the most irritating, insensitive, unsympathetic jerk on the face of the entire planet!"

She felt her heart fall inside her chest a few paces and found it hard to look at him as guilt consumed her.

She had been wrong to say that about him… completely wrong.

"It worked," Scam said suddenly.

"…What?" Sam whispered gently, looking up at him and sounding as disoriented as she felt right now.

"The kiss," he said before discreetly gesturing to the other people in the room that Sam hadn't been looking at for some time now.

Finally moving her gaze off of him Sam looked where he was saying and found that the gossiping and strange looks that had earlier been being directed at them had seemed to stop. In fact a trio of women were smiling at them and gesturing for them to come over to have a conversation with.

"I bet they'll answer us now," Tim said before turning to her and nodding his head in the ladies' direction. "Come on," he whispered, taking her hand in his and moving towards the waiting women.

And as Sam followed him she found herself wondering if he was only just holding her hand right now because she had given him permission for it. Curling her fingers around his Sam couldn't stop her lips from blooming into a small smile.

After speaking to the women which turned out to be a pointless conversation (all they wanted to know was how come they had taken so long to show up to one of Avery's parties), Sam and Scam were on their way to talk to a couple that was standing off to side with the hope that they had something more useful to offer when Avery came back over to them.

Smiling, she held out a hand towards Tim. "May I have this dance?" She said and Sam realized that soft music was playing now, perfect for a waltz, which was what Avery was trying to get Tim to engage in with her.

Scam nodded his head and smiled giving Avery the response she wanted. This would be an excellent opportunity to question her. Releasing Sam's hand he took Avery's in his as he walked to the center of the room with her.

Feeling her hand drop back to her side, Sam felt an odd sense of rejection right there. She began oddly rubbing her hand with the tips of her fingers as if trying to cling onto the warmth, the feeling of his before she realized what she was doing and stopped. But her eyes remained on Tim Scam.

She watched him as he danced with her, absentmindedly noting that he hadn't lied about being good at waltzing to her and saw him talking to her.

Reading his lips she saw him saying something about his friend Fredric Carison, (the friend Mr. Williams had mentioned as one of Avery's recent victims) who he hadn't seen in a while obviously trying to get something from Avery but Sam could see her let out a small laugh and shake her head saying she had no clue where he'd gone to after she'd turned him down.

After that they just went back to dancing and smiling at each other and nothing more was mentioned about any of the victims.

When she lost track of them, she craned her head trying to see him again but stopped when she saw two women watching her from the corner of her eye. Turning to them she was confused to find them looking at her with sad, empathetic and sorry-looking eyes.

"Why are they looking at me like that?" she thought, not understanding what she had done to earn that kind of look until she heard them speak to her.

"We guess you're next…" they said solemnly, letting out a sigh in unison and looking at her with pity. "To lose your husband."

"WHAT?!" Sam screamed out in shock. But it didn't take her any time to realize what they were saying and she realized that it hadn't just been her who had picked up on it, Avery was paying a very significant amount of attention to her partner.

Knowing that Tim was here to pose as Mr. Williams to investigate, not take his place as her target Sam moved quickly throughout the lounge and searched for him.

She let out a breath of relief when she finally found him. He was still with Avery and by the looks of things…it didn't look like she had any plans to stop dancing with him anytime soon.

Annoyed, Sam marched right up to them before reaching out and firmly taking his arm. And with her hold on it she pulled him away from Avery. Feeling the unexpectedly tight grip on his arm, Scam looked at Sam in confusion only to find her not even looking at him but instead giving Avery a smile. But he could tell it was a fake one.

"May I have my husband back?" was all she said sweetly before turning and leading him away from Avery DeFalcon.

Watching the red-head disappear as she mixed in amongst the crowd, Avery's eyes flashed with rage. She honestly didn't like Mrs. Williams. She was a lot more abrasive as a person and domineering as a wife than any other she had met and it annoyed her how she was getting in her way.

Mr. Williams seemed to like her just fine himself but with his irritating, clingy, bossy missus in the way and with the feelings of urgency running through her for him…it looked like she'd have to be up to her old tricks again.

Making up her mind, Avery moved to leave the party in a haste but stopped for a moment. She couldn't leave just yet, there was something she had to do first.

Skimming the crowd she searched for them and grinned when she found them with ease. Mrs. Williams' red hair amongst a room full of white-haired ladies and gentlemen made her very easy to spot. And of course where she was, so would be her husband…at least for a little while longer.

Sneaking up to them stealthily she spoke only when she was close enough so that they wouldn't run away. "Well I hope you enjoy the rest of the party," she said graciously before dramatically clutching her forehead and sighing. "I am afraid being a hostess is getting to me and I must turn in for the night." She gave them a dazzling smile. "I'll…see you tomorrow then?"

Sam's eyes narrowed and a pout rose on her lips. She could tell Avery was trying to make it look like she was talking to the both of them but she could feel it was aimed only at Tim. Her hand moved automatically and held his arm protectively because she couldn't get over the feeling that he was in danger.

A moment later Sam was left gasping when Avery suddenly hugged her leaving her to drop her hold on Scam out of shock. "Mrs. Williams, till tomorrow," she said before releasing her and hugging Tim next.

And Sam could feel her eye twitching when she noticed how the hug she had forced on him was longer and more…passionate. For some reason she felt bile rising in her throat as she witnessed it and she felt like she was going to throw up. But as she waited for the needlessly long hug to end, her eyes widened when she thought she saw Avery's hand brush past the back of Scam's neck.

And then she saw the glint of silver.

Growing alert, Sam took a step closer to him. "What the-"

However just a second after Avery separated herself from him and left the room quickly without stopping for even another moment or saying goodbye to anyone else.

"…That was weird," Sam thought, her attention caught by the strange occurrence that had just taken place but her focus was broken when she heard Scam from next to her. "I guess that gives us all night to question the guests."

Watching him go over to a couple and begin questioning them in a masked exchange, Sam bit her lip for a moment before letting out the breath she had been holding.

"Maybe I was just seeing things," she thought because it didn't look like anything was wrong with Scam at all. He seemed okay.

But in any case, Sam knew as she walked over to help Scam get answers from the guests he was talking to, she didn't like Avery one bit and she hoped to find something incriminating on her soon.

2: 04 am - DeFalcon Coterie, Mr. and Mrs. Williams' Suite

Using the master key to open the door to the suite Avery carefully slipped inside. Standing there in silence her eyes roamed over the room as she searched for her objective. Her gaze immediately went to the bed expecting to find him there but she was surprised to find just Mrs. Williams sleeping there, cuddled up under the blankets.

Part of her was pleased at not walking in on them in bed together as she did not want to see that but the other part of her was wondering why he wasn't with her. Had they had a fight? Or were they really not a married couple, the Williams after all as Winston had been suggesting to her?

Ignoring that as it was not why she was here right now, Avery continued looking for Mr. Williams. And now that she wasn't looking for him on the bed it didn't take her long to find him sleeping on the chaise. Her lips pulled into a deep smirk and she quietly tiptoed over to him while turning an object over in her hand.

Reaching where he lay Avery leaned over him and stared down at him, taking him in with dark, hazy eyes.

He looked so beautiful while he slept, the muscles on his arms and hints of his chiseled chest showing in the sleeveless shirt he wore and his skin looked so smooth under the light of the moon, a clear sign of his youthfulness which had pulled her to him at first glance.

That and his gorgeous face, she thought as she stayed where she was and drank up his perfect features. She loved his face, every bit of it; his high cheekbones, his full lips, the strong jaw line that formed his structured jaw and his slightly crooked nose.

"So handsome…" she breathed out in a muted whisper as her hand delicately traced his cheek, failing to notice how his ear twitched as her fingertips grazed his flesh gently, affectionately.

"Such perfect features," she said as if he was a rare jewel that she wanted to add to her collection of wealth and boundless estates which he might as well be with those eyes of his.

"Such beautiful eyes you have, just like the Spanish emerald…" she mused remembering their lovely sea-green shade that sent shivers up and down her spine.

The dreamy expression on her face soon turned into a hungry one while her tone turned into a low, possessive growl. "From tomorrow you will only have eyes for me…" she said before bringing the object she had brought with her, a bottle filled with a strange serum up to his face and pressing the nozzle.

A small puff of mist rose from it, hovering before his face and making him stir for a second before he became calm again and continued sleeping peacefully as if nothing had ever happened.

And seeing that Avery grinned down at him with openly greedy, lustful eyes.

"Only for me…"

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